Blish Cemetery, Montgomery County, Arkansas

Blish Cemetery
Montgomery County, Arkansas

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Location: 7.2 miles east of Mt. Ida on Hwy 270, cross Twin Creek, turn left on Lake Front Drive and take the first right onto Blish Lane. The Blish Cemetery got it's name because it was on the edge of the George Blish homestead. There used to be a cotton field next to it. The Bates family lived a mile away. This active one acre unfenced cemetery is maintained as the grass had been mowed.  Seborn S. Russell donated the land in 1865 when he buried his ten year old daughter. He was a CSA solider with the "Long Creek Rifles" 15th MS Regiment on the roster on March 1861. The 'Long Creek Rifles' were formed in Bluff Springs, Mississippi. They became part of the 15th as Co. A.  Bluff Springs was a large plantation in between Kosciusko and Durant very close to a small community called Sallis where the Russell's were born.   

"No burial or plots without prior approval. Contact: Charlie Jones, Gary Bates or Hank Yeaman"

Bates & Yeaman Burial Plot
    Bates	Dr. J.C.
    Bates	Rada		1911 - 1931 
    Bates	Baby		1903 - 1904
    Bates	Nancy		no date
    Custer	C. Casey		d.Oct 6 1907	 age 1 year
    Craddock			1933 - 1934
    Grimes	Othelena Grimes
    Grimes	Carl Sr.		1934 - 1992	Thornton FH
    Maner	Walker - Hattie
    Pate	Betty June	 	Jan 17 1931 Inf. d/o Oscar & Hazel Pate
    Wall	S. Jock	
    Stock	Well Shank
    Yeaman	Wilma		Apr 11 1909 - Aug 1935 m/o Othelana Yeaman
Anderson Allie I.		Jan 14 - Oct 14 1993

Barnhart	Wallace Gordon	May 31 1939 - Feb 17 1993	Triumph in Jesus	 Thornton FH

Bates	Carol
Bates	Mae
Bates	Leon
Bates	Donna
Bates	Leon J.R.
Bates	Helen
Bates	Amanda
Bates	____
Bates	____
Bates	Steven
Bates	Jason
Hall	Lynda
Hall	Kenny
Bates	Lloyd	B
Bates	Sheron
Bates	Llyod
Bates	Eva
Bates	Kelly
Bates	Dena
Bates	Linzie

Caldwell Ruth Loraine	1914 - 1993		Gross FHM double headstone
Bates	Rev James 	1913 - 193_		Forever in our hearts
Bauerschmidt	Mike	Sep 29 1900 - Jul 5 1988	Gross FH
Bauerschmidt	Leona	Dec  1 1911 - Sep 2 1986	Thornton FH

Blish	Nancy Ann	1910			mother

Blish	George H.	1859 - 1942

Dunn	Pearl Bruce	Oct 13 1910 - Oct 6 1993

Forbes	Suavnah		Oct 12 1870 - Aug 21 1904
Forbes	Charles		1886 - 1890
Forbes	Nora		1888 - 1896
Forbes	Etta		1891 - 1893
Forbes	Emmie		1901 - 1908
Forbes	Willie		Oct 1907 - Oct 1908

Hoskins	Penny		Mar 25 1825 - May 7 1897	age 72 	Star emblem

Hoskins	Zue - John - Narvell			no dates one maker no dates

Hill			three graves		concrete slab

Jones	Gertude	Ann	Sep 11 1944 - Dec 18 1979	A loving mother.
			She built a monument of love in the hearts of all who knew her.

Knebel	Katherine Nicole Nov 6 1998 - Nov 6 1998

Krouse	James D.		Sep 22 1927
Krouse   Willie Jo	Jan 4 1932

Lake	Leona J.		1911 - 1986
Lake	George C.	1912 - 1989


Mills	James R.		Jun 4 1910
Jones	Elva V.		Aug 19 1909 - Dec 7 1989

Neilson	Emma A.		Jan 5 1919 - Jan 11 1919	d/o Chris & Hassie

Orr	Thomas P.	Apr 9 1911 - Mar 5 2000	age 88 FHM Thornton P,O, Box 117 Mt. Ida AR 7157

Otrusina	Andrew		Aug 24 1999		Age 90 years 8 months 27 days caruth - Hale FH Hot Springs, AR

