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Lee County was created 17 Apr 1873
Parent Counties: Crittenden, Monroe, Phillips, St. Francis

Lee County is located in the eastern portion of Arkansas, and is bounded on the north by St. Francis County, on the east by the Mississippi River, and on the south by Phillips and Monroe Counties.

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Lee County History

The same act of the legislature which created Lee County also provided that the temporary seat of justice for the new county should be located at Marianna, and an election was held to elect commisioners, whose duty it was to decide on the location of the courthouse. A lot was purchased near the center of the town, and a frame building erected to be used for court purposes until the present building could be finished. Prior to 1873, Lee County was a part of four other counties, Phillips, Monroe, St. Francis, and Crittenden.

At the onset of the Civil War, Lee County was still a part of it's parent counties, and about 300 men went into the service of the Confederate Army. However, only a small number ever returned. D. C. Govan, T. C. Anderson and B. C. Brasher were the commanders of troops from this area, who were first attached to Hindman's legion, and then to the Second Arkansas Regiment of Calvary.

Lee County was, at one time, the home of John A. Murrell, outlaw. He and his gang preyed upon the flat-boat navigators of the Mississsippi.
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Early Settlers of Lee County

John Patterson*Washington HensleyIndiana
David WillsRhode IslandLarkin MeeksIndiana
James WilsonMissouriThomas AdamsKentucky
Ridley MyrichTennesseeJ. LeeVirginia
Owen MyrichTennesseeHiram DunnVirginia
Charles EwenTennesseeAndrew Dunnskibef 1829
John DillardTennesseeObadiah Robertsbef 1829
E.K. JamesTennesseeJohn Griffinbef 1829
David DavisKentucky 1829Absalom Lowreybef 1829
A.G. McDanielKentucky 1824John Lynch
Green E. StoryMissouriMatthew Smith
Middleton HensleyIndianaWilliam Smith
* John Patterson was married 7 times and had at least 20 children.

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County Officials

County Judges

H. N. HuttonE. L. BlackH. N. Word

County Clerks

M. H. WingF. H. Govan
T. C. MerwinW. T. Derrick

County Sheriffs

W. N. FurbushC. H. Banks
E. H. B. DupuyV. M. Harrington

Lee County Treasurers

B. B. NunnallyD. S. Drake
B. M. GovanJulius Lesser

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Addresses for Lee County

Lee County Courthouse
15 East Chestnut Street
Marianna, AR 72360

Tri-County Genealogical Society
Monroe-Phillips-Lee Counties
P.O. Box 580
Marvell, AR 72366-0580

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Lee County Cemetery Inscriptions
Old Cemeteries - Western Lee County
$5.00 postpaid.

LaGrange Cemetery (LaGrange)
$12.50 postpaid

Oak Grove Cemetery (Moro)
$10.00 postpaid

Salem Cemetery (Palestine)
$10.00 postpaid

Spring Creek Cemetery (Aubrey)
$5.00 postpaid

Order from Loyd and Flora Turner, PO Box 311, Brinkley, AR 72021-0311
For other publications on Lee County, see the Tri-County Genealogical Society page.

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Townships of Lee County

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Tri-County Genealogical Society
Monroe-Phillips-Lee Counties
P.O. Box 580
Marvell, AR 72366-0580

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