The Southern Cross of Honor.  A few C.S.A. veterans will have this emblem on their headstone.  Civil War Veterans buried in Montgomery County, Arkansas

 Was your ancestor buried with a government-issued tombstone? Congress did not approve federal funds for Confederate markers until 1906.

Civil War  April 12, 1861 - May 26, 1865

Cogburn, Garrett, Hopper, Howton, Keith, Montgomery, Robbins, Waggoner, Whittington and Woodall cemeteries are named after Civil War veterans. The Reed Cemetery was started during the Civil War in 1864. North of Story is the Reed Cemetery. It is here that the Reed sisters buried an unknown Confederate soldier. Much of the Story area supported the Union during the Civil War. This list, 141 names, 21 are Union men, i.e. 15%. This list is incomplete. 20 out of 141 have no dates. i.e. 14%. Submissions welcome.  CSA unless Union stated.  

How do you find a date of death?
1. Confederate Pension record.
2. Application for federal headstone. Available on Ancestry.
3. Headstone

History of the Government furnished headstones. On Feb. 3, 1879, Congress authorized the furnishing of stones for the unmarked graves of veterans in private cemeteries.  In 1903 the height of the stone was increased to 39 inches, the width to 12 inches, and the thickness to four inches. The question of permanently marking graves of Confederate deceased in national cemeteries and Confederate burial plots resulted in the Act of March 9, 1906. The same size and material for Confederate headstones as headstones for Civil-Spanish War deceased. The design varied in that the top was pointed instead of rounded and the shield was omitted. An act on Feb. 26, 1929 (70th Cong., Chap. 324), authorized the furnishing of this type of stone for graves in private cemeteries, as well. On May 26, 1930, the War Department implemented regulations for Confederate headstones that also authorized the inscription of the Confederate Cross of Honor in a small circle on the front face of the stone above the standard inscription of the soldier's name, rank, company and regiment. The Under Secretary of War authorized the addition of the date of birth as part of authorized inscription in 1944. The headstones are made in Vermont.

The stone features a sunken shield in which the inscription appears in bas relief. Mt. Ida Cemetery, Montgomery Co. Arkansas.    Mt. Ida Cemetery, Montgomery Co. Arkansas. This headstone was ordered in 1936.1944 headstone.

Jones, Joseph Franklin, Sgt. Co. B. 6 Provisional - was in the Missouri Militia. He was in the EMM = Enrolled Missouri Militia which was a Union regiment. Enlisted April 10th 1863. His stone is a federal style stone and the application for his stone provides his date of death as October 13, 1903. This headstone was for the unmarked grave of a veteran.   J.A. Jones, applicant, Bengal, Okla. July 12th 1937. Gantt's Quarry, Ala. July 15th 1937. Ordered 6 Oct. 1937. Shipped 31 Dec. 1937. His headstone was shipped to a railway station at the Government expense to B.H. Dupree at Albion, Okla. The headstone to be remove from station and properly placed at grave at the descendants expense.

McElroy, Jeremiah - Co. K. 2 ARK INF Enl 18 Jun 1861 at Helena, AR. Paroled 28 Apr 1865 at Greensboro, NC.
He was 25 when he enlisted so that gives a relative age, for birthplace recommend looking on the 1860 census for Arkansas and see if you can find him. As to the markers, usually relatives ordered them from the govt. Now they come from the VA. If it was ordered very long ago, you will have to find the records from the National Archives. However there is some info at that lists old applications for Confederate markers. It also appears he was a Cpl but was reduced and served the rest of the war as a Pvt.  This record was obtained through an search:
Application for Headstone, McElroy, Jeremiah, Corporal, Company K, 2nd Arkansas Infantry, died September 13, 1895, buried at Mt. Ida Cemetery, Arkansas, to be shipped to H. ?. McElroy at Norman, Arkansas, filed August 31, 1936, ordered from Columbus, Miss. January 23, 1937.
Source Citation: National Archives and Records Administration; Washington, D.C.; Applications for Headstones for U.S. military veterans, 1925-1941; National Archives Microfilm Publication: M1916; Record Group Title: Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General; Record Group Number: 92.

