Burris Cemetery

Burris Cemetery

Lonoke County, Arkansas


From I-40, take Highway 89 North to Highway 294. 

Turn West, Cemetery about 1 1/2 on the right side of road.

Completed December 31, 2001

by Pris Weathers, Christina Head, and Jade Higgs

Graciously provided by Arkansas Ties


Blendon, Albert E.

Blendon, James A.

Blendon, Unknown

Clemens, Anna C.

Counts, Lurenda

Dempsey, Ette

Eagle Marker

Felton, Belle

Felton, Ella B.

Felton, Virginia Elizabeth

Foreman, Bill

Henry, Mary J.


Jones, Martha

Kindell, Lucy

L, A.

Lamb, Gedie McKinley

Lamb, Gervase Alberson

Lamb, Gervase McKinley

Lamb, Infant Son of W.Q. and Mary

Lamb, Jim

Lamb, Medie

Lamb, Viola

M, L.E.

M, R.H.

McNew, Annie I.

McNew, Corea A.

McNew, Ella

McNew, Evelyn

McNew, Hugh

McNew, John

McNew, Louisa E.

McNew, Mary

McNew, Mary A.

McNew, Mary B.

McNew, Sallie M.

McNew, Verta B.

McNew, W.E.

Mitchell, Alice

Mitchell, Bettie

Mitchell, Infant of M.C. and Alice

Mitchell, Moses C.

Montague, Addie

Montague, Allen

Montague, Fanny

Montague, H.C.

Montague, Lelia May

Montague, Nathaniel

Montague, Robt. E.

Montague, Thomas

Montaque, Henry Elias

Morris, Lonie Cleo

Morris, Nancy

Morris, Unknown

Orender, Anna R.

Orender, Elvie M.

Orender, J.W.

Orender, M.A.

Orender, W.A.

Shelton, Helen

Shelton, I.E.

Shelton, Infant

Shelton, Jessie R.

Shelton, John Lee

Shelton, Marcus

Shelton, Nellie L.

Shelton, Unknown

Shelton, W.H.

Sullivan, Infant

Sullivan, Ollie

Tackett, W.R.

Turner, Exie

Turner, Thomas

Unknown (Next to Unknown Morris)

Unknown Baby

Unknown, Alice V.

Unknown, James

Welch, John W.

Welch, Mattie L.

Welch, Sarah A.

Wilder, Jessie E.

Williams, Infant

Williams, Sarah E. Closeup Foot Marker

Wilson, Ethel

Wright, Joe S.