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This cemetery is located northeast of Hwy. 82 West, on state Hwy. 335, on a curve next to a house. It appears the cemetery has been cleaned and considerable work done on it to make it accessible. It covers probably about an acre wooded lot. I am sure there are many more graves than the ones identified below with headstones.I surveyed this cemetery November 17, 2002 Janice Holzer Click Thumbnail photos below for larger pictures.


(1) Cemetery is located on a sharp curve on Wyatt Road, West of the city of El Dorado.  The sign gives dates 1866 to 1996.  White tombstones can be seen in the background.  Not shown, but to the right of photo edge is a large gate that can be opened & just beyond that is some sort of pumping apparatus or a power supply.  It is marked, but I did not note.  All the woods that were behind this cemetery and to the right of it have been clear cut for quite a distance since I was last there.


(2)  Mooty family is buried inside this fenced enclosure.  Directly behind this

fenced plot is a concrete "curbed" plot for the Goodwin family.



(3)  These graves pictured here outside the enclosed plots belong to



(4)These graves outside the enclosed family plots are for McGee's, one

Wood, one Mellard, and one Long.  Not shown but recently added at the

back edge of cemetery near the McGee graves is a homemade metal

marker for HAYES, written in script, painted silver & welded on top of flat

metal plate.  No dates


WILLIAM CLAYTON GOODWIN 5-29-1890 to 9-12-1973


CARRIE VENABLE GOODWIN 1-21-1863 to 7-31-1919

GEORGE WALTON GOODWIN 10-27-1858 to 2-19-1915

HAMILTON GOODWIN s/of G. W. & C.E. 3-5-1902 to 10-13-1905


GEORGE RAY GOODWIN 1-12-1895 to 10-4-1924


GLEN G. GOODWIN, JR. 9-23-1933 to 2-1-1934 Infant s/of GLEN & PASTORIA

GOODWIN 5-20-1925 (*this is all that was readable on this stone)


W. A. LONG d: 3-9-1899 age 43yrs


MARY McGEE 2-7-1833 to 12-26-1915


LOVIC PIERCE McGEE 11-24-1872 to 5-9-1953

JOHN McGEE H/of A.E. McGEE 10-25-1834 to 12-18-1897

ANN E. McGEE wf/o JOHN 10-9-1833 to 7-16-1890


J. ALLEN s/of B.W. & A.R. MELLARD 12-2-1903 to 1-6-1904


ELIZEBETH R. wf/of WYATT H. WOOD 5-25-1844 to 1-28-1904


MARY H. wf/of E.E. MOOTY 7-19-1814 to 1-30-1899 *Mother

E. E. MOOTY 2-2-1803 to 3-9-1882 *Father

MARSHALL H. MOOTY October 1848 March 1866

*This group are buried in a plot surrounded by a wrought iron fence. There were

two other unreadable headstones. At the foot of one grave was a foot stone with the initials E.R. H.


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