Delinquent Tax List 1899
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Delinquent Tax List 1899

This is just a partial list of delinquent taxes. The old newspaper didn't have all the people listed and the copy is very bad, but should be helpful to some people. They are not alphabetical. Submitted by Jann Woodard jann

E. J. Hall
V. J. Trotter
E. B. Howerton
Burrel Kirby
D. O. Joslyn
Sidney Nichols
J. W. Charleston
G. B. (R) Stephens
L. Joslyn
Tom Rankin
Mike McGrath
Louis Jackson
E. A. White
J. O. Hendricks
Alfred Wiley
James Nugent
H. D. Avery
Dock Edwards
T. E. Morse
Wm. Stringfellow
I. Tarver
J. W. Wilson
N. O. Collins
J. T. Fish
R. J. Spaulding
Wm. Jones
J. W. Hagood
Wesley Williams
F. Ellis
W. W. Price
A. Jones
Oliver J. Taylor
John Collins
Wm. W. Keen
R. B. Meroney
R. B. Wilkins
Jno Collins
J. K. Cox
N. R. Wilkerson
D. A. Hagood
Mrs. A. B. Pounders
A. O. Collins
I. N. Simmons
G. H. Joslyn
M. C. Richmonds
J. J. Ratterree
W. H. Speers
V. Ivey
W. Rowell
W. D. Ford
Loid Jackson
F. W. Pinchback
Dave Rodgers
Louis Harden
G. Myer
B. A. G. Owen
Henry Jacob
F. M. Gage
J. P. Murphy
F. M. McGehee
C. W. Godfrey
J. Hudson
J. J. Parsons
J. M. Hudson
Walker Williams
J. B. Avery
Rust Land & Lumber Co.
James Johnson
A. W. Taylor
Wm. Crosby
E. B Houston
N. B. Kersh
R. J. Price
D. J. Spaulding
H. Wells
J. D. Butler
Joseph Butler
E. P. Stowers
J. P. Stanley

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