The monuments at the Rohwer Relocation Center honoring the Japanese-Americans interned at the camp located on Highway 1 between Back Gate and McGehee.  Visible to the left in the background are gravestones of some of the individuals who died while interned there.  To the right in the background behind the monument is the top of an old outhouse that was still standing in 2003 when this picture was taken.  Also still standing is a smokestack located approximately a mile away that was near the camp hospital and is now the site of the Delta Special School District.


(The following is reprinted with permission as it appeared in the military edition of The McGehee Times, Thursday, March 15, 1945.  Thank you to Arlene White, publisher/editor of the Dermott-McGehee Times-News for allowing me to reprint this information here.  This list should not be used for presentation purposes without permission from the Times-News.  Care has been taken with the transcription of names from the original text.  However, misprints may have happened, either through my own error or in the original text.  If you have any information or clarifications that you would like to have included here, please contact the site coordinator.  Also, as the paper is now disintegrating, those families whose service members’ pictures were printed in the original paper may also contact the site coordinator to acquire copies of those pictures.)



Rohwer Relocation Center Contributes 866 Men to Serve in the U.S. Armed Forces


(The next of kin of these service men are living, or have lived, at the Rohwer Relocation Center.  Many of these soldiers, themselves have lived at the center. – The Editor.)




Pfc. Joe M. Nishimoto

T-Sgt. Akira Richard Otsubo

Pfc. Takeo Kaneichi

Pfc. Cooper T. Tahara

Cpl. George S. Nakamura

Pfc. Ko Tanaka

Pfc. Massaru Tashima

Pfc. George Omokawa

Pfc. Minoru M. Yoshida

Pfc. Kiyoshi Masaoka

Pfc. Bob T. Kameoka

Sgt. Seichi Nakamoto

Cpl. Yoshinori Sakai

T-Sgt. Ted T. Tanouye*

Sgt. Roy Shimatsu

Sgt. Zenichi Masuda

Pfc. Calvin Saito

Pfc. George Saito

Pfc. Masuto Sakado

Sgt. Togo Sugiyama**


*T-Sgt. Ted Tanouye was post-humously awarded the Distinguised Service Cross, the nation’s second highest decoration, for his heroism with the 442nd Japanese American Combat Team.


**Sgt. Togo Sugiyama single-handedly knocked out five German machine gun nests in Italy last year, before he was killed.  He fought with the 442nd Japanese American Combat Team.




T-5 Shigeru Inouye

Pvt. John Yaguchi

Pfc. Yoshio Hiraoka

Pvt. Frank T. Fujino

Pvt. Kunio J. Shimamoto

S-Sgt. Jin Ishikawa

T-Sgt. Dave K. Kawagoye

Pfc. Robert T. Kishi

Cpl. Misao Sakauye

Pvt. Noboru Tanihara

Sgt. Davis Hirahara

Pfc. Tadayoshi Hashimoto

T-Sgt. Masakazu Nishi

Pfc. Sakai R. Sugimoto

Pfc. Tadashi Arimura

Pfc. Speed M. Harada

S-Sgt. Minoru Sumida

Pfc. George Yamada

Pfc. George M. Takahashi

Pfc. Koyo Endo

Pfc. Frank I. Mizufuka

T-Sgt. Lou S. Tsunekawa

Cpl. Robert S. Fujita

Cpl. Joe S. Takaoka

S-Sgt. Frank K. Yamasaki

Pfc. Shigeru Muranaka

Pvt. Minoru Sasaki

Cpl. Hideo D. Yoshimura

T-5 Toshio Hozaki

2nd Lt. Masuo Chomori

Pfc. Kenji Akaba

Pvt. John S. Oki

Pvt. Richard Itanaga





Pvt. George Takahaski



Pvt. John T. Kajimoto

Pfc. Harry N. Kuroiwa




Abbott, Herschel L., RDM 3-c

Ballard, Willard, Pvt.

Bledsoe, John T., SP (T) –c

Cumming, Homer (Navy)

Curtis, Jack S., Lt. (j.g.) U.S.N.R.

Davis, S. Leo, Pvt. (Disch.)

Hatchett, Lindsey, Lt. (j.g.)

Hudson, Dee J., Pvt. (Disch.)

Leflar, Mattie Lou, Ens. Waves (Disch.)

Mangham, Francis R., Pvt.

Orsburn, Young M., Pvt.

Quinn, Geraldine, 1st Lt., A.N.C.

Ramsey, Wayne S., Commission in Public Health Service

Stewart, Paul T., M.M.3-c

Teer, George W., Cpl.

Trice, John Albert, Sp. (A) 3-c

Vetrano, Anita, Ens. SC (W.)

