Taken from the Stream of History pge 13 Vol X July 1972

You should check the County Courthouse in Newport, Ark, for the complete papers and information.  

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ALDERSON,    SS  of Jackson County died Aug 17 1863, Jackson co. Affiv A,. E Shoiffner 1-30-1866 list heirs. Mary, Terrell, James P and John Alderson, "his children" of jackson Co. Bond 1-30-1866

ALEXANDER,   William   died 1857  Affid  L.C. Gause 10-17-1860. Only child, Sarah, issued of William and Charlotte Alexander, died March 1860. Charlotte Alexander died Feb 1858. No heirs now living. bond 10=16=1860

ARNEY,   Willis of Jackson Co.  died jan 13 1866, Jackson Co. Aff, Lydia G. Arney  1-29-1866 lists widow, Lydia G.Arney, Jackson Co Bond 1-29-1866

BANDY,Joseph E of Jackson Co died Nov 17 1862 "while in the army" Van Buren Co Ark. Afid. Mary D Bandy 3-15-1853 lists widow. Mary D. Bandy, and heirs, Wm R, John R. Joseph B, and Joel B. Bandy all of Jackson Co Letter of Admin: Mary D Bandy 3-18-1863 Bond 3-18-1863

BARNES  G.J. OF Jackson Co. died march 8 1863, Jackson Co. affid. Edwart T Owen 3-27-1863 " No heirs known to affiant"  bond 3-27-1853. Bond of Samuel Sherrell adm. 12-1-1863

BARNETT, Thomas A of Jackson Co. died June 28 1864, Arkansas Affid. Esther May Barnett 7-11-18655 lists heir, Martha Barnett, mother Des Arc, Prairie Co. Ark  Adm Letter Esther May Barnett 7-11-1865  bond 7-11-1865

BARTON, James bond of James Robinson exr. 3-22-1851

BENSON, J.L.M  of Jackson Co. died Sept 19 1864, Jackson Co. Affid. J.A Cooper "his former widow" and heirs Elizabeth, James, Arizona and Walker Benson-all of Jackson Co Bond; 10=16=1865

BILLINGS, Willaim M.  bond of William R. Steen Adm 1-16-1860

BILLINGSLEY,James Affid. James d. H. Billingsley 3-29-1851 lists heirs, james D H, Polly L, Wm .M. Madiosn A, Matilda J and Martha M. Billingsley. Bon 3-29-1851

BLAKELY,   Elizabeth  bond of Newton M. Bleakley adm 1-20-1862

BLAKELY,  Hulda died may 19 1864, jackson Co. aff Jasper C Bleakley 11-15-1865 Bond 11-115-1865

BLAKLEY, William  Aff William H. Morris 2-5-1851, lists heirs, Mary E McCullogh, Issac D Blakley,Nancy M Baker, E M J T Downs, and Wm C Blakely of Hempstead Co Ark and John W; Louisa C, Newton M, Jasper C and Levi L. and Susan F Blakley of Jackson Co. Bond 2-5-1851

BLAND, minors  Pet of James T Bland to be appt gdn of Robert, John, Levin, Lafayette and Lucy Bland, minors; "the parents of himself Brothers and Sisters are deceased." filed 4-16-1851 separate bond(5) of James T. Bland gdn 4-16-1851

BLANSETT ,Elijah of Jackson Co. Aff Anna Blansett, filed 11---6-1851 lists heirs; Miles Blansett, Poinsett Co, Ark; John Blansett, California; and a daughter " whose name is not known", Illinoois   Bond 11-6-1851

BLEAKLEY,  Issac D of Jackson Co died Feb 19 1861, Jackson Co. Affid. Levi L. Bleakley 3-18-1861, lists heirs; William T. John T, Edward and Mary Bleakley  bond 3-30-18161. Bond of Newton M. Bleakley Admr 7-17-1861

BOGGS, John M. affid. Garlen Silvy 4--18-1851 Heirs; "Names unknown" Bond 4-18-1851

BORDWELL, Chester(minor)  bond of James A. Jones gdn  4-22-1851

BOWEN, Nancy of Jackson Co. Died Nov 15, 1857 Aff Wm Leonard 3-7-1866 lists heirs: Wesley Bowen, Jackson Bowen, and Chas W McKa all of Jackson Co bond 3-7-1866

BOX, Hiram D of Jackson Co died Nov 27 1865 Jackson Co. Aff. John Box 11-16-1865 12-27-1865 lists heirs; Margaret Clark, Jane McCrory, Lottie Box, Jane Tinsley, Moses Box and Sidney Box  Bond 12-27-1865

BOX ,William H. of jackson Co died Oct 1864, Jackson Co AFF  John box 11-16-1865 lists Mary Kendle former widow and heirs: Allen and John box all of Jackson Co Bond 11-16-1865