Confederate Pension Records
McElroy,  J. M.
Application Number: 8781
Widow: McElroy, Rachel J.
Company: G
Regiment: 2
State Served From: Arkansas
Division: Infantry
Pension County: Montgomery
Death Date: 9/13/1895
Comments: widow applied 1903

Pvt. Lenard Sims Adcock has the following info on his Application For Headstone. This information comes from the US, Headstone Applications Military Veterans, on Ancestry. Mrs. Anne Johnson Bailey of Van Buren, Arkansas applied for a veteran's headstone on Nov. 28, 1938. Pvt. Adcock had died on March 5. 1905. The upright type headstone was shipped March 9, 1939 to C.A. Adcock at Glenwood, Pike Co. Arkansas. The Application also shows his date of enlistment as May 22, 1862 and his discharge date as May 15, 1865. His Pension number was 7670. By looking at this Application through Ancestry you see the process and information provided and what the Application looked like in 1938. The application process is a little more difficult and involved these days, more documentation is needed.

Co. I. 33 AR Inf.  154 men from Montgomery Co. AR. CSA.
McNair's 4th Arkansas Infantry Regiment Co.s C & F CSA were from Montgomery Co. AR. 
Co. L. 7th Arkansas Cavalry Regiment was
organized in part Oct. the 1st 1863 at Mount Ida, Ark.
Doris' list

Sons of Confederate Veterans - Confederate Graves Registry (CGR)
Arkansas Confederate Pensions, 1901-1929 
Inmates in the Arkansas Confederate Home (Little Rock, Arkansas), ca. 1890-1963

