Arkansas Cemeteries


Olive Hill Cemetery

Saline County, Arkansas


Located on Chicot Road

Completed November 2000 by Ginger Ballard and Pris Weathers

Index graciously provided by Arkansas Ties


Akins, Charline P

Akins, Wm Hoyt

Bain, Mel

Barentine, Wanda Lou

Bart, Leonard

Barth, Edna Ross

Barth, Frank Joseph

Bauer, Anna R

Bauer, Auther

Bauer, Catherine Ethel

Bauer, Cordelia Amelia

Bauer, Elmer

Bauer, Jacob Franklin

Bauer, John T

Bauer, Mary E

Bauer, Ruben Willie

Bauer, William

Bauer, William Sr

Bean, Leroy

Bedwell, Benjamin M

Bedwell, C Lucille

Bedwell, Jenny M

Bedwell, Sarah L

Beene, Jerry Thomas

Beene, Mary Elizabeth

Beene, Patty

Best, Chester Wayne

Best, Katie Marie Squires

Bolin, Kimberley Ann

Brashear, Frances Red

Brewer, Emmett C/G

Brewer, Henry Edward

Brewer, Julia

Brewer, Laurie J

Brewer, Lester T

Brewer, Mary Jane 1830

Brewer, Mary Jane 1860

Brewer, Thomas M

Brewer, Viola I/F

Brewer, W R

Brewer, William R Sr


Bunch, Della M

Bunch, Ella A

Bunch, Grandville Green

Bunch, H H

Bunch, Jack

Bunch, Otis T Jr

Bunch, Pearlie L

Bunch, Wesley O'Neal

Bunton, Darrin Wayne

Burns, Fannie O Evans

Calton, Ethel

Carlton, Bruce

Causey, James Ray

Causey, Virginia B

Causey, W E 'Bill'

Causey, William B

Chenault, John Wm

Chretien, Everett

Conger, Jack Franklin

Cook, Wm Randall

Cotnoir, Kevin James

Couch, Bettie

Couch, Mary Francis

Couch, Pinkney

Couch, Thomas Allen

Cowing, H O

Cowing, Stanley C

Cowing, Viola

Cox, Bryan Craig Jr

Crabtree, Helen M

Craig, Bell Grogan

Craig, Lemuel Leonard

Craig, Mary

Crook, Ann

Crook, Jas E

Crouch, Larry Dale

Crouch, Ocie Lee

Crouch, O'Neal E

Crouch, William M

Cunningham, G Lorraine

Cunningham, Harvel H

Curran, Robert Lynn

Dare, Sarah E

Davis, Nancy E

Deleuil, Richard C

Dickson, Ed E

Dickson, Howard F

Dickson, Leora M

Dixon, Annie P

Dixon, Harllen G

Dixon, Myrtle Itha

Dixon, Ralph Harllen

Dollins, Bertie E

Dreger, Louise Roy

Duncan, Mary E

Easter, Barker C/G

Easter, Elbert D

Easter, Leonard H

Elkins, Edgar

Elkins, Fannie

Elkins, Mattie

Elkins, Thomas A

Elliott, Nell M

Elrod, baby boy

Elrod, Bertha

Ethridge, Ophel A

Farrell, John J

Farrell, John J

Farrell, Nannie M

Felty, Rilda A

Fisher, Dixie E

Fisher, Lee W 'Billy'

Ford, Burlin

Ford, Lillie M

Ford, Phyllis J

Ford, Shirley

Forrest, Cloyce Johnny

Forrest, Joann

French, Charles

French, Margaret Jo

French, Willie Lee

Fulmore, Eliza

Fulmore, Francis

Fulmore, Olida C/G

Fulmore, S H

Gauntt, Cora E

Gooch, Mollie Augusta

Gooch, Robert Lee

Graves, Mary

Green, Emmett

Green, Infant Sons G & M

Green, Reedie V

Green, Theodore E

Grissom, A W

Grissom, Collie W

Grissom, Edgar E Ellis

Grissom, Lula Carr

Grissom, Ovel

Grissom, Unknown

Grogan, baby

Grogan, Helen Lesley

Grogan, Horace Alfred

Grogan, James Cary

Grogan, Jane Mosier

Grogan, Jas M

Grogan, John A

Grogan, Lex M

Grogan, Mattie Pritchard

Grogan, Sadie Wilder

Grogan, Stella Lesley

Grogan, Thomas M

Grogan, Viola Orendorff

Hale, Curtis

Hale, Estes A

Hale, Ferdie R

Hale, Forney G

Hale, Hattie R

Hale, Ida May

Hale, Leana E

Hale, Shelby

Hale, Thomas O

Harris, Charles P

Harris, D L

Harris, Jewell E

Harris, R C "Rip"

