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This is an article written by Iris Merle Anderson Curry for the publication of the "History of Lincoln County Arkansas, 1871-1983", published by the Lincoln County Historical Committee. Copyright 1983


I was born at Tyro, Arkansas, January 25, 1909 to E.C.G. Anderson, Jr. and Agnes (Mullikin) Anderson. After graduation from Dumas High School and Draughon's Business College in Little Rock, I then went to St. Paul, Minnisoto, to work for a while. It was too cold up north. I came home and married Eugene Leslie Curry of Garrett Bridge. We were married June 11, 1933 at Monticello. Les is the son of Robert Hughes (Bob) and Manie Womack Curry. He was born at Warrington, January 3, 1894.  He belongs to Omega Lodge #547 at Dumas and is past president of Garrett Bridge school board and is honorary member of the Dumas school board. He was stationed at Camp Travis, Texas in WWI and received his honorable discharge from the Army. He belongs to the American Legion and I am a member of the Legion Auxiliary at Dumas. We are both members of Anderson Chapel Baptist Church at Garrett Bridge. We have one son, John Edmund who married Jo Ann Erwin in1956. We have two wonderful grandsons, Eddie Eugene and Stephen Edwin Curry. Submitted: Peggy J Riley Reichard

SARAH MILDRED ANDERSON Sadie, as she was called, was born in Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas September 6, 1872, one of the two surviving children of Dr. E.C.G. and Marie Jones Anderson. There were a total of five children. Sadie was raised and educated in Star City. She lost her father at the age of 8 when a robber shot her father in his store in 1880, at Garrett Bridge, Arkansas. She was married to J. Walter Quinn in 1890. She and her husband moved to DeQueen, Arkansas. Walter became the Editor of the Horatio Times Newspaper for that area. This family was actively associated with the Missionary Baptist Church, there. Sadie and Walter had five children; Charles H., Sula, Will Edd, Ruth and Naomi. A time after the death of Sadie, August 11, 1920, Walter resided in Little Rock, Arkansas. He died and was buried there. Sadie was buried in DeQueen. Charles H., left Arkansas and went to St. Louis, Missouri. Sula was married to a man named Williamson, and lived and died in Little Rock. She is buried there. Ruth went to Oklahoma and Naomi to Indianapolis, Ind. She was married to a man named Pasurhn. Will Edd lived in Perryville. Submitted: Peggy J Riley Reichard

EMANUEL ALEXANDER MULLIKIN Born: November 16, 1842 at Anderson, Anderson County, South Carolina Died: December 9, 1899 at Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas Buried: Heflin Cemetery, Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas

Married: Edna M. Geno Feagin, August 1, 1865 at Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi

Married: Margaret Elizabeth Morgan, December 9, 1868 at Ripley, Tippah County, Mississippi and died 3-13-1919 at Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas.

Buried: Heflin Cemetery, Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas.

Father: William Edwin Mullikin, born December 2, 1813 at Anderson, South Carolina and died February 14, 1865 at Tippah County, Mississippi

Mother: Martha Ford, born 1820 in Anderson County, South Carolina and died May 7, 1857 at Tippah County, Mississippi.

Brothers of Emanuel: Leander Wilson Mullikin, James Francis Mullikin, Augustus Nelson Mullikin, and John Norman Mullikin

Child of Emanuel & Edna Mullikin: William Edward Mullikin, born June 13, 1866 at Tippah County, Mississippi and died at Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas on July 17, 1926.

Children of Emanuel & Margaret: 1. Rufus Kendrick Mullikin, born October 16, 1869 at Tippah County, Mississippi, and died October 20, 1947 at Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas. 2. Agnes Allie Mullikin was born May 8, 1873 at Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas and died July 2, 1945 at Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas.

Military Service Record: September 19, 1861, enlisted at Luka, Mississippi in the Confederate States Army, Company F, 23rd Regiment of the Mississippi Volunteers. He served with the Black Land Gideonites. He remained in the CSA until his discharge in 1864.

Political Career: Served as Mayor of Star City, Arkansas for one term, 1889.

Religion: Active member of the Baptist Church.

Occupation: Farmer

Disposition: Kind and helpful to family and neighbors. Generous to all. Always willing to help others. Submitted: Peggy J Riley Reichard


Born: Feenyville, Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas, September 7, 1903

Died: Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas, June 15, 1974

Buried: Memorial Park Cemetery, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, June 19, 1974

Father: Rufus Kendrick Mullikin, Sr.

Mother: Ellen Anne “Annie” Blasengame

Sisters: Chester Irene Mullikin, Maggie Mae Mullikin, Infant Mullikin, Margaret Agnes Mullikin.