BRAZEAL, Archibald W. Bond of Archibald Brazeal Jr. Admr  3-26-=1861

BREWER, Thomas E of Jackson Co  died Dec 17 1860, Jackson co. Aff James B, W. Jordan 12-21-1860 listgs heirs, William Brewer of Texas, others, if any, unknown to Affiant Bond 12 -21-1860

BRIDGES, Elisha of Jackson Co died Jan 1 1861 Jackson co Af George Sink 1-28-1861 Bond 1-18-1862

BROWN,John B H of Jackson Co. died last day of May 0r first of Sept 1862 Philllips Co Arkansas Aff James Wilmans -11-11863 Bond 7-21-1863

BROWN,  Thomas N of Jackson Co died Feb 12 1866; Aff Wm D Brown 5-6-1866, lists heris, John N. Margaret F, Martha E, Zana A  and Wm D. Brown Bond 4-28-1866

BUFORD, F.M. died Feb 23-1863 Little Rock, Ark aff Jane G. Buford 3-21-1863 lists widow jane G Buford and heirs. Wm H. Jas A. Margaret C Jno H. Samuel D, Lutassi M and Finas M Buford all of Jackson Co  bond 3-21-1863

BURKS,John Harder(or Hardin) minor bond of W. F. Frazier(signed with mark. "Joohn Hardin Frazier: gdn 1-14-1850

BURTON, William , separate bonds(4 each) of mary C Burton 5-18-1880 and Stephen J. Moore 1-16-1862 a guardian of L. C. Hutchins, E.J. and T. W. Burton. Mary C Burton guardian of Louisa A , Eliza J, Hutchins and Thomas W. Burton minor child of Wm Burton Dec Inventory 12-16-1880; Each of these guardianships is packaged separately and each of the 4 is marked "Mary J. Burton, Guardian of   Note on 2 of the envelopes; "Mary J. Burton Dead"

CALDWELL, David of Jackson Co died 15 Jan 1863, Memphis, Tenn Af Littlebury g. Wilkerson 7-13-1865 bond 7-13-1865

CARBO, William died Oct 28 1860 Aff Wm G. Phillips ,James , Samuel, Thomas and Melisa Carbo 1860 lists Charlotty, widow of Jackson Co and heirs; Alexander,m Francis, John, Jacob, Jackson co. one married dtr name and residence not known. Bond 10-30=-1860

CARPENTER, Elijah of Jackson Co died Nov 14 1860 of Jackson Co Aff John, William, Eugenia, Frank, Thomas and Oscar, Carpenter all of Jackson Co. bond 11-21-1869

CARTER, Jackson Pet. of James T. Carter, orphan heir, over 14 to have Nathaniel C Williams apptd gdn 7-16-1851

CATO, Nelson C of Jackson Co died march 13 1865 Jackson Co Af. Calloway C Dobbs 7-18-1866 lists heirs; Alvarine and Minerva E Cato of Jackson Co  Bond 7-18-1866

CENTER, Alvin A of Jackson Co died Jann9 1863 Piney Creek, Arkj Aff Wm W Holdford. lists heirs Lucinda and Martha A Center of Mississippi Co Ark

CHALK, James A of Jackson Co died Aug 15 1850 Jackson Co Aff Jefferson P. Chalk 8-31-1860 lists heirs; mary C Dulaney, Amanda Corbitt, James w. Chalk, and Lucy A Ethridge of Tennessee and jefferson P, John M. Frances E and Elisha M Chalk and Margaret Goodman of Arkansas Bond 8-31860 died Aug 15 1860  Jackson Co Aff M.F. Thomason 10-16-1865   Bond 10-16-1865

CHRONISTER, J.A. of Jackson Co died Oct 22 1865 Jackson Co Aff James Breckenridge 10-18-1865 listgs widow Caroline and heirs; Mary, Isam, and William Chronister all of Jackson Co  Bond 10-28-1865

CLAY, Maston bond and oath of Lydia Ann Clay extr 5-2-1851

COE , Jesse J. Thomas T. Terry gdn of Arsenia Coe, minor heir, Receipt of H. r. Tiffee and Arcenia Tiffee from T. Terry, gdn of Arsenia Tiffee heir of Jesse Coe 2-10-1852. Receipt of Hezkah R Tiffee and Arcenia tiffee 4-4-1834 Swifton. Thomas T. Terry gdn of Mary "Mollie" A Coe Receipt of Mary A Thomas and Bazel G. Thomas from Thomas T. Terry gdn of mary A Thomas formerly Coe"one of the minor children of Jessey J. Coe and Hester A Coe Deceased. 1-30-1882

CONRAY, Elizabeth Ann (minor) bond of Mariah Condray gdn 1-15-1851

COOK, C.W. died Feb 13, 1862 Jackson Co. Aff W. M. Cook 2-21-1862 Bond 2-21-1862

COOK, W. G.  died Feb 26 1861 jackson Co Aff w. M. Cook 2-21-1862 Bond 2-21-1862

COOK, William G renunciation of right to administer estate by Keziah Cook, widow to Charles Cook, "his son" 3-22-1861 Bond of Charles W Cook Admr 3-23-1861

