Arkansas Cemeteries


Buckhorn Cemetery

Arbaugh, Newton County, AR


Transcribed by Robert & Rosa Cline, May 12, 2001


Directions: This cemetery is about 5 miles from the Newton County Line.

Starting at the Fallsville Store, turn on Highway 16 and drive 2.6 miles. Turn on dirt road, go about .7 miles and stay at the right at the "Y" in the road. The driveway to the cemetery will be sort of hidden but will turn off to the right. If you miss the turn to the dirt road you will go about 5 miles to the Newton County Line.


We are trying to collect obits for as many people as we can, so if anyone sees their families here we would like to hear from you, especially if you have anything to add to this information. If you see we have it noted that we have an obit that you would like for us to share, just e-mail us and we'll be happy to do what we can.


It took the two of us 2 hours and 5 minutes to transcribe this cemetery, and we hope you'll enjoy having it online. There were stones here that were hard to read, and stones that had been broken, but we've tried our best to transcribe as best as we could. Anything below the transcription in ( ) is stuff we know about the person mentioned, and if it is in ( ) that stuff isn't on the stone. I'm making a list at first of everyone there and under this list is the actual sayings & dates from the stones. I am making a list alphabetically before the actual transcriptions so it might make it easier to find someone you're looking for. Then below the list is the transcriptions. Enjoy.....


If anyone has any obits or know anything about any of these people feel free to e-mail us. We are trying to gather as many obits as we can, and make these people as "real" as possible, so even though they lived 100 or more years ago they truly will be "gone but not forgotten".


Robert & Rosa Cline


Argyl S. Adams

Bareethel Allen

Fanny Allen

Louly Allen

Vicie Allen

Willie H. Allen

Agnes Arbaugh

Albert Eugene Arbaugh

George W. Arbaugh

L A. A.

Lois A. Arbaugh

M. M. Arbaugh

Sherden Arbaugh

Walter Baucom

Wm. Arthur Baucom

Erma G. Boen

Marah Bell Boen

Oman Bohannon

Ples Bohannon

Annie Mae Boling

George W. Boling

Caroline Patterson Bramlett

Jeff D. Bramlett

Marion Bramlett

Infant Brison

Infants Brison

Andy E. Brison

Coy Lee Brison

Ethel Onita Brison

Nancy E. Brison


Bessie Brown

Burley Brown

Clifton Brown

Florence Brown

Gary L. Brown

Infant Daughter Brown

Infant Son Brown

Judy M. Brown

Ora Brown

Ruby Brown

William B. Brown

Elias Edward Bryant

Martha E. Bryant

A.C. Campbell

Edward Cole

Maudie Copeland

Anderson Cowan (or Cyrus Anderson Cowan)

Charlie R. Cowan

Dora Cowan

Elmer Cowan

Elmer Cowan

Everett Cowan

Henry Cowan

Infant daughter Cowan

Infant son Cowan

Martha E. Cowan

Martha Rebecca Wheeler Cowan

Minnie V. Cowan

Robert Riley Cowan "Bob"

Sarah Cowan

James W Davidson

Jason J. Davidson

Dewey Dewberry

James E. Handley

Verlie T. F. Handley

Haley Herriott

Nancy Ann Hibbard

Roy Lee Hibbard

Thomas J. Hibbard

John R. Horton

Margaret Marinda Cowan Horton "Rendy"

Saphrona Hoskins

Mary Susan Laughter

Fannie Lewis

J.B. Lewis

James M. Lewis

L. E. Lewis

Liza E. Lewis

Marget Jane Lewis

George Lickliter

Rebecca Long

William Long

Viola Ruth Lynch

Dora E. Lyons

J.L. Lyons

Elizabeth Frances Patterson Miller

Lewis Bible Miller

Mary Miller

William Miller

Zilphia L. Mooney

Allie O. Moore

Bill Nuckolls

Frank Nuckolls

Sarah Nuckolls

William W. Nuckolls

Mary Edna Paterson

Alpha Ardeth Patterson

Bertie Patterson

Darel Elbert Patterson

Elizabeth J Cowan Patterson

Idabell Patterson

Infant Patterson

Infant daughter Patterson

John W Patterson

Laura M. Patterson

Mary E. Patterson

Sarah E. Qualls Patterson

Sterling Riley Patterson

Thomas Patterson

Tobitha T. Cowan Patterson

W. R. Patterson

Emily Patton

Earl Patton

Ervin Patton

Eva Patton

Lee Patton

Loyd Patton

Margret Patton

Troy Patton

Elmon Pruitt

Billie Ritchie

Dell Ritchie

Coral Z. Ryker

Gladys Ryker

Gussie Ryker

Lillie L. Sams

Patricia Larue Shain

Amanda Dawn Stepp

Buster Stepp

David Wayne Stepp

Floyia May Stepp

Harley Stepp

Lona Lucille Guess Stepp

Ruben Suel Stepp

William Stepp

Infant daughter Sutherlan

Lovie Marie Sutherlan

Billy Ray Turner

Carrie E. Turner

Charles E. Turner

Don Edward Turner

Fern Turner

Hiram C. Turner

Sarah J. Turner

T.T. Turner

Vernon Turner

Frank VanMeter

Hettie Mounts Wagers

W. M. Wagers

James T. Wilson

Virgil Lee Wimmer



Argyl S. son of

Mr. & Mrs. G. F. Adams

b. June 25, 1916 d. July 21, 1916


Sacred to the Memory of our

Bareethel C. daughter of

T.H. & R. (J?) Allen

born Aug-?, 18, 18?? (1887)

deceased Oct. ? (1), 188?

