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Caddo Rifles
Co. C., 4th ARK Inf.

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Many were neighbors and related.

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Company C. was mustered into the Confederate Southern Army August 17, 1861 with an enrollment of seventy-nine men from the southern part of Montgomery County, Arkansas led by Captain John F. Erwin.
4th Arkansas Infantry CO. A - E
from 'Montgomery County:Our Heritage'

Company C, of Montgomery County, Capt. F. J. Erwin, First Lieut. Nathaniel Grant, Second Lieut. J. Scott, Third Lieut. J. Bates.

Aughty, Encoh T.* [Autrey]
Anderson, Allen B.     Sergeant / Private
Anderson, N.J.
Anderson, WL*
Bates, Jefferson        2 Lieutenant
Barrentine, JM
Barrentine, JS
Beck, Jacob P.
Beck, David M.     Private / 2 Lieutenant
Bosticok, Berry R.
Bostick, John G. (?John D)
Byas, Carter
Cabler, Leven, J.
Carroll, Jacob, C.
Carroll, William H.
Childers, JW   PrivateSergeant
Christopher, Joseph
Clingman, I.J.    3 Lieutenant /3Lieutenant
Clingman, J.P
Clingman, Peter J.*
Clover, John*
Coaplin, John
Cockburn, Martin V.
Collier, James K.
original filed under James H.
Collum, GW
Cox, John R.
Crosson, HF
Crowley, JW
Derr, John M.
Derr, William P.

Dilbeck, John
Dilbeck, Marion A
Dodgen, EW PrivateSergeant
Dooley, John M.
Echols, George B.
Elkins, FA
Elkins, John W.     Corporal / Lieutenant
Ellington, George W.  PrivateSergeant
Ellington, Nathan
Ellington, William J.
Farr, David W.*    Corporal / Private
Fields, Benjamin P.
Foster, William H.* Battle of Elkhorn
Gist, Jerome B.      Sergeant / Lieutenant
Grant, Nathaniel    1 Lieutenant / Captain
also see Co. F & S  4th
Hall, John
Hall William P.*
Heffington. M*   Private / Corporal
Henderson, Wilson P.
Hill, Jordan W.
Hines, Richard*
Holt, JA*
Hopper, John
Hopper, William A.     Sergeant / Private
Johnson, B  Private / Corporal
Johnson, Sylvester J.
Jones, Jesse
Jones, RJ*
Keith, William H.  Corporal / Private
Kinsey, John
Kinsey, William A.
Leonard H. *
Logan, Zaddoc P.
Markham, JA
Martin, James F.
McDaniel, William R.
McKinney, DP
Montgomery, Hugh B.
Morrison, W.L.
Nelson, Enoch R.
Newcomb, WJ
Niles, James M
Parks, David E.
Pate, J. Edward M*
Pate, James M..
Pettitt, Zarcharich M.
Phillips, William
Reed, Levi
Robins, Jefferson F.
Robins, Julius M
Rowton, Chillochton
Russell, Edmond
Scott, James A,
Scott, John    2 Lieutenant /2Lieutenant
Scott William F. 
original filed under William L.
Scott, William L or J.*
Sims, Jordan
Sims, John M.   Captain/Captain
Sims, William P.  Private / Corporal
Standridge, Eli
Standridge, James   headstone

Strawn, Calvin J.*
Strawn E.H.*

Strawn, Fielding B.*
Stovall, W.H. PrivateSergeant
original filed under William H.
Tallent, R.
Thomassom, TS
Thompson, E*
Todd, JE    Private1st Sergeant
Vandervier, George*
Walker, Abram  Sergeant / Private
Welch, JJ 
Whisenant, Christopter C.    Private / Corporal
Whisenant, Henry
Whisenant, Joanthan
Wilder, Harrison*
Wilson, Horace
Wilson, Job
Wingfield, Joel H.*
Woods, Allen
Wood, Elza D.
Woods, John H.

Notes: Rank private on enlistment and discharge unless noted. 110 names. 22 dead.
*Died in the war.
Reference: Index to Compiled Service Record of Confederate Soldiers who served in Organizations from the State of Arkansas. These are index cards which contains only the soldiers name, company, unit and rank on enrollment and rank on discharge.

Service: 4th (McNair's or Southwestern) Infantry Regiment, assembled at Miller's Springs, Lawrence County, Arkansas, recruited its companies in Calhoun, Hempstead, Lafayette, Montgomery, Pike, and Polk counties. After fighting at Elkhorn Tavern, the unit was sent to Kentucky where it was active at Richmond. It then was assigned to General McNair's and D. H. Reynold's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. Soon after the Battle of Murfreesboro, the 4th Arkansas Battalion merged into the regiment and in August, 1863, the 31st Arkansas transferred to the 4th. It was involved at Jackson, participated in the campaigns of the army from Chickamauga to Atlanta, saw action in Tennessee under Hood, and was engaged at Averasboro and Bentonville. This unit was organized with 695 men, and reported 55 casualties at Elkhorn Tavern, 23 at Richmond, and 79 at Murfreesboro. The 4th/31st/4th Battalion lost twenty-four percent of the 385 engaged at Chickamauga. Few surrendered on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonels Henry C. Bunn and Evander McNair, Lieutenant Colonels James H. May and Samuel Ogden, and Major Jos. B. McCulloch. cwss

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