Oden Settlers, Montgomery Co. Arkansas

Early Settlers 
Oden, Montgomery County

In Montgomery County, AR if you are kin to one, Fryar, Goodner, Singleton, Wilhite/Willhite, you are kin to all.

Jeremiah Earnest         Nancy Elizabeth Fryar d/o James S. Fryar and Margaret Pippin Fryar.

Jeremiah Earnest (1819-1864)  and his daughter in-law  Nancy Elizabeth Fryar (1853 in MS - 1880 )

What is the photo technique for Jeremiah's photo? Please email Olwyn.
There is a photo of  James T. Mullenix on this page. He sure is the right age to be a Civil War Vet. 
Any ideas what company he served in?

Jeremiah Earnest b: 1819 Sevier Co, TN. 

The above photos contributed by Kay. Kay's grandmother, Minnie Lee Earnest Johnson, had the photos, they are so very fragile.  The photos are labeled on the back in Minnie's hand writing. Minnie was a granddaughter to Burl Earnest. Kay descends from Garrett Fryar & Elizabeth Goodner, through their son James S. & Margaret Pippin Fryar.  James & Margaret's daughter Nancy Elizabeth Fryar married Kay's gg grandfather Burl Earnest.  James J. Earnest, s/o Burl and Nancy E. Fryar, was Kay's g grandfather. James Fryar, age 22, m. to Maryett Pipkins, age 23 - married Sept. 11, 1851 - by John B. Garrett, JP. Montgomery Co. AR.

Burl b. 4 Oct. 1849 in AL s/o Jeremiah Earnest and Sarah (Manda C. Higginbotham) Earnest. Burrell Earnest.  At age 22 married Nancy E. C. Fryar, age 18, 5 Sept.1871 at the residence of James Fryar, South Fork Twp. by J.J. Hays.

Private James Earnest served in Capt. Jerry Ernest's Company (Local Defense), Arkansas Infantry.
Who was this James Earnest? 
Jerry's father was James but he would have been 80 in 1863. 
Burl, Jerry's brother had a son, James b. 1851, so that would make him 12 in 1863. 
Wm. Payton Earnest, brother to Jerry and Burl, OK.  They had a son James Franklin Earnest b. 22 Feb. 1842 in AL making him 21 in 1863.  J.F. Earnest m. Sarah Agnes Baggs in June 1865. She was b. 18 Oct. 1844 Montgomery Co., AR and d. 8 Jan. 1905 in Okfuskee Co. Who were Sarah's parents?

James T. Earnest. Cpl.  Enlisted 29 Jan 1864 at Cedar Glades, Montgomery Co. AR. He was in  CO. D 4th AR Cav. Reg. USA Age 19, ht 5� 6�, eyes blue, hair light, complexion fair, farmer, born in Fayette Co, AL. Who was this James?? Any relation to Jerry?

James Earnest MO/OK/TX m Agnes Baggs
Okemah Cemetery, OK lies the grave of John Franklin Earnest born in 1842 and married to Agnes Biggs. John was a corporal in the Arkansas Cavalry. This Earnest's line came from Alabama.

James Earnest b. probably in the 1840s possibly lived in Mo., OK and TX married Agnes Baggs. Children -
John, Emaline b. June 3, 1866 in Mo., d. Nov. 19, 1898 in Hoachie Town, OK.) (m. Edward Nelms),
Melissa Charlotte (m. Edward Pate?), Pate (m. Sarah?)
Sarah (m. Geo. Franks)
Delia (m. Bill Mills)

Pate Earnest married to Sara Biggs Earnest, lived near Sasakwa, OK in their later years, son was James Furman Earnest. Their daughter, Bertha married Fred Barker. Fred and Bertha had 4 children, Helen, Grover, Joe Fred and Laverne. Grover, Laverne, Fred and Bertha are buried at McGee Cemetery in Stratford, OK. Helen still lives in Stratford (Jan. 2000).

Faith Earnest daughter of Thomas Henry Earnest and Beulah May Hicks

James Franklin Earnest  DOB 22 Feb 1842, Fayette Co. AL, died 19 Feb 1919, Okemah, Ok., married to Sarah Ann Biggs. His parents were William Payton Earnest and Jane Bell Stevens.