Welch, Helen (L. or I.), Y3-c USNR

Wells, James H., Pvt.

Willis, Isabel, Lt., A.N.C.

Woodruff, Adrian Blair, Pfc.




Sgt. Echio John Andow

Pvt. Bunji Hamasaka

Sgt. Yoshito Haratani

Pvt. Nobuo Haratani

Sgt. Suyeto George Hirakawa

Pvt. Shoichi Kajimoto

Pvt. Kazuo Kubota

Pfc. Takao Kubota

Pvt. Seichi Nakatsuka

Pvt. Takao Ninomiya

Cpl. James Noguchi

Pvt. Bob Shimatsu

Sgt. Yukio Tamura

Pvt. Asaka Tamura

Pvt. Joseph Nakashima

Pvt. Yoshito Chono

Pvt. Osamu Chono

Pvt. Victor M. Matsui

Pvt. Kiyoshi Okita




Pvt. Fumio Masaoka

Pvt. Yoshio Masaoka

Pvt. Susumu J. Masaoka

Pvt. Gion Yoshii

Pvt. Noboru Okimura

Cpl. Shigenobu Okimura

Pvt. Hiroshi Shigenaka

Sgt. Thomas Yasuhiro

T-Sgt. Joe Ikeguchi

Pvt. Katsumi Kumamoto

Pvt. Hiroki Yamada

Pvt. Masao Amano

Pvt. Shizuo Hojo

Pvt. Masuo Kumamoto

Pvt. Hiroki Yamada

Pvt. Masao Amano

Pvt. Shizuo Hojo

Pvt. Masuo Kumamoto

Pvt. Masakazu Tom Mayekawa

Pvt. George Okusu

Pfc. Edward Mayeshiba

Pvt. Kay Muramoto

Pvt. Isao F. Sakamoto

Pvt. Kazuyuki Watanabe

Pvt. Ichiya Yoshida

Pvt. Asakichi James Fujito

Pvt. Mizuho Yoshida




Pvt. Isamu Yomogida

Pfc. Clarence Okazaki

Pvt. Mitsuru Shimotsukasa

Pfc. Henry Hata

Sgt. Hideo Nishimoto

Pvt. George Nomi

Pvt. Hiroshi Watanabe

Pvt. Kaoru Watanabe

Pvt. Kouji Arihara

Pvt. Hachiro Kanow

Pvt. Noble Kanow

T-4 Frank Kanow

T-3 Hichiro Kanow

Pvt. Seiji Yamauchi

Sgt. Willie Hayashi

Pvt. Henry Iwai

Pfc. Minoru Hanaya

Pfc. Sumio Nakamura

Pvt. Joe Koga

Pvt. Shigeru Takahashi

Pvt. Kenichi Hirata

Pvt. Shinichi Hirata

Pvt. Haruo Ohara

Cpl. Rio S. Masukawa

Pvt. Harris Yokoi

Pvt. Joe Hashimoto

Pvt. Jack Aoki

Pvt. Zenichiro Arihara

Pvt. Yoshiro P. Ihara

Pvt. Sam Wozumi

Pvt. Akira Hirahara




Pvt. Robert Tsutsui

Pfc. Hiroshi Isogawa

Cpl. Minoru Kaminishi

Pvt. George Kaminishi

Pvt. George Kawano

Pvt. Tsugio Takeuchi

Pvt. Kazuo Teraoka

Pvt. Frank R. Furushima

Pvt. Sam Takeshi Teraoka

Pvt. Yukio Goto

Pvt. Joe Chino

Pvt. Teige Chino

Sgt. Roy Kubota

Cpl. Yoshio Oshiki

Cpl. Kazuo Oshiki

Pfc. Junji Shirayama

Pvt. Fumio Shiroyama

Pvt. Mitsuo Shiroyama

Pvt. Sonny Sei Yonesawa

Pvt. Katsumi Yoshioka

Sgt. Joe M. Takahashi

Sgt. John Takahashi

Pvt. Tater Takahashi

Pvt. Frank Takahashi

Pvt. Jack Tanaka

Pvt. Bill M. Sasaki

Pvt. Ryoki Tamura

Pvt. Kunima Tamura

Pvt. Tommy Hiraoka

Pvt. Yoshito Nakamoto

Pvt. Tamio Kabashima

Pvt. Toshio Hirata

Pvt. T. Hosokawa

