Arkansas City, Arkansas
Friday, January 27, 1888


J. W. Parker, of Laconia, is in attendance upon court.

Dr. S. G. Robertson, of Monticello, was in town Wednesday.

R. M. Newman, of Winchester, was here a day or two this week.

Judge X. J. Pindall returned from Mexico, Missouri, last Sunday

J. B. Daniels, of Dermott, came in Wednesday and returned Thursday.

Mr. W. W. Dickinson, of Little Rock, was down the first of the week.

Mr. C. C. Clayton, of Tillar, came down to attend court as a witness.

S. M. Courtney is out at Collins and Monticello this week on business.

Judge W. M. Harrison, of Pine Bluff, is among the attorneys visiting court.

W. F. Newton came in from Jefferson township Tuesday to attend court.

James B. McDermott went down to Lake Village Tuesday and returned Wednesday.

Col. W. F. Siemons, of Monticello, is among the attorneys visiting our court this week.

Lapsey Proctor and J. B. Farley, of Walnut Lake, were in attendance upon court this week.

Mrs. L. W. Watson spent a day or two in town this week. She left for Memphis on the Adams Tuesday.

Circuit court convened at Lake Village this week. Judge Wood opens court at Hamburg next Monday.

Capt. Thomas R. Henry, of Bayou Bartholomew,was in this week attending to some business in court.

Mr. H. Story, who was accidentally cut one night last week in a difficulty in Story & Co.'s saloon, is up and attending to his business again.

Judge G. H. P. Richardson returned from Lake Village, where he had been attending court, Monday night.

Father P. J. McComick celebrated mass and Dr. W. H. Browning preached for his congregation here last Sunday.

Judge G. H. Joslyn, of Varner, and Judge B. F. Merritt, of Halley, are here this week looking after the interests of their clients.

Mr. Ed Spencer and Miss Alice Harris, both prominent in the social circles of Monticello, were married on Wednesday night.

Judge Williams and State's Attorney Elliott arrived on the Valley train Monday evening and proceeded to open court at once.

A. Blumenthal, of Monticello, passed throughon the Louisville, New Orleans and Texas train Monday on his way to Atlanta, Georgia.

Ab. McGehee, C. H. Halley, H. L. Henry, Job Hyde and H. C. Patton were in from the Crooked Bayou country this week attending court.

Allen Spurlock, Jerry Hopkins, W. J. Cook, C. J. Stevens and Frank Williams were among the citizens of Jefferson township who came down to court this week.

Mr. T. W. Hanes, formerly express agent here, but recently messenger on the Fort Smith road, passed through Tuesday on his way to his old home, Vicksburg.

Mrs. R. C. Ogburn, of Twistwood, Mississippi, arrived on the Louisville, New Orleans and Texas train Wednesday. She is visiting her daughter, Mrs. S. M. Courtney.

Col. M. L. Hawkins, prosecuting attorney of the 10th judicial district, came up on the Humming Bird from Lake Village last Friday and left on the Warren train Saturday.

Col. W. P. Grace arrived from Pine Bluff Wednesday. He represents the prohibitionists in the appeal from the order of the county court refusing prohibition here.

R. W. Smith went up to Memphis Satuday on the Mississippi Valley Route train and returned on the Adams Tuesday. He was accompanied home by Mrs. Smith, who visited in Memphis several days last week.

Mr. Joseph Townsend, of Covington, Tennessee, was here a day or two the first of the week visiting the family of his brother, Mr. Henry Townsend. He was accompanied by his wife. Mr. Townsend is in the government service as post office inspector.

Judge W. B. Peterson and Messrs. Van R. Ryan and S. D. Ferguson, of the Red Fork country, were passengers on the Kate Adams Tuesday. They were compelled to come this way on account of the suspension of navigation in the Arkansas river.

Mr. James Barrow, father of Col. J. C. Barrow, formerly prosecuting attorney of the 10th judicial district, died in Little Rock last Tuesday morning. Mr. Barrow was one among the oldest men in the state, being 98 years of age. He was born in North Carolina, but spent the greater portion of his life in Alabama, whence he came to this state about eighteen years ago.

M. L. Lowe, a colored man who represented Bolivar county, Mississippi, in the legislature of 1886, was sentenced to the penitentiary at Rosedale the other day. His crime was murder. He killed another negro last March for alleged undue intimacy with his (Lowe's) wife. He thinks that he will be able to secure a pardon in the course of time. Lowe is said to be a striking darkey and something of an orator.

W. S. Clack, the timber man of Greenville, is in town today.

Mrs. J. G. Warfield returned from Washington, Miss., Monday.

Miss Bessie Robb came home on the Adams Tuesday. She had been visiting friends for several weeks in Bolivar, Miss.

Charlie Ford, an old timer and a surviving member of West's Battery that went out from Napoleon in 1862, died on Monday, the 16th, of pneumonia. N. Willet, Frank Nady, Frank White, B. F. Grace and W. M. Watkins are the only survivors in the county that remain. Poor old fellow! He had his faults as all have, but he was true and sincere in his friendships, and was his own instead of his neighbors' enemy. Peace to his ashes.


   Judge Williams and Prosecuting Attorney Elliott came down Monday evening and at once opened court.
  The grand jury was empaneled as is composed of the following members: R. Dedman, foreman; C. H. Halley, clerk; Joe Johnson, Henry Martin, B. E. Jones, Ed. Trippe, Albert Lee, H. L. Henry, Samuel Leek, Touy Gaikens, Pat Jones, J. H. Hall, Robert Alford, Frank Williams, F. P. May, Sam DeFir.
  Walter Jemison and George Lacy were sworn in as special deputies of the sheriff.
  The petit jury was called and empaneled and is composed of the following members, to-wit: Ed. Doran, Eph. Stephenson, Job Hyde, J. C. Stevens, W. L. Proctor, Jack Spurlock, Charles Shaw, D. O. Porter, Cliver Nash, Albert Smith, George Gould, J. Gilroy, T. J. Murray, Kennedy Carter, W. J. Cook, J. W. Oswald, Henry Lewis, Isaac Terry, Ed. Linder, Wilson Wormley, Charles Crouch, Wilson Bessellieu, W. Ogburn, Wm. Finney.


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