Otrusina	Anna J.		1908 - 1990		Thornton FH

Otrusina	Joseph A.	1909 - 1993		Thornton FH

Pearson	Christopher Lee	Aug 9 1983 - Jul 21 1998	age 14 Thornton FH

Pope	Jonnie Blish	Aug 31 1898 - Sep 22 1982
Pope 	James Wesley	May  6 1893 - Aug 24 1982	Co. F. 113 Inf WW1

Maddox	Eva		1889 - 1910
Reynolds Lusy		1860 - 1905
Reynolds Nora Allis				stone headstone no dates

Russell	Seborn		1831 - 1896		Gross Mortuary  metal headstone 
Tindell	Benjamin F.	Apr 25 1922 - Nov 12 1997	Thornton FH	BK R2 US Navy
Tindell	Joyce		Jan 11 1938
Walk	James A.	Mar 25 1952 - May 23 1995
Whittington Lula	Mar 24 1866 - Apr 26 1891
Wilson	Helen Lilian	Sep 17 1931 - Jun 12 1998 age 66
Yeaman	Johnie		Sep  7 1903 - Dec 13 1985 m. Nov 3 1936 Asleep in Jesus awaiting resurrection
Yeaman	Attie F.	Jan 19 1913

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Transcribed June 2000 by Olwyn during visit to cemetery. George Blish, attended Mt Ida High School in 1912 and  was a Justice of the Peace and his signature is found on many courthouse documents.
On Find a Grave 55 interments listed.

Nora Alice Reynolds b. July 20, 1884. She died Nov. 29, 1893 in a fire while saving her young sister Evie. Evie m. Victor Maddox and she is buried at Blish Cemetery beside her mother Lucy. Lucy LeAnn Casey b. Sept. 7. 1860 in Missouri m. Matt Reynolds 1881.

The Bates information below is courtesy of Cindi Barnes. Posted 27 July 2000.
Dr. John Chaple Bates - b. 11-16-1839  d. 10-22-1904
Nancy Ann Bates b. 5-1841 d. unknown - I believe she died in 1912. but no proof.
There is also an unmarked grave and in the Cemetery Book, lists the name Bates. I believe it is Cynthia Johnson/Bates. b. 2-1874 d. between 1898 & 1890. She was the wife of Homer G. Bates. Homer was a son of Dr. John Chaple Bates. Family members have said that it is she that is buried at the Blish Cemetery in an unmarked grave. Bates

Rada Bates. Her name was Minnie Rada. Daughter of Jesse and Etta Maner/Bates. b. 5-18-1911 d. 11-24-1931.

Baby Bates - daughter of Jesse and Etta Maner/Bates was b. 12-30-1903 d. 2-4-1904

Custer Casey b. 1897 d. 10-6-1907

Craddock is actually Charles Edgebert Craddock  b. 1-14-1933 d. 2-8-1934  He was the son of Hector O. Craddock and Viva Marie Bates/Craddock.

Maner, Walker - Hattie is actually two children of Alexander Maner and Arzella Collier/Maner.  John "Walker" Maner was born 10-10-1891 - he was a twin and died in infancy. Hattie Arrazeley Maner b. 4-11-1894 - she died in infancy or very young. They are buried next to each other.

Betty June Pate - b. 1-17-1931 d. 1-17-1931.

Wilma Yeamon - is Wilma Arzelia Bates/Yeamon - daughter of Jesse and Etta Maner/Bates. b. 4-11-1909 d. 8-31-1934

Rev. James Bates - is Rev. James Francis Bates son of Jesse and Etta Maner/Bates b. 1-19-1913 d. 8-1993 - his wife
Ruth Loraine Caldwell/Bates b. 5-22-1914 d. 7-31-1993

Dr. John Chaple Bates was not at Andersonville

Information below courtesty of Cindi Barnes a g-g-g-granddaughter of Dr. John Chaple Bates. Posted July 25, 2000

When I researched my g-g-g-grandfather, I sent away to the National Archives in Washington for his Confederate Service Records. I was surprised to see that there was no mention of Andersonville. I then obtained a copy of the transcripts from that famous Henry Wirz Trial. In reading the transcripts I found that the Dr. John C. Bates that gave testimony was not my g-g-g-grandfather. Because my family has always believed that it was our grandfather that was at Andersonville, I wrote about my findings in an attempt to explain why it was not our Grandfather Dr. John Chaple Bates that was at Andersonville. 