Cpl. George Zaima

Pvt. Frank Kawagoye



            BLOCK 5

Pvt. Ben Kitagawa

Pfc. Samuel Kitagawa

Sgt. George Kitagawa

Pvt. Tom Kitagawa

Pvt. Harold Arase

Pvt. Tom Satow

Pvt. Kunio Satow

Pfc. Frank Kay Omatsu

T-5 Oliver George Omatsu

Sgt. George K. Arase

Pvt. Joe Hosoda

Pfc. Susumu Kishaba

Pfc. Minoru Kishaba

Sgt. Seichi Kojima

Sgt. Shigeru A. Sasaki

T-4 Minoru Watanabe

Sgt. Fukashi Fred Tanaka

Pvt. Ben Yamashita

Pvt. Bill Mayeda

S-Sgt. Takashi Senzaki*

Pvt. Yutaka J. Hara

Pvt. Arvin Kataoka

Pvt. Sam Kataoka

T-5 George Hosoda

Pvt. George Nishimoto

Pvt. Harry Tokumura

*S-Sgt. Takashi Senzaki led a platoon of the 442nd Combat Team that helped rescue the “lost battalion” of Texans in France last October.



S-Sgt. Frank M. Imon

2nd Lt. Kimio Hatashita

Pvt. Edward Mark Nakazawa

Pfc. Keici Nishikawa

Pvt. Howard T. Sekikawa

Pvt. Y.E. Otsuka

Cpl. Fumio Ikeda

T-3 Harry K. Honda

Pvt. Kiyoshi Sanuki

Pvt. John T. Kawahata

Pvt. George Nakamura

Pvt. Ben T. Nakashita

Pvt. Hifumi Ikeda

Pvt. Tadatoshi Endo

Pvt. Yasuo Fujino




Pvt. Yoshi Inouye

T-5 Kenji Oyama

Pvt. Takeo G. Sato

Sgt. Lloyd Hideo Toda

Pfc. Kanoye K. Nishimoto

Pvt. Mike Masaharu Tomiyama

Sgt. Kajiro Harry Gotanda

Sgt. James Gotando

T-Sgt. Chorze Kaku

Cpl. Tom Kawano

Sgt. James K. Izumi

Cpl. Kiro Okuma

Sgt. Hitoshi Okimura

Pvt. Tets Kojima

Pvt. Larry Sutow

Pvt. Tetsuro Sumida

Pvt. Yukio Niioka

Pvt. Kenjiro Hayakawa

Cpl. Frank Matsuzaki

Sgt. Jim Hiratsuka

Pvt. George S. Kimura

Pvt. Jack Yoshio Koono

Pvt. Jack Konman

Pvt. Fumio Masaki

Pvt. Mamoru Masaki

Pvt. Marshal Sumida

Pvt. Jack S. Toda

Pvt. Ulysses S. Aoki

Pvt. Hiroshi Asakawa

Pfc. Suzuto Tsukiji



Sgt. Fred Dobana

Sgt. Masaru Dobana

Pvt. George Kiyoto Yamashina

Pvt. Seiji Nakayama

Sgt. Tom Shimamoto

Pvt. Henry Tanabe

Pvt. Shigeji Tanabe

S-Sgt. William Nishikawa*

Pvt. Frank M. Nishikawa

Pfc. Kaino B. Masamitsu

Sgt. Thomas T. Masamitsu

Lt. Kenneth T. Masamitsu

Pvt. Dean Ono

Pvt. Sam Kanai

Pvt. Robert Kanai

Pvt. Haruo Yakushiji

Pvt. Kenji (? name on fold) Howard Renge

Pvt. Nobuo Renge

Pvt. Jitsuo James Renge

Pvt. Barry Saiki

Pvt. Jackson Hiroshi Oshita

Pvt. Katsu Oshima

Pvt. Masami Yuki


*S-Sgt. William Nishikawa was one of the first Japanese Americans to volunteer (1941), has served with the armed forces in Attu, Kiska, New Guinea, and is now with Gen. MacArthur in the Phillipines.



