10 Arkansas Cavalry Co C Roster

Colonel R.C. Newton’s 10th Arkansas Cavalry


The Muster Roll for Captain C.K. Holman’s Company C,

Newton’s 10th Arkansas Cavalry,

Sept. 1, 1864 - Oct. 31, 1864, Inclusive.


W.M. Wallis

Late 3d Lieut., Co. C,

Pettus Battalion, Ark. Mounted Volunteers State Troops


Col. Robt. C. Newton’s Reg’t 10th Ark. Cav. Con. Troops

"NOTE" written at Hope, Arkansas, Oct. 17th, 1912.

NOTE: By W.M. Wallis, the only Officer of said Company "C." known to be living at this time. The Company was first organized under the proclamation of Gov. Harris Flanagin, dated August 10, 1863, as State Volunteer Troops, to serve 12 months. At the organization of the Co., Allen T. Pettus was elected Capt., C.K. Holman 1st Lieut., R.C. Gilliam 2d Lieut. and W.M. Wallis 3d Lieut.

The Company was mustered into the State service on the 3d day of October, 1863; and its first expedition was Hot Springs, Ark., to bring a lot of State Papers from there to Washington, Ark., the then seat of the State Government. There being several Companies of States Troops, they were ordered into Winter Quarters, and sent into Camp near Columbus in Hempstead Co., Ark. In Jan., 1864 Pettus was elected Lieut. Col. to command the Battalion; 1st Lieut. C.K. Holman elected Capt., 2d Lieut. R.C. Gilliam was elected first Lieut. and W.R. Ralls was elected 2d Lieut. Lieut. Col. Allen T. Pettus and 1st Lieut. R.C. Gilliam were both killed at the Battle of Marks’ Mill. Pettus’ Battalion of State Troops at that time and in that fight was attached to Gen. W.L. Cabell’s Brigade of Confederate Soldiers, and continued with it until Federal General Steele retreated to Little Rock.

Capt. P.K. Williamson, of Co. "A" being the senior Capt. commanded the Battalion, though seriously wounded in the right arm at Marks’ Mill, until the State Troops were turned over to the Confederate Service.

C.M. Sutton was elected 1st Lieut. to fill the place of 1st Lieut. R.C. Gilliam, killed; 2d Lieut. W.R. Ralls having been Courtmartialed for neglect of duty and discharged, N. Cook was elected 2d Lieut. in his place; this all occurred while the Company was serving as State Troops.

The Company when first organized was composed of old men over 40 years of age and boys under 18 years of age, and such others regardless of age who were exempted from Military Field Duty for any cause, and were willing to try to serve the State, and fight for her rights to the best of their ability; hence there were a great many who had been in other service; I can recollect one Lieut. Col., one Major, several Captains, and Lieuts., and minor Officers without end: Capt. C.K. Holman having been Major of Whitfield’s Texas Legion as 12 month Confederate Troops, and the writer having been Captain of Company "K" in the same command, his Company being from Sevier Co., Ark., in which Capt. Holman enlisted as a private on his return from California as one of the escort of Gen. Albert Sydney Johnson (sic); and he was elected Major of Whitfield’s when it was incresed from Whitfield’s Battalion to Whitfield’s Legion, as 12 mos. Troops.

After serving 12 months as State Troops, all of the Companies, ten in number, I think, were ordered to elect new Officers for each Company, and a Colonel, and other Regimental Officers, and prepare to be turned over to the Confederate Service; this was done: C.K. Holman was elected Capt., N. Cook 1st Lieut., Jacob Moon 2d Lieut., and W.M. Wallis 3d Lieut. Robt. C. Newton was elected Col. of the Regiment; and the Regiment of ten Companies, being all of the State Troops in sight, was mustered into the Confederate Service on the 4th day of October, 1864, and served without ceasing until about the last day of May, 1865, when the encampment, which was near Dooleys Ferry, in Hempstead Co., Ark., was abandoned, the most of the men having been given Furloughs to go home, and cut Wheat.

It should be remembered that the foregoing "Muster Roll" was made when and where the Troops were Mustered for Pay, and it was required that each and every man should be accounted for since he was last mustered for pay, which was on the first day of Sept., 1864. I have not been able to find that Muster Roll; and there are others that belonged to the Company. I have found another Roll which was made not long after the Company was organized; it has no date; but I think it was made on the first of March, 1864; On this Roll I find the following names that are not on the last Roll, to wit: "Barns, Thomas; Blackard, Willoughby; Rogers, William; Chandler, W.P.; Daniel, B.B.; Davis, Asa; Davis, John; Davis, William; Davis, Zach; Grady, J.H.; Hammock, J.H.; Hopson, Samuel F.; Mitchell, Dempsey; Penney, H.A.; Singleton, Johnathan; Rowland, J.D.; Dropped from the Roll: Gentry, D.I.; Died Dec. 10, 1863. There were others that I do find on either Roll, who made good soldiers; One of whom was Ira McCown.

Hope, Ark., Oct. 17th, 1912.

