Arkansas City, Arkansas
Wednesday, March 4, 1885, Vol. 6, No. 16


B. F. Grace, Editor and Publisher


Conductor Brott and family of Van Buren, was registered at the Eureka Hotel on last Monday.

H. H. Trice, of Monticello, was in the city yesterday and the guest of his daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Leverett.

W. S. Clark and his amiable and accomplished daughter, Miss Fannie, of Greenville, Miss., was registered at the Eureka Hotel Sunday last.

Messrs. Sims, Reynolds, Chapman, Johnson and Davis, of Chicot county, were registered at the Eureka Hotel on Sunday last, enroute to Little Rock.

Dr. W. T. Smith, the able and fluent writer of the Bradley County Democrat, called in to see us on Friday last. The Doctor says that the Democrat is booming.

Mr. J. A. Swift and R. C. Wallis, of Warren, Bradley county, passed through this place on Friday last on the way to New Orleans to see the World's Exposition.

In the burnt district several new houses are nearing completion. Among the number is the new drugstore of Dunaway & Co. They will move into it in a week or ten days.

Mr. H. H. Halley, of Halley, Ark., who has been on a visit to the New Orleans Exposition, passed through this place Saturday last en route home. He speaks in glowing terms of the Exposition.

We had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. C. A. Eberle, with J. F. Imbs & Co., Millers, St. Louis, Sunday last. He has been on an extended visit to the Crescent City, where he went to take in the World's Exposition. He was on his return home being one of the passengers on the Paris C. Brown.

James Murphy, Esq., one of the legal members of the bar of our city, returned last week from New Orleans where he went to view the sites. He was much pleased with the attractions offered, especially the Exposition. He informed us that Arkansas walked off with three gold medals for the finest display of apples. Glad to note his return home in excellent health.

Quite an agreeable party was given at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hallows to little Flora Whitehill on Friday last in honor of her birthday. Flora is the bright and beautiful little daughter of Capt. and Mrs. J. M. Whitehill who has just reached her twelfth year. Quite a number of her little friends assembled together on this occasion and many were the little tokens offered up to Miss Flora for many more such reunions in the future. A bountiful repast was spread and the little folks seemed to enjoy themselves to heart's content.


WATSON, ARK., February 27, 1885--After a storm and bustle in legal matters, a serene calm has settled on the surface of our surroundings. While all is "quiet on the Potomac," the agents and pillars of the Penal Code are not idle in the discharge of their duties, but zealously protect the goddess of the law against all intrusion and insult. A warrant was sworn out before J. B. Hester, Esq., Justice of the Peace of Red Fork township, against Dr. Jamison, of Ecclesiastical farm in this section for "getting money under false pretenses," a charge rather hard to sustain. Having taken a change of venue to L. W. Watson, Esq., his case will be ventilated in the morning at 10 o'clock. Not knowing the true status of the cause now pending, we refrain from any unkind comment. If he be guilty, our statute prescribes the redress; if he be innocent, let him be restored to his social and personal liberty, and let him go hence where all stand alike under the "vine and fig tree" of equal rights. Hon. X. J. Pindall and G. W. Joslyn, Esq., are billed for the defendant and Col. Moore for the State and possibly these gentlemen can and will furnish an interesting entertainment.
Our friends of Chester township are trying hard to leave us and return to Arkansas county. While we have our regrets in losing so many good and useful citizens from the realm of Desha county, yet we do not blame them and only hope they will contribute to the advancement of the county of their adoption.

Hon. X. J. Pindall, Col. Moore and J. B. Brown, Esq., were appointed as commissioners of the Honorable Circuit Court of this district to confer with Hon. W. B. Peterson, County Judge and secure an order and appropriation from said County Court looking towards the permanent repairs of the public buildings in said Watson District. The gentlemen appointed by the court are the right men in the right place, and in due season we shall hear from them. Our courthouse is a mockery and reflects but little credit upon the management or liberality of those in power.
Very Respectfully,
(Journal Correspondent)


Divine service will be held at the First Methodist Church every Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesdays at 7 p.m. Sunday School at 10 a.m. A. I. Few, P. C.


There will be held an election at the Courthouse in the town of Arkansas City on the first Tuesday of April next for ONE MAYOR, ONE RECORDER, FIVE ALDERMEN, by the order of the Mayor of Arkansas City. J. W. Robb, Mayor


C. P. SMITH, Physician & Surgeon, Office J. C. Winston & Co. Drug Store.

B. F. GRACE, Attorney at Law, Arkansas City, Ark.

L. A. PINDALL, Attorney at Law, Arkansas City, Ark.

H. THANE, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, Arkansas City.

JAMES MURPHY, Attorney at Law.

DICKINSON & GORDON -- J. W. Dickinson, H. T. Gordon
Attorneys at Law, Arkansas City, Ark.

J. W. DICKINSON, Real Estate Agent.

General Dealers in Wines, Liquors, Cigars, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Imported Ale
Cor. Front and Third Sts., Arkansas City.

Front Street (Opposite Elevator), Arkansas City.

DUNAWAY & CO. Drugs, Paints, Oils, Lamps, Guns and Ammunition.

EUREKA HOTEL, E. M. Porter, Proprietor.
Front St. (Opposite Railroad Depot and City Wharf), Arkansas City.

Front Street, Arkansas City.

CITY RESTAURANT, C. & J. Addison, Proprietors
Front Street, Arkansas City.

Dry Goods, Clothing, Hardware, Queensware, Groceries, Drugs, Paints & Oils
Corner of Front and Fourth Sts (Crenshaw's Old Stand), Arkansas City, Ark.
Branch Stores at Trippe, Ark., and Dermott, Ark.

Front Street (Next door to Eureka Hotel), Arkansas City, Ark.

LOUI HUNSIKER, BUTCHER Has moved his shop to Scarry's.

CHARLES M. FALLS, House and Sign Painter, Arkansas City, Ark.


MRS. DAVIS (Late of Monticello), having located in Arkansas City, will open a BOARDING HOUSE in the late residence of Rev. John Pryor, where she will be glad to see her old friends. Board by the day or week can be had at reasonable rates.

Front St., Arkansas City (Above Smith & Barboro's Saloon)
Mrs. Carter keeps cold lunches and regular meals at your wish.
Prices ranging from five to fifty cents.

CITY BAKERY -- Chas. Kroeger -- Front Street, Arkansas City, Ark.

For Rent -- Furnished and Unfurnished Rooms, by day, week or month.

ARKANSAS CITY COFFIN CO., Dunaway & Co, Managers.

J. M. WHITEHILL, Corner Front & First, Arkansas City.
Dry Goods, Clothing, Hardware, Queensware, Plantation Supplies.

ARKANSAS CITY ICE HOUSE, J. M. Whitehill, Proprietor.

CITY LANDING AND WAREHOUSE, J. M. Whitehill, Proprietor.

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