Pfc. William Y. Hata

Sgt. Samuel I. Okamoto

Pvt. Joe Kadokawa

Pvt. George Oto

Pvt. K. Takei

Pvt. Henry Iwane

Pvt. Toshio Otsubo

Lt. Susumu Ito

Sgt. Frank M. Otsuka

Sgt. Jiro Shimakawa

Pvt. George Akaba

Sgt. Jimmy Akaba

Pfc. Henry Uyemura

Pvt. Tatsumi Tanaka

Pfc. Kenshi Tomomitsu

Pvt. Mitsuru Haraguchi

Pvt. Henry Jiro Tomoda

Pvt. Sanji Sam Teranishi

Pvt. Yoshio Kamita

Pvt. Saburo Oshita



T-3 Stanley T. Ichiki

Pvt. Susumu Horimoto

Pvt. Keizo K. Okasaki

Pvt. Akio Okasaki

Pvt. Yoshiro Okasaki

Pvt. George Oye

Pvt. Wesley Mitsutomo Ouye

Pvt. George Ouye

Pvt. Masato Deguchi

Pvt. Masao Fujimoto

Pvt. Tsugio Fumimoto

Pvt. Henry Masaoka

T-Sgt. Sam Isamu Masuhara

Pvt. Yonebo Kawabara

Pvt. Frank Fujita

Pvt.Hiroki Mizushima

Cpl. George T. Kagawa

Pvt. Yoshio Fujimoto

Pvt. Seijiro Nishii




Pvt. Joe K. Ishii

S-Sgt. Minoru Harada

Pfc. Seiji Isomoto

Pvt. Makoto Mimaki

Pvt. Norman S. Ikari

Cpl. Ted T. Ikari

Pvt. Seiichi Inouye

Pfc. Yoshimi Kunitsugu

Pvt. Frank N. Tomita

Pfc. Teruo Hozaki

T-3 Joe Inafuku

Pfc. Ben K. Hanaki

Pvt. Minoru Endow

T-4 William T. Oshita

Pfc. Ben C. Oshita

Pvt. Albert Y. Oshita

Pfc. Mike M. Mitani

Pfc. William N. Ishii

Pvt. Shunichi Ego

Pvt. Shigemi Shiroishi

Pvt. Isamu Otsuki

Pvt. Mitsuo John Taniguchi

Pvt. Hiroshi Kumamoto

Pvt. Kango Kunitsugu

Pvt. Akio Kumamoto

Pvt.Bob S. Ikari

Pvt. Masato Tomita

Pvt. Tadao Isomoto



Pvt. Henry Yoshitake

Pvt. Kiyoshi Sasaki

Pvt. Moriyoshi Shibata

Pfc. Masato Tanaka

T-4 Walter W. Inouye

Pvt. Henry Fujimura

Pvt. Richard Tsujimoto

Sgt. Robert Tominaga

T-5 Kenneth Oda

Pvt. Isamu Uyehara

Pfc. George Kondo

Cpl. Joe Yano

Pvt. Paul I. Yano

Pvt. James M. Yano

Pvt. Samuel I. Yano

Pfc. Kiyoshi Kagawa

Pfc. Steve Takeshi Kagawa

Pvt. Masao Kamo

Pfc. Harold Sumida

Pvt. Fred Kobayashi

Pvt. David Komatsu

Pvt. George Koyama

Pvt. Raymond I. Kondo

Pvt. Isami Okamoto

Pvt. Kiyoshi G. Okamoto

Pvt. Hiroshi Sakata



Cpl. Tadao Iwata

Pvt. Toshio Iwata

S-Sgt. Susumu Fujimura

Capt. Arthur T. Takii

Sgt. James Yoshinobu

S-Sgt. Takashi Kiyomura

Pvt. Akiyoshi Kawahara

Pvt. Jiro Murata

Sgt. Tom Kira

Pvt. Dale Masao Ebisu

Pvt. Kiyoshi Fujimoto

Pfc. Windy M. Aoka

Pvt. Yasuo Kawakami

T-Sgt. Noboru Jimmie Yamaguchi

Pvt. Tsutomu Mori

Pvt. Takashi Hare Kishiyama

Pvt. Jim I. Kishiyama

Pvt. Yahiko Shiozaki

Pvt. Hiroshi Furutani

Pvt. George Naritoku

Pvt. Tom Ono

Pvt. Jack Ono