COOKS,  J.M. of Jackson Co Bond of W C White Admir 10-=30-=1861

COOPER, J.J. of Jackson Co died Dec 21 1862 Jackson co. Aff. James W. Cooper(Admr with will annexed) 9-8-1865 lists widow mary Ann W Cooper and heirs Gabriella J. Henry B Sallie Ann Maggie H William A and James W. Cooper all of Woodruff Co Ark Bond 9-8-1865

CRAWFORD, Statira S. (minor) over 14 Pet to have her husband Robert f. Crawford appt gdn property in Tenn 7-15-1851 Bond of robert F Crawford gdn 7-15-1851

CRAWFORD,Susan J. (late Smith)orphan over 14 Pet to have her husband, Enos W. Crawford appt gdn interest in property in Tenn. Filed 12-6-1851 Bond of Enos W. Crawford gdn 12-16-1851

CRUMP, ( Miss) Sally(Sallie) minor   accto of Robert A Spinks, gdn final settlement filed 11-11-1876

CRUMP, Eugene of Jackson Co. died Aug 15 1864 Hempstead Co Ark Aff. Calvin H. Bennett 1-16-1866, lists heirs, Henrietta, wife of J. A. Bennett, Margaret Glanton and Thomnas Crump of Texas and Felin, Mitchellm, Joseph and Sallie Crump, heirs of Augustine C Crump, dec of Jackson co  Bond 1-16-1866

DAUGHTRY, Lawrence of Jackson Co died July 15 1860 Jackson Co Aff John Boone, 7-23-1860 lists widowElizabeth Daughtry of Jackson Co and heirs James, Harrison, Harvey and Martha Daughtry of North Carolina. bond 7-23-1860

DAVENPORT,   Minerva of Jackson Co died Feb 10 1866 Jackson Co; aff James S Smith 4-2-1866 lists heirs, Burkett M. Davenport and Amanda E Currie of Lauderdale Co Tenn ; Mary E Bell of lamar Co Texas and Naoimi C Phillips, Lettie Lee Davenport, Albert G. Davenport, Nathaniell Arnold Davenport, Jacob W. Davenport, Henry Luther Davenport and David Samuel Davenport of Jackson co. Bon 4-2-1866

DEHON, Clement of Jackson Co died Jan 1860 Texas, Affid. Newton M. Bleaakley 2-26-1861  bond 2-26-1861

DILL, Arthur , orphan under 14  Pet of Wm M. Billings to have gdn appt for Arthur Dill "without any adult relations living in the country" no date. Bond of Atrides Crow gdn 4-18-1851

DOWELL, (minors) separate bonds (2) of H. J. dowell as gdn of Harry M and Taylor B. Dowell minors 8-18-1880

FITTS, Samuel of Jackson Co. died Aug 16 1860 Jackson co.affid. Elizabeth(signed Elizebeth) c. Fitts 8-30-1860 lists heirs; Elizabeth C. Vitula E. Vibella F, Oregon. Decius M and Josephine Fitts of Jackson Co.  Samuel Fits of Jackson Co died 1860 Jackson co  Aff Nathaniel C. Williams 1-21-1861 Lists heirs; Vitula Fits, Vivorelia Fits, Oregon Fits, Decus McCrory Fits and Josephine Fits all of Lawrence Co. Ark   Bond 1-21-186

FLYNT, Richard bond of Mary E Flynt 1-21-1861 as guardian of Louisa E. C. ,Eugene, and Cordelia Flynbt of Jackson co;, minors, heirs of richard flynt , dec. of Hardeman Co ,Tenn in right of their father Fountain f. Flynt, dec

FOMAN(FORNAN),James M. Bond of Jesse Smith admr. 6-29-1860

FOREHAND, W.W. Bond of James H. A. Forehand admr 4-16-1861

GIBSON, Sallie G. (minor) Bond of Joseph P. Foushee gdn 1-6-1883

GIVENS, (minors) Pet of Fannie Kivens, (Givens?) to be appointed gdn of Katae E.Lilly E and Flora A Givens, under 14, "heirs of an Estate"filed 2-16-1877. Bond of Fannie Givens gdn, filed 2-20-1877

GLANTON, John J. of Cherawa Co. Mexico, died April 25 1850. Aff. Benjamin f. Glanton, 2-17-1851 lists heir. Margaret Roddy, Jackson Co. La Benjamin F.Glanton 2-17-1851 Bond 1-17-1851

GRACIE,John B. of Jackson Co  Bond of Mary Gracie, Admx 12-14-1861 died Nov 1861 Jackson Co. Aff  Wm H. Morris 1-16-1866 lists "Mary Williford widow of Dec'd" (residence not given ) and heir; Anna E. Gracie, Jackson Co

