Scott-Wehunt Cemetery, Montgomery COunty, Arkansas

Scott-Wehunt Cemetery

The Wehunt-Scott Cemetery. Photos taken 15 April 2005 by Carla.    The Wehunt-Scott Cemetery
Montgomery County, Arkansas

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Scott-Wehunt Cemetery is an abandoned cemetery located about eight miles west of Norman on Highway 8. It is located at the junction of Hwy. 8 and North Polk Creek Road (a dirt road) on the south side [the left side]. It is easy to miss as it is located on a curve. The fence around the cemetery is grown up in brush. There is no sign indicating the name of the cemetery. The oldest grave here is Susanah Earp-Scott buried here in 1858. Susanah was the wife of John W. Scott, a member of the 4th Arkansas C.S.A.. John's 2nd marriage was to Susannah's younger sister Anna Earp-Scott 1824-1903. Both wives are buried here.

The information below transcribed on 25 names was transcribed on 15 April 2005 by Carla Brigance during a visit to the cemetery. There were eight graves marked with only rocks. Carla took photos of every headstone and made a rough diagram of the cemetery showing the graves in relationship to one another.  There are 33 photos in all.  Some of the information gathered did not match that found in the Montgomery County Cemetery book. The 1997 cemetery book reports 30 graves unmarked plus an additional 32 graves marked but not legible. A second trip was made to verify the mismatched information. The cemetery had been freshly mowed the first visit.

Colgrove, Nelda Connie 	06 May 1915 	(one date for Nelda) (double stone w/Robert Colgrove)

Colgrove, Robert A. 	16 May 1919 	(one date for Robert) (double stone w/Nelda Colgrove)

Earp, Granny 		07 Aug 1795 	10 Jun 1888 		wife of Allen Earp
			Granny Earp was Mary Stogsdill
			In memory of Allen Earp, CA. 1797 to 23 May 1862, Polk County
			Burial place unknown, Probably Old Dallas Cemetery
Gray, L. "Lump" 	10 Oct 1873 	03 May 1958

Gray, Lee 		15 Mar 1878 	21 Feb 1929 	wife of L. Gray

Gray, Luler Ann 	17 Nov 1900 	02 May 1903 	dau of L. & C. Gray
			(stone has been repaired)

Irby, Alice M. 		29 Jul 1869 	14 Jan 1940

Irby, Bessie M. 	1891 	1916 			Mother

Lingerfelt, Claudie 	1889 	1896

Lingerfelt, Joseph 	1856 	1936 			(double stone w/Susie Lingerfelt)

Lingerfelt, Susie 	1853    1915 			(double stone w/Joseph Lingerfelt)

Rider, John 						(broken into 4 pieces)

Rider, Mary 						(broken into 6 pieces)

Sam's Leg
Photo taken 15 April 2005 by Carla.
Scott, Mrs. Ann 	13 Jan 1824 	26 Mar 1903 	wife of John Scott

Scott, John 		22 Feb 1818 	21 Mar 1888

Scott, Sarah F. 	17 Jan 1860 	16 Jan 1883 	wife of D.N. Scott

Scott, Susanah 		08 Jan 1821 	03 Aug 1858 	wife of John Scott 

Shaw, Ivy A. 		09 Sep 1909 	10 Feb 1910 	(etched in a rock)

Steel, Judy 		1897 		1947 

Swindle, Elizabeth 	25 Jul 1901 	17 Apr 1987 	(footstone reads "Aunt Foss")

Swindle, Francis 	1870 		1913 		(double stone w/John Tim Swindle)

Swindle, George H. 	15 Nov 1859 	11 Nov 1910 

Swindle, I.W. 		(no dates on stone) 		(double stone w/Rhoda Swindle)

Swindle, Infant 	1913 		1913 		infant son of J.T. & S.F. Swindle

Swindle, Infant 	1928 		1928 		infant son of J.W. & E.M. Swindle

Swindle, John Tim 	1855 		1918 		(double stone w/Francis Swindle)

Swindle, Joseph I. 	02 May 1908 	14 Mar 1930

Swindle, Aunt Mary N. 	1857 		1922

Swindle, Rhoda 		no dates 			(double stone w/I.W. Swindle) 

Swindle, Sam 		1910 		1973 

Taylor, Mrs. Ella L. 	18 Sep 1880 	13 Mar 1913 	wife of A.B. Taylor
							(double stone w/ Infant Taylor)

Taylor, Infant 		Still Born 	01 Mar 1913 	dau of E.L. & A.B. Taylor 
							(double stone w/ Ella Taylor) 

Wehunt, Dora Elva 	08 Aug 1908 	30 Aug 1909 	dau of M.G. & H.L.

Wehunt, J.M. 		13 Oct 1853 	11 Nov 1938 	(double stone w/Suseanah Wehunt)

Wehunt, Jacob 		Mar 	1816 	30 Mar 1886

Wehunt, James M. 	24 Mar 1905 	20 Mar 1928 	son of M.G. & H.L. Wehunt
							(stone has been repaired)

Wehunt, Mary M. 	08 Oct 1822 	21 Aug 1918

Wehunt, Suseanah 	02 Aug 1860 	12 Nov 1902 	(double stone w/J.M. Wehunt)

Sam Swindle's leg
At the age of twelve Sam's leg had osteomyelitis and was amputated with a saw on a kitchen table in 1922 by Dr Stueart and with Guy Fitzwater, a pharmacist from Womble, administering the anesthetic. The leg was buried in the Scott-Wehunt Cemetery, eight miles from the old Swindle farm. Later a gravestone was placed over this site. In gratitude for saving his life Sam bought the doctor a recliner. Sam carried on farm work using a crutch until his death in 1973. Mr Swindle was buried next to his leg.

Colgrove     Gray, Lee   Gray "Lump"  
Colgrove                               Lee Gray                        Lump Gray      
         Luler Gray

Irby, Alice  Another photo of Alice Irby's headstone   Irby, Bessie  Joseph and Susie Lingerfelt
Alice Irby                           Alice Irby                     Bessie Irby         Joseph and Susie Lingerfelt

John Scott   Mrs Ann Scott     Sarah Scott  Scott, Susanah 
         John Scott               Mrs Ann Scott             Sarah Scott          Susanah Scott           Mrs Ella L. Taylor and Infant Taylor

       Swindle, George   Swindle, Mary     Swindle, John & Francis
Joseph Swindle               George Swindle                            Mary Swindle                                     John & Francis Swindle

Swindle, infant 1913  Swindle, infant 1928     Swindle, L.W. & Rhoda   Swindle, Elizabeth   Swindle, Sam
Swindle, infant 1913   Swindle, infant 1928   I.W. & Rhoda Swindle       Elizabeth Swindle       Sam Swindle

   Wehunt, Dora  Wehunt, James M.     Granny Earp     
 Infant stones                Taylor  infant            Dora Wehunt              James M. Wehunt             Granny Earp          J.M. & Suseanah Wehunt's double stone

Steel, Judy  Illegible writing   Broken stone   
Judy Steel            John Rider - Illegible writing   Broken Stone         Broken stones          

The stone broken in 4 pieces is that of John Rider and the one with 6 pieces is Mary Rider.
The one pile of broken pieces was not legible. In fact, we were not able to tell if the pile was one stone or more than one stone.