Pvt. Roy Ono

Pvt. Joe Susuki

Pvt. Bob Susuki

Pfc. Yoshimasa Suzuki

Pvt. Toshio Watanabe

Pvt. Taira T. Nakao

Pvt. George Asawa

Pvt. Charles K. Asawa

Pvt. Dave Matayoshi

Pvt. Noboru Nitta

Pvt. Masato Nitta




T-5 Tom Okura

Pvt. Frank Okura

Pvt. Fred C. Mitsueda

Pvt. T. Mitsueda

Pvt. Hisanori R. Hara*

Pvt. Hisanori R. Hora*

Pvt. Ritsuo Sugimoto

Pvt. Roy Sugimoto

T-Sgt. Toshio Sugimoto 

Pvt. Ray Shimazu

Pv. Tom Shimazu

Pvt. Uji Nakamura

T-Sgt. Susumu Kazahaya

Pvt. Takeshi Kazahaya

Pvt. Kazuo Takemura

Pvt. Casey M. Kasuyama

Pfc. Roy M. Kasuyama

Pfc. Tom Aochi

Pvt. Masao K. Yoshimura

Pvt. Wat Nakamura

Pvt. Saburo Nakamura

T-Sgt. Isamu Adachi

Pvt. John Adachi

Sgt. Joe Uematsu

Pvt. J. Yoshimura

Pvt. Arthur T. Morita

Pvt. Shozo Saito

Pvt. Tom Tashiro

Pvt. Seiichi Harada

Pvt. Toshio Taniguchi

Pvt. Eugene Kobata

Pvt. Jimmie Okura

Pvt. Kaname Hatashita


*denotes exact listing in publication



Pvt. Kenneth Hirami

1st Lt. Shigeo Yasutake

Pfc. Hiroki Yasutake

Pfc. George Yasutake

Pfc. Yasushi Yasutake

Pvt. H.T. Ota

Pvt. Toshimi Dote

Pvt. Ben Tagami

Pvt. Mitsuo Nagaoka

Pvt. Yachi Miyake

Pfc.  Kuni Miyake

Pfc. Ocean Y. Miyake

Pvt. George Miyake

Pvt. Kiichi Nakayama

Pvt. Paul Yoshida

Pvt. Seichi Sugino

Pvt. Shiro Nagaoka

T-5 Yoshito Nii

Pvt. Jack Miyake

Pvt. Fujio Nii

Sgt. Masao Nii

Pfc. Bill Taguwa

Pvt. Katsutoshi Sano

Pvt. Yoshio Yamashita

Pvt. Shozo Urushima

Pvt. Shig Ando

Pvt. Hideo Yoshiharu



Cpl. Gary S. Taniguchi

Lt. N.K.Taniguchi

Pvt. George Toyama

Pfc. Harold M. Noguchi

S-Sgt. Mac Shintaku

Pfc. Namio Kitaoka

S-Sgt. George M. Kakehashi

Pvt. Takayuki Horikiri

Pvt. George Kiyoto

Sgt. Robert T. Shiraga

Pvt. Toshiyuki Shiraga

Pvt. George Horie

Pvt. Ken Shingu

Pvt. Chuck Fujikawa

Pfc. Hiroshi Fujikawa

S-Sgt. Frank Tanamachi

Pvt. Jack M. Sakai

Sgt. Iwao A. Takahashi

Pvt. Minoru Baba

Pvt. George Nakayama

Pvt. Tadao Harada

Pvt. Tsugio J. Matsui

Cpl. H. Hashiba

Pvt. Kenneth Nakaoka

Pvt. Yoshio Baba

Pvt. Hank Ige



Pvt. Kaoru Fujimoto

Pvt. James Harada

Pfc.Teruzo Ted Hata

Sgt. Masaharu Hata

T-4 Hideo Kikuta

S-Sgt. Yoichi Kamikawa

Pvt. Juichi Kamikawa

Sgt. Sadao Kobayashi

Sgt. John K. Shintaku

Cpl. James Masuda

Pfc. Aido Nakamichi

Sgt. Toshito Nakatsuru

Pvt. Hiroshi L. Okada

Pvt. Hiroyasu Okada

T-Sgt. Lloyd S. Sato

Pfc. Yoshi Tachino

Pvt. Jerry M. Yasuda

Sgt. Bill T. Nakada

Pvt. Mamoru Tani

