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County & Federal Records

Randolph County Marriages
Look up marriage records from 1800, when Randolph County was a part of Lawrence County, through 1863. This information was first published in The Randolph County Historical Review in October 1964.

Miscellaneous Marriages in Randolph County
This site includes marriages, listed in chronoligical order, which took place after 1863 in Randolph County, or whose marriages do not appear in the Randolph County Marriages webpage.

Randolph County Probates, Wills And Administrations
Look for probates or wills on your family members. Please consider sharing the wills and probates that you have on your Randolph County descendants so that others might benefit from your research.

Index to Wills in Randolph County to 1900
The will index includes the individuals' full name, year, will book number and page in which the will appears in the will book at the Clerk's Office in the Randolph County courthouse.

Randolph County Obituaries A - G ----- H - L ----- M - R ----- S - Z
Look for old or recent obituaries of your family members. You can see full or partial obituaries and death information on the deceased who lived in Randolph County or whose family was from Randolph County.

Randolph County Obituaries, September, 2001 - Present

1999 Obituaries and Looking Back - News From the Past
January-April ... and ... May-Present ... and ... September-December

Tombstones and More, Cemeteries A - M - - - Cemeteries N - Z
This webpage was established so that Randolph County researchers can share death and burial information on their family members. Here you can find lots of valuable research information!

Randolph County Courthouse and Library Resources Page
Look up addresses & phone numbers of Randolph County courthouse offices, library and genealogical society, as well as a detailed listing of genealogical material available in the Randolph County library.

Randolph County Map and 1910 Randolph County Map and Arkansas Townships Map
View a simple map of Randolph County and see where the townships are located, or view the map drawn by Tobe Chastain in 1910, containing township lines, section lines and political township lines.  View a map of the Arkansas Townships and how they are plotted on the Arkansas Townships Map.

Randolph County Church Records
This site contains records, minutes and historical information on churches in Randolph County.

Randolph County Federal Land Records
This page includes Federal Land Records, and includes Homestead and Cash Entry Patents before 1908 for what is now Randolph County, Arkansas. It is divided by surnames in alphabetical order.

Randolph County Ministers Ordination Records