GRAVES,  George E. Aff. Thomas E. Fulkerson 4-14-1851 lists heirs, Sally Ann Margaret Isabell and Susan Eliza of  Jackson Co. Bond 4=14=1851

GREEN, George A.  Bond of Lucian C. Gause and Sarah A Green Admr 4-7-1862

HAGGERTON, David of Jackson Co. died Sept 2 1862 , Ausatin, Prairie Co.Ark. Aff. Adam Haggerton, 11-202-1865 lists Elizabeth Haggerton, widow and heirs, Mary T and Robert Haggerton-all of Jackson Co. Bond 11-20-1865

HARDY, David  Bond of Marcus J. Brown, Adm 1-18-1860

HENDERSON, M.M. of Jackson Co died march 25 1865 lists heirs, Jemima Elizabeth and James William Henderson, Jackson co bond 8-29-1865

HENRY, William F  aff. James Robinson Filed 4-9-1851 Bond 4-9-1851

HENRY, James  died Dec 30 1875 Petition of Wm D. Mason to have Joseph Henry, uncle of minors appointed gdn of Molly Henry 10 and Bruce Henry 6 minor heirs, filed 7-9-1877

HINKLE, Wesley G of  Jackson Co died Feb 4 1863, Pulaski Co Ark. Aff Mary E Hinkle, 3-10-11863, lists widow, Mary E and heirs; Henry Clinton Hinkle and William Green Hinkle all of Jasckons Co. bond 3-10-1863 died Feb 4 1863 ,m Jackson Co. Af J. g. Leonard 1--13-1866 lists heir. William Henry Hinkle"his child" Jackson co. bond 1=13-1866

HODGES William of Jackson Co died oct 26 1865 Jackson Co. Aff. John H. Grider 10-30-1865 Bond 10-=30-1865

HOWARD, Mary J.(minor) bond of Permelia J. Howard gdn 2-8-1861

HUGHEY, R. W. of Jackson Co died Nov 14 1863, Jackson Co Aff. Elizabeth W. Huey 33-31-1853 lists widow Elizabeth W. Huey and heirs: Sarah Jane, George L. Jacob W. Mary C and Fowan Huey all of Jackson Co. Bond 3-31-1866

ING, Sidney H. of Jackson Co  died Sept 20 1865 Dallas Co.Ark. Aff Elisha N. Jenkins 4-2-1866 lists heir John Ing, "His father" Jackson Co. Bond 4-2-1866

JEFFRES, B. F. (incompetent)  Pet of Claraisa Jeffres to have gdn apptd for B.F. Jeffres who "has left his home and family and is now in parts unknown--has left his family in an unprovided condition" Apr 1851. Bond of a. H. Logan, gdn filed 4-16-1851

JOHNSON, David of Jackson Co died Jan 29 1862 Kentucky. Aff J. V. Richardson 7-18-1865 Bond 7-18-1865

JOHNSON, (minors) bonds (2) of N. M. Bleakley, gdn of William H. and Charles E. Johnson, minors 6-23-1877 Note on envelope"see Charity E Bleakley as Guardian":

JOHNSTON, Richard petition of Nancy Johnston and R. Johnston to have John Johnston appointed guardian of Richard Johnston and Nancy Johnston minor heirs filed 7-16-1851 schedule of property of Richard Johnston dec. made by John Johnston filed 7-16-1851

JONES, Wm L. of Jackson Co died may 28 1862, Phillips Co Ark. M. J. Jones 6-121-1863 lists widow M.M. J. Jones, sons John M, Jospeh, George A and Wm L. Jones and dtr Mary Jane Jones all of Jackson Co. Bond 6-2-1863

KERNS, William C. of Jackson Co  died June 20 1861, Jackson Co. Affs.Martha V. Kerns 98-21-1861 lists widow, Martha V and heirs Thomas G. ,Harriet A and Martha M.C. Kerns all of Jackson Co. bond 3-21-1861

KING,Mrs. Crecey of Jackson Co died Nov 128 1851 Aff Eli King 1-12-1852 listgs heirs: Richard King, residence unknown and Eli Peniny and Harnel(?) Jane King of Jackson co La Eli King 1-12-1852

LANDRETH, Alfred S of Jackson Co died Sept 8 1952, Jackson Co Aff Abram S.. Drennon 11=-15-1856 lists Heirs; James M. Landreth, Theodoria Price, Joseph W. Price and Martha A M Landreth all of Jackson Co bond 11-15-1865

LANDRETH, Jane of Jackson Co. died Nov 19 1863 Memphis, Tenn. Aff Abram S. Drennon 11-15-1865 lists Heirs; James M and M\artha A M Landreth and Theodoria and Joseph W. Price all of Jackson Co  bond 11-15-1865

