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Kirk Road
Saline County, Arkansas

Directions:  from Hot Springs, take Highway 5 toward Benton; turn left on Kirk Road approximately 2 1/4 miles; about 1/4 mile past Grape Chapel Church.

Patti Vance Hays has the obituaries for the ones that have an + at the end;  contact her for copy

Read by Linda Miller February 2007; additional information about deceased (in brackets) researched by Linda.  Most of the gravestone photographs may be found on

Pearl Lee Langley b. 6-16-1923 d. 11-26-2011    [dod added by pvh from obituary]
William L. Langley (Rev) b. 02-03-1916 d. 10-6-1983

William E. Patterson b 8-15-1895 d 1-30-1988
Martha M. Patterson b 7-5-1902 d 10-23-1965

Irma L [Lee] Langley b. 10-5-1911 d 7-22-1976
Eddie P. Langley b 2-7-1906 d 10-15-1967

Stephen I. Langley b 1862 d 1943 Son of James and Rhanetta Langley
Eliza A. Langley b 1866 d 1928

William Ben [Benjamin] Langley b 3-16-1886 d 8-3-1965 Son of John H. and Mary Langley +
Sarah Ann [Bolt] Langley b 4-17-1890 d 1-5-1966 Daughter of Aaron B and Mary Jane Cox Bolt Married 4-14-1907

Lathan Columbus Campbell b 2-15-1902 d 2-14-1980
Mary [Langley] Campbell b 9-14-1908 d 2-14-1980 Daughter of William Benjamin and Sarah Ann Bolt Langley

Anna Hames b 1899 d 1984
Walter Sewell Hames b 1896 d 1986

Rosa Mae [Langley] Gossage b 5-17-1920 d 9-21-2006 Daughter of William Benjamin and Sarah Ann Bolt Langley
Emmett O [O'Leaf/Olaf] Gossage b 5-10-1911 d 4-25-2000 Son of George Calvin and Caroline Carrie Hill Gossage Married 7-29-1935

Addie [Langley Goins]Hughes b 11-14-1910 d 6-20-2000 Daughter of William Benjamin and Sarah Ann Bolt Langley
Husband # 1 Henry H. Goins b 6-29-1891 d 7-30-1946 US Army WWI Married 2-1-1933
Husband # 2 Joel J. Hughes b 5-19-1903 d 2-16-1986 PVT US Army WWII

John Otis Langley, Sr. b 4-2-1928 d 10-12-1981 Son of William Benjamin and Sarah Ann Bolt Langley
Margaret Nadine Langley b 11-27-1927 d 3-6-1992 Married 6-15-1946

Steve Myrl Langley, Sr. b 5-16-1923 d 11-13-1970 Son of William Benjamin And Sarah Ann Bolt Langley
Mary Francis Langley b 3-11-1929 d 5-24-1997 Married 3-13-1946

Elsie Wootten Miller [funeral home marker says Elsie Langley Miller] [middle initial is J] b 1-10-1918 d 1-26-1991 Daughter of William Benjamin and Sarah Ann Bolt Langley
Husband # 1 Claude Wootten Married 7-28-1936
Husband #2 Unknown Miller

William Wimp Rhea b 1941 d 1959

William Ben Langley b. 6-1-1950 d. 3-8-2000 US Army Vietnam

Carl J [Jay on funeral home marker] Langley b 7-18-1956 d 2-11-1998

Allie B. Langley b 1906 d 1935

Beulah Ruth Wood b 10-31-1919 d 8-21-2002

Vale E. Wood b 9-8-1919 d 5-13-1992 MM2 US Navy WWII

Dewey Taylor b 5-1-1905 d 7-15-1973

Montgomery Taylor b 6-20-1876 d 6-8-1952 SO F 2 ARK INF SP AM War

Vannie Taylor b 10-23-1887 d 1-27-1966

John Langley b 1900 d 1918

Wesley Langley b 1905 d 1918

Sarah Lou Langley Pelton Gatlin b 1-7-1896 d 11-12-1978

Hazel Pelton Perry b 1919 d 1937

Leona Pelton b 1926 d 1929

Lawrence Henry Perry, Sr. b June 1894 d Dec 1918

Lovie LeWellen Perry b 1912 d 1921

Nancy Jane Perry b 1-25-1890 d 6-12-1930

Willie F. "Bill" Smith b 8-6-1898 d 1-18-1973

Baby Boy Davis b & d 9-20-1958

Tommy Langley b abt 1-17-1913 d 7-20-1993 (age 80 yr, 6 mo, 3 days) Son of William Benjamin and Sarah Ann Bolt Langley. Husband of Dorothy Evans

Doyle Peal b 7-18-1931 d 12-13-1965

Carrol Joseph Cameron b 2-15-1902 d 3-4-1982 PVT US Army WWI

Jewell A. Cameron b 2-25-1895 d 8-26-1939

Kenneth Cameron b 5-14-1930 d 3-30-1934

Steven Myrl Langley, Jr. b 8-27-1947 d 9-28-1998 Son of Steve Myrl (Sr) and Mary Francis Langley

Danny Ray Gossage b 11-28-1943 d 2-3-1976 Son of Emmett O. and Rosa Mae Langley Gossage [name is spelled Dannie Ray Gossage by many of the family]

Jessica Ann Wootten b 8-19-1979 b 4-2-1980

Albert Langley b 1939 d 1999

Marie D. Hill b 11-5-1934 d 5-26-1964

Robert Dale Langley b & d 4-3-1963

Roy Williams b 12-13-1915 d 2-23-1989

Mrs. Willie C. Williams d 11-8-1976 Age: 59 year, 1 month, 2 days

Charles Wootten (can’t read the dates)

Jerry Claude Wootten b 1945 d 1999

Otis R. "Bo" Wootten b 5-23-1951 d 1-30-1986

Jackie Alton Wootten b 2-3-1952 d 8-29-2002

Richard Ray "Ricky" Jackson b 9-13-1965 d 6-16-2000

Thomas P. "Sonny" Jackson b 6-24-1935 d 8-7-1992

Denise R. Jackson b 12-22-1959 d 9-2-1994

Ollie Mae Jackson b 1-25-1909 d 1-25-1984

James A [Andrew] Langley b 2-7-1926 d 1-2-2006 [funeral home marker only shows year]

Kem Lesley Smith b 4-25-1912 d 5-4-1979

John O [Otis] Langley, Jr. b 2-19-1948 d 10-13-1990 Son of John Otis (Sr.) and Margaret Nadine Langley

Chandra E. Acker b 11-28-1973 d 10-19-1974

Myrtle L. Langley Nunley b 5-16-1923 d 6-12-2003 +

Mary [Mary Francis on funeral home marker] [Davis] Langley

Devon Wyatt Gentry - born November 22, 2009, and died April 30, 2014. [added by Patti Vance Hays from Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Roy O. Gossage - born December 5, 1937, and died April 5, 2009. [added by Patti Vance Hays from Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Eleanor Jackson Langley - born November 28, 1926, and died June 24, 2011    [added by Patti Vance Hays from Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Mack R. Langley - born July 15, 1941, and died October 24, 2008.   His body was donated to science and a memorial service was held in his behalf in Langley Cemetery.  [added by Patti Vance Hays from obituary]

Tony R. Langley - born April 4, 1968, and died October 28, 2009. [added by Patti Vance Hays from Ashby Funeral Home online obituary]

Georgene Jackson Lovell - born September 29, 1928, and died October 16, 2011. [added by Patti Vance Hays from Saline Courier obituary]