NW corner of Garland Co. AR.

Their roots are deep.
They are just under water!

Ouachita River, before the "flood"!
Jeweldene, Frances, MaryAnn and Chuck Thornton.
Photo courtesy of Debra Garner.

Home in Cedar Glades
The house had belonged to Willie Robbins.  The well was in the front of the house.  The Robbins family came into Montgomery Co. in the 1880's from Campbell Co., TN.  The Thornton's came a little earlier from Forsyth Co., GA.  Standing by the 1941 ton Chevrolet navy blue truck with "bumperettes" are George Clifton Thornton and his daughter Frances. George bought the truck new in Hot Springs on Ouachita Ave. across from the court house, at Chitwood Motors. The truck sold for $1100 and he paid $37.75 a month for it.  No money down and no papers were signed. A man's word that he would pay, was all that Mr. Chitwood required. George worked for the WPA and used it to haul workers in sites in Garland Co., AR. e.g. the building of the Bull Bayou Bridge and the Lake Hamilton bridge on 270 west towards Mt. Ida.  He would also haul ice to the Cedar Glades area and added rails it to haul livestock.

Photo courtesy of Debra Garner.

Blakely Dam early 1950s.
Blakely Dam under construction. Photo courtesy of SKM


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Susie Adams Terry - Jim Adams -  J.W. (Jesse ) Terry
  Photo and info courtesy of  SKM.   The house  made of cedar shingles cut by Jim Adams is now under water at the old Hot Springs city water works at Wild Cat Holler. The hanging pots had flowers in summer. Susie loved flowers so much she knocked the bottom out of her butter churn  to put in the yard and planted flowers. This house had a fireplace that ate wood at a fast rate.

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J.W. Terry
  Photo courtesy of  SKM.

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Franklin Ritter and Anna Louisa Tennessee Speer - daughter of Mason Speer and Margaret Phillips. ca. 1945.  Tennie and Frank had 15 children.  Photo courtesy of  SKM.

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