Arkansas Cemeteries



Shenandoah Road, Benton, Saline Co, Arkansas

Transcribed 6/10/2001 -  Patti Vance Hays

Updated August 2007


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Directions: Going East on I-30, take Exit 118 (Congo Road); take a left at service road; go about .3 miles and take a right to go over the overpass; stay on Congo Road; after going over overpass, take a left on Shenandoah; go about ½ mile and cemetery is on right.


Going West on I-30; take Exit 118 (Congo Road); stay on service road for about ½ mile and take a right (right after going under overpass); take a left at sign that says “Congo”; take a left on Shenandoah; going about ½ mile and cemetery is on right.


Some of these entries are corrections or additions of the information that was previously printed on the Saline County Rootsweb site. My own comments will be shown with brackets [] before and after. 


Please contact me with any questions or comments. I have made every effort to input this information correctly, but please let me know if you have any additions or corrections.  I would appreciate an e-mail from anyone who has ancestors buried in this cemetery as I have many cousins and a gg-grandmother buried here (Lottie Sanders).


Row 1

Moore, Oscar S. 01/20/1910-03/10/2006

Moore, Shirley B., 08/13/1913-02/12/2004 (not sure of row)

Ellis, James Troy 07/27/1923 – 12/23/2003 (not sure which row)

Collins, Adolphus 1865-1935

Singleton, Hattie Collins, daughter of A. A. and Mrs. Francis Collins, 12/14/1895-2/6/1914

Ballard, Fannie, wife of C. E. Ballard, 3/2/1898-11/14/1917

Collins, Francis 1872-1938

Willis, Bell Elizabeth, 3/26/1896-5/2/1926, wife of Wylie Willis

Willis, Jennie, wife of Wyley Willis, 3/27/1889-4/24/1914

Willis, John Wylie 11/17/1882-7/22/1949

Nalley, Carolyn S 12/6/1936-12/3/1991; married Johnnie W Nalley, 7/17/1934, on 5/25/1955

McAllester, Carbott John 1901-1922

McAllester, Ruth E., 4/25/1845-4/26/1921

McAllester, W. M., 5/6/1846-11/6/1913

Willis, E. S. 10/12/1859-9/14/1914

Willis, Thacher B, son of E. S. and Sallie Willis, 7/21/1904-12/25/1911

Willis, Bertha,  dtr of E. S. and Sallie Willis, 2/16/1896-10/13/1898

Ivy Twins, Joe Ivy 1882-1950; Andy Ivy 1882-1950


Row 2

Nalley, Mary Rachel 1/30/1917-12/29/1917

Nalley, Charles M 4/18/1883-10/8/1942

Nalley, Daisy 3/6/1898-5/20/1983

Nalley, Carl “Boose” 7/24/1915-2/25/1979

Nalley, Infant son of W. A. and Rosa Nalley, born and died 4/3/1914

Nalley, William J, son of W. A. and Rosa Nalley, born 1/12/1901-11/14/1901

Nalley, William A. 1867-1932

Nalley, Richard C. 1872-1937

Nalley, Cassie Jane, 8/2/1839-6/17/1913

Nalley, William A., 8/20/1829-6/4/1913

Hatch, Mattie, 1881-1962

Hatch, Robert L, 8/31/1872-3/12/1939

Ellis, Tommy, 11/5/1945-11/15/1950

Troute, Claude E., 6/30/1898-5/16/1951

Jarnagin, Winnie I. Troute, 7/6/1903-9/4/1978

Ivy, H M. Dewell, Tech 4 US Army WWII, 3/9/1919-11/18/1992


Row 3

Willis, Infant Babe of Bill and Mollie Willis, 1/30/1911-3/27/1911

Willis, Mollie, wife of Bill Willis, 9/27/1890-12/28/1913

Willis, John Collins, 8/20/1908-10/7/1932

Willis, Thelma, 2/26/1900-6/7/1968

Willis, W. H. “Bill”, 11/10/1888-7/25/1971

Willis, Tom, 1/6/1912-4/23/1974

McPherson, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McPherson, 4/28/1953