Marion W. Earnest, son of William Peyton and Jane Stevens Earnest. Their daughter, Rachel Icephen Earnest, b 2/20/1887, d 7-30-1969. She married Arthur Buchanan Johnson, b 2/6/1883, d 2/5/1942. had six siblings. Two unknown.
a. Nancy Jane, b. 14 Aug 1884, Oark, Johnson, AR; d. 30 June 1963,b. Lone Pine Cem., Johnson Co., AR, m. Pleasant Self.
b. Soloman Harrison, b. 22 Nov 1888, Oark, Johnson, AR, d. 20 Nov 1970 in TX, m. 1) Dora Mae Sanders, 1 Dec 1914, and 2)Ora Qualls.
c. Ladelphia Arlena, b. 15 Oct 1891, Oark, Johnson, AR, d. 18 Jan 1975, Clarksville, Johnson, AR, b. Woodland Cem., Johnson Co., AR, m. Chester Lee Nesbitt
d. James Paton, b. 19 Apr 1895, Oark, Johnson, AR, d. 14 Apr 1979, m. Naoma Bell McMillan.

D.Frank Singleton family

Frank Singleton b. 8 Feb. 1837 is the head of the household with the daughters Cathern b. Dec. 1860, Ardenia L. b. 1866 to his right and the boy standing is John Singleton b. 1868.  He had thirteen children.  Frank died 1905 and is buried at Oden Cemetery.  Did Frank marry three times??

Nancy Jane WILHITE SINGLETON, b. Aug. 1844, Mississippi, a � blooded Cherokee Indian, holding a baby. Can anyone confirm this? What is puzzling is the marriage index for Montgomery County, Arkansas give dates of marriage for Nancy Jane Wilhite and D. F. (Doctor 'Franklin') Singleton [b. 8 Feb 1837 - d. 1905] as being in the year 1877.  "The "D" in D. Franklin Singleton, I understood as a child, stood for Doctor, but not meaning he was a physician."  When did Nancy die?    Who where the parents of Nancy Jane?  "She was a daughter of Julius Alexander and Mary Jane "Polly" Fryar Wilhite and I've always heard that Polly was full blooded Cherokee. Polly's parents were Garrett Fryar and Elizabeth Goodner" Any Indian blood in the Goodner/Fryar lines?  Polly's sister, Nancy, married John Calvin Willhite brother to Julius A. Wilhite.  Can anyone identify the two younger children? Probably Vaden Bade Singleton b. 1869 and Hezekiah 'Hessie' Singleton b. 1870.  

World Connect
Name: Doctor Franklin SINGLETON
Birth: 8 Feb 1837 in KY
Death: 30 Dec 1905 in Oden, Montgomery Co, AR
Burial: Oden, Montgomery Co, AR, Oden Cem.
Note Alias: /Frank/ Although his first name was Doctor, he was not a medical doctor.
Doctor F. Singleton had a total of 13 children from his 3 marriages.
1880 census: Montgomery Co, AR; Polk Twp; Page 413A.
D. SINGLETON Self M Male W 44 MS Farmer --- ---
Nancy SINGLETON Wife M Female W 35 MS Keeping House ---
1. Ardenia SINGLETON Dau S Female W 15 AR MS MS
2. Matha SINGLETON Dau S Female W 13 AR MS MS
3. Ternor SINGLETON Son S Male W 10 AR Work On Farm MS MS
4. Ellen SINGLETON Dau S Female W 2 AR MS MS
5. Hezicia SINGLETON Son S Male W 8M AR MS MS
Source Information: Census Place Polk, Montgomery, Arkansas
Family History Library Film 1254052    NA Film Number T9-0052   Page Number 413A
1900 census: Montgomery Co, AR; Polk Twp; Dwlg# 52; June 6, 1900; Page 3B.