W. M. WALLIS [signature],

Late 3d Lieut. Company "C",

Pettus’ Battalion, Ark. Mounted Volunteers State Troops


Col. Robt. C. Newton’s Reg’t 10th Ark. Cav. Con. Troops


VOLUNTEERS, Generally known as Col. ROB’T C. NEWTON’S 10th ARKANSAS CAVALRY REGIMENT, from the 1st day of Sept., 1864, to the 31st day of Oct., 1864, Inclusive.

[KEB note: this muster roll is apparently a partial one since it stops at the "Mc" names]

NAMES                          When Enlisted Where Period [status]

Holman, C.K., Capt. Oct. 3d, 1863        Paraclifta 12 Mos. Present

Cook, N., 1st Lieut.        Mar. 15, 1864         Camp Trader " " "

Moon, Jacob, 2d Lieut. May 25, 1864         Paraclifta " " "

Wallis, W.M., 3d Lieut. Oct. 3, 1863              " " " "

Hoynes, John, 1st Sgt. Oct. 3, 1863              " " " "

Smith, Geo., 2d Sgt.        Oct. 3, 1863         " " " "

Mills, S.S.P., 3d Sgt. May 9, 1864 " " " "

Zachery, J.F., 4th Sgt. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Bishop, W.P., 5th Sgt. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Moon, Robt., 1st Corp. May 25, 1864 " " " "

Denson, J.H., 2d Corp. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Bishop, Jo., 3d Corp. May 18, 1864 " " " "

Alexander, H., 4th Corp. Dec. 16, 1863 " " " "

Bartlett, M.G., blacksmithOct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Alexander, John, Pvt. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Allen, Joseph, Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " Absent

Autrey, John, Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " Present

Arrington, A., Pvt.        June 1, 1864 " " " "

Broadwater, Issac, Pvt. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Bradshaw, J.H., Pvt. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " Sick

Bashaw, Gabriel, Pvt. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " AWOL

Brooks, J.J., Pvt.        Mar. 22, 1864 " " " Present

Baker, Wm., Pvt.        May 18, 1864 " " " "

Busby, R.E., Pvt.        May 30, 1864 " " " "

Carr, Thos. H., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Cannon, Lewis, Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Cook, W.D.S., Pvt.         Oct. 3, 1863 " " " Wounded

Cook, W.A., Pvt.        Feb. 15, 1864 Camp Trader " " Sick

Crews, J.P., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 Paraclifta " " Sick

Crossland, L.A., Pvt. Jan. 21, 1864 Camp Trader " " Present

Coban, David, Pvt.        June 5, 1864 Camp Baker " " "

Davis, J.P., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 Paraclifta " " "

Dillard, Thos., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Daugherty, Henry, Pvt. Jan. 31, 1864 Camp Trader " " "

Fried, Daniel, Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 Paraclifta " " "

Fried, Sam’l, Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " AWOL

Foran, W.T., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " Present

Finley, R.F., Pvt.        June 9, 1864 Camp Baker " " "

Glover, J.P., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 Paraclifta " " "

Glenn, H., Pvt./Coal Burn. May 20, 1864 " " " "

Griffin, J.J., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Hollingshead, T.J., Pvt. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Hopson, Nevil, Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " Detailed

Hyde, William, Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " Present

Hollowell, W.H., Pvt. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Harmon, J.C., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Hamilton, J.A., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " Sick

Hamilton, A.B., Pvt. Feb. 6, 1864 Camp Trader " " Present

Huddleston, J.D., Pvt. Feb. 16, 1864 Camp Trader " " "

Humphreys, T., Pvt.        July 20, 1864 Paraclifta " " "

Jackman, C.R., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Johnson, C.D., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Loving, Ten., Pvt.        Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

Morgan, J.M., Asst. Surg. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

McCrarey, T.M., Q’trmast. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

McCrarey, J.M., Pvt. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

McCrarey, R.P., Pvt. Oct. 3, 1863 " " " "

 -- the above transcription is of documents sent by Lucille Westbrook, Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives, Washington, AR during Nov. 1996 to Kenneth E. Byrd*; these were retyped at Indianapolis, Indiana on Mar. 7, 1998.

 * great-grandson of 3d Corp. Joseph Leonard Bishop, and also great-great-nephew of 5th Sgt. William Prentice Bishop, Co. C, Newton’s 10th Arkansas Cavalry, CSA. For more information, see http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/1117/j_bishop.html

Postscript and Important Note: The above muster roll should be compared with the composite one made from the 1863 muster roll of Colonel Wm. H. Trader’s 1st Battalion Arkansas State Cavalry, Co. C, commanded by then Captain Allen T. Pettus. This document is within the holdings of the Sevier County Historical Society in DeQueen, AR, and was kindly provided to me by Kurtis Angerbauer, Jr. in June of 1995. A "hybrid" muster roll incorporating names from both the 1863 muster roll for Trader’s 1st Battalion Arkansas State Cavalry, Co. C and the one given here for Newton’s 10th Arkansas Cavalry, Co. C can be seen at the following WWW site:   http://www.insolwwb.net/~egerdes/10thregt.htm (Ed Gerdes Arkansas Civil War page)

 - Kenneth Byrd, Indianapolis