Arkansas City, Arkansas
Friday, Apr. 5, 1889


J. B Amburn was in Little Rock last Sunday.

Mrs. M. E. Trippe came in from Trippe today.

Rev. E. N. Evans, of Monticello,was here this week.

Abner McGehee came in from McGehee yesterday evening.

The City of Cairo passed up the river yesterday evening.

Dr. C. C. Buckner was in from Dermott yesterday and today.

The Catholic church yard fence is being painted and otherwise improved this week.

Messrs. Wray and Wilkerson have been here from Huntington several times this week.

Job Hyde came down from Crooked Bayou Wednesday to bring in the election returns.

Mr. Williford, of Dumas, was here Wednesday to bring the election returns for Randolph township.

Mrs. D. A. Gates and Miss Annie Bessellieu went out to Tillar on a visit to friends and relatives yesterday.

Nick Smith came down from Pendleton Wednesday evening to bring the election returns of the Tuesday's election.

Miss Tate Gabbert, of Monticello, passed up the Ouachita road on her way home from a visit to Memphis yesterday.

Miss Nettie Clayton, of Triva, Louisiana, is here on a visit to her sister, Mrs. J. S. Johnson. She will remain for a month of two.

The election in Drew county last Tuesday resulted in a majority of 54 for the democrats. Hemingway led the ticket several votes.

Gen. H. King White, who has been mayor of Pine Bluff for the past two years, was defeated in the Tuesday's election by Col. J. W. Bocage.

The Windsor Hotel (old Parker House) has changed hands again, Aunt Ann Atkinson retiring from business and being succeeded by Mr. J. B. Amburn and Mrs. M. E. Bowles. Mrs. Bowles will have personal supervision of the house and will make it in every respect first-class. They will put in new furniture and renovate and remodel the rooms with the view of making it as comfortable as possible for their guests. Mrs. Bowles ran a hotel successfully in Little Rock several years ago and gained an enviable reputation as a hostess. We feel satisfied that those who favor her with their patronage will be well pleased. The name of the house will be changed to the "Varner House."

The following are among the guests that have stopped at the Varner House during the past week: John G. Moses, Jas. Barbaro, J. D. Magness, R. B. Sappington, J. B. Green, R. M. Macon, Little Rock; J. M. Millamy, H. C. Hatnon, T. J. Weatherby, St. Louis; B. H. Holmes, P. D. Atwood, L. Levy, Pine Bluff; A. H. Davidson, New Orleans; C. W. Tombs, Tillar; Mrs Anderson, Clarksdale, Miss.; Miss Emma Henderson, Monticello; E.F. Yager, W. H. Graves, C. J. Jacks, P. S. Onnsly, R. B., B. F. Merritt and son, Halley; J. A. Bond, Warren; A. Holmes, E. B. Williford, E. H. Leandug, Dumas; W. C. Sherrod, Nick Smith, Pendleton; E. B. King, Fort Smith; W. J. Groomes, Sedalia, Mo.; L. Mizoughia, A. Butler, Greenville; C. C. Buckner, Dermott; G. W. Baynes, Mouth White River.

A difficulty occurred in Mr. John W. Dickinson's store Wednesday night between Bob Graves and Henry Williams in which the latter was pretty badly shot. Henry, it seems, was sitting on a barrel in the front part of the building when Graves walked in. A word or two was passed when the latter drew his revolver and began firing. Three shots were fired, two of them taking effect in Williams' shoulder and inflicting a painful but not dangerous wound. Graves was arrested and held for examination and physicians were called on to dress the wounds of the injured man. It appears that the trouble grew out of a difficulty that occurred between the two men some two months ago. Both were on the police force. One night they had a street fight from which Graves came out considerably worsted, Williams having hit him over the head with a pistol. They have been "at outs" ever since and trouble between them has been expected.


The city election passed off quietly Tuesday. Below we give the result of the vote:


John W. Dickinson Jr., 142; J. W. Robb, 26; R. Dedman 19; Dickinson's majority 97.


D. O. Porter, 160; G. S. Dickinson, 145; R. W. Smith, 117; W. E. Lambe, 107; J. G. Reitzammer, 68; M. B. Sims, 68; W. L. Hammond, 66; John Jefferson, 53; S. C. Johnson, 53; C. F. Kroeger, 35; W. W. Bowles, 24; J. M. Whitehill, 23.


W. M. Ogburn, 130; Ed C. Williams, 35; L. T. Manker, 19; Ogburn's majority 76.

This elects J. W. Dickinson Jr., mayor; W. M. Ogburn, recorder, and Messrs. Porter, G. S. Dickinson, Lambe, and R.W.Smith aldermen. As there was a tie between Messrs. Sims and Reitzammer for the fifth place on the board of aldermen, there was no election and the vacancy will have to be filled by the board. It is unquestionalby the best council that Arkansas City has ever had. All of them are men who are deeply interested in the welfare of the town and who will be zealous and vigilant in the discharge of their duties. It would have been difficlut to have secured a better council. We confidently expect of the new administration much good.


To the Hon. John Wanamaker, Postmaster-General of the United States, Washington, D.C.:
The undersigned residents, voters and tax-payers of Arkansas City, Desha County, Arkansas, being satisfied with and having confidence in the integrity of our present postmaster, John W. Davis, and believing it to be the best interest of our community that no change be made, would urgently request that he be retained as postmaster at this place, he having filled the position during the past three years to the satisfaction of the entire people.

