Cemetery in Hamilton Community


Grandpa Alberson called this cemetery the First Hamilton Cemetery. He said that the weather was so bad one year that wagon's kept getting stuck so started burying at Hamilton.  He was born in 1897.



Kathy McGhee


Cemetery in Hamilton Community


Henry E., Wife of G. H. ANDERSON, Born Jan 12,1875, Read correctly

Mary Elizabeth, Wife of W. D. ANTHONY, Died March 15,1874, Age 28 years

Bettie, Wife of W. D. ANTHONY, Died March 6,1888, Age 40 years

W. D. ANTHONY, Died Jan 28,1892

Henry H. BUFFALOW, Born Dec. 15,1840, Died Jan 13,1883

Delia M. BUFFALOW, Daughter of Henry H.&Edna BUFFALOW, Born Feb 22,1878

Zebadee BUFFALOW, Born Sept. 29,1880, Died July 27,1881

Son of Henry H. & Edna BUFFALOW

Cora and Madora BUFFALOW, Born July 29,1879, Died Nov, 15,1879

Twin daughters of Henry H & Edna BUFFALOW,

William L. BUFFALOW, Son of Henry H.& Edna L. BUFFALOW,

Born April 5,1872,   Died August 15,1872

Mana BUFFALOW, Born Dec. 17, 1870, Died June 19, 1872

Son of Henry H. & Edna L. BUFFALOW.  Sweet little bud for earth to fair, Hath gone to heaven to blossum there.

Carl and Earl MOORE, Sons of S. L. & Mary MOORE cannot read dates medal marker w/ angel on it.

Maude WOODALL, Born Dec. 9, 1881, Died Aug. 31, 1886,  

Daughter of J. A. & Alice WOODALL, Footstones  B. C.,   M.A.J,   S.D.S.

There had been some graves moved out I believe there names were Wilson not for sure believed to be moved to Hamilton cemetery. There was a whole family died around 1908 this was over 30 years ago so canít remember for sure. There is signs of graves and holes where they would have been