Surname		Christian Name	Company Regiment	Cemetery	DOB - DOD
Adcock		Leonard Sims	Co. H 37 AR Inf		County Line	no dates  born 1934
Allen 		George Bradley  Co. B. 4 Tn INF		Mount Ida	1835-1910 drew a pension
Anderson	Newton Jasper 	Co. C. 4 AR Inf		Owley		1833-1886
Ayers		T.J.		Co. B  2 AR Inf		Black Springs	1837-1916   	headstone
Awtrey		Henry		Co. L 43 AL Inf		Bethel		1830-1914
Bates		James M.	Co. I 33 AR Inf		Mount Ida	1837-1918	James Madison Bates	
Bates		Dr. J.C.	23 Reg   GA Inf		Blish		1839-1904
Bates		Dr. S.C.	Co. B.   AR Cav		Goodner		1825-1913	no headstone
Beck		James Sloan	Co. I 33 AR Inf		Cox-Head	1839-1922
Beck		J. Preston	Co. C  4 AR Inf		Waco School	1837-1911	Co. D. 20th AR Inf.
Biggs		Jeremiah R.	Co. D 13 TN Inf		Black Springs	no dates	From Yorkville, TN. He was still alive in 1930
Bishop		Fountain P.	Co. F  1 TX Cav		Hillside	no dates
Black		Henry James	Co. H 41 Reg GA  	Gaston		1830-1911	Rifles
Blumey		Joshua		Co. H 24 AR Inf		Peak		1840-1908
Brown		T.J. Sr.	Co. F  4 AR Inf		Owley		1838-1923
Bogle		Robert		Co. F  4 AR Inf		South Fork Cem. 1833-1866	per family history
Buttram		Robert H.	Co. G  2 Reg AR 	Joplin		1837-1918	MTD Rifles
Campbell        J.W.            Co. B  5 AL Inf         Caney/Keith     no dates 
Cabler		L.J.		Co. C. 4 AR Inf		Black Springs	1839-1904	Leven James Cabler
Casey		George W.	CSA			Stanley-Standridge 1839-1922
Chapman		John Pinckney	Co. I 33 AR Inf		Grenade		1844-1927
Chitwood	Edmond Penson	Co. B. 4 AR Cav		West Washita	1836-1911	Union
Clabber		L.J.		Co. C  4 AR Inf		Black Springs	1839-1904
Cogburn		Henry		Co. D  4 AR Cav 	Cogburn*	1823-1906  	Deserted to the North. Widow: Margaret E. Cogburn 
Cogburn		James Lafayette	Co. A  1 AR Inf		Mt. Gilead	1841-1914	Union	Widow: Nancy E. Cogburn.
Cochran		Col. William	CSA			Hillside	?1911
Crockett	David Morrow	Co. K 19 MS Inf		site unknown	1826 -d. before 1900 Platta
Curtis		Moses		Union Army		Reed		1826-1908
Daves		Alexander M.	Co. I 33 AR Inf		?Fulton		1828- 		no headstone under water
Ellington	Nathan		Co. C  4 AR Inf		Black Springs	1833-1920
Ellison		Elijah L.	Co. A GA St Guards Cav  Goodner		1815-1883	Cherokee Legion
Evans		David C.	Texas Cav.		Oak Hill 	1845-1927 
Evans		R.M.		Co. F Mains TX Inf	Macedonia	1833-1920  	probably Mann's
Ferguson	John C. Lt.	Co. C. 5 MS Cav		Oakwood		1842-1922
Ferguson	Kimzy		Co. E. Lee Batt. GA	Hillside	1834- c.1910
Fryar		Henry		Co. I 33 AR Inf		Oden		1834-1903
Fulton		Daniel		Co. D  4 AR Cav		Lone Valley	1843-1901
Garrett		Jesse Franklin	Co. F  4 AR Inf		Garrett		1841-1863
Gibbs		Berry		Union Army		Rocky
Gladden		Robert E.	Co. I 33 AR Inf		Bethel		no dates	
Goodner		Lt. Cornelius Alexander
Goodner		David Milton	Co. F  4 AR Inf		Oden		1826-1873
Goodner		Henry Smith	Co. I 33 AR Inf		Oden		1827-1899
Goodner		James M.	Co. F. 4 AR INF		Oden		1833-1893
Goodner		John Green Hill	Co. F  4 AR Inf		Oden		1835-1903
Goss		Nathaniel	Co. F  4 AR Inf		Hillside	1840-1881
Grant		Nathaniel	Co. C  4 AR Inf		Liberty		    -1865
Griffin		George Washington Co.I 81 IN Inf	West Washita	1847-1917	Union
Harris		Samuel J	C & I   9 AR Inf	West Washita	1832-1892	
Hayes		A.Y.		Co. F  4 AR Inf		West Washita	1841-1911
Hill		George W.	Co K   4 AR Inf		Brushy		1830-1913	headstone
Hopper		W.J.		CoA &K 1 AR Inf		Hopper		1842-1892	CSA/Union Widow: Rutha Hopper
