1910 Census - Cane Creek
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1910 Lincoln Co. Census Index
Cane Creek Township
Enumerated in the Month of April, 1900

Part 3, Page 202A

Benjamin F. Tarver
Irene Yount
Henry M. Tarver
William M. Le* (boarder to Henry M. Tarver)
Paschall B. Hobbs
Angus B. Carter
Abram L. Wise
Samuel F. Ferguson
Audrey Magnis? (brother-in-law to Samuel F. Ferguson)
William T. Ligon
Philow W. Fullbright
Ernest Hooper
William M. Moore
Emma Own (probably supposed to be Owen)
Fithugh L. Banks, Sr.
Lizzie Stewart
Hugh J. Hamilton
Will Burden
Clarence Hudson
James P. Craddock
Richard A. Brown
Will Johnson (B) (says he's in jail)

Part 3, Page 202B

Casey Long(B) (says he's in jail)
Alfred M.? Wiley (wife is Laura)
Asberry C. Ryall
Tom Brown (B)
Joe Chambers (B)
Charles L. Colnes? (wife is Celia, she's his second wife)
Earle V. Russ
Thomas J. Y. Johnson, Jr.
Maggie A. Johnson
Cora Meroney
Hamilton G. Johnson
Claude Verdue
John W. Carter
Edwin C. Norton, Sr.

Part 3, Page 203A

Margie Norton
Ras* Dixon (employee of Edwin C. Norton, Sr.)
Willie Rogers (B)
Paul G. Hannard? (prisoner, enumerated with Edwin C. Norton, Sr.)
James T. Wimberly
Guy H. Bibb
M. Holland Russell
Callie Ligon
Maxamillian Cook
Ebenezer V. Hellums
William H. Newton
Elmira M. Lyman
Belle Silberstein
Edna Lyman
Nancy Sanders
Ross L. Silberstein
Ed S. Ellis
Elijah R. McEntire

Part 3, Page 203B

Wiley M. Crook
Mallie S* (can't read the relationship to Wiley M. Crook)
* Brindle(can't read the relationship to Wiley M. Crook)
Ben L. Bridges
Cornelius Atkinson
Arthur Johnson
Lula Weaver (B)
* M. Armstrong (wife is Clara J.)
James T. Bush
Harvey R. L* (wife is Lillie E.)
Martha Akins (B)
Grover C. Atkinson
Alfred C. Cogbill, Sr.
John L. Belt? (wife is Margerie J.)
Tom McEntire
Dovie McEntire
Robert Luther * (wife is Pollie Ann)
DeWitt McGregor
John I. Hag* (wife is Ethyl)

Part 3, Page 204A
Alexander Boyd (the census taker for Cane Creek)
Pernesia E. Leek
Joseph W. McPherson
Clara G. Carter
Joshua H. McPherson
Henry I. Arledge
Frank Tatum (B)
Dock Tatum (B)
Zion Trotter (B)
Sam Gould (B)
Clem Green (B)
Grace Tatum (B)

Part 3, Page 204B

Dennis Whirley (B)
Ben Perry (B)
Ruth Green (B)
Elvira Whirley (B)
Osaola Peoples (B)
Willie Rogers (B)
James A. McFalls
Nancy V. Cary? (step mother-in-law to James A. McFalls)
William A. Echols
Will H. Atkinson
Lucas Handley
William E. Rupe
Ida Lee (B)
James B. Cogbill
Mary M. White
Carrie Petty
Laura E. A*indley (sister-in-law to Mary M. White)

Part 3, Page 205A

William E. Trambles? (wife is Gertrude M.)
Robert Lee Fisk? (wife is Mattie B.)
Lillie E. Norton
Alonzo W. Nobles
Melvina Vick
Robert J. Perry
John C. Knox
Andrew B. Nelson
George M. Ford
John Knox McClain
James Rufus Grumbles
John F. Grumbles

Part 3, Page 205B

John Grumbles
William J. Adams
Worthy H. Drake
David L. Hooper
Thomas A. Ingram
Elijah T. Rogers
Hugh Thomas
Emma Goodwin
N. Gray Atkinson
Minnie Hulse
Rush Ingram (B)
Sarah Brown (B)
Jim Hunter (B)
Can't read the last two names

End of the enumeration of Star City

Part 3, Page 206A

Thomas H. Mud or Meed (wife is Emma C.)
William L. White
William P. McEntire
John F. Ligon
William S. Fullbright
J. Lee Burns
Tom W. McFalls
Harlinge D. Pitson, Sr.? (wife's name hard to read, had a daughter named Jewel G.)
Stubbard Gonder? (servant of Harlinge D. Pitson, Sr.)
Mamie Tatum (B)
Edwin J. Atkinson
James N. Robertson

Part 3, Page 206B

Eula Robertson
Clifton Marlin or Martin (step-son of James N. Robertson)
E* White (wife is Eliza)
James G. Ringo
James Monroe
Oliver Dunlap (Mu)
Andrew J. White
Margaret Doles
Alfred Spurgtan? (wife is Lillie)
Vera White
Thomas Dunlap (B)
Alfred Wiley, Jr.
John W. Raley
William H. Atkinson
Will Shorter (B)

Part 3, Page 207A

Anderson Gliggar? (B) (wife is Rosa)
Lum C. Touchstone
Captora? Barbres? (sister to Lum C. Touchstone)
Lula Lord
William H. Burns
Willie Bob Norton
Roy Whitten
E. Butler Thadeus but maybe it should be Thadeus E. Butler
Giles Whitten
John Butler
David L. Bennett

Part 3, Page 207B

Earle Bennett
Nancy E. Martin
Henry C. Whitehead
Oscar Culpepper
John Graves (B)
Isabella Slayer (B)
Lorenzo D. Chambliss or Chambless? (wife is Allie M.)
John Green
William C. Mitchell
George T. Tucker
Loyd A. Baker
Jesse E. Culpepper
Peter F. Baker

Part 3, Page 208A

David F. Smith

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