Willis, Martha Elizabeth, 3/26/1864-1/24/1958

Willis, John W., 10/19/1854-3/10/1936

Nalley, Iamolia, 9/10/1885-3/22/1906

Nalley, Louis, son of R. C. and Mollie Nalley, 8/1/1905-5/6/1906

Nalley, Martha Jane, 3/30/1905-7/31/1919

Nalley, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L.Nalley, born and died 8/26/1912

Nalley, Ollie May, 1/5/1910-6/3/1910

Nalley, Infant son of I L. and K Nalley, born 6/5/1907-6/15/1907

Nalley, Roy, son of I. L. and K Nalley, born 4/26/1904-7/3/1904


Nalley, Johnnie, son of I. L. and K. Nalley, 6/17/1901-7/14/1901

Nalley, J. Lee, 11/9/1881-2/14/1930

Nalley, Kate Willis, 10/28/1880-1/13/1965

Sanders, George W, 10/13/1817-7/5/1898

Sanders, Lottie, wife of G W Sanders, 1/20/1839-10/23/1916 [her death certificate shows 1/20/1837-10/23/1914]

Sanders, Thomas A, 3/26/1899-11/14/1917

Willis, Dave, 10/14/1896-4/5/1960

Rogers, Lewis William 8/15/1911-8/16/1992 US Army WW II

Rogers, Martha Ann 3/7/1926-

Nalley, Louis Theodore Sr.,  US Navy WWII 9/25/1918-8/25/1998

McMullin, Baby Carlee Brycelyn, 2/12/1999

Leech, Carl Rowland 3/31/1909-7/30/1988

Dodson, Lucille 10/23/1911-


Row 4

Kinney, Walter D, 10/26/1880-7/2/1945

Kinney, Rachel E, 1874-1943

Kinney, Sam D, son of W. D. and R. B. Kinney, 7/17/1905-9/19/1906

Kinney, William Earl, 6/22/1900-11/9/1960

Patterson, David L, 6/22/1945-2/17/1992

Sanders, Patsy Ann, 3/5/1942-6/18/1944

Sanders        Lola L 8/6/1914-10/24/1989

                     Henry F 12/5/1913-2/17/1986; [married 9/2/1932]

Sanders, Elmer E “Bud”, 9/2/1909-9/5/1953

Sanders        Anna Laura 1875-1973

                  L. H. “Doc” 1877-1945

Sanders, Dewell L, son of L. H. and A. L. Sanders, 9/28/1897-9/11/1900

Sanders, George A., son of L. H. and A. L. Sanders, 3/18/1899-9/4/1900

Monument—no name

Sanders, Eila A., dtr of LH and AL Sanders, 12/8/1907-12/5/1915

Sanders, Charles Albert, 12/13/1906-4/24/1934

Ballard, William “Will” 4/1857-2/1914

Hulda “Sis” 2/1860-6/1944

Peeler, Mary M 7/31/1894-9/1/1986

Peeler, Sherwood, 9/15/1889-7/4/1966, Ark Pvt Co D 162 Depot Brig, WWI

Nowell, Johnny J., 3/15/1942-5/22/1980

Hilton,  Louetta s 9/11/1916-2/10/2000—Ashby F/H

M. M. 9/3/1904-11/14/1987

Wright, Gordon S 6/12/1912-7/15/1986 married 3/21/1936 Gladys B, dob 10/11/1920

Mangum, Charles E, 4/16/1918-        married 1/21/1938

                  Bonnie L 12/22/1922-4/5/2000

Rowland, Thad Edward 2/14/1913-3/19/1994 F1 US Navy, WWII

                  Catherine “Katy” 2/22/1916-6/16/1997; married 12/24/1937

McClendon, Dustin Blake 1/26/1984-8/20/1994

McClendon, R. C. 9/11/1920-4/23/1994; US Army Air Corp WWII

         Lavern, 9/23/1924-

Spradlin, Dorothy Lynn, 12/9/1959-6/12/2000 (Roller-Ballard FH)