Father: Vaden SINGLETON b: 1812 in TN
Mother: Dorcas STEPHENS b: Abt 1811 in NC

Marriage 1 UNKNOWN
Married: Before 1858 in Montgomery Co, AR
6. John C. SINGLETON b: 1858 in Montgomery Co, AR
7. Catherine SINGLETON b: 11 Mar 1861 in Montgomery Co, AR
  Ardenia L. SINGLETON b: 30 Aug 1866 in Montgomery Co, AR
  Martha SINGLETON b: 1867 in Montgomery Co, AR
8. Vaden SINGLETON b: 1868 in Montgomery Co, AR
9. Turner SINGLETON b: Sep 1869 in MS

Marriage 2 Elemada MCNITE
Married: 21 Jun 1874 in Montgomery Co, AR

Marriage 3 Nancy Jane WILHITE b: Aug 1844 in Tippah Co, MS
Married: 4 Apr 1877 in Montgomery Co, AR
10. Corrisa Ellen SINGLETON b: Mar 1878 in Montgomery Co, AR
11. Hezekiah SINGLETON b: Abt 1880 in Montgomery Co, AR
12. Albert P. SINGLETON b: Nov 1882 in Montgomery Co, AR
13. Arsetta P. SINGLETON b: Apr 1888 in Montgomery Co, AR

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William & Elisabeth begot 14 children.  Descendants still abound the Oden area.

William FRYAR was b. 17 May, 1820, Polk Co. TN and d. 3 Mar., 1905 Oden, Montgomery Co., AR.
Elisabeth Darcus Fryar nee SINGLETON was b. 16 Nov., 1828 TN and died 30 Jan., 1903 Oden. They came to the Oden area by wagon train in 1849. D. Frank Singleton was Elisabeth's nephew.

Descendants of William FRYAR
14 children

1 William FRYAR b: May 17, 1817 in Polk, TN d: March 03, 1905 in Oden, Montgomery, AR
.. +Elizabeth Darcus SINGLETON b: November 16, 1827 in TN m: December 31, 1844 in Tippah, MS d: January 30, 1903 in Oden, Montgomery, AR
......... 2 Nancy Ann FRYAR b: November 08, 1846 in MS d: August 06, 1890 in Hog Jaw, Montgomery, AR m. 2 Sep 1869
............. +James T. MULLENIX b: May 1846 m: September 02, 1869 in Montgomery, AR d: December 12, 1912 in Hog Jaw, Montgomery, AR
......... 2 Mary Jane FRYAR b: April 29, 1848 in MS d. 26 Jul 1904
............. +JamesWright SHIRLEY m.8 Dec 1867
......... 2 Darcus FRYAR b: 1850 in Montgomery, AR
............. +Thomas SINGLETON b: April 10, 1845 in MS m: November 14, 1865 in Montgomery, AR
......... 2 Isaac Franklin "Hock" FRYAR b: 23 Oct. 1852 in Montgomery, AR d. 8 Mar 1918
............. +Mary Ann SINGLETON b: March 05, 1855 in MS m: July 11, 1870 in Montgomery, AR, d. 2 Feb 1939
......... 2 William Guilford  "Bill" FRYAR b: 23 Dec 1854 in Montgomery, AR  d. 06 Feb 1940, m. 12 Jan 1877
............. +Cathern M Daucilla SINGLETON b. Dec 1860 d. 02 Jul 1900
......... 2 Ardena [Ardina] E. FRYAR b: January 27, 1857 in Montgomery, AR d: December 30, 1924
............. +John W. SINGLETON b: February 10, 1850 in MS m: in Montgomery, AR d: February 13, 1935
......... 2 Frances Elander [Ellindia] "Ellen" FRYAR b: 24 Mar 1859 in Montgomery, AR d. 23 May 1898
............. +Joseph Joa  SINGLETON m. 22 Mar 1879, d. 23 May 1898
......... 2 Susannah FRYAR b: 29 March 1861, d. 1919
............. +John Riley GILBERT m: March 26, 1879 in Mt. Ida, Montgomery, AR
......... 2 Martha FRYAR b: 27 Feb 1863
............. +John [Jasper] PHELPS:
......... 2 John Henry FRYAR b: 30 Jan 1865, d. 30 Sep 1927
............. +Ardenia L. SINGLETON b. 30 Jan 1866, d. 23 Apr 1921
......... 2 Sarah [Sara] FRYAR  b. 14 Jan 1867, m. 19 Feb 1882
............. +Alvy [All] Jacobs b. Apr 1867

......... 2 Margaret Lucinda FRYAR  b. 28 Jan 1870, m. 1901
............. +Marion H WILLHITE b. 28 Feb 1868 d. 1961
......... 2 Louisa FRYAR  b. 17 Jan 1872, m. 16 Aug 1888
............. +Joseph P Johnson b. 1868
......... 2 Mary Aler (Alice) FRYAR - b. Nov 30 1875.  Died Sep. 21 1880. Mary became lost in the woods and she was never found.

