Montgomery County Hunters - Co. F, 4th Arkansas Infantry

Montgomery County Hunters
Co. F, 4th AR Inf. C.S.A.

Company F, 4th Arkansas Infantry
They Never Came Back

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Muster Roll of Co.F, 4th Inf.   

Company F was enrolled at Mt Ida, a village in the hills of Montgomery County, Arkansas. These men marched out of Mt Ida July 17th, 1861 as towns people played homemade drums and fifes.  They had no idea the war would last as long as it did and take such a large toll of their lives.  Their baggage consisted of homemade quilts, pots and pans and an assortment of rifles, mostly flintlocks, squirrel guns and a few double barrel shotguns.  The supplies being loaded in wagons drawn by teams of oxen.

Company F, of Montgomery, Capt. J. M. Simpson, First Lieut. J. W. Lavender, Second Lieut. Arthur Mayberry, Third Lieut. P. D. Davis; Captain Simpson was mortally wounded in the battle of Elkhorn, and First Lieut. J. W. Lavender became captain.

Roster of Company F, 4th Arkansas Infantry, Confederate Southern Army and their highest rank.

Abernathy, Darius  Private
Amerson, James M
Amerson, John R ....Died during war illness or injury [Jasper R. Amerson]
[Aylor, George M.]
Baker, H Mc.  2nd Sergeant....Wounded hip, slight, Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Baker, James M.
Baker, S M
[Baggs, A. original filed under Elbert Baggs]
Beggs, James C  [Baggs]
Beggs, Martin V .....Wounded Murfreesboro, Tenn. {Baggs, M.V. knee, severely, died of his wounds}
Biddy, J H
Biddy, Wilson F  [Biddie] {Wounded arm & thigh Elkhorn Tavern, died c. 29 Mar. 1862}
Bigham, Alexander ....Died illness or injury.
Blakely, John  [original filed under Blakly, Jahue I.]
Bogle, Robert
Bowls , John M    [original field under Bowles, John M]
Bostick, Thomas J ....Captured
Brackville, George W
Brewer, George W ....Died illness or injury
Brewer, William P
Brown, Thomas J      Sergeant/3rd Sergeant
Bybee, Robert J     [Byee, James R.]
Chapman, George R
Chapman, J M ....Wounded Murfreesboro, Tenn {thigh, severely}
Chapman, Thomas N
Cockburn, William ....Died illness or injury
Dagley, James H
Davis, P Dent 3rd Lieutenant (did not re-enlist at Tupelo)
Dyer, W G
Earnest, Jerry
Ellison, James E ....Died illness or injury
Freeman, William
Fryar, James  1st Corporal
Fryar, William ....died illness of injury
Garrett, Jesse F ....Color bearer killed Murfreesboro, Tenn {Serg't}
Gaston, William H W
Gentry, Thomas ...Captured and died as a prisoner of war.
Gilley, Hiram ...Died illness or injury.
Gilley, William Riley ....Wounded Chickamauga {foot, slight}.
Golden, John T ...Died illness or injury.
Goodner, D M
Goodner, G D  3rd Lieutenant...Wounded Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Goodner, J G
Goodner, J M
Goss, N B
Harbin, Matthew
Harbin, Young R  3rd Corporal
Hunt, C B  3rd Lieutenant
Hurt, C J. or G. , 1st Lieutenant
Irons, Jonathan
Irons, Williams
Kimbro, B F
Kinsey, A T
Kinsey, W W ....Died illness or injury
Laird, J J     1st Sergeant
Lamb, Rube
Lamb, William K ...Died illness or injury
Lamb, Zeb R  1st Corporal...Wounded Chickamauga {foot, severe}
Lavender, John W  Captain....Captured
Lavender, Joseph R  1st Corporal
Lawrence, Pat J  3rd Lt., Wounded Chickamauga, {leg wound,} Killed Franklin, TN
Logan, Ben P {F} 2nd Lieutenant...Killed Murfreesboro, Tenn {Dec 31, 1863 leg wound, died in hospital}
May, Rufus W
Arthur Mayberry, 2nd Lieutenant (resigned after Elk Horn)
McAlister, Riley ....Captured and died a prisoner of war.
McConnell, A W
McConnell, David M
McConnell, Robert Wilson ....Died of sickness, probably measles.
McDaniel, William R
McKinney, F M
McKinney, N B ...Wounded near Richmond. 
A final tragedy. Napolean Beunaparte McKinney b. about 1837, Hot Springs Co., AR. was on the way home from the Civil War, between Knoxville and Chattanooga, TN when he died May 25, 1865 in a train wreck that killed some and injuring many on Flat Creek Bridge, Tennessee. The train was carrying surrendered veterans. 
McKinney, William
Morgan, Nathan A
Noyles, J     [Jant]
Parham, J W
Penrod, Louis  2nd Corporal
Pierce, George W
Pierce, N J
Pierce, Robert J
Pittman, Joseph S
Post, Richard T  4th Corporal
Pryor, James 1st Corporal
Ralph, James
Royal, Robert
Royal, William
Sanders, Aron
Sanders, Benjamin
Sanders, Isaac ..Died illness or injury
Sanders, Joseph
Savall, David
Scott, A J
Scott, George S
Scott, Harmon W
Scott, W M ..Missing in action
Secrest, M B ....Died illness or injury
Simpson, F M
Simpson, John H [M.]  Captain....Killed Elkhorn Tavern {thigh broken, died c. 30 Mar. 1862}
Simpson, M V
Simpson, R M ...Wounded thigh, severely, Murfreesboro, Tenn
Singleton, F M ...Died illness or injury
Stacy, James H
Stacey, William
Stewart, Pleasant
Stewart, Virgil A ...Died illness or injury
Stewart, William ...Wounded Murfreesboro {side, slight}  and Chickamauga {breast, flesh slight}
Switzer, C Asbury ....Died during war
Switzer, James R  3rd {2d}Lieutenant...Killed July 11,1863
Voyles, William C
Wallace, Miles T
Wallace, Samuel
Webb , James A
Webb, Jesse      Sergeant/Sergeant
Webb, Jonathan ...Captured
Webb, Lewis ...Died illness or injury
Weldon, Columbus H ...Wounded  {pretty low down} Elkhorn Tavern
West, James M
....Died illness or injury
West, John ...Died illness or injury
Wheeler, Gabriel
White, Jeff C
White, John B
Willhite, George A.
Williams, Frank [Franklin] B ...Died from measles Aug. 26, 1861
Williams, Hugh P
Williams, Jerry [Jermiah]
Williams, John A ...Died illness or injury
Williams, Joseph W
Williams, W [William] M     Corporal/3rd Corporal
Williams, Zach [Zachariah]
Woods, Elijah ...Wounded Elkhorn Tavern {face, slight}
Woods, John