S-Sgt. James Sugiyama

Pvt. Robert I Shoda

Pvt. Harry Hiraki

Pvt. Shizuo H. Hata

Pvt. Jacob Y. Miyazaki

Pvt. Hiroaki J. Kikuta

Pvt. Minoru Yamamoto

Pvt. Minoru Sato

Pvt. Noboru Sato

Pvt. Yoji Matsuoka

Pvt. Tokuo Kataoka

Pvt. Fumio Nogi

Pvt. Hitoshi Ozawa

Pvt. George Harada

Pvt. Fumiki Yasuda

Pvt. Minoru Fujita

Pvt. Shigeru Okada



Pvt. Eddie N. Hirasuna

Pvt. Yosh Kenmotsu

Pvt. M.J. Kenmotsu

Pvt. Jun Imada

Pvt. Tomikazu Ishii

Pvt. Akira J. Tanaka

Pvt. Yoshio T. Tanaka

Pvt. Frank Watanabe

Pvt. Joe Mikami

Pvt. Joe Y. Nishikawa

Pvt. Shigeru Shimada

Pvt. Harushi Shimada

Pvt. Yasuto Hirasuna

Pvt. Shigeo Ito

Pvt. Fumio E. Yoshikawa

Pvt. Yento Tsuji

Pvt. Robert Sasaki

Pvt. George Katsuki


Pvt. Makoto Okine

Pvt. Masao Okine

Pvt. George Asawa

Sgt. John Ogata

Pvt. Masao Takata

Pvt. Tatsuo Yoshizaki

Pvt. Satoshi Kusakai

Pvt. Hiroshi Kusakai

Pvt. Jumpei Mine

S-Sgt. Jackson Nakao

Pvt. Tak Morita

Pvt. Nagao Hamada

Pvt. Takeo Peter Ogawa

Pvt. Masao Ige

Sgt. Gary Yonemoto

Pvt. Yoneo P. Iguchi

T-Sgt. Mizuho D. Yoshida

Pvt. Bill Tsukamoto

Cpl. S. Hashimoto

S-Sgt. Susumu Fujimura

Pvt. Masao Kurushima

Pvt. Yoshimi Kawaguchi

Sgt. Mitsugi Kawaguchi

Pvt. Yoshio Tsukamoto

Pvt. Kiyoshi Takemoto




Pvt. Norman Funamura

Pvt. Harry Nakamura

Pvt. Warren Nitta

Pfc. Willie Tsusaki

Pvt. Harry Wakai

Pvt. Arthur Toimoto

Pvt. Joe Morimura

Pfc. Masao Yoshimura

Pvt. Sueo Takahashi

Cpl. Akira Yatabe

Pvt. Masato Yamashita

Pvt. Michio Matsunaga

Pvt. George Mochizuki




Pvt. B.Y. Tomura

Pvt. Noboru Sakakura

Pvt. Hiroshi Morita

Pfc. William K. Ishii

Pvt. Henry Y. Ikemoto

Pvt. Charles Kazuo Hatakeda

Pvt. Howard Shizuma Hatakeda

Sgt. George Itsuyoshi Hatakeda

Pfc. Jisaburo Kasa

Pvt. Frank N. Morita

Pvt. Roy S. Yasumura

Pvt. Bob Shigeo Takatsuka

Pvt. Jim Koichi Masuda

Pvt. John Oki



Pvt. Paul T. Yamashiro

Pvt. F.Y. Matsuura

Lt. R.K. Hayashi

Pvt. Shigeo Morisato

Pfc. George Morisato

Pfc. Tosh Kawaji

Sgt. Minoru Okimoto

T-5 Sam Nakagama

Sgt. Tetsuo Nakagama

Pvt. Masami S. Ichiba

Pfc. George Kato

Pvt. Frank K. Inami

Pfc. Toshio Hamataka

Pvt. Henry Hamataka

Pvt. Akira Kume

Pvt. John Tsurumoto

Pvt. Frank Okura

T-5 Tom Okura

Pvt. Nobuyuki Tanimoto

Pvt. Joe M. Inami

Pvt. Katsumi Kato




Sgt. Larry Ashida

Pvt. Toshiaki Jerry Hagio

Pvt. Toshiharu Roland Hagio

Pvt. James Haruishi Hamasaki

Pvt. Roy Nobuyoshi Hattori

Pvt. Larry Masao Hikiji

