Arkansas Cemeteries


Plumlee Cemetery

Compton, Newton County, Arkansas

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

Original Listing Jan 15,2003, by Rosa Cline

Updated December 16, 2008

Additions by Deana Smith, July 18, 2003


This is a INCOMPLETE- WORK IN PROCESS listing of people interred at this cemetery. My husband and I have begun to transcribe this with headstone photos on Nov 2006, I will update as I get the photos.


I have made an alphabetical listing before the actual transcriptions below. Beside each name I have noted if I have an obit ( obit ) ,

a headstone photo ( hd pic ) , or an actual photo ( pic ), or a newspaper article ( art )   for that person. Below that listing is the

actual transcription of the stones. This listing is in the order in which the photos were taken. So it will kind of give you an idea of stones beside one another.


If you would like me to share with you, or you share extra data please feel free to contact me. However, please have the respect to not

contact me to complain when I don’t have what you request. I will be more than happy to share with you what information I have on the

people listed below . If you would like to send me data on your family or friends buried at this cemetery,

I would be more than happy to accept and add the data into my listings. Please feel free to contact me.


I hope this listing helps these people to always be remembered. To try and help folks to always be remembered when they have

gone on before us is the main reason I do what I do. And helping folks find family or friends in the process is a good plus as well.


* Henry Acuff  pic  hdpic

* Rebecca Acuff  pic  hdpic

Michael Alford  “Mick Alford”

Vernon Alford  obit

Reeta Allred  obit

Fern Armer  hd pic

* Helen Armer  hd pic

Infant Son Armer  hd pic

* J. Amos Armer  hd pic

* John Armer  hdpic

Lillian Armer  hd pic

Margaret Armer  hd pic

* Mary Armer  hdpic

Noah Armer  hd pic

* Orvil Armer  hd pic

* Ozias Armer  hdpic

William Armer  hd pic

* Paul Atkinson  hdpic

Ida Bartlett

* William Bentley  hdpic

Emmie Blackston

Ida Blackston

Effie Brewer

* Tommy Byrd  “Ronald Byrd”  pic  hd pic

* Jessica Cantrell  pic  obit  hdpic

Margaret Carter

Benny Cochran  hd pic

J. Pearl Cochran  hd pic

W. Coil Cochran  hd pic

Edra Davidson

* Amber Decoteau  pic  obit  hdpic

Ronald Disheroon

* Freeman Eastep  hdpic

* Joshua Eastep  hdpic

Cassie Frederick  hd pic

* Clarence Frederick  hdpic

James Frederick  hd pic

* Ottie Frederick  hdpic

Ronald Frederick

Dorothy McNair

Howard Mitchell

* Levi Mountjoy  hdpid

* William Plumlee  hd pic

William Plumlee

Dewitt Sims

Genieve Sims

Carter Sisco

Zelma Spencer

* Carl Ward  hdpic

* Jessie Ward  hdpic

Beulah Wilson




Rebecca M       (their                Henry L

Feb 28, 1914     pic)                  Feb 18, 1899

Jan 1, 1989                               Aug 20, 1974

We Shall Meet Again




Michael Tom Alford  “Mick Alford”

b. Apr 16, 1947 d. Jan 17, 2006

He was born in Harrison, AR and

died at Alpena, AR

Son of Rev Dell Alford and Freeda Woodworth Alford



Vernon Olta Estes Alford

b. may 19, 1904 d. Feb 29, 2004

She was born in Capps, AR and

died in Harrison, AR

Daughter of Oliver Estes and AMrtha White Estes

Wife of Roy Alford

(printed out copy)



Reeta J. Bowen Allred

b. June 27, 1929 d. June 3, 2006

She was born in Kingston, AR and

died at her home in Springdale, AR

Daughter of Harvey Bowen and Gertie Thomas Bowen

Wife of Loyd Allred

(printed out copy)



Vernon Olta Estes Alford

b. May 19, 1904 d. Feb 29, 2004

She was born in Capps, AR and

died in Harrison, AR

Daughter of Oliver Estes and Martha White Estes



Helen I. Armer

Daughter of

Horace and Virgie

April 26, 1939

Jan 1, 1940

(this is a flat stone)



Infant Son


Ozais & Mary


(this is a flat stone and the ground is beginning to cover it)


