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Submitted  Feb 19, 2003, by Rosa Cline

Updated February 26, 2007

 This is a listing I have made from obits or other data that I have saved that I have gotten from various Arkansas newspapers.  In the listing at first of the names alphabetized,  beside each name I have noted if I have an obit (obit) , or an actual photo ( pic ), or article ( art )  for that person.All these the obit or newspaper articles it simply states “service”,


This listing is those that specifically said “cremated” without a burial place listed. If you know if any of the people on this list was in fact buried somewhere (even out of the state of AR) please contact me and I’ll move their name to their rightful resting place listing.


If you see anyone that I have an obit for and would like a copy, I will be happy to share that with you or you share extra data please feel free to contact me. However, please have the respect to not contact me to complain when I don’t have what you request.  I will be trying to update this listing as I have time for, and when I do I will put an “*” beside the newest data entered. I also try and not list anyone that their death is more recent than 6 mths or so, unless I personally knew them. Out of respect for them and their family I try and wait half a year for their mourning process.  


These listings are made from either obits or data given to me by other family or researchers.  I will be more than happy to share with you what information I have on the people listed below, but I cannot do physical look ups. If you would like to send me data on your family or friends buried at these cemeteries, I would be more than happy to accept and add the data into my listings. Or if you have driving directions, the town or anything else about the cemetery listed. (As my data comes from obits) Please feel free to contact me.


I hope this listing helps these people to always be remembered. To try and help folks to always be remembered when they have gone on before us is the main reason I do what I do. And helping folks find family or friends in the process is a good plus as well



Charles Almond "Wolf Almond"

Gelene Castleberry

* Fairan Davis  “Leon Davis”  pic  obit

* Judy Hites  pic  obit

* Francis Hodges  obit

Ray Kinnaman

Victor Langston

Debra Ledwell

Charley Meginnes

Earl Smith

Richard Stone

Grace Styles

* Elouise Waddell  obit

John Wallace "Jim Wallace"

Kermit Winters

Peggy Winterset






Charles Almond "Wolf Almond"

d. Oct 15, 2002

He died at his home in Jasper, Arkansas he was 35.



Gelene Smith Castleberry

b. Aug 24, 1922 d. Dec 16, 2002

She was born in Eufala, Oklahoma and

died in Harrison, Arkansas (She lived in Bass)

Daughter of Mitchel Theodore Smith and Lucy Savina Hallum Smith



Fairan Leon Davis  “Leon Davis”

b. Feb 7, 1940 d. Feb 20, 2006

He was born in Wagoner County, OK and

died in Tucson, AZ

Adopted son of Fairan Davis and Ethel Davis, Birth son of Kay Gilmore and Pearl Heath Gilmore

He served in the Army

His ashes were spread on J.W. and Betty Smith’s property in Newton County, AR

(newspaper copy)



Judy Arlene Lane Hites

b. Sept 8, 1961 d. Mar 30, 2006

She was born in Clarksville, Iowa

Daughter of Ed Lane and Arlene Willis Lane

Wife of Rick Hites

(printed out copy)



Francis Virginia Hodges

d. Mar 19, 2006 at the age of 84

He was born in Ardmore, OK

Son of Otis Virginia Hodges and Lottie Blevins Hodges

He served in the Navy during World War II

His ashes were thrown off of the back of a Harley Motercycle

(printed out copy)



Ray Marvin Kinnaman

b. Feb 21, 1948 d. June 22, 2001

He was born in Los Angeles, California and

died in Jasper, Arkansas

Son of Gene Orland Kinnaman and Katherine May Bailey Kinnaman

He served in the Navy

His ashes was sent to California where he was "joined with the ocean he loved"



Victor Roy Langston

b. Oct 19, 1935 d. Feb. 14, 2003

He was born in Joplin, Missouri and

died in Fayetteville, Arkansas (he lived in Jasper, AR)

Son of Victor Roy Langston and Etha Cox Langston

He served in the Army during the Vietnam War



Debra Ann Voda Ledwell

b. Dec 15, 1951 d. Sept 2, 2002

She was born in Brockton, Mass and

died in Fayetteville, Arkansas (she lived in Low Gap)

Daughter of William Voda and Gerogia Voda



Charley Meginnes

b. Jan 15, 1935 d. Sept 3, 2001

He died in Fairfield, California

He served in the Air Force



Earl Smith

b. Oct 28, 1926 d. July 17, 2001

He was born in Parthenon, Arkansas and

died in Ft. Smith, Arkansas

Son of Walter Smith and Walsie Sue Sain Smith



Richard F. Stone

b. Oct 23, 1920 d. Jan 3, 2003

He was born in Chester, N. H. and

died in Elyria, Ohio

Son of George Stone and Olivia Stone

He served in World War II



Grace Brockett Styles

b. Mar 2, 1919 d. June 20, 2002

She was born in Trousdale, County, Tennessee and

died in Harrison, Arkansas (she lived in Jasper)

Daughter of Oscar Brockett and Minnie Gross Brockett



John Charles Wallace "Jim Wallace"

b. Apr 22, 1917 d. Feb. 13, 2002

He was born in Newark, Texas and

died in Jasper, Arkansas

Son of Hubert Wallace and Naomi Foster Wallace

He served in the Navy



Kermit J. Winters

b. Dec 27, 1926 d. Sept 4, 2002

He was born in Altus, Oklahoma and

died in Jasper, Arkansas

Son of James Winters and Connie Reid



Peggy Winegar Winterset

b. Mar 16, 1921 d. July 16, 2002

She was born in Detroit, Michigan and

died at her home in Parthenon, Arkansas

Daughter of Earl Winegar and Lucy Evelyn Heath Winegar



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