LASSITER, Henry  Bond of Wm Lassiter admr  10-21-1862

LAX,John Sr of Jackson Co died Dec 2 1865 Aff. John Lax Jr 12-9-1865 lists heirs: John Lax Jr. Margaret C. Wife of Wm R Steen, Fannie B. wife of Benj F Steen, Eudcia V. wife of Wm t. Perry and Ann Casey(widow) of Jackson Co and robert M. Lax and Robert Lax(dsons of Timothy Lax ) of Hardaman co Tenn Bonc 12-8-1865

LEE, John  bond of Henry A Lassiter  1-22-1862

LEONARD, Henry of Jackson Co died Dec 20 1862 Jackson co aff Robert Cook 1-8-1863 lists heirs: Jane Hopkins, Mary Hinkle, Elisa Ann Cook and Margaret, Martha, David, Joseph and William Leonard all of Jackson Co.  Bond 1-8-1863

LEWIS, Henry E of Jackson C died Oct 8 1865 Prairie Co Ark  Aff Mary E Lewis  10-31-1865 lists widow Mary E Lewis of Jackson Co. bond 10-312-1865

LOCKARD, Armilda of Jackson Co died Nov 15 1859 Jackson Co. Aff Henry J. Dowell 11-17-1859 lists heirs. Alexander, Mary,William G and Minverva J Lockard all of Jackson Co Bond 11-17-1859.

LOGAN Alonzo R of Jackson Co bond of James L. Robinson adm 10=22=1862 died May 15 1862 Corinth, Miss. Aff James L. Stuart 3-10-1866 " No bodily Heirs, know of " Bond 3-10-1866

LYLE, Silas W of Jackson Co Silas W. Lile died oct 20 1862 P;hillips co Ark aff. Samuel Sherrell 9-18-1863 heirs"unknown to affiant" Bond 9-18-1863 died oct 20 1865 Jackson Co. Af Wm J. Sherrell 11-8-1865. Bond 1=22=1866

MCCALL, Jefferson of Jackson Co died May 11 1861 Jackson Co Aff. Susan McCall 6-17-1861 lists widow, Susan McCall and heirs, Jinsey M and Josiah T McCall all of Jackson Co  Bond 6-17-1861

McCORKLE, Josephine over 14  Pet of Mahala Josephine McCorkhill to have Thomas J. Layton appt gdn filed 4-28-1879. Bond of Thomas J. Layton 4-28-1879(2others) 10-22-1879 and 12-20-=1879) 1880 funds belonging to minor in state of Illinois, sale of property in Vermilllion co. Ill. Endorsed on Layton's final settlement, filed 7-11-1881 is statement that since the filing of this settlement his ward has intermarried with Wm. C Glover

MCCLURE,    John B  renunciationof right to adminster estate by A.E (Annie E Morris)McClure, widow, to "my brother in law" M. McClure 11-11-1862 Grand Glaze, Ark bond of Moses McClure Adm  10-18-1862 Independence Co. Ark

McDONALD,, Edward H.  Bond of Alvin McDonald admr 1-13-1862(substitute for lost bond of Alvin McDonald and Parthena McDonald)

McDONALD, Robert H of Jackson co died Jan 7 1862 AFf Melville L Robinson 1-15-1862 lisgts widow Minerva and heir Edward McDonald infant about 14 months old bond 1-=15-1862

McKA, Ransom of Jackson Co died April 7 1862 Shiloh, Tenn. Aff W.W. Sutherland 2-5-1866 lists heirs; "His Chn" Mitchell and Cynthia H. McKa of jackson Co. Bond 2-=5-1866

McKINNEY, James G  bond of James W. Talbot Adm 6-=22-1862

McMANNERS,. Anderson  Renunciation of right to administer estate by Permelia A. McManners, mother and heir to Thomas K. Stephens 11=13=1851(witnessed by Dawson McManner, C. McManners) aff Thomas K. Step[hens 10=14=1851 lists heirs Dorthea McManners, mother Jackson Co. bond 11=-14-1851

McQUERY, George  Bond of L. H. Clay, publ Admr 2-20-1865

MANNING, John of Jackson Co  died Dec 16 1865 Jackson Co. Aff Whitahll Manning 12-29-1865 lists heirs: "his brothers and sisters": Whitmill Manning of Jackson Co, James Manning to Tenn, Smith Manning and Jenette Haywood of Missouri, Penople Williams of Jackson Co and Tabitha Bell of Tenn. Bond 12-28-1865

MAYO, Redman died last Jan 1862 Jackson Co Aff., John M. Bryan 4-1-1863, lists heirs. d. M.  John F., David, Margaret, Elvira, and James May(Mayo?) Jackson Co Bond 4-1-1863

MEREDITH M.A. of Jackson Co died apr 7 1850 Augusta Ark aff Thomas A Pursell 4-23-1860 heirs "unknown" bond 4=-3-=1860

MILLER, Matthew S.  LA James T. Bland 6-15-1865 note on cover "of Woodruff"