(This stone was VERY HARD TO READ)


(engraved picture of hands shaking)

Fanny Allen wife of

Joseph Allen

born 1824

died Dec. 27, 1899

age 75 years

thy kindom come they will be done on earth

as it is in Heaven



In Memory of

Louly Allen infant of

J. B. Allen

born Jan the 9, 1887

died Feb the 7, 1888


Willie H. Allen

born Feb. 2, 1880

died July 28, 188? (1881)


(this stone was hard to read)


? (Vicie) Allen loving daughter

of (T.H.) & (P.J.) Allen

born July 22, 1878

deceased Aug. 2, 188? (1888)

(this stone was VERY HARD TO READ)


Agnes Arbaugh



(engraved picture of a tree and a lamb)

"Little Buddy"

Albert Eugene Arbaugh

b. Feb. 25, 1933 d. Dec. 22, 1935


George W. Arbaugh

1885- 1952



(this is a flat stone lying on ground with a field stone at head)


Lois A.

daughter of G.W. & Rebecca Arbaugh

b. Dec. 9, 1920 d. Mar. 9, 1942

Gone but not forgotten


(cement slab over about 7 sizes graves, there is a total of 4 stones

2 with writting and 2 without)

M.M. Arbaugh

b. July 16, 1867 d. July 15, 1942

Fareweel my wife and children, all,

From you, a father, Christ has called.

A loving husband and a father dear,

A faithful friend lies buried here.


Sherden Arbaugh

was born Jan. 18, 1889

died July 23, 1895

son of M.M. Arbaugh

Here the boy as my dear

child lies his soul.

Has past from earth to

Heaven no more on earth

can we see him. But by

and by the time is

coming that we can

meet him in Heaven.


Walter son of

William & C. R. Emeline Baucom

born Feb. 9, 1894

died March 8, 1899

(the mother's name was really hard to read)


Wm. Arthur Baucom

b. Feb. 9, 1893 d. Mar. 24, 1962

(this is a flat headstone)


Marah Bell daughter of

A.L. Boen & wife

born Dec. 23, 1888

died Aug. ?, 1890?




b. Sept. 14, 1854 d. Apr. 24, 1889



b. Dec. 12, 1856 d. Mar. 5, 1942

gone but not forgotten

P.B. O.N. B. (foot markers)



George W.

b. Jan. 30, 1888 d. Feb. 22, 1968

Annie Mae

b. May 10, 1896 d. Oct. 29, 1964



Caroline Patterson Bramlett

b. Feb. 16, 1850 d. Mar. 24, 1917

(this is a flat headstone)


Jeff D. son of

J.W. & Caroline Bramlett

born Mar. 10, 1887

died Oct. 10, 1887

We will meet again

(this stone was broken in two, hard to read)


Marion son of

J.W. & Caroline Bramlett

born Jan. 26, 1891

died Aug. 12, 1894

We will meet


Infant Brison

(small flat stone)


Infants Brison

(small flat stone)


Andy E. Brison

b. Apr 10, 1872 d. May 1, 1955

Death is a shadow across the path

to Heaven

(this is a newer stone someone has put there for him)


Coy Lee Brison

b. Dec. 3, 1934 d. Dec. 17, 1934

(this is a flat newer stone someone has put there for him

it looks just like Ethel Brison's and it has a lamb on it)


Ethel Onita Brison

b. May 31, 1921 d. Nov. 4, 1922

(this is a flat newer stone someone has put there for her

it looks just like Coy Brison's and it has a lamb on it.)


Gone To Rest

(engraved picture of gates of Heaven)

Nancy E. wife of

A.L. Brison

born Jan. 2, 1876

died Dec. 22, 1911


(She was the daughter of Robert Riley "Bob" and Martha Rebecca Wheeler Cowan.

She died in Fallsville, AR.)