John Henry Fryar and family about 1902

John Henry Fryar and family about 1902 Tim b. Mar. 1891, John Henry Fryar b. 30 Jan 1865 holding Minnie b. 1901, Ardenia "Denie" nee Singleton b. 1866, Etna b. 8 Oct 1899, Hannah b. 4 Oct 1896 and Hettie b. Feb.1894. Standing: John b. Jan 1884. and Sam b. Apr 1886. 
This photo was taken before Myrtle was b. in 1904. Maybe their daughter Francis b. 1882 took the photo. Henry was the son of William and Elizabeth D. Fryar. John and Ardenia are buries at Keota Cemetery, Haskell Co. OK beside their daughter Etna.

Standing L-R Vina, Sarah, Era.  Children are barefoot.
Sitting L-R: Alfred FRYAR, holding baby George, Thomas, Menerva WILLITE Fryar, holding baby Flem.
Alfred is the son of Thomas and Nancy VENABLE Fryar.  Menerva  "Nervie" is the daughter of Lorenzo [Dow] Willhite. 
George Alfred Fryar at 19 and Menerva Willhite age 19 married 27 July 1899. They had two more daughters after the photo was taken, Maudie and Ola.
Maudie married Flemming Ryals, Era married Hugh Ryals they were brothers. Flem Fryar married Flora McBride. Maud and Ola are still alive. 
Information and photo courtesy of Clayton Ryals. Era is his mother. Posted. Oct. 2007.
On the 1920 census the family is still at Pine Ridge. This picture was probably taken 1912 based on the 1920 census.  In 1900 the family was living next door to Dow Willhite, Menerva's father at Pine Ridge.
George A. - 39
Sarah Menerva 41 b. b. July 1878
Sarah M. 19  b. May 1900
Vina 16
Era 14
George 10
Flem 8
Maudie 5

Page 399 Mr. Thomas H. FRYAR age 21 to Miss Nancy VENABLE age 26. License date April 18 1877 - married April 22 1877 by J. Shirley, M.G. -F/R 5-18-1877 G. D. Goodner, Clerk.

Est. time of photo late 20' early 30's Montgomery County, AR.
Standing L-R: Lewis [Luke] Fryar, Hugh Ryals, Alfred Fryar. Lewis and Alfred were brothers.
Front row L-R : Edward Fryar, George Fryar, Flem Fryar, L.V Fryar. George and Flem are sons of Alfred
Edward and L.V are grandsons. Hugh Ryals married Era Fryar ,daughter of Alfred, parents of Clatyon.
Photo courtesy of Clayton Ryals. Posted. Oct. 2007.

Jim Mullenix  

Jim T. Mullenix

James (Jim) T. MULLENIX was born in Alabama in 1846. Married Nancy Ann Fryar at William Fryar's residence, Hog Jaw, in on 02 Sep 1869, service conducted by Lewis Shirley J.P.  Nancy Ann was born 08 Nov 1848 at Tippah County, Mississippi to Elisabeth and William Fryar.  Jim d.1912 and Nancy d.1890, are buried at the Mullenix Cemetery, Hog Jaw Cemetery, Montgomery Co. AR. It is an  abandoned, headstones were knocked down by cattle and are no longer visible. No death certificates filed.

Lorenzo Dowel's son Lorenzo Benton Willhite married Nancy Ann Mullenix daughter of Jim & Nancy Mullenix. Feel free to copy photos but please let me know. I want to gauge if anyone finds the photographs helpful.

John Henderson WILHITE and his wife Mary Lucinda Hickey Willhite

Photo courtesy of Ruby Martin, 6 March 2010.

