Mississippi County, Arkansas Cemetery

Mississippi County, Arkansas

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Mississippi County AR Map (Soon)

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Instructions for submissions to the list of cemeteries on the Dunklin Co site page."

#-1- Only one cemetery per email
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~~~~~~~~~Sample email below~~~~~~~~~

    Subject: Cemetery Name & County Name

    Base of The Email:

    HOLT, John K. b-Feb 19, 1833 d-Sept 23, 1865
    ROGERS John R. b-Feb 19, 1800 d-Sept 23, 1853
    ROGERS, Martha Ellen (Thomas) b-July 5, 1801 d-June 6, 1856
    wife of John R. Rodgers
    WRIGHT, Ruby L. b-Feb 19, 1900 d-Sept 23, 1953

    Your Name:(Your Name that I am to post)
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    Your Poster # -?- (It you have one)
~~~~~~~~ End of Sample Email Above~~~~~~~~
Don E. Wright

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Mississippi Co AR Cemeteries

Mississippi Co AR
Site Index Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Location Map
African Methodist
Episcopal Cemetery
355450N 0894708W Armorel
Ashburn Cemetery 353217N 0900937W Joiner
Bassett Cemetery 353152N 0900754W Joiner
Bassett Cemetery
US GenWeb

Bowden Cemetery 353100N 0900855W Joiner
Box Elder Cemetery 355933N 0900838W Manila North
Brinkley Cemetery 354548N 0900825W Manila South
Buckner Cemetery 355640N 0894325W Chic
Carson Cemetery 353835N 0900202W Keiser
Citizen Cemetery 354537N 0895611W Luxora
Dogwood Cemetery

Driver Cemetery 354018N 0895716W Osceola
Elmwood Cemetery 355601N 0895515W Blytheville
Elmwood Cemetery
Part 1
US GenWeb

Elmwood Cemetery
Part 2
US GenWeb

Ermen Lane Cemetery 354204N 0895854W Osceola
Garden Point Cemetery

Gant Cemetery 354218N 0901122W Etowah
Golden Lake Cemetery 353250N 0900247W Wilson
Harston Cemetery 353201N 0900905W Joiner
Hatcher Cemetery 355301N 0895255W Blytheville
Hatchie Cemetery 355213N 0895151W Rosa
Hawkins Cemetery 353846N 0901632W Rivervale
Hill Cemetery 353223N 0900806W Joiner
Jacob Cemetery 352844N 0900256W Pecan Point
Lane Cemetery 355641N 0895525W Blytheville
Leachville Cemetery

Little Bethlehem Cemetery 353801N 0900315W Keiser
Locust Grove Cemetery 353834N 0900210W Keiser
Locust Grove Cemetery 353810N 0900034W Keiser
Louise Cemetery 353122N 0900928W Joiner
Louis Chappel Cemetery
Part 1
US GenWeb

Louis Chappel Cemetery
Part 2
US GenWeb

Macedonia Cemetery 353521N 0900210W Wilson
Manchester Cemetery 353955N 0900231W Keiser
Mann Cemetery 355142N 0895131W Rosa
Mann Cemetery 355201N 0894918W Rosa
Maple Grove Cemetery 355602N 0895521W Blytheville
McFadden Cemetery 353314N 0900448W Wilson
Memorial Park Cemetery 355456N 0895511W Blytheville
Manila Cemetery

Mississippi County
Memorial Gardens
354049N 0895856W Osceola
Mooney Cemetery 355212N 0900235W Dell
Mount Olive Cemetery 353231N 0900626W Wilson
Mount Pisby Cemetery 353050N 0901208W Joiner
Mount Zion Cemetery 355448N 0895703W Blytheville
New Hope Cemetery 355917N 0895418W Blytheville
New Salem Cemetery 354522N 0895854W Luxora
Nodena Cemetery 353339N 0895721W Nodena
North Sawba Cemetery 355734N 0895610W Blytheville
North Sawba Cemetery
US GenWeb

Number Nine Cemetery 355918N 0894823W Armorel
Pittman Cemetery 353626N 0900249W Wilson
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 353712N 0900443W Wilson
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery 355756N 0894822W Armorel
Rosa Cemetery 354638N 0894947W Rosa
Rupe Cemetery 352615N 0900948W Frenchmans Bayou
Saint Marys Cemetery 353055N 0901338W Joiner
Sandy Ridge Cemetery 355020N 0895511W Luxora
Sawyer Cemetery 355452N 0895334W Blytheville
Sawyer Cemetery
US GenWeb
Shady Grove Cemetery 355052N 0900443W Dell
Spur Cemetery 355518N 0895120W Armorel
Steger Cemetery 354959N 0894551W Rosa
Three Way Cemetery 354159N 0901413W Etowah
Union Valley Cemetery 354424N 0900722W Keiser
Uzzell Cemetery 353309N 0900817W Joiner
Violet Cemetery 354216N 0895758W Osceola
Walker Cemetery 355514N 0894327W Chic
Ward Cemetery 353156N 0901530W Lepanto
Whitton Cemetery 353024N 0901623W Lepanto
Wilkerson Cemetery 355346N 0900119W Half Moon
Zion Rock Cemetery 354313N 0900051W Keiser

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  • National Mapping Information
  • I have found most helpful LINK to finding cemeteries that are now off the beaten path.
    (graves with stones dating back to the 1800s)
    Many of the community are no longer on the map.
    Using this LINK you will able to get the location, including the Global Positioning System (GPS) codes for the cemetery, as well as the map points for some current day known locations. Using these points you will able to find the old cemetery.
    Having the current locations plotted, you will be able to say we had gone too far south, west, north, etc., and zero in on the cemetery.
    You can also use this site to locate the creek that was listed as the source on a specific land grant, and you will be able to determine where the "old homestead" really was.

  • This LINKcan also be used for finding cemeteries, hospitals, churches, schools, military(historical) and Ect.

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