Mt. Zion Cemetery
Compiled by Lisa C. Shearin
Disclaimer-This should not by any means be considered a complete and perfectly accurate record or transcript of this cemetery, this is from my own notes, and visits to the cemetery.  Hopefully on my next trip I can add more, and plan to mark out a map.  Email me for information on how to donate to the cemetery association.

Adams, Leota No Dates
Andrey, O. D. b. 11/28/1897 d. 2/3/1959
Bartlett, A. G. b. 1/15/1858 d. 3/25/1925
Bartlett, Bertha M. b. 10/9/1896 d. 11/2/1897
Bartlett, Elizie E. b. 9/5/1894 d.10/11/1896
Bartlett, Joe A. b. 10/26/1883 d. 4/12/1954
Bartlett, Lonzo L. 1/2/1889 d. 12/3/1910
Bartlett, Nancy I. b. 10/25/1858 d. 1/25/1947
Bartlett, Ona M. b.1901 d. 1926
Bartlett, Paul M. b. 1918 d. 1920
Bartlett, Sarah Fina b. 6/4/1859 d. 10/10/1934
Bolton, Martha J. b. 8/20/1854 d. 7/9/1927
Bowen, A. Murrul b. 3/2/1915 d. 9/18/1956
Bowen, Hazel R.  3/20/1917
Bowers, Robert Dale b. 2/22/1944 d. 6/26/1944
Bruton, James Donald b. 10/6/1925 d. 2/5/1930
Campbell, Alvin b. 8/10/1889 d. 6/6/1956
Campbell, Effie b. 12/18/1889-2/8/1965
Campbell, Lillie E. b. 9/23/1889 d. 10/10/1963
Campbell, Lonnie F. 7/17/1885 1/30/1951
Cato, Jennie Wife of J. W. b. 1878 d. 1923
Clairday, Oscar b. 12/13/1901 d. 10/3/1939
Conley F. D.  No Dates  Co. I 3rd AR Cav
Driver, Carl b. 11/11/1933 d. 11/17/1933
Driver, Edward b. 7/10/1927 d. 6/13/1959
Driver, Mathew Pvt. 162 Depot Brigade WW 1 PH Arkansas b. 9/23/1892 d. 1957
Duren, Charlie b. 1904 d. 1957
Elkins, J. R. No Dates Co. F 8 Miss. Inf CSA
Elkins, Lizzie Francis 3/17/1870 d. 2/23/1924
English, Benjamin F. b. 9/10/1881 d. 3/19/1963
English, Fannie No Dates
Etchison, M. J. b. 3/31/1843 d. 7/4/1902
Flowers, Sarah (Wife of J. E.) b. 11/15/1864 d. 8/4/1914
Fornash, Dolice Vestal McCoy Wife of Robe b. 9/14/1908 d. 7/20/1980
Fornash, Robe b. 2/22/1903 d. 1/29/1996
Frost, Wilma Nadine, Daug. of Ted & Buena b. 6/18/1927 d. 6/19/1927
Gilbert, Louis (son of Alta and Lyle) born and died 3/22/1933
Gordon, J. J. b. 6/10/1858 d. 8/14/1928
Griffin, Amy L. (Daughter of J. W. & M. A.) b. 3/29/1902 d. 2/23/1905
Griffin, Dortha S. (Daughter of J. B. & R. L.) b. 5/2/1904-9/7/1906
Griffin, Henry b. 3/20/1838 d. 10/20/1899
Griffin, Infant (son of J. B. & R. L.) Born and died 6/13/1902
Griffin, Lucinda C. b. 2/7/1848 d. 2/15/1944
Griffin, Mammie R. (Daug. of J. W.  & M. A. ) b. 8/21/1903 d. 4/3/1906
Griffin, Marley S. (Son of J. W. & M. A. ) b. 8/27/1906 d. 10/5/1906
Griffin, Rosa L. b. 1/22/1884 d. 3/13/1914
Hale, Alice b. 10/15/1887 d. 2/7/1935
