Jamestowne Society
Little Rock Company

The Jamestowne Society

The Jamestowne Society, a hereditary and genealogical organization, was incorporated in Richmond, Virginia, in 1958. Its membership is composed of those individuals who can document a line of descent from one of the 1500+ qualifying colonists of Jamestowne, the first permanent English colony in North America.

The Jamestowne Society is dedicated to discovering and recording the names of all living descendants of those early Jamestowne settlers who made the great sacrifice to establish our English-speaking nation.

The Little Rock Company

The Little Rock Company of the Jamestowne Society meets regularly to support the national organization, foster ties of friendship and promote an awareness of the unique importance of our ancestors and their significance in the history of our nation.

We also contribute financial support for ongoing archaeological projects on the island where our ancestors lived and worked.

A replica of the Godspeed at Jamestowne.

The Little Rock Company Directors

Jean Sanders Pollard
Patsy Penney
Keith Jernigan
Robert Terrell, Sr.

The Little Rock Company Officers

Governor: Mary Nelson White
Lt. Governor: Nancy Holder
Secretary: Robert Terrell
Treasurer: Frances Jernigan

Jamestowne celebrated its 400th Anniversary Commemoration of the First Permanent English Settlement in America 1607-2007

Information About Membership

Please contact us if you are interested in exploring the Virginia origins of your family or if you are interested in membership in the Jamestowne Society. You may visit our national organization's web site by clicking HERE or contact the Little Rock Chapter by clicking below.

Click HERE to check DAR Patriots who have been proven as descendants of Jamestowne citizens. If you can prove ancestry to any of these patriots, you can qualify for membership in the Jamestowne Society!

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