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There is no other legend quite like the Confederate fighting man. He reached the end of his haunted road long ago. He fought for a star-crossed cause and in the end he was beaten, but as he carried his slashed red battle flag into the dusky twilight of the Lost Cause he marched straight into a legend that will live as long as the American people care to remember anything about the American past.

--Bruce Canton

This page needs more rosters. It's intended use is for genealogy research. Therefore names of participants are important. If you can assist us in adding links to muster rolls, or if you have muster rolls that can be converted to web use (HTML) please let us know. The coordinator for this page is Tom Martin, the coordinator for ARGen is Betsy Mills.

How to use this page for genealogy research

This page is divided into three separate areas: Union Units, Civil War Research, and Confederate Units.  If you are looking for information on a particular unit, go to that section. Please scan the Research Section, there are some valuable links there. Also some good stories to indicate the life and hardships of those in the two armies, as well as those who stayed behind to keep the homestead going.  I did not try to make this an all inclusive site.  It is just a starting point.  There are tons of good Civil War research sites out there.  I attempt to find and link to them, but it is sometimes a moving target, so please check the Automated Links System for further information.  If you find a bad link, let em know, I'll attempt to fix or remove it.

We have also provided additional sections to assist genealogy research:

Memorial Honor Roll is a listing of those ancestors who served, provided by their descendants. There is an e-mail contact for most names just in case there is a family link. This is an automated system, you can add your own ancestors to the roster.  Just fill in the form provided..

Civil War Genealogy is a beginners guide to researching the Civil War information about your ancestors. I will be expanding this to include a Civil War primer and an FAQ section.

query2.gif (2019 bytes) I am using GenConnect as a means of leaving queries for information about units or specific surnames.  When using GenConnect, if you know the unit designation, please put that into the "Subject" box.  If leaving a biography, and you know the unit designation, please enter that in the "Subject" box.  GenConnect will index all surnames on the query pages and make search quicker and easier.
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Please let me know what other services might be beneficial in your search. The objective of this page is to increase our knowledge about the life and times of our ancestors and assist in the genealogy search of all visitors. If you have ANY Civil War Information relating to Arkansas, please let me know. I would love to get it posted to assist others.

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