Hammett, J. C. Born and Died 11/7/1927
Harris, Alan Ray b. 3/1/1969 d. 3/1/1969
Harris, Josie Hunter b. 11/7/1873 d. 4/6/1958
Harvell, Mrs. Adaline No Dates
Harvell, Rebecca Ann b. 9/4/1880 d. 5/29/1961
Hays, Carol Don b. 2/22/1932 d. 9/4/1932
Hays, Carol Don Born and Died 12/5/1951
Hays, Clarence b. 4/25/1902 d. 3/25/1956
Hays, Dock F b. 6/9/1856 d. 8/1/1924
Hays, Jamen Floyd b. 1/7/1890 d. 5/9/1937
Hays, Mary A. Wife of Dock b. 3/27/1861 d. 2/8/1921
Hays, R. H. b. 1892 d. 1950
Hays, Vada Lois b. 12/16/1929 d. 2/4/1931
Hayes, Lee A. b. 12/24/1894 d. 9/15/1964 (Ark Pvt. Co. E. 26th Inf. WWI)
Henderson, Luecreay b. 3/8/1897 d. 2/25/1949
Henderson, William M. b. 9/25/1858 d. 12/12/1934
Hillis, Joice b. 6/24/1909 d. 8/14/1910
Hillis, Othle (Son of B. T. and Mentil) b. 6/5/1913 d. 9/24/1918
Hinkle, Joe F. b. 3/15/1903 d. 3/3/1967
Hollabaugh, Walcie J. b. 1907 d. 1/3/1969
Hughes, Tennie b. 7/8/1878 d. 6/16/1953
Hurst, Clarence B. b. 9/2/1885 d. 2/27/1965
Hurst, James "Harold"  b. 1852 d. 1917
Hurst, Josephine "Paralee" Miller Wife of James Harold, Daug. of Lewis and Margaret Miller (buried at Friendship Cemetery, in Solgohachia) b. 1854 d. 1912
Hurst, Stella V. b. 3/10/1888
Hunter, William A. b. 8/26/1862 d. 12/28/1922
Kelley, Alma daug. of W. N. and Macie b. 2/7/1918 d. 10/25/1930
Kelley, Emma Shoptaw, wife of John b. 4/2/1885 d. 6/16/1951
Kelley, John b. 4/15/1836 d. 4/19/1899
Kelley, John b. 11/10/1880 d.8/3/1959
Kelley, Mary Fay b. 2/10/1910 d. 5/6/1967
Kelley, Mrs. Ollie b. 1892 d. 1909
Kelley, Mrs. S. S. b. 4/12/1840 d. 6/28/1929
Kinncannon, Maggie Ann b. 5/6/1873 d. 3/11/1959
Long, Berry L. b. 6/15/1856 d. 2/25/1931
Long, Mary L. Bunker b. 6/25/1873 d. 1/11/1928
Long, Papa Jack (Harold G. ) b. 1907 d. 1970
Malloy, Daniel L. Pvt 2 Ark Inf N C d. 12/21/1934
Massey, Clara Thompson b. 11/4/1903 d. 5/18/1935 Daug. of Marion Thompson and Ora Lee Stroud
Massey, Dewey Fay, Son of Mr. and Mrs. William M. b. 9/20/1918 d. 7/29/1927
Massey, Harriet E. wife of William M. b. 9/8/1881 d. 8/2/1924
Massey, John W. Son of Mr. and Mrs. William M. b. 4/19/1900 d. 2/23/1947
Massey, William M. b. 1/26/1881 d. 1/30/1953
Matchett, Clara A. b. 12/22/1898
Matchett, Joseph W. b. 10/11/1889 d. 10/18/1965 Ark. Pvt. U.S. Army WWI
May, Ova Daug. of U. E. and L. E. b. 1919 d. 1920
McCoy, Eliza Jane Ramsey b. 1873 d. 1948 (Unproven, as grave is unmarked)
McCoy, Junior V.  Son of T. K. McCoy and Eliza J. Ramsey McCoy b. 4/15/1896 d. 5/15/1896
McCoy, Infant Daug. of Lonnie J. McCoy and Lena E. Ramsey McCoy b. 1/31/1905 d. 1/31/1905