Sgt. Freddie Fujio Hiroto

Pvt. Frank Toshiaki Kamibayashi

Pvt. Ted Kazuo Kamibayashi

Pvt. Kazuo Kamita

Pvt. Masato Ton Miyake

T-5 Ted Miyake

Pvt. Shigeto Rene Miyake

Tsumoru Fred Miyake

Pvt. Tadao J. Miyake

Pfc. Satoru Nagai

Pvt. George Y. Nagatani

T-Sgt. Ben Nakamura

Pvt. Akira Sasaki

Pvt. Yukio Shimuzu

Pvt. Bob Toshio Sumida

Pfc. George Kazuo Takeuchi

Pvt. Mikio Mickey Takeuchi

Pvt. George K. Baba

Pvt. Toshio Uyeda

Pvt. Yoshio Uyeda

Pvt. James Koichi Masuda

Pvt. Akitomi Hamasaki



Pvt. Mitsuru Baba

S-Sgt. Chris K. Ishii

T-5 Togo Jack Ishii

S-Sgt. Yukio Kishi

Pvt. Joe Matsuo

S-Sgt. Fred Monji

Pvt. Toshio Nishimura

Pvt. Kuniichi R. Mori

Cpl. Tadashi Mori

Pvt. Tom H. Mukai

Pvt. Jim Hiroshi Nunokawa

Pvt. Saburo Okimoto

Pvt. Yoshihiko Shigemura

Pvt. Sam Shimasaki

Pvt. Fred F. Shimasaki

Pvt. George T. Yuki

Pvt. Kunio Osako




Pfc. Henry M. Niizawa

Capt. George Aki

Pvt. Frank K. Kebo

Pfc. Henry Yamashita

Pvt. George Yamashita

Cpl. Monte Masuda

Pvt. Toby Nishimoto

T-5 Kazuyoshi Inouye

Pvt. Lloyd Fujitani

T-Sgt. Thomas F. Sakamoto

Pvt. Frank N. Sakamoto

Pvt. Jimmy T. Sakamoto

Pfc. Shigeo Hayashi

Pfc. Tom Sano

Pvt. Fumio Sano

Cpl. Mas Funamura

Pvt. Isamu Funamura

Pvt. Minoru Funamura

Pvt. Suyeo Funamura

Pvt. Ben Mikawa

Pfc. Eddie Watanuki

Pvt. George Shigehira

T-4 Tad Kaba

Pvt. George M. Sakamoto

2nd Lt. James H. Kurata*

Pvt. Fred Kurata

Pvt. Joe Kurata

Pvt. Tetsuo Matsumoto

Pvt. Satoru Yamasaki

Pfc. Takumi Yamamoto

Pfc. Harry Oshima

Pfc. S. Iwamura

Pvt. Noboru Kitagawa

Pvt. Susumu Kitagawa

Pfc. Hideo Hayashi

Pvt. Morito Nakamoto

Pfc. Tsuyoshi Shimada

Pfc. Isamu Shimada

Pvt. George Shimada

Pfc. Masao J. Sakoda

Pvt. Floyd Ouye

Pfc. Frank Nishimoto

Pvt. James Doi

Pvt. Eddie Wakimoto

Pvt. Tak Wakimoto

Pvt. Yoshi Sugi

Sgt. Misuo J. Fujikawa

T-5 Katsuto Nakano**

Pvt. Katsuto Nakano**

T-Sgt. Ben Nakamura

Pvt. George Watanuki

Pvt. Masao Nakanura

*Lt. James H. Kurata won his battlefield commission during the 442nd Combat Team’s drive with the 36th “Texas” division in the Seventh Army’s push through the Vosges mountains of northeastern France.

**denotes precise listing in publication



Pfc. Tetsuo Shimamoto

Pfc. Kazuo Furuya

T-4 George Morikawa

Sgt. Masashi Morikawa

Pfc. Aki Iwanaga

Pfc. George Iwanaga

Pvt. Nobuo Tomita

Sgt. James Nawa (? page torn at crease)

Cpl. Ruiji Kish(?)ii (torn at crease)