John Henderson (Dock) WILHITE was born June 10 1846, in Tippah, Ripley Co. , Mississippi to Julius and Polly Wilhite. He came to the Oden area in a wagon train with his parents and siblings in 1849 at the age of three. John married Mary Lucinda HICKEY on August 9 1866 and she was born January 31 1847 (I believe Pope Co. AR) . "Dock' died July 4 1933 in Mena, Polk County, Arkansas and is buried at Board Camp Cemetery. He was in the Civil War, a farmer and of the primitive Baptist belief. They had nine children including Elle Adeline Wilhite who married Louis Shirley and they moved to Marianna, Lee County, Arkansas. Mary died Jan. 18 1925 in Mena so this photo was taken before 1925. There was an article in the Mena Star in 1929 contributed by Julius Wilhite, the son of "Dock" Wilhite. See wagon train page.

Lorenzo Dowel WILLHITE

Dow in his later years.       Dow in his younger days.

Lorenzo Dowel Matthew WILLHITE was born 27 Apr 1855 in Montgomery Co. to Nancy Fryar and John Calvin Willhite. When Dow was a young lad during the Civil War he and a friend were walking down a road in Montgomery Co. and saw some Yankees coming on horses so they made a dash for it and ran around a curve and one dove into the bushes at the side of the road and Dow dove into the river and hid in a cane island and barely stuck his head up so he could breathe.  A soldier on horse back rode around the island but couldn't find him. He was to afraid to go back to the house that chilly night so slept outside near a log scared of the noises of the night, the crickets, frogs and owls. "Yankees would shoot you and kill you".

He first married Ara Malindia SIMS and she beget eight children. Ara had previously been married to Robert DEES a Pine Ridge founder.  Sims, Montgomery Co. was named in honor of her brother William Perry Sims. Lorenzo's second marriage was to Molly Ann FRYAR 11 Oct 1889 and she beget seven. Who were Molly's parents?

"Dow" died in 1945 and is buried at the forgotten Willhite Cemetery along with his both wives and daughters Matilda b. Jul 1898 d. age 12 and Cannie who died at eight years.  Many of the unmarked graves are from the Sims, Dees, Willhite, Reed and Hoyle families.   Also buried here is Mary HAYS WILLHITE b. Oct 1863 at Illinois first wife George Alexander Willhite the youngest brother to Lorenzo. 

1904 photo. Lorenzo Benton Willhite and Francis Anna "Fannie" Mullenix m. in 1895 in Oden. The family lived in the Hog Jaw area. Calvin the boy on the right is the man on the right in the photo below. Lorenzo Benton Willhite was the son of Lorenzo Dow Willhite. The children are bare footed and attended the Hog Jaw school. Fannie's parents were James T. Mullenix. and Nancy Ann Fryar. Nancy Ann Fryar was the daughter William and Elisabeth Fryar. 

Photo taken in Montgomery Co. AR probably about the the 1930s. The man on the right is Calvin Willhite grandson of Lorenzo Dow Willhite. We do not know the identities of the two gentlemen. The house in the background is  made of logs with a wood shingles roof and a has a barrel on the right for collecting rainwater and there is some firewood on the ground behind the men. The photo is from my collection. I obtained  it from my husband�s Grandmother, Cordie Willhite, a brother to Calvin on the right.  Calvin was born in 1897. They are all tall men.

June 2006. Update.
James Dees has a copy of this photograph and states that the other two men in the picture are Joseph Green Willhite on the left and William Lee Dees in the center [son of Robert Dees and Ary (Eiry) Sims]. They are all related in the photo. Cordie�s father, Lorenzo Benton Willhite, was a brother to Joseph Green Willhite b. 1885. So Calvin would have been a nephew to Joseph G. Willhite.  Lorenzo Dowell Willhite first wife was Eiry Sims Dees and parent�s of J.G.W. and L.B.W. which makes them half brothers with William Lee Dees.

The following information came from a book, "Marriage Records, Montgomery County, Arkansas"

Marriage Book A
Fryar, Dorcas7
Fryar, Henry18, 346
Fryar, Isaac F.251
Fryar, James,68
Fryar, John122, 260, 346, 446
Fryar, Mary A.4
Fryar, Mary Jane50
Fryar, Nancy Ann235
Fryar, Nancy E. C.276
Fryar, Sarah71
Fryar, Susanah59, 114
Fryar, Thomas H.399
Fryar, William G.385
Fryar, Wm. N.50
Marriage Book B
Fryar, Charles198
Fryar, Emily557
Fryar, Frances E.2
Fryar, Julia A.385
Fryar, Louisa352
Fryar, Marion F.455
Fryar, Sarah118
Fryar, Susan2
Fryer, Nancy47

Abbreviations used:
MG Minister of the Gospel MD Married
GM Gospel Minister TE Traveling Elder
JP Justice of the Peace LD Licensed Deacon
Lic.License CLK Clerk

Page 4 SAMUEL M. SMITH 32, to MARY A. FRYAR 17: Married by G.D. GOODNER, J.P. Oct. 2, 1865. Recorded Oct. 2,1865 by G.D. GOODNER, J.P.

