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Arkansas State Penitentiary - 1930 Census
Pulaski County, Big Rock Twp
Pages 103a-103b

Census transcribed by Sharon Smith.
If you have any corrections to this index, please send me an email.
Email: Perry County Coordinator

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Name Status Sex/Race Age/Status Place of Birth
Todhunter, Shelby L. Warden M/W 59/M MO
Todhunter, Maxine Wife F/W 57/M MO
Bernard, Josie R. Mother F/W 80/Wd MO
Thompson, Edward L. Inmate M/W 26/S TX
Wallace, Mike Inmate M/W 26/M AR
Cathey, Jack Inmate M/W 36/M AR
Cason, William C. Inmate M/W 34/M AR
Smith, Robert H. Inmate M/W 30/D AR
Arnold, Byron Inmate M/Neg 22/M TX
Hulsizer, Oliver Inmate M/W 45/S NB
Kirkpatrick, Otis Inmate M/W 32/M AR
Doherty, Floyd Inmate M/W 27/M AR
Spain?, John E. Inmate M/W 50/Wd TX
Bethel, Frank Inmate M/W 26/M AR
Mahan, William Inmate M/W 22/S AR
Roe, Charlie Inmate M/W 37/M KY
Howard, Archie E. Inmate M/W 24/S AR
Polka, Rudolph Inmate M/W 26/S AR
Moore, Onga J. Inmate M/W 32/S MO
Moore, Robert L. Inmate M/W 41/D AR
Reed, Walter Inmate M/W 22/S IL
Martin, Perry Inmate M/W 53/M AR
Payne, Alfred Inmate M/W 37/S MO
Howard, O.C. Inmate M/W 47/M AR
Blevins, Troy Inmate M/W 22/S AR
Lincoln, Fred Inmate M/W 25/S AR
Johnson, William C. Inmate M/W 50/M TX
Foreman, Ed Inmate M/W 26/M OK
Stanley, Fannie Inmate F/Neg 28/M AR
Smith, Marie Inmate F/Neg 26/M MS
Dorn, Dora Inmate F/Neg 30/S AR
Stevens, John F. Inmate M/W 83/Wd TN
Pegram, Sid Inmate M/W 28/M AR
Johnson, Ed Inmate M/W 58/M AR
Black, Jeff Inmate M/W 41/Wd AL
Vaughn, Dean Inmate M/W 25/M AR
Raggar?, Carl Inmate M/W 45/M AR
Faust, Charles A. Inmate M/W 32/S AR
Shipley, James B. Inmate M/W 33/M AR
Cleveland, David W. Inmate M/W 27/M AL
Rooney, Frank Inmate M/W 57/M OH
Berry, William E. Inmate M/W 28/M OK
Johnson, Andrew Inmate M/Neg 33/M TX
Patterson, Arvel Inmate M/W 28/M AR
Cameron, Roy Inmate M/W 20/M OK
Turner, Ben Inmate M/W 23/S AR
Hudson, James Inmate M/W 23/S AR
Gray, Joe C. Inmate M/W 35/M AR
Howell, William H. Inmate M/W 60/M AR
Alford, Ambrosia Inmate M/Neg 22/M AR
Nowlan, Bud Inmate M/Neg 42/M AR
Washington, George Inmate M/Neg 29/D AR
Turnage, James Inmate M/Neg 37/M AR
Long, Eddie Inmate M/Neg 29/M AR
Davis, Willie J. Inmate M/Neg 30/M AR