Montgomery County Arkansas Map post 1917

Montgomery County Arkansas Map post 1917

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Federal Land Records of Arkansas searchable database
Description of the Section, Township, and Range surveying system
Arkansas Historical Maps -1936 - showing range numbers for use with land records

Below are large images from an old map found at the County Clerks Office, Montgomery County Courthouse, Mt. Ida, Arkansas.  Check the direct and indirect indexes at the courthouse which will lead you to the deed books and the name of the purchaser (grantee) and the seller (grantor) also the legal description of the land and the price paid. 1898 county map with townships marked.

A section is a square tract of line one mile by one mile containing 640 acres.  One township = 36 sections or thirty six square miles = 144 quarter sections = 23,040 acres = 6 x 6 miles approx. on each side.  The public lands in the United States are laid out in townships. The "homestead" was a free grant of public land having an area of one-quarter section or 160 acres. You can work out mileage and acreage using the maps below.

You might be able to work out where your ancestor lived if you know their section numbers, township and range.   Montgomery Co. Federal Land Records e.g. STOVALL, Andrew D.  Section #13, Township 3S,  Range 26W, acres 166.54. That will be the Gaston image and section 13 south of Gaston. If anyone needs help email Olwyn.
TWP 1 South, 26 West

N.W. corner Montgomery Co. AR.   Oden (note typo on map) Montomery Co. AR.    Gibbs area, Montgomery Co. AR.    Story area, Montgomery Co. AR.      N.E. corner Montgomery Co. AR.

                                                             N.W. corner          Oden area           Gibbs area              Story area             N.E. corner

                           Alamo village in shaded area sq 17.T2S

Red Bird                      Gaston                               Mt Ida                           Silver

                              At the Memphis - Dallas Gulf Rd and Clark Co. intersection is the village of Caney. South in sq 29 is the village of WelshT4S

R27W  Albert       R.26W   Fancy Hill      R.25W   Caddo Gap           Ghent   R.23W

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