Page 7 THOMAS SINGLETON 20, to DORCAS FRYAR 15, by G.D. GOODNER Nov. 14, 1865 (by consent of guardian and parent) Married Oct. 29, 1865:

Page 18  HENRY FRYAR 31, to LUCINDA E. HICKEY 20 Married May 12, 1866, F/R June 16, 1866 by G.D. GOODNER, J.P.

Page 50 WILLIAM N. FRYAR 20 to VICTORIA JOSEPHINE BOLT 20- date 11-14-1867 -Record 10-29-1867 by B.M. Singleton, J.P. - Filed & Recorded 1-16-1868.

Page 50 JAMES W. SHIRLEY 22 to MARY JANE FRYAR 18 -date 12-8-1867-Record 12-8-1867 by B.M. Singleton, J. P. - 12-8-1867 Filed & Recorded 1-16-1868.

Page 59 JESSE BESHEARS 23 to SUSANAH FRYAR 22- Married on Jan. 16,1851 by John B. Garrett, J. P.-F/R Feb 22,1851

Page 68 JAMES FRYAR 22 to MARYETT PIPKINS 23 - married Sept. 11, 1851 - by John B. Garrett, JP - Endorsed & Filed 12-10-1851 - Jas. S. Fleming, CLK. By E. L. Hughes, D.C.

Page 71 ELISHA W. WOOD 21 to SARAH FRYAR 17 -Married 5-16- 1852 by J. B. Garrett, JP- End. & Filed 6-26-1852 Jas. S. Fleming, Clerk by E. L. Hughes, D.C.

Page 114 WILLIAM BAKER 19 to SUSANNAH FRYER 25-married 8-22-1856 by John C. Wi1hite, J. P. - Recorded 9-20-1856

Page 122 JOHN FRYAR 26 to MARY SIMS 30 - MARRIED 7-12-1857 BY E. W. Anderson, J.P. - End. & filed 7-19-1856

Page 235 JAMES T.MULLENIX 23 to NANCY ANN FRYAR (no age) married at the residence of William Fryar on 9-2-1869 by Lewis Shirley, J. P. -F/R 9-20-1869 Zora L. Cotton, Clerk.

Page 251 ISAAC F. FRYAR 18 to MARY A. SINGLETON 15-married 7-7-1870 at the residence of Lewis Shirley, Polk Twp by Joseph Shirley, M.G. - F/R 7-11-1870 -Zora L. Cotton, Clerk

Page 260 JOHN FRYAR 21 to RUANNA A. HILL 23 -married on 12-25-1870 at the residence of William Steward, Polk Twp. by Joseph Shirley, M.G.-F/R 1-9-1871 Zora L. Cotton, C1erk

Page 276 BURRELL EARNEST 22 to NANCY E. C. FRYAR 18-married 9-5-1871 at the residence of James Fryar, South Fork Twp. by J.J. Hays, J.P.-F/R 9-16-1871- Zora L. Cotton, Clerk

Page 346 JOHN FRYAR 45 to MATILDA SIMS 45 -married 11-25-1874 at the residence of Henry Fryar, Polk Twp. by B.D Johnson, J.P.- F/R 11-26-1874 -Guilford D. Goodner, Clerk

Page 385MR. WILLIAM G. FRYAR 22,Polk Twp. to MISS CATHERINE M. SINGLETON 17, Polk Twp.-license date 1-12-1877-married 1-15-1877 by S. W. Lane, J.P. F/R 1-19-1877 G.D. Goodner, Clerk.

Page 399MR. THOMAS H. FRYAR 21 to MISS NANCY VENABLE 26 License date 4-18-1877 -married 4-22-1877 by J. Shirley, M.G. -F/R 5-18-1877 G. D. Goodner, Clerk.