Row 5

Mangum, Doris 3/21/1922-11/6/1929

Mangum, Margaret 4/3/1925-9/27/1928

Mangum, Ed 4/24/1883-7/18/1952; Woodmen of the World Memorial

Mangum, Nettie 3/8/1897-5/3/1926  [month overwritten—could either be March or May] Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle

Mangum, Bernice 3/3/1921-3/4/1921

Brooks          Rhoda A 1846-1921

                  Henry J 1847-1927

Sawyer, Willie Mae Neill 2/26/1904-8/24/1969

Neill, Samuel J 8/19/1894-10/16/1948

Neill, Horace Lee 1899-1900

Neill, Minnie Brooks l 1872-1905

Neill, Luther Owens 1872-1949

Wood, Mildred 10/18/1832-10/10/1902

Kellems, Monroe E,  son of John W. and Minnie  Kellems, 12/27/1905-2/5/1908

Kellems, Ivan H, son of John and Minnie Kellems, 2/25/1912-5/10/1913

Kellems, Sherman E, son of John and Minnie Kellems, 1/22/1916

Kellems, Minnie, 2/19/1880-2/8/1916, Woodmen Circle memorial

Kellems, John W, 1872-1929

Welch, Goldie K 1/26/1914- (no dod)  married 2/25/1933

                  Richard B 10/2/1908-12/26/1984 S SGT US ARMY WWII

Mangum, Sam, 11/8/1874-3/11/1907, Woodmen of the World memorial

Puthuff, Mattie E, wife of J E Puthuff, daughter of J. H. and N. C. Mangum, 10/27/1873-3/28/1892

Mangum, James H., husband of N. C. Mangum, 12/4/1848-1/17/1908

Mangum, Catherine N, wife of J H Mangum, 1/12/1855-3/30/1913; Woodmen Circle mem

Dodson, Mollie Louisa, 11/26/1881-12/28/1923

Wright, Kate, 9/24/1885-12/23/1957

Wright, Willie E, 8/7/1880-5/14/1970

McNeil, Oliver “Red”, 7/23/1913-4/25/1973

Richardson, Gordon “Rowdy” 12/29/1896-4/21/1978 SEA 2 Navy WWI

Richardson, Hazel Beulah Wright, 12/2/1913-6/3/2001 (Roller Ballard FH, Benton)

Wright, James “Jay” Harvey 11/16/1922-11/6/1980

Wright, Troy Curtis 8/20/1929-5/29/1999 (Ashby FH)

         Married 4/26/1958 Maxine Griffin 5/21/1934-3/14/2000 (Ashby FH)

Geurin, Virgil 5/17/1912-8/7/1995 married Anna Delois (dob 11/1/1918) 12/25/1937


Row 6

Moore, Martha Ann 9/1/1888-4/17/1972

         J Herbert 4/8/1880-10/14/1969

Ballard, Infant died 7/5/1904 age 24 days

         Alvena died 7/8/1904 aged 1 year 7 months

                  Children of A and A Ballard

Bunch, Tom F 5/31/1868-4/12/1963

Bunch, Coy Ann Brooks (dates illegible) wife of Thomas

Bunch, Martha “Mattie” Brooks (dates illegible) wife of Thomas

Bunch, Tommie, 08/00/1899 – 00/00/1899 – daughter of Martha and Thomas (most dates illegible)

Rowan          Ethel 1/17/1891-6/19/1963 

                  Fred 6/16/1888-3/16/1968

Serr, Agnes 1875-1963

Ballard, Rowland E, US ARMY WWII 1/20/1921-1/16/1994

Carmical, Sharon Ann  2/4/1945-10/16/1981

Eaves, Elvin Wade NAVY WWI 2/26/1922-3/17/1886

Crowson, Corey Nicholas, 2/1/1988-2/2/1988 son of Jeff and Shelly Crowson

Carter, Olin Franklin 12/9/1912-3/18/1995 T Sgt ARMY WWII married 10/20/1945

         Helen B (dob 5/20/1929)