Pvt. Mas Seo

Pvt. Henry Nakashima

Lt. George Tanaka

Lt. Tom Tanaka

Sgt. Roy Shintaku

Pvt. Lawrence N. Shintaku

Pvt. Tom Asaki

Pfc. Goro Asaki

Pvt. Kiyoshi Matsui

T-Sgt. Sam Sechi

Pvt. Hideo Sechi

Pfc. Ted Hoshi

Cpl. Haruo Fujimoto

S-Sgt. Roy Nishio

T-5 John Yoshinaga

Pfc. Takeo Fujii

Pvt. Kanji Omokawa

Pvt. Koichi Tsuji

Pvt. Nobuo J. Koda

Pvt. George Omoto

Pvt. Tom Urabe

Pvt. Frank Urabe

Pvt. Joe Tsunoda

Pvt. Seichi Jinde

Pvt. Minoru Hisashima

Pvt. Nobuo Fujishima




Pvt. Tsuyoshi Fujii

Pvt. Yoshio Hayashi

Sgt. Kazuo Inouye

Pvt. Yutaka Kobori

Pvt. M.H. Muranaka

T-5 Ray Nagatani

S-Sgt. Susumu Yenari

Cpl. Touru Yenari

Pfc. George Yamasaki

Pvt. Kiyoshi Arata

Pvt. Koro Yatsu

Pvt. Minoru Ohashi

Pvt. Tokiji Umeda

Pvt. Nobuo Watanabe



S-Sgt. Kiyoshi Hirano

Pvt. George Kawaguchi

Pvt. Jim Tanaka

Pvt. Takashi Bob Tanaka

Sgt. Roy S. Nakashima

Cpl. Ken John Morino

Pvt. Sinzo Bob Morino

Pvt. Jimmy Tsutsui

Pvt. Yoshihiro Ogo

Pvt. John Nishimoto

Pvt. George Sakata

Pvt. Ben Ujihara

S-Sgt. Kiyoshi Yoshimura

Pvt. Fred S. Sanbongi

T-Sgt. Minoru Nakanishi

T-4 Tom Nobushi Ishida

Pvt. George Enosaki

Sgt. Kenichi Nishimoto

Pvt. Minoru Sato




T-4 Nobuo Aoki

Pfc. James D. Masamitsu

Pfc. Sada Yonaki

Pvt. Tommy Yonaki

Pvt. Joe Yonaki

Pvt. Mike Hirahara

Pvt. Kai Oshita

Pfc. Hosen Oshita

Cpl. Shigeo Tanaka

Pvt. Byron Fujisawa

Pvt. Keiji Onizuka

Pvt. George Sasaki

Pvt. Jimmy Sasaki

Pvt. Sei Hattori

Cpl. Takeo Sekiya

T-3 Joe Iwataki

Pvt. Tiyo T. Yoshimura

Pvt. Joe Yoshimura

Pfc. Seiki Yoshimura

Pvt. Sakae Komatsu

Pvt. Alfred Yamamura

Pvt. Hideo Shinoda

Pvt. Tom Y. Yamaguchi

Pvt. Tom Torigoye




Capt. Norman Kobayashi*

Pvt. Masao Wakai

Pvt.Fred Koyama

Pvt. Makoto Mukai

Pvt. Tomio Tom Gohata

Pvt. Thomas Ishikawa

Pvt. Richard Kimura

Pvt. Kenji Toda

Pvt. Hiroshi Yakura

Pfc. Yoshigo Kawaguchi

Cpl. Mitoki Kawaguchi

Sgt. William Imamoto

Cpl. Jim Yamaguchi

T-3 Sgt. Seishin Kondo

O-C Gerald Kobayashi

Lt. Kiyoshi Kitagawa

T-5 Sadao Kobayashi

T-Sgt. Arthur Kaneko

Pvt. Alice Kaneko

Pvt. Theodore H. Keneko

Sgt. Peter Nakahara


*Capt. Norman Kobayashi is a surgeon in an evacuation hospital with Lt. Gen. George S. Patton’s Third Army.



Sgt. Sam Masuhara

Pvt. George Oye

Pvt. Joe Kadokawa

Pfc. Shichiro Matsui

Pvt. Sus Hasegawa

Pfc. Yoneo Mori

S-Sgt. Mitsuru N. Hattori

Sgt. Yoshiharu Takimura

Pvt. Haruo Umeda

Pvt. Hayami Arakawa

Pvt. Dick Fujii




Pvt. Masami Matsuo

Pvt. Toshio D. Matsuo

Pvt. Tadao Mikasa

Sgt. George Fujita

Pvt. Kazuo Frank Fujii

Pvt. Masaru Ryuto

T-4 Shigeru Inamasa

Sgt. Robert Tatsuo Wakasa

Pvt. Ben Shigeru Wakasa

S-Sgt. Sam Satoru Sasaki

Cpl. Minoru Kumagai

T-4 Tom Higashiyama

Pfc. William Tagami

Pvt. Toyoshi Ogata

Sgt. Fred K. Dobana

Pvt. Mamoru Usui

Pvt. Ko Hirata

Pvt. Mas Hirata

Cpl. Bob Hirata

Pvt. Teruo Hiroso

Pvt. Joey Noma




Pvt. Tom Mitsuyoshi Shiroishi

Pvt. William Shiroishi

Pvt. Richard Y. Nakagami

Pvt. Yoji Ozaki

Pvt. Sam Saburo Osaki

S-Sgt. James Masaji Nomura

S-Sgt. Kaz Yoshihata

S-Sgt. Thomas Yoshiaki Sato

Pvt. Edward Yoshiro Sato

Pvt. Frank M. Sato

Pvt. Tsuneo John Muraoka

Cpl. Roy Kenji Uyeno

Pvt. Frank Masao Okura

Pvt. Tad Tadaso Kamidol

Pvt. Al Umino

Pvt. Isamu Sagara

Pvt. Ginzo Babe Morino

Cpl. Ken Morino

Pvt. Frank Arata

Pvt. Noboru J. Arata

Pfc. Benjamin Ben Tanouye

Sgt. Toshiaki Jim Tanouye

Pvt. Kiyoshi Tanouye

Pvt. Joe Kamatani



            Notes on individual soldiers also included pictures of those soldiers.  Two soldiers pictured, but who were not included in the listing published in the newspaper were:

            2nd Lt. Masuo Chamori received his commission on the battlefield while with Lt. Gen. Mark Clark’s Fifth Army in Italy.  He was later wounded in France and has been awarded the Purple Heart.

            Sgt. Bert Tanaka wears the Silver Star, awarded him for gallantry in action in Italy with the famed 100th Battalion.