Son of Robert Ozias Armer and Mary Tennessee Snow Armer

related to my Howe families



J. Amos

son of

WN & M-



(rest under ground)






Mar 16,



Oct 6,



(online research)

John Samuel Armer Sr

He was born in North Springs, TN and

died in Newton County, AR

Son of Nelson Armer and Rebecca Plumlee Armer “Becky Armer”

Husband of Margaret Howe Armer

(related to my Howe families)


Margaret Ann


Sept 7, 1855  Sept 28, 1944


Margaret Ann Howe Armer

She was born in Taberville, MO and

died in Newton County, AR

Daughter of  William Howe and Margaret Cather Howe

Wife of John Samuel Armer Sr

related to my Howe families



Liza Armer

(This is a homemade standing stone with her name only)


(online research)

Eliza Armer

b. 1893 d. about 1907

Daughter of John Samuel Armer and Margaret Howe Armer

related to my Howe families



Mary T. Armer

1884 - 1937

At Rest

(this is a flat stone with the ground starting to cover it)



(cross)  ARMER            (cross)

(Masonic symbol)          (Masonic Star)

Noah M             Fern (Lyons)

Apr 24, 1916                  Jan 12, 1936

May 31, 1989                Nov 28, 1990

In God We Trust





APR 24 1916 (CROSS) MAY 31 1989


Noah Michael Armer

b. Apr 24, 1916 d. May 1989

He died in Fayetteville, AR

Son of Robert Ozias Armer and Mary Tennessee Snow Armer



Orvil G. Armer

son of

Horace and Virgie

Dec 21, 1936

Dec 22, 1936

(this is a flat stone)



Ozias Armer

Nov 26, 1881

Feb 28, 1954

The way of the cross leads home






8, 1858


29, 1930

Gone but not



(online research)

William M.B. Armer

He was born in North Springs, TN and

died in Compton, AR

Son of Nelson Armer and Rebecca Plumlee Armer

Husband of Lillian Ann Byers




May 18, 1862

Mar 30, 1939

Gone But Not Forgotten

Asleep In Jesus


Lillian Ann Byers Armer







OCT 5 1946  APRIL 27 1972




Ida Mae Brewer Bartlett

b. July 29, 1938 d. Aug 16, 2002

She was born in Delmar  and

died in Branson, Missouri

Daughter of Henry Brewer and Effie Guess Brewer






JUL 11 1924 (CROSS) OCT 5 1995

(flat military stone)



Emmie Jan Blackston

b. Dec 17, 1911 d. April 13, 2002

She was born in Madison County, Arkansas and

died in Siloam Springs, Arkansas



Ida M. Kelley Blackston

b. Sept 15, 1908 d. Jan 4, 2003

She was born in Chadwick, Missouri and

died in Augusta, Kansas

Daughter of Joseph Kelley and Alice Fletcher Kelley



Effie Guess Brewer

b. Aug 2, 1916 d. Aug 24, 2001

She was born in Osage, Arkansas and

died at her home in Compton, Arkansas

Daughter of Albert Guess and Mae Armer Guess



(his pic)

Tommy Ronald


Jan 29, 1944

Dec 14, 2002

“Bicycle man”


Ronald Byrd

b. Jan 29, 1944 d. Dec 14, 2002

He was born in Lubbock, Texas and

died in Mt. Home, Arkansas

Son of Tom Payton Byrd and Nelta Ladene Laird Byrd



Amber Decoteau                      Jessica Cantrell

May 25, 1981                            Dec 13, 1983

Oct 15, 2003                             Oct 15, 2003

(her pic)  DECOTEAU-CANTRELL  (her pic)

(her daughters pic)

Mother of                                 With

Mikiah Decoteau                      Unborn Child

Damiana Eklund


Amber Dawn Stanford Decoteau and Jessica Renee Cantrell

From injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident near Fallsville,AR

Amber is the Daughter of James Stanford and Barbara Renee Cross Tilley

Jessica is the Daughter of Jerry Don Cantrell and Barbara Renee Cross Tilley

(printed out copy)