Page 446MR. JOHN FRYAR, JR 27 to MISS MARY E. GENTRY 18 License 6-21-1878-married 6-23-1878 by H. C. Brewer, J.P~- F/R 8-3-1878 G. D. Goodner, Clerk

Page 2 JOHN GILBERT 21 and MISS SUSAN FRYAR 18, both of Montgomery County. March 25, 1879 - G.D. GOODNER, Clerk By T.L Tabor, J .P. on 26 March 1879. Filed for Record April 16,1879. G. D. GOODNER, Clerk.

Page 2 JOSEPH J. SINGLETON 17 yrs. to MISS FRANCES E. FRYAR Age 20. March 22, 1879, G. D. GOODNER, Clerk. By T. L. Tabor, J. P. on 22 March 1879.Filed April 16,1879. G. D. GOODNER, Clerk

Page 118 Mr. ALVY JACOBS 21 to MISS SARAH FRYAR 16- License 18th Feb.1882, Goodner, Clerk-married 19th Feb.1882 by E. J. Cwok , J. P. - Filed 20th March, 1882-Goodner, Clerk.

Page 352 JOSEPH P. JOHNSON 20 to MISS LOUISA FRYAR 16, Oden, Ark. -license 15th Aug.1888, Goodner, Ck. married 16th Aug.1888 by H. Ellison, M. G.-Filed 24th Aug.1888 G. D. Goodner ,Clerk by W.L McLean, DC

Page 385 PHILLIP R. ABERNATHY 24, Mt Ida, Ark. to MISS JULIA A. FRYAR 16, Oden, Ark.-License 10th May,1889,G.D. Goodner, Clerk-Married 12th May ,1889 by H. Ellison M.G.-Filed 22nd May,l889-.D.Goodner ,Clerk.

Page 455 MR. MARION F. FRYAR 17, Oden, Ark. to MISS. MARY E. ROBINSON, 17 License 14th Jan.l89l,-married 15th Jan.1891 by J.H. Matthews , J P. -filed 24th Jan.1891 J.S. Nelson ,Clerk and recorder.

Page 47l MR. J.A.SPURLIN 25, Oden, Ark. to MISS NANCY FRYER 18, Oden, Ark -License date 18th July, 1891-married 19th July,1891 by A. Fair, L .D. Filed 19th July,1891 J.S. Nelson, Clerk.

Page 557 MR. M. T. SINGLETON 22, Oden, Ark. to MISS EMILY FRYAR 20, Oden , Ark. -License date 7th July, 1893-married 9th July,1893 by H. Ellison, M.G. Filed 15th July,1893 ,J .S. Nelson, Clerk by G.H. Speers, Jr., D.C.

Descendants of Isaac Fryar, Jr.

1 Isaac FRYAR, Jr. b: 1799 in Guilford, NC d: November 1868 in Montgomery, AR
  +Nancy GOODNER b: 1796 in Guilford, NC m: July 05, 1818 in Rutherford, TN d: Aft. 1870 in Montgomery, AR
...... 2 William FRYAR b: May 17, 1820 in Polk, TN d: March 03, 1905 in Oden, Montgomery, AR
.......... +Elizabeth Darcus SINGLETON b: Nov. 16 1830 in TN m: Dec. 31 1844 in Tippah, MS d: Jan. 30 1903 in Oden
...... 2 Elizabeth FRYAR b: 1823 in TN
...... 2 Mary Ann FRYAR b: 1825 in TN d: 1861 in Montgomery, AR
.......... +John B. GARRETT b: 1820 in Vernon, Hickman, TN m: 1841 in Tippah, MS d: Abt. June 1861 in Montgomery, AR
...... 2 Thomas FRYAR b: 1827 in TN
.......... +Polly SHIRLEY b: 1832 in KY m: Abt. 1846 in Tippah, MS
...... 2 James FRYAR b: 1829
...... 2 John FRYAR b: 1830 in TN
...... 2 Garrett FRYAR b: 1831 in TN
...... 2 Henry F. FRYAR b: May 15, 1834 in TN
.......... +Lucinda E. HICKEY b: 1846 m: May 12, 1866 in Montgomery, AR

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