McCoy, Lena Ramsey b. 6/1888 d. 5/17/1918 Wife of Lonnie J. McCoy
McCoy, Lonnie N. Son of Lonnie J. McCoy and Lena E. Ramsey McCoy b. 10/9/1905 d. 3/27/1980 (Note that Lonnie J. is buried at Robertsville/Robertstown Cemetery)
McCoy, Tennessee Miller Wife of T. K. McCoy, Daug. of Lewis and Margaret Miller (buried at Friendship Cemetery, in Solgohachia)  b. 1/22/1857 d. 10/16/1884
McCoy, Thaddeus Kosciusko (T. K.) Son of John L. and Candacy (according to death certificate, but his grave is unmarked.) b. 1/8/1858 MS d. 12/30/1936
McCoy, Valco Esko Son of Thaddeus Kosciusko McCoy. b. 3/19/1898 d. 4/1/1969
McCoy, Amy Agnes Byers Wife of Valco Esko b. 10/23/1898 d. 11/10/1970
Melder, Charles b. 10/2/1938 d. 10/16/1962
Mooney, Cleam b. 8/5/1884 d. 2/22/1969
Mooney, John F. b. 5/12/1871 d. 10/19/1947
Nance, Alex b. 6/22/1855 d. 6/3/1933
Nance, Vicil b. 11/4/1865 d. 4/15/1940
Parham, Yvonne Janice b. 11/7/1936 d. 9/24/1937
Parker, William M. b. 11/27/1879-4/8/1967
Philpot, Jennie b. 1876 d. 1956
Philpot, Johnie b. 1873 d. 1958
Philpot, Thomas S. b. 5/15/1934
Plunkett, M. E. 4/24/1836 d. 3/9/1905
Plunkett, Mary E. b. 3/8/1855 d. 7/2/1915
Plunkett, John W. Co. K 3 Regt. Ark Cav. USA d. 3/10/1909 Age 75 years
Plunkett, R. S. Son of M. E. d. 1/31/1889
Porter, Lula Bolton b. 3/30/1890 d. 12/3/1964
Powers, Abbie G. b. 2/8/1889 d. 6/6/1968
Pruitt, S. J. Wife of Lee b. 8/22/1883 d. 4/4/1922
Ramsey, Allie b. 6/14/1921 d. 9/21/1923 Daug. of C. S. and Minnie Mae
Ramsey, Ernest Grover Son of J. A. & C. A. b. 5/4/1914 d. 1/20/1917
Ramsey, Frank b. 1872 d. 1936
Ramsey, Minerva J. Wife of William b. 6/10/1839 d. 12/9/1915
Ramsey, Nora b. 12/22/1917 d. 12/23/1917 Daug. of C. S. and Minnie Mae
Ramsey, W. Pleas b. 8/5/1882 d. 10/25/1918 Son of C. W. Ramsey and Sarah Spears
Ramsey, William Husband of Minerva J. Son of Frank and Martha b. 1/27/1829 d. 7/12/1917
Reynolds, Alta Kelley b. 3/12/1912 d. 7/19/1965
Reynolds, Jeffery Keith 4/14/1959
Reynolds, John W. b. 5/1/1873 d/ 5/31/1944
Reynolds, Leaner b. 7/24/1885 d. 8/14/1963
Reynolds, Martha b. 6/7/1878 d. 12/18/1964
Reynolds, Mary Flowers b. 11/15/1912 d. 11/12/1934
Reynolds, W. W. b. 8/24/1885 d. 8/16/1939
Reynolds, Zula Fay b.& d. 11/11/1934
Reynolds, Linda Joyce Daug. of Delbert & Alta b. 12/31/1940 d. 7/19/1944
Reynolds, Henry H. Son of J. W. & M. E. b. 11/1/1894 d. 2/11/1895
Reynolds, Ira Lee Son of J. W. & M. E. b. 1/4/1908 d. 2/5/1908
Reynolds, Martha Daug. of J. W. & M. E. b. 9/1/1898 d. 4/23/1899
Roper, Artie J. b. 4/29/1915 d. 12/9/1944 Ark. 1st Lt. 149 Inf 38 Inf Div WWII
