Arkansas City, Arkansas
Friday, September 9, 1892


Steve Bolin is out again after an illness of three weeks.

Howard Robb left on the noon train today for Little Rock.

Judge X. J. Pindall is attending court at Star City this week.

Miss Belle Leverett returned from Cleveland, Miss., Monday.

T. W. Hemingway, of Jackson, Miss., was over several days during the first of the week.

Abe Dreidel made a business trip to Little Rock the first of the week.

Captain C. V. Dixon, of Walnut Lake, came in Tuesday to bring the poll books.

R. C. Montgomery brought in the election returns from Jefferson township Tuesday.

Judge B. F. Merritt and H. N. Brooks brought in the election returns for the Trippe box Tuesday night.

J. H. Jones, of Red Fork, and J. B. Fry, of Pendleton, came down Tuesday evening to bring in the poll books.

Mr. E. J. Graves came down on the Joe Peters from Laconia Tuesday night to hear the returns from the election.

Mrs. J. T. Manker came in from Monticello Saturday and took the Joe Peters for Memphis, her home, Tuesday night.

Matt McDermott was here yesterday on his way to Lake Village with the election returns for the Dermott box.

Mrs. R. W. Smith returned yesterday evening from Hamburg, where she spent a week visiting her sister, Mrs. Pryor.

Revs. L. R. Hawley and E. N. Evans and Mr. S. E. Sweet spent Wednesday and Thursday on Boggy Lake fishing.

Capt. E. C. Tollinger and Miss Nelie Whitehill left yesterday for Hot Springs, where they will remain for a week or more.

Messrs. J. M. Whitehill, W. E. Lambe and R. W. Smith were elected levee inspectors for this levee district at the election Monday.

Mr. Henry Thane and his daughter, Miss Nellie, will leave today for Searcy, where Miss Nellie will attend school for the next year.

At the election Monday Capt. G. E. Buck, Frank Nady and W.M. Carder were elected as members of the Levee Board of the Red Fork District. They are all good men and will make an excellent board for the Arkansas River people.

C. M. Boyd, a leading citizen of Monticello, was in town today.

Mr. J. H. Mowan returned from Little Rock Monday in time to vote.

Johnson Chapman went up on the noon train from Lake Village by way of Greenville.

Mrs. Harry Belizhoover arrived Tuesday from Morehouse, Mo., where she has been for the past month or two.

Messrs. L. Sain and C. H. Hamling came in from Winchester today to attend the sale of some real estate tomorrow.

Messrs. G. S. Dickinson and Wm Tobias were elected justices of the peace and George E. James was elected constable of this township in the election Monday.

G. A. Bryant, Clerk of Lincoln County, died at Hot Springs Monday evening. He has been quite ill for some time and had gone to Hot Springs in hope of recovering his health. Mr. Bryant had resided at Varner for a number of years. He had served as Clerk of Lincoln County for four years and was the Republican nominee for re-election in the late election.

Mr. J. Straughan returned Tuesday from Hickman, Ky. He requests us to say that he will be here until October 1st and will be pleased to do whatever work in his line that the people of Arkansas City may desire done. He requests all parties who are indebted to him to come forward between now and the 1st and pay their bills as he expects to leave Arkansas City permanently.


  The Democratic party of Desha County presented a solid front to republicanism Monday. The enemy was completely routed and the entire county ticket was elected by majority ranging from 125 to 600. Fishback received a majority of at least five hundred in the county. The new election law did it. Not over 1,200 of the 2,200 voters of the county went to the polls. Of these at least four hundred and fifty were unable to vote without the assistance of the judges.
  The returns are all in and the count would have been made by the County Board of Election Commissioners yesterday, but there appeared to be some irregularity about the returns from Mississippi township and the count was postponed until Monday, when the proper parties can be brought before the commissioners to explain. The judges in may instances failed to keep an abstract of the vote for the various officers and it is impossible to give the correct figures. The returns as we get them, however, are as follows:
  Totals, Fishback 910, Whipple 186, Fishback's majority 734; Gates 919, Weddington 301, Gates' majority 618; Halley 684, Thane 533, Halley's majority 151; Quilling 830, Jones 402, Quilling's majority 428; Ryan 814, Gardner, 414, Ryan's majority 400. The official count will not alter these figures materially provided all of the townships are counted as returned.
  Henry for sheriff, Johnson for treasurer, Clayton for surveyor and Dedman for coroner had no opposition. They received nearly all of the vote cast. The vote in favor of the Constitutional Amendment will not fall far below Fishback's vote and whiskey license was pretty generally voted for. The democrats pretty generally voted for Judge J. W. Robb for senator from the seventeenth senatorial district. The term of Bell the present incumbent will not expire for two years but inasmuch as he has never lived in the county since his election, the intention is to contest his right to hold the seat further and contend that the seat is vacant by operation of law.

Grand Jurors for the Chicot Circuit Court

  H. A. Wilson, R. Llewellyn, Wm. Warner, Garland Jeter, Glen May, Jeff Miles, J. B. Mercer, Hays Bonds, Jas. Richardson, W. B. Allen, R. D. Chotard, Mike Cahn, J. Sherley Peak, S. B. Stripling, Frank Strong, S. A. Stephenson.
  Alternates--Fred Simmons, Joe Bryan, C. E. Peddicord, Sam McKenzie, C. T. Duke, C. F. Wells, J. C. Cheairs, C. L. Chambers.

Petit Jurors for the Chicot Circuit Court

  Frank Lever, R. D. Bosely, J. T. Crenshaw, Eugene Elder, L. C. Crute, W. C. Allen, Mitchell Galbreath, Frank Ellis, C. D. Whithorne, Lorenza Goldsby, Percy Sanders, J. T. Holt, Eugene Trigleth, John Gasker, Geo. L. Roe, M. S. Mathis, Thomas Owen, Ben Abrams, L. J. Scott, Ben Parker, J. H. Farmer, W. Sullivan, Joe Dodson, H. Kuhn.   Alternates--Jno. T. Sawyer, J. E. Moore, Dick Smiley, F. E. Mathis, C. H. Bing, Clement Fowler, Henry Jackson, J. G. Pickett.


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