Captain John W. Lavender. 1837-1921. The War Memoirs of Captain John W. Lavender, C.S.A. Edited by Ted R. Worley. W.M. Hackett and D.R. Perdue, publishers. Pub info Pine Bluff, Ark., The Southern Press, 1956. Sub title: They Never Came Back, the story of Co. F. Fourth Arkansas Infantry, C.S.A. (originally known as the Montgomery Hunters) as told by their commanding officer. The original manuscript is in the possession of Mrs James L. Bodie, of Captain Lavendar's family.  A transcription on microfilm of the original narrative is owned by David R. Perdue, Pine Bluff, AR. Mt Ida County library has two copies of the book and the museum in Mt. Ida has one copy.. 158pp

[ ] Index to Compiled Service Record of Confederate Soldiers who served in Organizations from the State of Arkansas These are index cards which contains only the soldiers name, company, unit and rank on enrollment and rank on discharge.

{} Gammage. W.L. The Camp, the Bivouac, and the BATTLEFIELD


Cpt. John W. Lavender
Enl 17 Aug 1861 at a camp near Mt Vernon, MO. Signed as commanding the company 30 Jun1862. Captured 15 Nov 1864 near Nashville, TN and sent to MP at Johnson's Island, OH. Released 16 Jun 1865. Age 27, ht 5' 10",eyes gray, hair lt, complx fair, residence: Madison, AR.

James Hicks May was born in Pendleton District, South Carolina, in 1818, and was living in Montgomery County, Arkansas, when the war began. He enlisted in the "Montgomery Hunters," Co. F, 4th Arkansas Infantry, at Mount Ida on July 10, 1861. When the regiment was organized and mustered into service at Camp Etter, near Mount Vernon, Missouri, on August 17, 1861, he was elected major. He was promoted to lieutenant-colonel on November 22, 1862. Due to infirmity related to his age, he resigned on a surgeonís certificate of disability on August 8, 1863. He apparently saw no further service. He moved to California after the war, where he died in 1888. He is interred in Porterville Cemetery, Porterville, California. His wife's maiden name was Clementine Maddox. He was the father of Rufus May.


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Captain Lavender received his last orders in December, 1864. "to hold them woods at all hazards and we did hold it until we was completely surrounded and over powered." "nearly all killed, wounded and captured". Lavender p. 117. Very few ever returned home.

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