Roper, Siblpy Dau. of L. A. & F. M. b. 12/27/1905 d. 1/3/1906
Rudder, Thomas b. 5/26/1924 d/ 5/27/1924
Scott, Stella Kendrick b. 3/1863 d/ 1/1926
Shoptaw, Homer b. 12/6/1899 d. 12/22/1926
Simpson, Sally E. b. 7/9/1880 d. 1/23/1965
Smith, Rev. Loy b. 12/10/1915 d. 2/4/1967 Ar, PFC Co. E 179 Inf. WWII BSM-PH
Sommer, Lymon D. 6/7/1938 76 yrs old
Sommer, Mrs. Lymon
Stafford, Harrison b. 1860 d. 1902
Stafford, James S. Son of J. N. & . A. b. 4/19/1876 d. 10/28/1878
Stafford, Laura Belle Dau. of J. N. & M. A. b. 1/29/1874 d. 9/18/1882
Stafford, Victoria b. 1867 d. 1911
Stroud, Iva E. Bartlett b. 12/29/1881 d. 3/20/1973
Stroud, Robert W. b. 11/20/1880 d. 2/14/1961 Son of John Hicks Stroud and Nancy Jane Cunningham, buried at Cedar Creek
Stevenson, Bertha b. 7/4/1901 d. 9/19/1919
Stevenson, Jennie b. 1/29/1878 d. 2/20/1963
Stevenson, John William b. 11/5/1869 d. 3/19/1958
Taylor, Clara Ethel Daug. of W. J. & Georgia b. 11/28/1908 d. 1/30/1909
Taylor, Cora Myrtle, Daug. of W. J. & Georgia b. 9/1/1903 d. 4/17/1904
Thomas, Baby of Mr. & Mrs. Joe b. & d. 1/4/1951
Thompson, Bluford b. 11/6/1849 d. 3/27/1935
Thompson, Candance Elizabeth Daug. of James & Mary b. 6/6/1953 d. 6/7/1953
Thompson, Dave A. Elder b. 11/29/1875 d. 6/23/1947
Thompson, Elmer Son of Marion Thompson & Ora Lee Stroud  3 Days Old 4/23/1915
Thompson, Francis M. b. 1849 d. 1924
Thompson, Huthamn, Daug. of J. T. & M. S. b. 1880 d. 1893
Thompson, James Newton Son  of P. M. & Lou b. 2/8/1903  d. 1/8/1915
Thompson, James T. b. 8/17/1923 d. 8/9/1966
Thompson, John T. b. 1842 d. 1926
Thompson, Jewell Daug. of J. W. & Millie b. 3/1/1914 d. 2/11/1917
Thompson, Lillie M. b. 6/12/1887 d. 11/13/1958
Thompson, Marion A. b. 5/2/1877 d. 11/13/1958 Husband of Ora Lee Stroud
Thompson, Martha Wife of T. H. b. 2/24/1871 d. 9/24/1916
Thompson, May Ramsey Wife of Parks b. 6/23/1894 d. 10/20/1912
Thompson, Myrtle M. b. 11/6/1885 d. 1/28/1969
Thompson, Ora Lee Stroud b. 10/27/1883 d. 3/3/1965 Wife of Marion Thompson
Thompson, Sarah b. 10/20/1853 d. 1/15/1934
Thompson, Thomas Harvey b. 3/5/1872 d. 2/4/1943
Thompson, Willie E. Son of G. H. & M. S. b. 12/15/1890 d. 9/20/1892
Thompson, Wiley R. b. 5/100/1886 d. 11/29/1944
Vaughan, Bertha Mary Josephine McCoy Wife of Guy McKinley, Daug. of T.K. McCoy and Tennessee Miller b. 1894 d. 1970
Vaughan, Claudia Grace Karnes b. 9/2/1913 d. 10/16/1996 Daug. of Lee Karnes and Celia B. Williams, Wife of Ernest Edward Vaughan. Loving Grandmother of 8
Vaughan, Ernest Edward b. 10/25/1914 d. 12/7/1996 Husband of Claudia Grace Karnes, Son of Guy McKinley Vaughan.
