1880 Mortality Schedule for Montgomery Co. Arkansas

1880 Mortality Schedule for Montgomery Co., Arkansas

Persons who DIED during the YEAR ending May 31, 1880, enumerated in County of Montgomery, State of Arkansas
Surname First name age sex (martial status) otherwise single place of birth father's / & mother's birthplace month died
Ausburn A 17 m AR NC TN Mar
Ausburn M 11 f AR NC TN Mar
Ausburn T 17 m AR NC TN Mar
Awtrey Elbert 18 m GA GA GA Dec
Bates Arbers    5 m AR GA AR Sep
Bates Ellen    9 f AR GA __ Sep
Bates J.C.    1 m   AR GA AR Nov
Bates S.C.    3 f AR GA AR Apr
Bates Sarah   1 f AR GA AR Sep
Berryman Delilah 54 f (black)  (M) MS __ __ Aug
Bohman Martha    3 f AR ___ AR May
Buck William 29 m (M) AL AL GA Jul
Buck Wm. A. 28 m (M) AL __ __ Aug
Cloder Martha 49 f (M) __ __ __ Sep
Cogdell Charley N.    5 m TX MO MO May
Driggers Jackson    9 m AL GA AL Aug
Driggers Nancy 79 f (W) GA GA GA Nov
Elkins Salviell 6/12 f AR __ __ Sep
Erwin Wiliam B. 25 m TN __ __ Feb
Gibbs Elizabeth 40 f (M) TN TN TN Nov
Gray Caldonia 18 f AR GA TN July
Hicks Eliza 43  f (M) __ __ __ Aug
Hicks Harman    7 m AR __ __ Aug
Hooper Edward    1 m AR GA GA Oct
Housley James 15 m AR TN TN May
Irons Thomas 40 m AR MO MO May
Kenedy William    1 m AR AR AR July
Knight ____   1 m MO ENG IL Oct
Lewis A.C. 26 f IL NY NY Oct
Mays James 19 m AR KY KY Apr
McFall C. 33 f (M) AL NC AL Feb
Payte Frederick W. 25 m GA TN TN Mar
Perrin Willis 69 m (M) KY KY KY Dec
Ralph Caroline 38 f (M) SC SC SC Jan
Qualls Wm. 14 m GA TN AR July
Reed Frances    2 f AR AL AR Nov
Ritter Mary 62 f (W) GA __ __ Aug
Roberson Mary E. 13 f TX IL TN Apr
Robins Charley S.    2 m AR GA AR Nov
Salyers J.    1 m AR AR LA Oct
Sims Sythia 48 f TN __ __ Sep
Smith Mary    4 f AR AL GA Oct
Spears Charles    8 m AR GA GA Aug
Stephenson Wm __ m AL AL AL Aug
Watkins Emma    2 f AR TN AR Jul
Whisenhunt Mary J. 20 f  (M) GA TN TN
Whitten Mary E.    5 f AR TN TX Sep
Williams Evaline 43 f (M) TN __ __ Nov

The Census Year begins June 1, 1879, and ends May 31, 1880. The original 1880 Mortality Schedule of Arkansas was given back to the State. (Schedule 5, Persons who died during the year) Held by the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  Manuscript copy 1vol. and microfilm. Fayetteville, Ark. : University of Arkansas Library, 1983. 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. 
The Arkansas Historical Commission has a copy.

What is found on the Mortality Schedule.
Name of the person
Deceased Age at last birthday
Male or Female
Single, married or widowed / divorced
Place of birth of this person
Where was the father of this person born?
Where was the mother of this person born?
Profession Occupation or Trade
The month in which the person died
Name or cause of death
How long a resident of the county? If less than a year, state months.
Name of attending Physician

Any conclusions?
48 names, only two headstones found in the county.

Erwin, Wiliam B., buried Mt. Gilead Cem.
Feb. 11, 1854  - Jun 18, 1879

Perrin, Willis
buried Mt. Gilead (broken headstone, dates illegible)

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