J. W. Spurrier d
Jno G. Warfield d
H. H. Trice d
John Lightle d
D. W. Tupper r
T. F. Martin d
D. O. Bowles d
J. G. Reitzammer r
Chas. H. Halley d
J. Demarke d
T. W. Hemingway d
J. L. Clayton d
D. O. Bowles, Jr. d
W. E. Lambe d
W. P. Varner d
J. Henry Clay r
Wyatt Fields r
J. W. Dickinson jr d
- mayor of ArkCity
Thomas York d
W. R. Prosise d
C. F. Dickinson d
E. D. Cherry d
J. W. Dickinson d
O. H. Richardson d
J. M. Carter
W. M. Ogburn d
L. T. Manker d
J. W. Robb d
David A. Gates d
M. B. Sims d
Willis Morrell r
Future Great Mercantile Co d
H. Q. Allen d
W. S. Woolford MD d
J. S. Johnson d
Wm Tobias d
Joe Craig d
Joe Lefland r
G. S. Dickinson d
C. P. Smith MD d
C. C. DeSoucha r
S. J. Tyler r
Sam Tillman r
Chas J. Jacks d
Albert S. Smith d
Rev L. D. Hawley
Clem Bates d
C. R. Barnett d
J. S. Ross d
J. E. Lacy d
C. C. Lovelady
A Glenn r
S. H. Wilson d
S. M. Ruffin r
Henry White r
Moses McClenon d
R. Dedman d
Ben Campbell r
W. D. Hunter r
R. W. Smith d
E. M. Trippe d
J. S. Ferguson r
S. Brawner d
Jas B. Vaughn r
A. A. Ramsey d
John Gilroy d
Henry Amburn d
Robert Todd r
Sam Marks d
Bob Fintroy r
W. E. Reynolds d
S. W. Ferguson r
Isham Fleming r
Jim Perry r
W. E. Williams d
J. R. Butler & Co d
Martin Herd r
V. Grego d
Green Lewis r
G. B. Hills r
W. M. Hazell d
W. Bowles d
W. Williams r
Wm A. Story r
F. B. McQuithy r
Moses Mitchell r
G. Day r
J. Biggs r
D. Day r
Henry Davis r
R. E. Parker r
R. McNamara r
Isaac James r
H. S. Edington d
Wm Alexander r
Joe Davis r
Humpfrey Lee r
P. H. Johnson r
Rev J. McGraw r
Joe Ferguson r
C. H. Van Patten d
P. Jackson r
B. A. Blackburn r
W. H. Williams r
J. W. Pickett r
A. E. Dodd r
J. B. Kelly r
H. Willmington r
Henry Smith r
S. M. Dorch r
J. Fuquay r
Cicero Holmes r
Andy Hardridge r
D. B. Finney d
Junious Mosley r
Andy Williams r
C. C. Clark r
J. B. Amburn d
Geo Williams r
H. Belizoover d
G. S. Dorsey d
W. A. McKennon d
H. A. Gould r
J. M. Young r
W. D. Williams r
D. Robinson r
Rev S. C. Johnson A. L. Babcox r
A. L. Johnson r
C. J. Machin d
W. D. Preston d
B. Bramlenbry
Josh Seamons d
Joe Gregory r
Phil Rondeaux r
Henry Paul r
Sam Gawin r
Frank Zerre
Jas C. Love r
John White r
Stanley Bryant r
Albert Garry r
Wash Butler r
Josh Boyd r
Wash Boyd r
W. McMurray r
W. T. Duncan r
Will Scott r
W. F. Bessellieu d
T. S. Burke r
Wm Butler r
C. H. Johnson r
R. M. Henderson d
Thos S. Allen r
James Murphy d
J. S. Bowles d
James Bailey r
J. C. Smith d
B. F. Merritt d
Randall Hill r
Richard Johnson r
N. Clark r
D. C. York r
Z. McArthur r
J. T. Gelkey d
B. A. McGehee d
R. Graves d
John A. Bowles d
John Brock r
Walt Campbell r
Henry Story d
Rev Gilford Moore
C. H. Harding d
I. R. Hall r
D. H. Howell r
I. G. Gadson r
Abe Walton r
John J. Hoopes r
H. Fairfowl r
Geo R. Lacy d
W. S. Bessellieu d
Jas Ashworth r
George Gross r
H. H. Roseman r
M. E. Ryan r
Lem Green r
S. G. Boonville r
Sam Williams r
Bill Jenkins r
W. J. Bowles d
S. A. Clark r
Andy Morrow r
B. L. Burrell r
Wm Watson r
Delas Beaupre r
Mitchell Johnson r
W. P. Henington r
J. Straughen d
D. L. Bradley r
Richard World r
Hy Townsend d
C. F. Scott d
Thos. Hooper r
Rev P. McCormack
Frank Carter r


We gave an account in our last issue of the mysterious disappearance of J. S. Howell, who lives near Watson, and the consequent uneasiness that was felt by his friends. We are pleased to note that the supposition that he had been foully dealt with was a (illegible). On last Friday Mr. John Lyghtle of this place, who is a relative of Mrs. Howell, went down to Vicksburg and succeeded in locating Howell about four miles from that city. He was knocked and robbed in Vicksburg some four weeks ago and was pretty badly used up. Since that time he has been on a farm with a friend near the city, and is now about completely recovered. He will be at home in a few days.


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