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Submitted June 29, 2007, by Jerry McKelvy


This old cemetery is overgrown with brush.  It is about one acre in size and most of the monuments are in good shape.  An African-American cemetery also called Seminary Cemetery, is located on another road about Ό mile from this one, and it is still active. 


Directions: From downtown Stephens, go north on Hwy. 57 for 2.5 miles.  Turn left on a gravel road (Rd. 104) and go 9/10ths of a mile to a sharp curve to the right.  Two dim roads will leave the gravel road in this sharp curve.  The first one (Rd. 112) leads to the black cemetery still in use.  The second road is very dim and is about 50 feet from the first one.  The cemetery is about 2/10ths of a mile down this dim road and will be on your right.  There are large oak trees at the site, and you will have to look closely to see the monuments in the underbrush. 


About 25 graves marked by rocks or stones that could not be identified.  A large pile of bricks marked one grave. There could be many unmarked graves in this cemetery.


This record was made 1-12-2000 by Jerry McKelvy.


Autry, (Infant) –   b. 3-1-1893---d. 3-1-1893; son of Frank and Jacqueline Autry; inside concrete border


Burris, Cleropatro –  b. 12-21-1876---d. 1-15-1877


Campbell, Ella Maud –   b. 10-24-1885---d. 7-3-1886; daughter of W. J. and Josie Campbell


Campbell, Nanny –  b. 10-24-1881---d. 11-30-1881; daughter of W. J. and Josie Campbell


Campbell, Caley –  b. 7-4-1887---d. 9-2-1887; daughter of W. J. and Josie Campbell


Campbell, (Infant) –  b. 9-25-1888---d. 10-6-1888; daughter of W. J. and J. F. Campbell


Campbell, Josephine Snelson –  b. 11-25-1861---d. 9-29-1888


Campbell, Josie F. –  b. 11-25-1861---9-29-1888; wife of J. W. Campbell; this stone is 20 feet south of Josephine Snelson Campbell stone; same dates on both stones; stone broken; name missing in 2007 survey; J. F. C. on footstone


Gatlin, Leo Temperance –  d. 2-1?-1873; age ? days; daughter of Geo. W. and G. A. Gatlin


Gossett, John –  b. 6-24-1813---d. 8-7-1877; double marker with Elizabeth Gossett


Gossett, Elizabeth –  b. 3-3-1829---d. 9-2-1887; double marker with John Gossett


Gossett, Joseph Alma –  b. 9-10-1893---d. 1-29-1894; son of J. B. and Ida Gossett


Gossett, J. B. –  b. 5-2-1868---d. 10-11-1905; tall marker


Hall, Bernard –  b.July, 1869---d. Jan., 1873; son of J. B. and M. J. Hall


Hall, (Infant) –  b.8-22-1878---d. 8-23-1878; son of Theodore and Bettie Hall


Hall, John B. –  b. 4-7-1819---d. 7-19-1888


Hodnett, R. R. –  b. 7-25-1846---3-20-1939; Co. C – 1 GA Reserves – CSA


(Hodnett), B. R. –   b. 10-25-1879---2-14-1898; broken stone between two Hodnett graves; assumed to be Hodnett; B. R. H. on foot stone; grave is six feet south of R. R. Hodnett


Hodnett, Mary S. –  b.11-4-1873---d. Aug., 1883


Holt, William J. –  b.7-14-1878---d.2-4-1900


Holt, Nancy D. Beard –   b.11-27-1852---5-1-1894; wife of C. J. Holt


Holt, C. J. –   no dates; Co. K – 6 Ark Inf. – CSA


Jones, J. W. –  b. 12-8-1851---2-27-1900


Jones, Lena Bell –  b. 8-19-1891---9-7-1922; daughter of J. W. and C. E. Jones


Jones, (Baby) –  b.10-12-1890---10-12-1890; daughter of J. W. and C. E. Jones


Lary, William J. –  b. 10-8-1857---d.2-19-1858; age 4 mths., 11 days; broken stone


Lary, Eugene W. –  b.10-8-1858---11-22-1858; age 1 month, 14 days


Marshall, Recie –  b.1-19-1884---d. 10-5-1892; daughter of D. W. and A. J. Marshall; grave near trail


Marshall, Annie F. –   b. 11-2-1873---d.10-24-1882; daughter of T. L. and S. C. Meredith


Meredith, T. C. –  b.11-12-1811---8-14-1880


(Meredith), ???? –   rock marking grave between T. C. and Annie Meredith; assumed to be Meredith


Morgan, Beverly  –  d. 6-5-1883; age 37 yrs., 11 months, 8 days


Morgan, Elizabeth - d. 11-28-1874; age 65 years, 11 months, 20 days; marker off base near large oak tree


Morgan, G. A. –  d. 3-16-1877; age 25 yrs., 1 mth., 23 days; marker lying on ground, but not broken; found a foot stone in cemetery with initials G. A. M., but it was not near this head stone; did not find this stone in 2007 survey


Parker, G. W. –  b.7-16-1836---10-9-1857; broken stone by oak tree with bricks


Pelky, L. B. –  b. 1835---d. 1894


Polk, (Infant) –  b.11-27-1886---12-24-1886; son of  Frank and M. L. Polk


Polk, Loyd –  b.1-17-1888---d. 8-3-1888; son of Frank and M. L. Polk


Ray, B. F. - b. 6-23-1837---d. 11-14-1859


Smith, William - b. 1-15-1803---d.7-30-1889; grave near trail


Snelson, James M. –  b.12-18-1856---7-10-1884


Tribble, Lelia White –  b.9-19-1881---8-30-1906; mother of J. D. “Jeff” Tribble; foot stone has same dates and “wife of H. C. Tribble”


Watkins, Katie –  d. 12-29-1898; mother; age 40 years; double marker with A. J. Watkins; she also has a single stone 10 feet south of double marker


Watkins, A. J. –  b.12-16-1829---d. 4-20-1915; double marker with Katie Watkins


Watkins, Margaret A. –  b.2-29-1836---10-15-1884; “our sister’s grave” on top of marker


Wesson, Eliza Jane Rideout –  b.8-12-1810---7-21-1896; wife of William T. Wesson


Wesson, William T. –  b.1-11-1810---4-16-1886


Wesson, J. W. –  b.2-18-1851---d.11-8-1902


Wesson Margaret E. –  b.8-15-1854---d.9-30-1891; wife of J. W. Wesson


Wesson, Willie M. –  b.3-25-1883---d.8-13-1885; daughter of J. W. and M. E. Wesson


Wesson, Addie E. b. 7-15-1878---d. 8-2-1885; daughter of J. W. and M. E. Wesson


Wesson, Irene –  b.12-24-1888---d.1-24-1889; daughter of J. W. and M. E. Wesson


Wesson, J. Ernest –  b.9-11-1873---d.11-6-1897


White, Martha N. –  b.11-20-1853---8-28-1900; age 46 yrs., 9 mths., 8 days; wife of John C. White


White, W. F. –  b. 10-5-1876---d. 8-18-1902; son of J. C. and M. N. White


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