Prairie Grove Chapter UDC

Prairie Grove Chapter 1006
United Daughters of the Confederacy®
Prairie Grove, Arkansas

UDC arch
The UDC arch at Prairie Grove Park

On August 1, 1906, the United Daughters of the Confederacy® welcomed the Prairie Grove Chapter into its fold, a sisterhood of women whose fathers, husbands, and brethren fought under the flag of the Confederate States of America during the War Between the States.

Determined to remember and honor these men, the Prairie Grove Chapter members were destined to be the founders of today's Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park. Immediately after becoming an official chapter of the UDC, the women undertook as their first project the purchase of the grounds where the Battle of Prairie Grove had been fought, and turn it into a place where the veterans could conduct an annual reunion. What began as a "Confederate Memorial Park" of 9.75 acres, is now the beautiful Prairie Grove Battlefield Historic State Park of about 850 acres.

Today the women of the Prairie Grove Chapter are the lineal or collateral descendants of men who honourably served in the Confederate Army. We still are active volunteers of the Prairie Grove State Park but also maintain the objectives of the General organization of historical, benevolent, educational, memorial, and patriotic.

UDC emblem and motto

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