Shipley, Paul K 5/17/1911-9/12/1997 married 3/5/1932

         Nancy N 3/12/1915-8/17/1996

Abbott, Carrol J 6/15/1942-1/17/1997 married 3/30/1963 (Ashby F/H) Lois L (dob 1/26/1946)



Row 7

Moore, Margie Rachel, 9/10/1915-3/10/1916

Moore, Lee Edward, 12/16/1909-12/20/1909

Depew, Anna J, 1865-1928

Depew, Sallie Bell 8/7/1860-9/8/1900

Ballard, Franklin, son of Sam and Mary Ballard, 8/10/1917-6/10/1919

Ballard, Sam H, 4/5/1896-2/10/1959

Ballard, Mary L, 6/8/1894-10/9/1965

Ballard, Linda Kay, 9/18/1957-7/11/1965

Browning, Bertie 1903-1982

         Iva 1907-1964

Powell, Amanda Leeanne, 9/3/1970-9/13/1992 (ashby fh); her marker says this: Birth Sept 3, 1970; Pilot Wings June 25, 1992; Heavenly Wings Sept 13, 1992; Flying With the Angels; [addition—she was a very good friend of my daughter, Denise, and (along with Denise) was enrolled in the Aviation Dept at Henderson State Univ, Arkadelphia, Ar., when she was killed in an auto accident]


Row 8

Nalley, Infant son of Carl and Gladys Nalley no dod or dob

Ivy, Lela M born 10/6/--10/8/1906 (very hard to read)

There are then about 3 tombstones that I could not read—one looked like

         Clemens, Vernon 5/2/1911 (or 5/27/1911) – 6/9/1911

Ivy, Henry T 7/20/1885-11/4/1950

         Zona M, 2/4/1900-4/25/1986

Bryant, Opal May 9/22/1917-11/9/1988 married 6/19/1943 James Elmer Bryant Sr. 1/12/1908-11/13/2000

Ivy, Frank 1/5/1910-7/14/1993

Neill, Hattie Bunch 1872-1955

McAllester, Jossie, wife of J. J., 5/31/1879-9/27/1932

McAllester, James J., 10/6/1870-9/4/1937

McAllester, Ida M., 1906-1999 (Roller Ballard FH)


Row 9

Ballard, Miles D., 3/1/1909-5/31/1969

         Mary C., 2/28/1909-11/10/1960

Glover, Violet Patricia 1/13/1921-5/3/1975

         Elmer Dan 3/27/1925-10/26/1988

Granderson, Pearl Mangum 9/16/1918-1/27/1966

Mangum, Virgil son of J.E. and S.M. Mangum, 5/2/1911-6/2/1912

Mangum, Sarah M, wife of J.E. 2/23/1878-10/23/1916

Mangum, Emmett 3/16/1872-6/4/1933

Collins, Soloma 7/14/1873-5/16/1949

Wright, Ella 6/21/1878-4/21/1963

Mangum, William J 6/16/1846-1/1/1907

Mangum, Mary Jane 11/27/1844-8/8/1922

Davenport, Boyce and Joyce 5/31/1938

Davenport, Lucille 7/15/1910-1/11/1986 married 7/4/1925

         Lloyd 12/31/1905-1/29/1988

Davenport, Jeffrey Edmond 7/27/1951-7/6/1989

Davenport, L. Edmond 2/13/1927-10/6/1986 married Catherine E (dob 8/22/1931) on 8/28/1947

Davenport, Christopher Michael, son of Jeffrey and Paula, 1/12/1977-4/8/1977


Row 10

Dixon, Doris dtr of Mr. And Mrs. G. F. Dixon 12/22/1916-9/10/1917

Dixon, Clara wife of Grover Dixon 4/8/1892-10/23/1918

Ballard, John Thomas 1881-1950

         Alice Dunn Ballard 1888-1948

Ballard, Little Will (no dates)