Brothers: Emanuel Frank Mullikin, Lewis Dee Mullikin, Arthur Jackson Mullikin, Rufus Kendrick Mullikin, Jr.

Half-Sisters: Grace Mae Mullikin, Gladys Inez Mullikin, Margaret Ellen Mullikin.

Half-Brothers: Buck Creed Mullikin, Guss Collins Mullikin, Jake William Mullikin.

Marriage: To Charles Mitchem Riley, son of Edgar Mitchem and Fanny Holloway Wadley Riley, on August 15, 1925, at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Jefferson County. License recorded October 6, 1925. Charles M. Riley (May 3, 1901-April 26, 1974)

Children: Mildred Ann Riley (October 19, 1926-January 11, 1978), Charles Riley, Jr. (October 28, 1928-September 18, 1986), Mary Lou Riley (May 3, 1931), and Peggy Joyce Riley (February 6, 1933).

Religion: Active member Immanuel Baptist Church and Phebean Bible Class, Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas.

Politics: Democrat

Occupation: Southwestern Bell Telephone as operator, Pine Bluff Arsenal during World War II. Employed by Dr. Howard Hall.

Hobbies: Crochet, embroidery, sewing, cooking and baking.

Disposition: Friendly, happy, energetic, compassionate, generous to a fault, a good Christian example to life. She took family and friends into our home when they had no place to go. Her motto, “Always room for one more”. Submitted by: Peggy J Riley Reichard , daughter.


Born: October 16, 1869 at Tippah County, Mississippi.

Died: October 20, 1947, Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas

Buried: Heflin Cemetery, Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas

Father: Emanuel Alexander Mullikin (11-16-1842 / 12-9-1899)

Mother: Margaret Elizabeth Morgan 11-20-1841 / 3-13-1919)

Marriage: Ellen Anne “Annie” Blasengame, (7-8-1868 / 8-10-1907), on September 11, 1889, at Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas. Marriage Book 6, Page 247.

Marriage: Belle “Miss Belle”Monk, (11-12-1892 / 2-28-1965), on November 11, 1911, at Star City, Lincoln County, Arkansas. Marriage Book F, Page 409.

Sister: Agnes Allie Mullikin (5-8-1873 / 7-2-1945)

Half Brother: William Edward Mullikin (6-13-1866 / 7-17-1926). His mother was Edna M. Geno Feagin Mullikin.

Children of Kendrick and Ellen Anne: Chester Irene Mullikin (6-25-1890 / 9-8-1930), Maggie May Mullikin (5-5-1891 /9-2-1891), Infant Mullikin (10-12-1893 / 10-12-1893), Emanuel Frank Mullikin (2-2-1895 / 7-6-1942), Lewis Dee Mullikin (7-4-1897 / 12-22-1918), Arthur Jackson Mullikin (1-31-1900 / 9-9-1949), Margaret Agnes Mullikin (1-24-1901 /9-25-1904), Esther Ophelia Mullikin (9-7-1903 / 6-15-1974), Rufus Kendrick Mullikin, Jr (4-13-1907 / 3-13-1986).

Children of Kendrick and Belle: Grace May Mullikin 9-30-1912 / 3-25-1999), Buck Creed Mullikin (2-2-1914 /4-6-1999), Guss Collins Mullikin (8-30-1915 / 4-9-1973), Gladys Inez Mullikin (9-13-1917), Margaret Ellen Mullikin (1-14-1925), Jake William Mullikin (10-19-1928).

Religion: Active member of Lone Grove Missionary Baptist Church.

Occupation: Farmer and mercantile business.

Disposition: Quiet, gentle but firm with family, good provider, hard worker, generous to a fault.

Politics: Unknown Submitted by: Peggy J Riley Reichard , daughter.


Born: June 13, 1866, in Tippah County, Mississippi

Died: July 17, 1926, at Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas.

Buried: Bellwood Cemetery, Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas.

Father: Emanuel Alexander Mullikin, 11-16-1842 / 12-9-1899.

Mother: Edna M. Geno Feagin, born 1839.

Marriage: (1) Mrs. J. A. Blasengame, born about 1872. Married at Star City, Lincoln County Arkansas, 3-12-1889. No other information on her.

Marriage: (2) Florence McEntire, 3-2-1875 / 3-24-1947. Buried Bellwood, Pine Bluff. Date of marriage to Florence, 10-9-1892 at Star City, Arkansas.