Dr. John C. Bates & The Andersonville Prison
When I first began this geneology project it appeared that our Grandpa, Dr. John Chaple Bates was the assistant surgeon at the Historical Andersonville Prison during the Civil War.  Past researchers uncovered several documents pertaining to Andersonville and the
famous Trial of Henry Wirz in which John C. Bates was a key witness for the prosecution regarding the condition of the prisoners in the hospital at the Andersonville Prison.   A movie made about Andersonville and the Trial starred actor Buddy Ebsen, who played the roll of Dr. John C. Bates.

Our Dr. John Chaple Bates inlisted in Company "G" , 23rd Regiment of the Georgia Infantry on August 31st. 1861. He was transfered to Company "B" of that same Regiment and was sent to Richmond Virginia and remained there until he was honorably discharged from service on April 20th. 1865.

August 24, 1865

Dr. JOHN C. BATES, for the prosecution “I have been residing for the past four or five years in the State of Georgia. I am a practitioner of medicine, and have been engaged in that profession since 1850. I have been on duty at the Andersonville prison as acting assistant surgeon. I was assigned there on the 19th of September, 1864; reported for duty on the 22nd, and left there on the 26th of March, 1865. (A paper was here handed to witness.) I think I have seen that before. It is a pass given to me  by Captain Wirz to enter the stockade. (The pass was then put in evidence.)  I was ordered by Medical Director Stout to report to I.H. or J.H. White, surgeon in charge. He having been hurt by some railroad accident, I reported to Dr. R.R. Stevenson.”
NOTE: "and have been engaged in that profession since 1850."  Our grandpa John Chapel Bates would have only been 12 years old at that time. He was born November 17th, 1838. "I have been residing for the past four or five years in the State of Georgia."  Our John was born and lived in Cherokee County, Georgia until 1871."

Cross-examined by COUNSEL
 “My home has been in Louisville, Jefferson county, Georgia, since 1857. By occupation I am a practicing physician. I have never held office under the State or national government. I was keeping a drug store when the war broke out. Up to June, 1864, I remained at home practicing medicine. I was exempted by the confederate congress, being a physician over thirty years old., and having been in practice for seven years prior to the 17th of December, 1864. About that time I was arrested and taken to Augusta. I was then, as I sometimes expressed it, forced to go into the confederate service to keep out of it. I had no sympathy whatever with it, and no desire to go into it. I did not say or do anything  to bring on the war.

I have always been a Union man, as I understand what the definition of "Union" is.  Up to that time (June, 1864.) I was exempt under the confederate act. I soon saw that Governor Brown was going to run everything that could bear arms into the State militia, and as I had been asked to take a position as a contract surgeon. I thought it better to take it rather than go into the trenches. I know of only one other, Dr. Wilson, who went in, in that way. I took oath to the southern confederacy, one forced upon me at the point of the bayonet. I was compelled to take it, and did not at that time consider it binding upon
me morally.”

NOTE: In the testimony above there is quite alot of this John C. Bates' personal informaton that just does not fit to our Grandpa John Chaple Bates. The Dr. John C. Bates at Andersonville was a much older man. Just prior to his forced enlistment into the confederacy he lived in Louiseville, Jefferson County, Georgia and kept a drug store. At that time he was over thirty years old. He must have been born in the late 1820's or early 1830's. 

Our Grandpa was trained in medicine under his Father, Dr. John Royal Bates. He did not get advanced schooling to become a surgeon. His military service records show that he was a nurse at the General Hospital at Richmond, Virginia during his confederate service. He enlisted in August of 1861. Dr. John C. Bates was not sent to the Andersonville prison until September 19th, 1864. Our Grandpa never lived in Louiseville, Jefferson County, Georgia. According to the 1860 Census of Cherokee County, Georgia, our John Chaple Bates resided there with his wife Permelia and their first born son James. In the 1870 Census for Cherokee County, Georgia he is again listed with his family. Our Grandpa's Pension Application Records from the Arkansas History Commission confirm the enlistment into the 23rd Regiment, Company "G"  Georgia Infantry.