1910 Census - Owen Township
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1910 Lincoln Co. Census Index
Owen Township (partial)
Enumerated in the Month of June, 1900

Part 3, Page 289A

J. A. Owen

J. H. Owen

W. T. Reed

Mary F. or Margaret McBryde (mother-in-law to W. T. Reed)

Thomas J. Irvin

Jesse Tucker

Robert Melhallen? (wife is Etta)

* Eli Green? (wife is Fannie)

Ben Owen

Cecil Wilson

Part 3, Page 289B

J. A. Blythe

T. J. Owen

Albert Cunningham

Nancy Smith

James H. Smith

Vincent Harrison (it appears his relation to James H. Smith is that he is an orphaned sitter)

James Conway

Jasper Smith

Ike R. Cagle

Part 3, Page 290A (this is a really bad page)

T. A. H* (wife is Myrtle)

A* V. S. Tucker (wife is Ollie)

Peter M. Tucker

John Smith

Habert Lindsey

Monroe Adams

Ma* Owen (wife is Martha)

V. H. Atkinson? (wife's name is not legible, children are: May, Oscar, and Ellen)

George W. Moore

Tucker Tucker? (wife's name is not very legible, children are: William P. and Ellis)

J. Joe Adams

Mary Culpepper

Nathan Collins

Part 3, Page 290B

Robert A. Collins

Cavin? Collins (wife is Ollie)

Lizzie Ellington

Thos. Wynn Wynn (mother is Kate)

Wm. Morrison

W. H. Lindsey

Mahalia Hamilton

Wm. T. Hopkins

Lonie? Owen (wife is Ollie)

Aleck McBryde

George Melton

Part 3, Page 291A

Chas. F. Owen

Henry Baker (wife's race was left blank)

James P. Owen

Daniel? W. Parker (wife is Lizzie)

Wm. J. Owen

Wilson Clark

E? Beckworth? (step-daughter of Wilson Clark)

Will Collins

Walter Milsap? (brother-in-law to Will Collins)

M. M. Mead

John M. Ti*  (B)(nephew to Dollie Wyatt)

Dollie Wyatt (B)

James Shorter (B)

Hame? M. Reap  or Roup (wife is Lucy, race was left blank)

Part 3, Page 291B (this page is almost illegible)

May F. Roup

Part 3, Page 292A

Part 3, Page 292B

Part 3, Page 293A

Part 3, Page 293B

Part 3, Page 294A

Part 3, Page 294B

Part 3, Page 295A

Part 3, Page 295B

Part 3, Page 296A

Part 3, Page 296b

This page is blank.

This ends Owen Township.

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