MORGAN, James of Jackson Co died Oct 29 1862, Drew co. Ark. Aff Heirs. Hester Ann Morgan.  List widow; Hester Ann Morgan and heirs Joseph W'; Parthena Jane, Elizabeth P,; James S;. Mary E and Mary Bell Morgan all of Jackson Co bond 1-7-1863 bond of Jesse J Coe adm 4-21-1863

MORGAN, William D.  died March 14 1862, Jackson co Aff J Mathes 1-25-1862 Lists widow Cynthia P. Morgan and heirs Alexander Morgan and E  Alexander all of Jackson Co

MORRISON C.M  bond of Jesse Terry admr 9-23-1861

MULLINS, Joseph C of Jackson Co died jan 6 1860 of Jackson Co. Aff.Robert Bland 1-26-1860 ;heris " are unknown to him" bond 1`=26=1860

MURPHY, John R of Jackson Co died Aug 24 1865 Jackson co Aff. J. K. Murphy 2-6-1866 lists heirs: Martha F. Davis, Elixabeth Kercheval and Nannie R and J. K. Murphy, all of Jackson Co  Bond 2-=8-1866

NANCE, Joshua Aff David W Stringer 2-11-1861 lists heirs: Hester, Jasper, and Margaret J. Nance all of Jackson co. Bond 2-11-1851

NEAL, A. L. of Jackson Co died April 1 1865, Jackson co Aff. Elizabeth Neal 9-18-1865 lists widow, Elizabeth Neal and son James L. Neal both of Jackson Co. Bond 9-18-1865

O'BANNON , Mrs   widow of Dr. O'Bannon of Jackson Co aff. Andrew J. Lankford 5-8-1852 lists heirs: two dtrs, one living in lawrenceCo Ark. " the other has been lately taken there" bond 5=8=1851

OLIVER , James S  aff. Bowen Snow 6-6-1851 lists heirs:brothers and sisters living in Halifax Co Va, names unknown to affiant. Bond 6-6-1851

OWEN, William H of Jackson Co  died Dec 12 1864  Jackson Co. Aff Nash L. Owen 3-7-1865 lists widow, Emma OPwen and heirs, William P ;and --Owen:"an infant" all of Jackson Co. Bond 3-7-1865

PAGE, Thomas L of Woodruff Co Ark died Apr 20 1862 aff. Alex C. Pickett 7-18-1865 lists heir; Nancy page, mother, Lauderdale Co Ala bond 7-18-1866

PATE, Abner of Jackson Co died Nov 3 1860 jackson Co Aff C C Tyree 11-=19-1860 shows heirs unknown to said deponent: bond 1-14-1861

PERRY, Ephraim M  Bond of James Mathes admr 2-7-1863

PERRY, James  Bond of Samuel Sherrell admr  115-1862

PERRYMAN, William J of Jackson Co died oct 4 1860, Jackson co. aff. Littleton M. Sawyer, 12-3-1860 lists heirs: Jacob N. Mary F; Elizabeth J.; George W and Martha Perryman..LA Littleton M. Sawyer 12-6-1860 bond 12-6-1860

POLLOCK, David of Jackson Co died april 8 1866 Independence Co Ark Aff Benjamin Perkins 4-12-1860 Shows heirs: "unknown" bond 4-13-1860

PURSLEY, (minor) pet of Harriet J. , Elizabeth S and Frances A Pursley over 14 to have their brother, Elisha Pursley;, apptd gdn 10-9-=1851 minors have "distributive share--of the estate of their deceased father"  Bonds(3) Elisha Pursley gdn 10-14-1876

RAGSDALE, Wm H of Jackson Co died July 12 1864 Jackson co. Aff Benjamin b. Ragsdale 4-1-1865 listgs heirs: Charles M. Nancy E and Mary Jane Ragsdale, minors of Jackson Co bpond 4-1-1865 Statement of Ellender Sherrell W J Sherrell and R W Thomas, undated, filed with application for letters of Administraton,m that they have delivered property belonging to Wm H. Ragsdale"to his Brothers Ben B Ragsdale hand: and request letters to be issued to him so he can manage estate:to the best interest of the Heirs."

RAWLEY,William of Jackson Co died Oct 1864Aff R J. Shelley 7-20-1865 bond 7-20-1865

REID, James of Jackson Co died Jan 6 1864 Jackson Co. Aff. Sarah Reid, 1-27-1867 Lits widow Sarah Reid, and heirs Francis Love and Alfred, Thos, James and Daniel Reid all of Jackson Co Bond 1-27-1864

RENFRO, Walter T of Jackson Co died July 15 1862 Jackson co Aff Marion Winningham, 1-115-1865 Bond 1-15-1866

REYNOLDS, George W of Jackson co died Dec 10 1850. Aff. Gabriel Burgess 3-8-1851 shows "names and residents of the heirs are unknown"  LA Gabriel Burgess 3-8-1851 Bond 3-8-1851