Vaughan, Guy McKinley b. 11/3/1893 d. 2/2/1980 Son of John Cagle Vaughan and Nancy Carolyn Stroud Vaughan Ramsey, Husband of Bertha Mary Josephine McCoy.
Vaughan, William Riley b. 1/16/1840 d. 3/3/1876 Father of John Cagle Vaughan, and Grandfather of Guy M. Vaughan
Vaughan, John Cagle b. 11/30/1871 d. 1899 Father of Guy McKinley Vaughan, First husband of Nancy Carolyn Stroud Vaughan Ramsey. Murdered.
Vaughan, Unknown Child
Victory, Tommie Sue Daug. of Tom & Ruby b. 7/30/1931 d. 6/18/1942
Webb, John M. b. 4/25/1868 d. 4/29/1936
Webb, Lula E. b. 1/18/1881 d. 9/13/1958
Webb, Lylian May Daug. of Anna & Jim b. 10/9/1921 d. 1/13/1922
White, James B. b. 9/15/1870 d. 3/29/1955
White, John  b. 9/23/1902 d. 2/28/1967
White, Ora Webb b. 9/11/1905
White, Tennie H. b. 8/24/1883 d. 5/1/1943
Wilson, Clarnece L. b. 11/12/1901 d. 2/15/1937
Wiley, Raymond Fay b. 2/28/1949 d. 3/12/1949
Williams, W. T. b. 6/22/1887 d. 8/1/1969
Woods, Della Harvel Wife of Calvin b. 1900 d. 1945
Woods, Linnie M. b. 1/31/1907 d. 11/16/1954

Chism, Cloie b. 10/3/1913 d. 1916 daughter of James Monroe Chism and Cynthia Byers.
Chism, James Dewey b. 8/22/1923 d. 11/05/1924 Son of William Duel Chism and Ernie Lee Ramsey
Source: Family data submitted by Rosemary Chism Norwood kip@mev.net

The following graves have been unmarked until now..
Scott, Isaac Jefferson b. 4-Jun-1857 d. 24-Dec-1922 Husband of Nancy
Scott, Nancy Emoline Henderson b. 11-Sept-1859 d. 9-Feb-1920
Wife of Isaac
Cook, Lizzie Frances Scott b. 14-Oct-1881 d.11-Mar-1952
daug. of Isaac and Nancy
Scott, Dona Frances b. 28-Jan-1934 d. 1-Sept-1934
Scott, Rubie Jewell born and died 5-May-1938
Information submitted by Paul Adcox, who is placing new markers on these graves on Decoration Day 2000. pauladco@hsnp.com

Please note that there are over 300 stones without names or dates, I have heard said that many years ago, the old cemetery association (not to be confused with the current association), came in and replaced all the native stones, that families had placed for their loved ones, with new unmarked uniform stone/concrete markers.  Keep in mind that although these native stone markers may have been without names or dates, they were not all alike, so families could identify their loved ones by the size, shape, etc. of the stone as well as the location in the cemetery.  A lot of these unmarked stones were during the depression when it's all the families could afford to put down. When the families discovered they could no longer locate their loved ones graves because all of the markers looked exactly the same, there was nothing that could be done.