1860 Mortality Schedule for Montgomery Co., Arkansas

1860 Mortality Schedule for Montgomery Co., Arkansas

Surname		Given names	Age	Sex	Origin DOD	Cause		 	Days sick	Occupation

Amerson		Martha		1m	f	Ark	Apr	unknown			12 days
Amerson		Missouri	1m	f	Ark	Apr	unknown			 1 day
Bates		John		1m	m	Ark	Jan	unknown			 1 day
Bates		Sarah		35	f	GA	May	brain fever
Beval		Elizabeth	26	f	Ten	Jul	flux.		 	7 days
Brock		Pamela		 4	f	Ark	Jan	neuralgia		12 months
Campbell	Elizabeth	26	f	Tenn	Nov	typhoid fever		4 days
Carroll		Dennis		66	m (M)	SC	Jul	congestion chill	3 months 	farmer
Carroll		Jake		68	m (M)		May	Dropsy		 	3 months 	field hand (black) (slave)	
Dee				14		Ala	Jun	Brain fever
Derr		John		 1	m	Ark	Apr	unknown			
Epherson	Nancy		34	f	Va	Nov	unknown
Farris		E K		 1 	f	Ky	Apr	inflammation of brain	11 days
Fisher		Amanda D.	 8	f	Ark	Apr	cong. of brain	
Fisher		Elizabeth	28	f	Ark	Apr	cong. chill
Garrett		G		6m	m	Ark	Apr	inflammation of brain	 10 days
Garrett		John		14	m	Miss	Mar	cong. chill		 11 days		
Garrett		John A.		12	m	Ark	Sep	accidentally shot	 3 day
Gentry		Amanda		1m	f	Ark	Jan	not known		 1 month
Gentry		Hugh		37	m (M)	Ala	Feb	inf. of kidney		 3 months
Gentry		Polly		32	f (M)	Ala	Jan	intermittent fever	 9 days
Glover		William		 7	m	TX	Jul	cong. fever
Gosset	(Goss)	Elijah		1m	m	Ark	Jan	scarlet fever		 3 days
Grant		Lucinda		 1	f	Ark	Jan	croup
Graves		Joann		 1	f	Ark	Nov	croup
Hall		Samuel C.	4m	m	Ark	Oct	scarlet fever		 6 days
Has		Barbara		77	f	Ark	Nov	unknown
House		Elizabeth	37	f (M)	Tenn	Mar	pneumonia		10 days
Irons		John		37	m		Sep	typhoid fever		 9 days		farmer
Kinsey		Jemmia		 3	f	Ga	Jun	congestion chill	 9 months
Lightfoot	Melissa		 9	f	Ark	Aug	unknown
Lightfoot	Penelope	4m	f	Ark	Feb	unknown			 3 days
Logan		William		3m	m	Ark	Sep	hives		 	 4 days	
McKinley	George P.	 5	m	Ark	Mar	scarlet fever	         2 days	
Pornl?		Martha		 14	f	Ala	Oct	Typhoid fever		 2 months
Powell		Absalom		 2	m	Ark	nk	unknown			 3 months
Ralph		Isabel		 1	f	Ark	Jan	unknown			15 days
Robinson	James D.	 2	m	Miss	Feb	croup			 6 days
Robinson	William N	 2	m	Miss	Mar	croup			 1 day
Saliers		Isaiah		44	m (M)	Miss	Nov	hemorrhage of lungs	 5 days
Stroud		Lucrentia	43	f (M)	SC	Aug	lung infection		 3 months
Swain		Michael		50	m (M)	NC	Spr	dropsy					farmer
Trout		Lucinda		 7	f	GA	Apr	dropsy
Fryar		Cornelius	37	m (M)	KY	Apr	typhoid fever		 7 days
Wallace		Jane		43	f (M)	KY	Nov	pneumonia	 	 8 days
Watken		Ala		 4	f	Ark	Sep	inflammation of the brain
Whittington	Clara H.	15	f	Ark	Jan	disease of heart	 1 month
Whittington	Direy			f	GA	Sep	typhoid fever		 2 months	house servant (black) (slave)
Williams	Amanda 		 3	f	Ark	Apr	scarlet fever		 5 days
Williams	Ellen		 1	f	Ark	Mmar	brain fever		 4 days
Williams	Louisa		 4 	f	Ark	Nov	pneumonia		 1 day
Williams	Samuel (Frank D)22	m (M)	Ala	Mar	pneumonia	 	 6 days	farmer
Williams	Frank J		 5	m 	Ark	Dec	pneumonia		 9 days
name not known			1m		Ark	Oct	croup			 1 month		
					(M)= married Big Fork Twp Polk South Fork Sulphur Springs

1850 Arkansas Mortality Schedule Saline, Montgomery, and Hot Spring Counties

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