ROBINSON (minors)  Bonds (3) of James L. Stuart as gdn of Alex S. < John Safford and Robert E. Lee Robinson, minors 11-6-1876

ROBINSON,   Harriet(Johnson) over 14  Pet of Harriet Johnson (signed Robinson) to have her husband James L. Robinson appt gdn 12-1951 property in Tenn. bond of James L. Robinson, gdn 12-6-1851

ROBINSON, James L of Jackson Co died oct 22 1866 Jackson co Aff James b Waddil 1-2-1866 lists widow, harriet and heirs Alice A and John Robinson "his children" all of Jackson Co  bond 1-2-1866

ROBINSON, John of Jackson Co died July 15 1864 Bayer Co Texas. Aff L.R. Clay 5-3-1866  Bond 5-3-1866

SHELTON, (minors)  Bonds (2) of Andrew Griffin gdn of Jonathan and Litty Sheltonb, minors 1-15-1851

SHERRELL, Samuel of Jackson Co Renunciation of right to execute Willby R W Thomas, executor 9-27-1865, Jackson Co Aff William J. Sherrell 9-27-1865 Lists widow Eleanor and heirs: Wm J. Benj F , Cynthia A, Mary ;J, Jno R, Henry, France E and Windfield S. Sherrell all ofJackson Co. Bond 9-27-1865  another Bond  1-22-1866

SHETTLESWORTH, Elijah  Aff. Elijah M. Shettlesworth, Stephen H. Shettlesworth and Albert W. White 10-15-1860 lists heirs:  Mary Warren, Elizabeth Perryman, Elijah M. Shettlesworth, Stephen H. Shettlesworth and Willie , minor and son of A.W.Shettlesworth,dec all of Jackson Co Bond 10-=15-1860

SPIES, Harmon  Petition of Wm Stein, grandfatehr and next of kin of Robert Theodroe Spies, about 4, sons of harmon Spies, to have John B Steen maternal uncle of minor, appointed gdn. Filed 10-15-1851 bond of John b Steen gd 10=-15-1851

STANCEL, ( minors)  Pet of Andrew Griffin (present gdn) to have Robert M. Gray appt gdn of Benjamin , William B and John d Stancel) all under 14  7-16-1851   Bonds(3) of Robert M Gray asa gdn of Wm B , John d and Benjamin C. Stancil 7-16-1851

STEGALL, William A  died Nov 20-1861 Jackson Co. Aff Wm C Yorkm, 1-21-1862 shows "names and residences of the Heirs of said deceased are unknown:"   Bond 1-21-1862

STEGALL, William P of Jackson Co died  Oct 23 1859 Jackson Co  AFF Wm C York, 10=26-1859 lits heris: Martha C York of Jackson Co; JohnStegall of Clark Co, Ark, Wm A Stegall of Benton co Ark, Frame W Stegall of Clark Co Ark and Margary E Dodd and Perry and Fanny Stegall of Jackson Co Arkj. Bon 10-=31-1859

STEPHENS,  John N  Bonds(2) of Elizabeth Stephens and Servantus(Savandus) C Vance admrs. Dated 10-30=1862 and 2-15-1863

STEPHENS,  John of Jackson Co died  May 25, 1865, Jackson Co AFF W J Griffin 7-11-1865 shows "No Heirs" bond 7-11-1865

STEWART, John of Jackson Co died Jan 9 1865 Hempstead Co Ark Aff Mary Ann Stewart and Benjamin F McCown, 7-24-1865 shows widow. Mary Ann Stewart and heir Benjamin F McCowan both Jackson Co (Note that decedent left a will) Bond 7-24-1865

STIFF, J. H. R H Harvey Adm. Accounts of George W Miller, gdn of Julia B < Martha Ellen and Henry L Stiff, minor heirs 18798-1884; 1881 amount to Julia B and Martha E for expenses to visit sister inFt. Smith to remain 1 year "as per contract with Robert and Nary Anthony" 1884 receipt of Robert Anthony and Mary Anthony on behalf of Julia B and Martha E Stiff (1`883) note that George W Miller died June 1883. (Note: peititon 1882 shows minors as heirs of W B Stiff dec) Bond of Mariah F Harvey gdn of Henry L Stiff 7-18-1883. Account 1886 states that "said ward is now over the age of 14 and has gone to the Indian nation to live with his sisters"

STIMSON, Mandred died March 6 1862 jackson co aff. Washington Biggs 3-17-1862 shows widow Rebecca J and heirs: Jas. W. Stimson, Sarah E Biggs and Maria N. Stimson-all of Jackson Co Bond 3-17-1862

SUTHERLAND, Florence under 9  Bond of William McGaha gdn. Filed 10-24-1877

TAYLOR,, L. M. of Jackson Co  died Feb 13-1866 Jackson Co Aff Atlas J. dodd 3-27-1866 Bond 3-27-1866

TAYMAN, ( minors)  Bonds (3) of James Fortenberry, gdn of Elizabeth A, James M. and Nancy A Tayman 1-15-1851