Margaret M. Carter

b. Mar 30, 1916 d. Aug 20, 2001

She was born in Compton, Arkansas and

died in Salinas, California

Daughter of Thornton Sterling Carter and Julia Luper Carter




Edith O                         Benny A

Feb 7, 1943                   Aug 31, 1938

Sept 10, 1965




J. Pearl             married             W. Coil

July 14, 1917     Nov 13                          May 19, 1917

Nov 13, 1979     1937                             Nov 17, 1986



Edra Loe Martin Davidson

b. Nov 20, 1924 d. May 10, 2002

She was born in Compton, AR and

died in Harrison, AR

She was born in Compton, AR and

died in Harrison, AR

Daughter of Jessie Martin and Laura Allred Martin

Wife of Evert Devoe Davidson




Ronald R. Disheroon

b. July 22, 1946 d. Aug 27, 2002

He was born and died in Berryville, Arkansas

Son of Lewis Conner and LaVeta Trantham Conner

He served in the Marines during the Vietnam War



Husband and Dad



Mar 14, 1926

Oct 17, 1973

Asleep in Jesus



Joshua Aaron


July 17, 1989

Infant son of

Bill and Debbie Eastep

Gone to be an angel

Meet me in Heaven

(engraved pic of an angel with a lamb and a bird flying)







Cassie Smith Frederick

b. May 1841 d. Aft 1913

She was born in TN and

died in Madison County, AR

Wife of James Frederick

related to my Howe families



(engraved Dove flying)

Clarence Hulen


Sept 7, 1932

May 25, 1934

Our Darling






OCT 7, 1871


MAY 12, 1937


James Riley Frederick

b. Oct 7, 1871 d. May 12, 1937

He was born in Kingston, AR and

died in Osage, AR

Son of James Frederick and Cassie Smith Frederick

Husband of Rachel Ann Baughman Frederick

*he is distantly related to me through our Frederick families*




Ottie D.


At Rest



Ronald Lee Frederick

b. Mar 13, 1926 d. Aug 29, 2003

He was born in Grove, OK and

died in Springdale, AR

Son of Claude Frederick and Emma Edwards Frederick



Dorothy D. Slape McNair

b. May 31, 1912 d. Oct 10, 2003

She was born in Osage, AR and

died in Carroll County, AR

Daughter of Jim Slape and Rosie Slape



Howard T. Mitchell

b. May 5, 1837 d. Mar 28, 1930

related to my Cline families



Levi James


Jan 22, 1995

Jan 29, 1995

Grandson of Shirley Larson

(engraved pic of an angel praying)

(flat stone)



(This headstone has a bust of the man on the top of the stone)


Born in

Jackson now

Clay Co, Tenn.,

May 21, 1824


June 27, 1904


(military flat marker in front of his headstone)




MAY 21 1824  JUN 27  1904




William Jasper Plumlee

b. 1860 d. 1929

He was born in Jackson County, TN and

died in Newton County, AR

Son of Clinton Plumlee and Nancy Pennington Plumlee

Husband of Mary Watson and Eva Jane Frederick

related to my Howe families



Dewitt Talmage Sims

b. Oct 16, 1917 d. Nov 7, 2002

He was born in Capps, Arkansas and

died at his home in Edmond, Oklahoma

Son of T.D. Sims and Walsie Sims

Served in the Army during World War II



Genieve Alta Binam Sims

b. Aug 13, 1928 d. Jan 9, 2003

She was born in Possum Trot, Arkansas and

died in Berryville, Arkansas

Daughter of Thomas Winfield Binam and Larinza Dahl Slape Binam



Zelma Cline Spencer

b. June 13, 1913 d. Jan 7, 2003

She was born in Kingston, Arkansas and

died in Harrison, Arkansas

Daughter of Francis Alvin Cline and Artie Minnie Deatherage Cline

Wife of Delbert Spencer

(family relation to our Cline family)



(engraved cross) WARD (engraved cross)

Jessie A.                                              Carl W

Oct 26, 1906     In God we trust            Jan 2, 1902

Jan 27, 1995                                         Feb 1, 1976



Beulah Faye Sims Wilson

b. Sept 22, 1915 d. June 25, 2001

She was born in Compton, Arkansas and

died in Harrison, Arkansas

Daughter of Tom Sims and Josie Martin Sims




Minnie C. (Smith) Snow & William F. Snow, parents of Rayburn J., Oza Vick,

Snow Bailey, Ella Snow Marrow, Mable E. Snow Jenkins

(NOTE: Rayburn, Oza Vick and Mable E. are buried at Alpena Cemetery)


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