Children: Dollie Mullikin, 5-13-1898 / 12-21-1898. Buried Heflin Cemetery, Star City. Harvey A. Mullikin, 7-31-1896 / 4-2-1925. Buried Bellwood Cemetery, Pine Bluff, Ark. Nettie Mullikin Willingham, no dates available. William Edward, Jr. 6/28/1900 - 7/28/1948. Buried Bellwood, Pine Bluff. Edna Mae Mullikin Hellums 9-12-1903 / 7-28-1975. Buried in New Mexico.

Occupation: Merchandise. Owned and operated Mullikin Cash Store at Pine Bluff, a store at Tyro, one at Grady and later, a drug store at Watson Chapel, at Pine Bluff.

Disposition: Jovial, well liked, community minded, a help to friends and family that knew him. All children called him “Uncle Ed”.

Submitted by: Peggy J Riley Reichard , cousin.


"I remember" by Wendy Gayle Walkup Barry, grand-daughter of Lera Martha Mullikin

Lera Martha is the daughter of William Wade Mullikin and Mary Emaline Muckleroy.

Lera was born February 10, 1911 in Star City, Arkansas and died October 11, 1988 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is the second of seven children.

She lived with my father when she became ill from cancer, and he cared for her until she died. She had a house in Wagoner, Oklahoma that he kept until her death.

She raised Toy Poodles, Miniature Schnauzer, Miniature Yorkshire Terriers, etc. She had a kennel in her back yard that they ran around in. They barked when they thought it was necessary and she would open the back door and let them have it with the loudest "Shut Up" we ever heard. You could go to her house at different times in the year and she would have newborn puppies in her den, that she was keeping warm, etc.

She made them special dog food on the stove that consisted of Bil Jac and some kind of dry food with some milk or water mixed in. She would tease me and tell me that was my breakfast or that she had just made my dad a nice lunch.

She also watched other people's unusual pets for them while they were out of town, etc. At one time she had 2 Myna Birds and a beautiful Parrot, and they all talked. When you walked into her house, one of the Myna Birds would wolf whistle at you. They were neat. She had some parakeets in her hallway that were laying eggs, and one morning she cracked one open and told me they were a delicacy and she was going to cook it for my breakfast!. The egg was unfertilized. She was funny.

She loved Coca-Cola. For a long time the Coke truck made a special delivery to her house. She swore by the 10 oz. bottles, which, when the quit putting them in stores, she was upset since she believed they were the only ones that "tasted" right.  She would tie a red rag on her garage door if the delivery man needed to restock her refreshments.

I remember one time, she took me and my half sister, Cindy, to a Sonic (Hamburger drive in) in Wagoner, and the "waitress on wheel" had a huge "Passion mark" on her neck, and Grandma let her have it. She told her how disgusting her neck looked and how she should be ashamed of herself. I was in awe of Grandma, but my sister just put her head down in embarassment.

She loved to clip things out of the newspapers. She would always have a shoebox or a scrapbook full of them whenever Dad and I would come to visit. We would tease her and tell her what a fire hazard her boxes were, but now we are glad she had them, because they were a great source for my genealogical research. She clipped them out for everyone, including friends. She was a big fan of the tabloids so we had to try to discern whether some of the articles came from the tabloids or not. Some of these articles were easy to tell because I am almost certain that none of our ancestors "gave birth to their own twin"!

When Grandma took ill, Daddy moved into her apartment and cared for her there. Meals on Wheels came by to give her lunch if for some reason Tammara (daughter by Gordon's first marriage) could not bring her something. I guess you could say that Daddy and Tammara both took care of her. I was living in California for most of her illness. I regret that she never got to see me get married or see her two beautiful great-grandchildren.

She sewed a lot of different things; her spare bedroom held several different projects at any given time, and I have one of her sewing machines that she used. I also have several old cameras she had. I don't think she threw much away. The camera collection included a "Brownie". I also have a pearl necklace that she had; it had one single pearl hanging down from a dainty chain, and is so old that the gold is pinkish.

All of Grandma's husbands were either abusive and/or drank too much.

Grandma's first husband was: Harold Clifford Walkup b. March 20, 1910 in Wapanucka, Johnston County, Oklahoma; d. December 1978 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This union produced two children: Peggy Jean Walkup and Harold Gordon Walkup (my father)Harold is my grandfather.

Grandma's second husband was: John Kirk (no further information)

Grandma's third husband was: Leo Vester Harris and the only information on him is below.

Divorce Notice:

Lera Martha Mullikin

Filed for divorce from Leo Harris 1962. Published in the Wagoner Tribune September 18, 25, and October 2, 1962. It became final September 15, 1962. Reason for divorce was incompatibility.

We miss her humor and smile very much.

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