Harris, Russell W

Harris, Thomas Clark

Hart, Frances Wade

Hart, James M

Hatten, Jennett

Hayes, Elizabeth

Henderson, Bessie Perkins

Henderson, George C

Henry, Harold Franklin

Henson, Minnie P

Hicks, Gary Wayne

Hicks, James H

Holland, baby

Holland, Jennie

Horn, Kizzia

Jackson, Ellen

Jackson, Fanny

James, Melba J

Jones, Dora

Jones, George W

Jones, Helen Loetscher

Jones, Myrtle Idelle

Jones, Robert

Jordan, Rickey A

Jordan, Vickie A

Keesee, William

Kling, Aberhart Philip

Kling, Clara E

Kling, Emma E

Kling, Emma Katharine

Kling, Fredenne Joanne

Kling, Gottlieb W

Kling, Icey Roberta

Kling, Infant 1914

Kling, Wesley Ray

Kumpe, Christophor C

Kumpe, Effie L

Kumpe, James

Kumpe, Robert Louis

Lanier, Georgia Jean

Lasater, Benjamin Virgil

Lasater, Cecil Grogan

Lasater, Lee Virgil

Lasater, Roy Benjamin

Latom, Elbert M

League, Hattie M

League, Homer

League, Thomas E

Lee, Annie

Lee, Ella Mae

Lee, Joe W 'Bud"

Lee, Joseph W

Lewellen, baby

Lewellen, Cora

Lewellen, Joseph

Lewellen, Thomas J

Lewellen, Vernie

Lozar, Ellen

Lozar, Lorena

Lozar, Nora

Lozer, Emma L

Lozer, Rozie

Lozer, Willie

Maher, Bobby

Maher, Steve

Marks, Ella J

Mashburn, Elizabeth

Mashburn, M Elizabeth

Mashburn, Yancy Berry

Matthews, Harley

Matthews, Irean

Matthews, Lucille

Matthews, Odis H

McBride, Alice C

McBride, Beulah

McBride, Charlie E

McBride, Jewell

McBride, Jim

McBride, Mildred

McBride, Roy

McBurnett, Coy Lee

McNeil, Evelyn Squires

Miller, Aaron

Miller, Melissa Agnes

Miller, Ruth Jones

Moore, Dora

Moore, Inf 1947

Moore, John Wm E

Moseley, Maude Hale

Myhand, Henry S

Myhand, Wilma A

Orick, Dan

Orick, Elizabeth

Orick, Helen I

Orick, James

Orick, John J

Outlaw, Ernest L

Outlaw, Lodie M

Pennington, A

Penson, W H

Perkins, Bob

Perkins, Clinton

Perkins, Lloyd C

Perkins, Pearl M

Powers, Bertha J Lottie

Prange, Gertrude Lasater

Prange, James Edward

Pritchar, Nancy Freeman

Pritchard, Addalaid S

Pritchard, Amanda

Pritchard, Andrew

Pritchard, Baby Girl

Pritchard, Belle

Pritchard, Bertie

Pritchard, Casper

Pritchard, Charles J Jr

Pritchard, Charley Jordan Sr

Pritchard, Clay

Pritchard, Clifton J

Pritchard, Cora Lee Hoover

Pritchard, Dora M

Pritchard, Ernest B

Pritchard, Flora

Pritchard, George T

Pritchard, Helen Pauline

Pritchard, Horace E

Pritchard, James H

Pritchard, Jane Thompson

Pritchard, John F

Pritchard, John Henry

Pritchard, Louis A

Pritchard, Martha E

Pritchard, Martin A

Pritchard, Rev Thomas J

Pritchard, Robert J

Raines, Nora "Laura"