Howton		David H.	Co. K 10 KY Cav		Howton		1840-1909	Partisan Rangers
Hoyle		Nicholas	Co. K 35 NC Inf		Sulphur Springs 1835-1919
Hulsey		Benjamin F. 	Co. D  4 AR Cav 	Breashears	1847-1924 	b. Feb. 1844  d. Dec 16, 1924, Story
Jackson 	David Louis     Co. K  5 SC Inf		Mt Ida		1837-1897 drew a pension and may be an unmarked grave
Jackson		Robert E.	CSA			Mt Ida		1845-1914	Robert Elisha Jackson
Jeffrey		James Flemming	Co. F Gunters Reg. 	Mt. Gilead	1847-1928	AR Cabel's Bri. Cav
Johnson	        Benjamin Jr.    Co. C. 4 AR Inf         Bassinger       1842-1902
Johnson		George W.D.	Co. D  5 AR Inf		Amerson		1835-1893
Jones		Joseph Franklin Co. B. 6. Prov. Eng. 	Mt. Ida		d. Oct 13, 1903	Enrolled Missouri Militia SGT. Union
Keenon		Augstus N.	Co. B  1 GA Inf		Reed		no dates
Keith		James M.	CSA			Caney/Keith	1840-1918
Kelly		James		Co. B 15 SC Inf		Macedonia	1839-1920
Kelly		T.M.		Co. E 18 SC Inf		Macedonia	1845-1929
Kennedy		Martin		Co. H 5th AR Cav	County Line     1847-1930	b. Oct. 26 1847 d. Dec. 5 1930 
Kinsey		Benjamin F.	Co. D. 4 AR Cav		Oakwood		1829-1901	Union
Lamb 		Abram F.	Co. G  4 AR Cav		Breashears	1847-1913	headstone
Laramore 	Obediah		Co. H  1 AR Cav		Lone Valley	1837-1915 	Union (no dates on headstone)
Leonard		Ben. F		Co. C 11 N. VA		Grenade		1843-1923
Liverman	Dover Delaware	Co. A 29 MS Inf		Big Fir		?1842-1910
Logan		Z.P.		Co. C  4 AR Inf		Black Springs	1832-1908
McConnell	T.		Co. I 33 AR Inf		Lone Valley	1827-1863
McCullar	Ben		Co. A 19 LA Inf		Mt. Ida		1838-1910	Benjamin Franklin McCullar
McDonald	Elijah		Co. E. 1 AL Cav		Rocky		1834-1904	Sgt.
McElroy		Jeremiah	Co. K. 2 ARK INF. 	Mt. Ida		no dates	CORP.
McKay		Andrew Carson	Co. K 56 AL Cav		Macedonia	1830-1915	Partisan Rangers serving with Col. Boyles
McKinney	John		Co. D  4 AR Cav 	McKinney	no dates	bugler ?1845- c.1878-80
McLean		William L.	Co. B 15 MS Cav		County Line	1839-1907	William Lauchlin McLean
Maddox		G.W.		Co. K 3 AR  Inf		Macedonia	1845-1931
Meeks		William W.	Co. E  6 AR Cav		McKinney	?1844-?1903	Monroe's Cav
Montgomery	Hugh B.		Co. C  4 AR Inf		Mount Tabor	1831-1874
Montgomery	James H.	Co. F  2 AR MTD Rifles	Montgomery	1840-1879	Mounted Rifles
Mullings	Pleasant Marcus	Co. F 29 AL Inf		Nelson		1828-1898	 
Nelson		Archibald	Co. I 33 AR Inf		Nelson		1830-1911
Plyler		Jonas Robinson  Co. I 12 SC Inf		Mt Ida		1840-1909
Pope		James		Co. I 33 AR Inf		McKinney	1834-1903
Powell		Joseph G	Co. I 33 AR Inf		Peak		1834-1929	Grinsteads AR Inf
Qualls          James Monroe    Co. B. 6 GA Inf         Reed            1842-1908	no headstone
Rainwater 	Reason 		Co. K 30 Ga Inf		Mt. Ida			  drew a pension
Randolph	Hezekiah	Co. B 34 GA Vol. Inf.	Goodner		1815-1883 	no headstone Source
Ray		Matthew V	Co. K 4 MS Inf		Bethel 		    -1902	no headstone Source
Reed		Levi		Co. C. 4 AR Inf		Willhite	no dates
Reed		Shipman		Co. 4  4 AR Cav		Barber		no dates	headstone photo Union
Reeves          William C.      Co. A. 1 AR Inf         Black Springs   1839-1920      
Robbins		J.F.		Co. I 33 AR Inf		Bethel		1840-1889	headstone
Robbins		Thomas Jefferson Co. I 33 AR Inf	Bethel		1840-1889	Source
Robins		J.M.		CSA			Bethel		no dates
Robbins		Julius Ambrose  Co. C  4 AR Inf		Bethel		1838-1873	no headstone Source
Robins		William Owen	Co. I 33 AR Inf		Montgomery	1832-1912