Mangum, Minnie A 10/16/1887-10/13/1961

Mangum, C. A. 1878-1943

Mangum, Vadis, wife of Charlie Mangum, 11/5/1888-2/12/1914 Woodmen Circle mem

Mangum, Martha Fay, dtr of Charlie and Minnie Mangum 4/2/1917-1/12/1920

Mangum, Henry T 6/14/1911-8/14/1967

Mangum, J. Harvey 6/26/1909-3/27/1974

Wright, James Ervin 10/9/1907-2/20/1994 US Army WWII married Sadie Lee (dob 6/30/1911 on 9/24/1929

Watts, Herman Junior 5/18/1916-10/16/1995 S Sgt US Army WWII married Virginia Kay (dob 2/22/1918) on 10/17/1937


Row 11

Ramsey, George B 1891-1975, Cpl US Army WWI

Ballard, Warren K 1909-1936

Ballard, Henry W “Fox” 1/31/1883-1/1/1964

         Ballard, Elda Bunch 5/3/1882-7/6/1966

Derrick, Raymond “Ray” 6/10/1914-11/8/1986 and Marie Louise (dob 4/26/1919)

Hawkins, Dee Troy, 1878 – 01/18/1942

Hawkins, Sallie Lee Cozart, 1872 – 07/17/1948

Hawkins, Bevily G 2/1/1907-5/29/1977

Hawkins, James T 3/4/1887-4/3/1966

Swopes, William Floyd 3/20/1918-4/20/1971

Swopes, Katie M 4/23/1898-12/12/1981


Row 12

Lane (nothing else)

Lane, Joe J 5/12/1892-5/15/1974

Ballard, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ballard 12/20/1935

Collins, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Collins 10/17-10/19/1933

Collins, Edith P 9/4/1893-8/26/1969 and Fred D. Collins 3/11/1893-5/7/1973

Lequieu, Coy E 8/9/1929-3/26/1995

Walters, Addie 1875-1957

Ramsey, Esther 10/12/1907-12/11/1982 married 1/9/1926 George Ramsey Sr, 8/4/1891-10/9/1975

Ramsey, Bobby Joe 2/25/1933-9/30/1933

Browning, Carl 3/22/1906-2/7/1981

         Browning, Angie 12/2/1907-3/7/1999

Browning, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Browning 6/9/1935


Row 13

Collins, Leon (Sam) 1/20/1914-10/26/1978

Carter, Hattie Lovel 1/18/1918-7/17/1997

Lovel, Roscoe R 7/7/1913-6/3/1959; Ark S2 USNR WWII

Lovel, Loretta, 6/3/1937-3/13/1938; dtr of Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Lovel

Collins, Wallen, looked like 1/17/1924 [faded]

Collins, Ethel Peeler 8/30/1892-2/3/1960

         Collins, W. D. 7/3/1887-10/24/1970

Collins, Olin E. 10/14/1919-3/24/1974 married 3/19/1966 Althea Rose (dob 6/30/1930)

Blakley, Ruby Hiblong 7/2/1902-4/24/1939

Blakley, E. P. 2/12/1854-2/6/1935

Blakley, Gordon W 11/17/1885-4/5/1959

Hart, William 1877-1929

         Hart, Lydia 1895-1941

Roberson, Harold E 12/15/1910-3/17/1965

         Roberson, Rachel V 1/28/1914-5/24/1988


Row 14

James, Daisy Welch 5/16/1896-3/14/1978

Welch, Richard B 10/2/1848-4/4/1925

         Welch, Mary M 4/14/1877-7/27/1943

McNeil, Reuben F 2/11/1911-12/23/1987 married 7/27/1929 M Ruth (dob 1/17/1912)