Red, A C

Red, Arthur G

Red, baby

Red, Baby

Red, Baby

Red, Baby

Red, Cathy Marguerite

Red, Charles E

Red, Clay

Red, Dora Mae

Red, Ernest E

Red, Gussie G

Red, Harley James

Red, Harley L

Red, Herman M

Red, James Russell

Red, John L

Red, Mary Ellen

Red, Mary Etta

Red, Mrs E M

Red, Rillie C

Red, Thomas C

Red, Velma Owens

Red, W T

Red, Walter B

Redd, Iona Rae

Redd, Laura

Redd, Lewie Francis

Redd, Lillian Elizabeth

Redd, Venus Lester

Reeves, Infant

Rhimer, Grandfather

Rogers, Eve R

Ross, baby 1917

Ross, C A

Ross, Claudia

Ross, Florence B

Ross, James C

Ross, Lou Smith

Ross, Mary

Ross, Unknown

Ross, W A

Rowland, Baby

Rowland, Georgia

Rowland, Hal

Ryan, Callie Walls

Ryan, Jennie

Sanders Joe Riley

Sanders, D Gertrude

Sanders, Della Marie

Sanders, Eli

Sanders, Henry N

Sanders, J Edward

Sanders, John Thomas

Sanders, Laura

Sanders, M N

Sanders, Mary Ann

Sanders, Matilda

Sanders, Sam

Sanders, William

Sanders, William

Scott, Irma Red

Shackleford, baby 1946

Shackleford, baby 1948

Shoemaker, Ethel May

Siegler, Ernest J

Siegler, Myrtle Mashburn

Smith, Clara Sanders

Smith, James Michael

Smith, Larry G

Smith, Lee Roy

Smith, Robert W

Smith, Sherry Ann

Smith, Sophia

Snowden, Grandma

Squires, Agnes

Squires, baby 1974

Squires, Bessie Mae

Squires, C

Squires, Charles E

Squires, Donald E

Squires, Elizabeth

Squires, Emaline

Squires, Ernest Herbert

Squires, Florence

Squires, Infant son

Squires, James Arthur

Squires, James C

Squires, Joe

Squires, Joseph C

Squires, Laura C

Squires, Lillie B

Squires, William Floyd

Squires, William H

Squires, Wm Gordon

Stickney, Stella A

Tarlton, Mallie

Tarlton, Rev J J

Tartlton, Grandma

Thompson, James B

Thompson, Pearle M

Thoms, Friedrich

Thorson, Carolyn J Red Stanley

Traweek, Ethel

Traweek, Tom

Ulmer, Bertha M

Ulmer, Lillie May

Ulmer, Robert L

Ulmer, Venia I

Veazey, Guy M

Veazey, Ruth Hill

Waites, Barbra E

Waits, Lathon W

Waits, Mary Jane

Wall, Adelia A

Walls, Emma A

Walls, John A

Walls, Larra A

Walls, Lizy Wilkerson

Walls, Mary

Walls, Mattie V

Warner, ? 1907

Warner, Benjamin F

Warner, Ernest H

Warner, Geo W

Warner, Lura Ellen

Warner, Mabel I

Warner, Maude E

Warner, Roberta May

Warrick, Barbara J

Warrick, Lee

Warrick, Samuel C

Warrick, Samuel Charles Jr

Warrick, Vera E

Wells, J Alva

Wells, Mary E

Wells, Mary Louisa Mellott

Wetzel, Lydia Mae

Wetzel, Myrtis M

White, Elizabeth

White, George

Wilder, ?

Wilder, Baby

Wilder, Elizabeth

Wilder, Jesse

Wilder, R L

Williams, Joseph E

Williams, Rufus L

Wimpey, B F

Woodson, Birtie

Woodson, Mrs R M

Woodson, R M

Workman, Ralph Lewis

Yarberry, Alton 'Pete'

Yarberry, baby

Yarberry, Cannie P

Yarberry, D (numerous)

Yarberry, Fannie Adell

Yarberry, George Jason

Yarberry, George W

Yarberry, Ira Elizabeth

Yarberry, J Oscar

Yarberry, James Oscar Jr

Yarberry, Mary K

Yarberry, Willie Theo

Yarberry, Wm. Bill

Yarberry, Zora Elizabeth


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