Robbins		McAfee Alexander Co.I 33 AR Inf		Robbins		1843-1903
Roberts		Robert D.	Co. G  9 KY Inf		Edwards		1842-1918
Rowland		George Wash'ton Co. F  3 AR Inf		Reed		1826-1902
Russell		Seborn S.	Co. A 15 MS Inf		Blish		1831-1896	Long Creek Rifles
Ryan            John Thomas     Co. E  5 MS Inf         Breashers       ? -  1920
Scott		Harmon Wilson	Co. F  4 AR Inf		Mt. Ida		1837-1911	CPL.
Scott		John W.		Co. C. 4 AR Inf		Wehunt-Scott	1818-1888
Shields		John L.		Co. D. 6 IL Cav		Breashears	1843-1899	Union	 Widow: Martha A. Shields   
Shirley		James Wright	Co. D  4 AR Cav		Shirley 	1840-1911	Union	 Ella Shirley, Gdn.
Sims		Jordon		Co. C  4 AR Inf		Hillside	1840-1889
Singleton	Doctor Franklin Co E. 32 MS Inf		Oden		1837-1905	unit not on marker Source
Singleton	Thomas M.	Co. H. 2 AR Inf		Gortemiller	1845-c.1891 	Union
Sloan		Ellis		Co. B. 1 GA Inf		Black Springs	1819 -1896	Ga. State Guards
Smith		D.A.		Co. K  4 AR Cav		Oden		no dates	Gordon's Cavalry
Snider		Lt. C. A.	TN Vol.  AL Inf		Goodner		1829-1885	Cornelius Alexander Snider
Snow		Richard	C.	Co. F 13 MI Inf		Big Fir		1839-		Union
Spears		David F		Co. F 60 GA Vol Inf	Oden		1844-1903	unit not on marker Source
Standridge	Eli		Co. C  4 AR Inf		Mount Ida	1822-1873
Standridge 	James D 	Co. C 4 Ark Inf 	Hillside	1913-1896
Standridge	Samuel James Ware Co A 1 GA Inf         Stanley Standridge 1838-1877  in 1862 Pvt in Co. H, AR 4th Inf. Reg., CSA
Stipe		J.I.		Co A 12  Ky Cav		Macedonia	1838-1917
Story		James S.	?Co G. 4 AR Inf		Reed		1844-1919
Swindle		Absolom		Co. I 33 AR Inf		Rowton		1829-unmarked grave
Tackett		William Garland Co. D. 2 GA Cav		Mountain Home	1828 - 1917
Tolleson	Shelby U.	Co. H  4 AR Cav		Hopper 		1843- 1928	Union
Vaught		John Berry	Co. D  4 AR Cav		Bethel		1821-1881
Vaught		Silas Perron	Co. E  2 AR Inf		Bethel		1831-1901	Witherspoon's Batt.
Vines 		John Perry 	Co. G 18 AL Inf		Mt. Ida		1845-1916	unit not on marker Source  drew a pension
Wallace		Drew Allen	Co. D  4 AR Cav		East Washita	1840-1909	headstone photo
Watkins         John A.                  TX Cav         Mt. Ida         1851-1897	unit not on marker Source
West		James B.	Co. H 19 AL Inf		Fancy Hill	no dates	
Waggoner	George R.	Co.    4 AR Cav		Waggoner	no dates	Epperson's 
Watkins		William Henry   Co. C 29 AL Inf      	Cedar Glades    1840-1902
Wheeler		Riley		Co. I 33 AR Inf		Owley		no dates	b. Oct 17 1832 d. Apr 9 1901 Source family records
Welch           John            Co. C 42 AR Inf         Oak Grove       1833-1908
Whittington     Hiram A.        Co. I 33 AR Inf         Whittington Fam 1832-1917       Newton's Reg 
Wilson		Jobe		Co. C  4 AR Inf		Jones		1842-1932
Willhite	George A.	Co. C  4 AR Inf		?Oden		1838-1927	Union - Co. H. 2 Ark. Inf.
Willhite 	James Henderson Co. H. 2 AR Inf 	Pine Ridge	1851-1932       Union - Co. H. 2 Ark. Inf. 
Witt (Jeremiah) Jerry Columbus  Co. A 10 AR Inf		Mt. Ida		1835		(Col. A. R. Witt's Regiment) unit not on marker Source
Woodall		John M.		Co. F. 14 NS Inf. 	Adam-Woodall	no dates	Mississippi. Pension Co. Garland 

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If anyone that knows where a former soldier, Union or Confederate, that needs to have a grave marked should come forward. The marker itself is free from the government.

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