Welch, Daniel S 11/26/1905-7/14/1988 married 11/30/1929

         Welch, Effie M 10/29/1907-5/13/1990


Row 15

McAllister, Garland 2/29/1912-5/19/1980 married 11/11/1939 McAllister, Arline (dob 12/31/1923)

McAllister, Ed 2/8/1878-1/6/1930

         McAllister, Lillie 4/6/1883-10/15/1959

McAllister, Gilbert W. 04/06/1921-09/13/1990

McAllister, Alice Lorene, 10/08/1924-01/23/1987 (not sure which row graves are located)

Duncan, Edward N 7/13/1892-10/27/1969

         Duncan, Etta Mae 9/21/1894-10/18/1961

Duncan, Ramona 2/13/1926-4/9/1930

Phillips, Loyd Dwain 2/5/1934-2/19/1934

Fooks, Joyce Ann 8/20/1945-9/3/1945

Cochran, James D 6/13/1925-10/9/1949

Cochran, Ruth L 1/25/1882-2/17/1973

Cochran, James Ray 12/28/1941-2/23/1963

Cochran, Vera Mae 8/10/1908-3/1/1965

Cochran, Ivo Jr 2/4/1935-1/22/1977

Cochran, Mary F Eason 10/29/1936-8/24/1994


Row 16

Willis, Earl Franklin 1/12/1920-1/10/1982 married 6/17/1939 Willis, Mary Areminda (dob 4/29/1921)

Willis, W P 5/22/1882-6/3/1949

Willis, Idar L 9/25/1883-5/29/1941

Cordon, Kenneth, 1/16/1936-2/7/1936, son of L. A. and B

Cordon, Beatrice Petty 5/27/1906-10/1/1962

Cordon, Lewis A 1/12/1905-6/9/1980

Cordon, Ed J Sr 1869-1957

Cordon, Emma M 1865-1939

Evans, Verta Ivanelle 4/28/1936-5/1/1936

Evans, Floyd E 8/28/1896-1/9/1945

Edwards, Winnie Evans 11/9/1904-12/28/1988

Garrison, Lawrence E 12/3/1921-8/15/1975

Virdin, Mary 5/25/1922-10/11/1985, dtr of W.H. “Bill” and Thelma Willis

Willis, Aileen 7/15/1924-9/22/1992, dtr of W.H. “Bill” and Thelma Willis

Willis, Ervin 12/9/1919-7/19/1993


Row 17

Turbyfill, Calvin T 1892-1927

Ivy, Tom 2/2/1921-11/23/1978, FTC US Navy WWII

Ivy, Horrel D 9/5/1926-5/6/1957 Ark S1 US Navy WWII

Ivy, Elbert L 10/1/1888-11/30/1968 married 11/23/1910

         Ivy, Nola R 3/2/1891-2/3/1969

Ballard, W. Hubert (Nub) 5/12/1916-5/25/1967

         Ballard, Gerine C 7/18/1920-8/6/1997

Neill, Robert J 1912-1950


Row 18

Ivy, Raymond 3/12/1917-2/9/1988, Tec 5 US Army WWII

Petty, Willis E 6/28/1908-12/22/1989 married 1/14/1933  Lola M (dob 6/15/1913)

Carter, Johnnie Petty 5/10/1903-7/11/1982

Peeler, C. E. 1884-1937

Peeler, Pearl 1891-1960

Wright, Max E 12/7/1928-5/7/1994 married someone [no name on stone] 5/30/1948

Wright, Earl E 7/30/1905-12/13/1963

         Wright, Thelma M 11/20/1910-3/17/1972

Chastain Jr., William Floyd ( 5/2/1929-10/3/1999 (Ashby F/H) married 8/13/1949 Mildred (dob 9/23/1930)