TERRILL, Hiram of Jackson Co  died oct 29 1860, Jackson Co. aff Mary Terrill 5-30-1861 shows heir: Arminta Terrill"aged about 1 month old at the death of said deceased, but is now deceasded and resident of jackson Co at the time of her death" bond 5-30-1 1861

TOZER, Lou(female) under 18  bond of George K Tozer gdn 9-26-1880

TURNBO, (minors)  Bond of Garland A Hunter gdn of Irena J and George H. Turnbo minors, dated July 1884 filed 9-3-1884

TURNER, John of Jackson Co. Died Mar 3 1866 Jackson Co. Aff W M Turner 3-24-1866 lists heirs: Henry, Geo, John d, Jane, Texanna, Mary J and Martha GTurner of Jackson Co  Bond 3-24-1866

TURPIN, Wm  Preston bond of Georg Damron adm 12-2-1862

TYNER, Bennett bond of John J Knox Adm 1-4-1860

VAUGHAN, Samuel of Jackson Co.  died oct 18 1860 Aff George Sink 11-3-1860 lists heirs: John, Robert, Obediah, Samuel C and Josephine Vaughan all of Jackson Co. Bond 11-3-1860

WAMMACK, Hester Ann aff. Wm Sanders 12-29-1851 lists heris: 6 children: Mary Ann Old and Harriet Neil of Crawford co. Wesley G Artemetia(Artemechia?) Barthane, Josiah William and Sara A of Jackson Co.  bond 12-2-9-1851

WEEKS, (minors) Bond of James Young, gdn of James and Wm B. weeks, mnors 1-14-1851

WEEKS, James of Jackson Co renunciation of Martha A Weeks, wife of right to administer estate to James Mathes 10-18-1862 bond of James Mathes Adm 11-4-1862

WESTMORELAND Leban A of Jackson Co died Oct 29 1860, Giles co Tenn. Aff Columbus W. Westmoreland 11-13-1860 lists widow Nancy Westmoreland and heirs: Columubs W. Jerome W, Monroe H and Felin G Westmoreland of Jackson Co and Nancy(the widow of deceased) Theophilus, Octavia, Milton F;. Rush and Hawkins D Westmoreland all of Giles Co Tenn now "but expecting with the exception of Theophilus Westmoreland to become citizens of Jackson Co Arkanas 11-13-1860

WHEELER, Henderson Bond of William H. Stone Admr 12-3-1862

WILKERSON, Marlin T of Jackson Co died June 10, 1864 Jackson co. Aff Obediah M. Wilkerson 8-7-1865 lists Heirs: Mary Cox, Robert Wilkerson, Sarah Barton and Obediah (Jr) Elmira, James, Cafurna, Auarena and Augustine Wilkerson all of Jackson Co bond 8-7-1865

WILKERSON, Mary  Bond of Marlin T Wilkerson, adm. "except the life Estate said dec;d had in the Estate of Elijah Wilkerson 11-10-1862   

WILSON, Francis"Fannie" E over 14  Pet of Francis Wilson over 14, female, to have her father, Robert Wilson apptd gdn filed 4-10-1876. Bond of Robert P. Wilson gdn 4-11-1876  Bond of Peter Bach, gdn, 10-13-1877

WILSON, John S  Aff Mathew S Miller 4-28-1851 lists heirs: children Henry Clinton Wilson, Mark W;. Izard Wilson and Sara Jane Wilson all of Jackson CoBond 4-28-1851 Renunciationof right to administer estated by Nancy Ann Wwilson to "my friend: M.s. Miller 4-26-1851

WINFREY, William petition of Wm H.c. Winfre to have gds appd for Charels A Winfrey, 13, heir, filed 7------16-1851 Bond of Wm H.C Winfrey gds 7-15-1851 Petition of Wm H C Winfrey to had gd apptd for Victoria P Winfrey 6, heir, filed 7-8-1851 Bond of wm H C Winfrey gd 7-15-1851 Petitionof Thomas D Harrison attorney for minor to have Wm H.C. Winfrey appd gds of John F. Winfrey 14 heris filed 7-18-1851 Petition of Johnb Winfrey over 12"in his own person" to have guardianship fo W.H.C. Winfrey confirmed   filed 10-=15-1851

WISDOM, Publius  S of Jackson Co died oct 1864 Aff John F Safford 7-21-1865 Bond 7-21-1865

YOUNG, Richrd of Jackson co died March 20 1865 Jackson Co Aff James Stanfill 8---4-1`865 lists widow Perneca Young, Jackson Co and heirs: Atlan Holcomb , Jemima A Whitson and Leonidas J Young all of Jackson Co "Also Elmira E Dye, Richard Stanfill, George W Stanfill, Elizabeth Stanfill, Sarah Stanfill, Thomas Stanfill and Wm Stanfill of Jackson Co Bond 8---4-1865