Row 19

Pelton, Effie 12/10/1898-12/6/1934

         Pelton, Oscar 8/7/1880-5/8/1936

Pelton, Charles E 11/23/1934-1/25/1992 PFC US Army Korea

Kilgore, William 8/20/1860-1/13/1938

         Kilgore, Ida Cox 10/16/1860-6/1/1940


Row 20

Bryant, Della Fay 4/17/1940-7/8/1940

Wright, Charles Williams “Bones”, 5/26/1943-12/1/1999

Wright, Raymond W 6/9/1920-10/21/1978

Wright, R. Janettee 11/30/1941-7/19/1943

Wright, Doris 9/25/1920-4/2/1993 (Ashby F/H)

Ballard, Charles E 6/30/1898-7/5/1969

         Ballard, Bessie O. 3/25/1905-1/10/1940

Willis, Charlie 7/8/1903-10/13/1984

         Willis, Izora 12/25/1904-10/25/1941

Holiman, Tilman Carl 8/8/1907-4/24/1981

Holiman, Maggie 1880-1946

Holiman, Hubert G 2/20/1917-1/31/1998 (Ashby F/H)

Depriest, Steve O. 12/24/1938-9/13/1972

James, Paula Michelle Depriest 5/13/1965-6/8/1991


Row 21

Pelton, Infant 8/30/1938

         Pelton, Infant 4/6/1942

McClain, Edward 2/18/1907-3/27/1940

Garrett, Ruth McClain 7/10/1902-9/15/1991

Weaver, James T 9/25/1919-10/9/1985 married 7/5/1947 Mary N (dob 3/23/1920)

Pelton, Kenneth M., 1906-1954

Pelton, Mary E. 1905-1971

Ferrell, Webb Eugene Sr 2/2/1907-3/17/1985 married 7/3/1929 Laura Edith 4/22/1905-3/17/1984

Miller, Ramon Monroe 1/10/1926-11/2/1998 married 1/2/1948 Melba Juanita 4/25/1930 (no dod)


Row 22

Petty, Nathan M 3/12/1871-8/1/1942

         Petty, Lucy Jane Willis 11/22/1879-6/10/1968

Tyler, Irene Petty 1/13/1901-5/13/1980

Covert, George N 2/11/1881-11/16/1965

         Covert, Ida 7/25/1881-12/22/1942

Covert, Henry Floyd 6/6/1913-7/17/1959; Ark M1 USNR WWII

Covert, G. Harrison 1/26/1908-8/12/1981

         Covert, Esther E. 4/12/1910-12/31/1969

Covert, Larry W 3/16/1944-10/9/1994 US Air Force

Fonshill, Augusta S 1869-1944

Allen, Mary S. 1884-1967

Allen, Edgar L. 1882-1949

Allen, Mary A. Richardson 1907-1984

Radican, Clyde J 2/16/1895-4/12/1986 married 8/13/1919

         Radican, Iona V 10/25/1902-5/26/1990


Row 23

Cotten, Esther Swaby 5/3/1930-5/4/1952

Swaby, Ernest D 1907-1965

         Swaby, Isabell D 1906-1997

Wright, Rebecca J 8/13/1898-10/13/1961

Willis, J. W. 11/20/1920-6/11/1987 (US Army WWII) married 8/18/1947 D. La Verne (dob 3/26/1923)

Rogers, James Monroe 1/1/1909-1/23/1984 married 2/19/1939

         Rogers, Lora Mae 11/16/1911-5/30/1981

Willis, Albert Virgil 1/4/1909-7/27/1980 married Martha Lorene (dob 6/18/1911)

Garrett, Walter Edward 5/8/1919-12/8/1988 PFC US Army WWII


Row 24

Lowrey, Lou Frank 9/6/1920-3/29/1989 married Virgie Mae (dob 5/5/1922)

Forte, Cody Matthew 5/28/1987 born and died

Barker, Ludie Frances 5/10/1919-7/21/1997

Barker, James Jr 12/16/1921-8/9/1952

Hiblong, Lexie B 10/28/1905-4/6/1943 married 2/20/1924

         Hiblong, Howard J 5/7/1900-12/21/1969


There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery.



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