(chisled out in a stone)


Bessie daughter of

Mr & Mrs W.B. Brown

b. Dec. 21, 1901 d. Dec. 21, 1901

asleep in Jesus

(looks like Infant daughter and Infant son Brown's)




b. Feb. 26, 1911 d. Apr. 23, 1969


b. Aug. 4, 1912 (no death date)




Gary L.

b. Apr. 21, 1945 (no death date)

In Loving Memory


Judy M.

b. May 22, 1947 d. Sept. 11, 2000

(on back) BROWN


Infant daughter of

Mr & Mrs. W.B. Brown

b. Dec. 22, 1913 d. Dec. 22, 1913

sleep in Jesus is

(the rest of the stone and phrase is sunk into ground)

(this stone looks like infant son and Bessie Brown's)


Infant son of

Mr & Mrs W.B. Brown

b. Sept. 24, 1904 d. Oct. 4, 1904

asleep in Jesus

(this stone looks like infant daughter and Bessie Brown's)




b. Aug. 16, 1917 d. Jan. 29, 1997


b. Nov. 5, 1909 d. June 1, 1971

At Rest



William B.

b. July 3, 1872 d. Dec. 30, 1946


b. June 12, 1872 d. Aug. 18, 1939

In Loving Memory


Elias Edward Bryant

b. May 29, 1876 d. Nov. 19, 1931


(engraved picture of gates of Heaven)

Martha E. Bryant

b. Nov. 23, 1878 d. Jan. 16, 1915

She was the sunshine of our home

(this stone is about 4 1/2 foot tall)


A.C. Campbell

b. 1830 d. May 11, 1914


Edward Cole

b. 3-1851 d. 9-1917

(this is a flat homemade headstone)



Maudie Copeland

b. June 26, 1892 d. Jan. 1, 1918

Erma G. Boen

b. Mar 24, 1889 d. May 27, 1945

Lived and died Christians

(this is a double headstone)


Anderson Cowan

b. Feb. 25, 1877 d. July 17, 1958

( his name might have been Cyrus Anderson Cowan, and he may have

died on the 1st, 15th or the 17th.)

(this is a flat headstone and looks like Dora Cowan and Allie Moore's)


Charlie R. son of

J.F. & M.M. Cowan

born Sept. 7, 1900

died Jan. 27, 1902

gone but not forgotten


Dora Cowan

b. Dec. 21, 1881 d. Jan. 23, 1926

(this is a flat headstone and looks like Anderson Cowan and Allie Moore's)


Elmer son of

J.F. & M.M. Cowan

born June 20, 1907

died Dec. 26, 1908

gone but not forgotten


Elmer Cowan


son of S.A. and Dora Cowan

(this is a flat newer stone someone has recently put out there for him)

(this stone looks just like Everett Cowan's)


Everett Cowan


son of S.A. and Dora Cowan

(this is a flat newer stone someone has recently put out there for him)


Henry son of

W.R. & Millie Cowan

born May 9, 1898

died Nov. 18, 1906

Gone to a fairer land

of treasure and love

To join the bright band

of Angels above

(His parents were William Riley and Milly Hignite Cowan)


Infant daughter of S.A. & Dora Cowan

born May 2, 1908

died May 11, 1908

we will meet again


Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Cowan

B&D May 3, 1919

gone to be an angel


Martha E. daughter of

S.A. & Dora Cowan

born June 28, ????(1900)

died Feb. ?, ????(1902)

(this stone was really hard to read)


Martha R. wife of

Robert Cowan

b. July 9, 1842 d. Dec. 5, 1924

She waits for us at the pearly gates



(Martha Rebecca Wheeler Cowan. She died at Fallsville,AR)


Minnie V. daughter of

S.A. & Dora Cowan

born June 26, 1898

died April 26, 1899

we will meet again





(the rest was hand written in)

Gone but not forgotten

in loveing & _____

my dear husband

born ______4, 1842

died Mar 7, 1906

Robert Cowan husband of Martha R. Cowan


(Robert Riley "Bob" Cowan born Aug. 4, 1842 in Alabama,

he died March 7, 1906 at Fallsville, AR)


Sarah daughter of

W.R. and Millie Cowan

born July23, 1900

died Nov. 23, 1902

we will meet

(Her parents were William Riley and Milly Hignite Cowan)


James W-aver (Weaver?) son of

B.(or R) J & N.L. Davidson

b. Sept. 8, 18?? (1892) d. May ?? (11), 1898

(hard to read)


Jason J. grandson of

perry m.davidson

was born Dec. the 20, 1881

died July 7, 1894

to bloom in heaven

(this stone is transcribed as it is, the lower case letters was on there)


Dewey Dewberry

b. Sept. 22, 1898 d. Dec. 15, 1900


James E. son of

J.H. & M.I. Handley

born July 19, 1907

died Nov 18, 1907

we will meet again


Verlie T. F. daughter of

J.H. & M.I. Handley

born Dec. 9, 1908

died Feb. 8, 1909

we will meet again


Haley Herriott

b. Mar. 29, 1886 d. Apr. 24, 1953


In Loving Memory

Nancy Ann Hibbard

Oct. 2, 1876-July 30, 1929

(this is a flat headstone)





NOV. 4, 1919 (CROSS) JUN 8, 1981


In Loving Memory

Thomas J. Hibbard

b. Mar. 19, 1874 d. Apr. 6, 1953



John R.

b. Mar. 29, 1877 d. May 3, 1956


Marget M.

b. Oct. 28, 1882 d. May 3, 1949


(Her full name was Margaret Marinda "Rendy" Cowan Horton.

Her parents were Robert Riley"Bob" and Martha Rebecca Wheeler Cowan)


Saphrona Hoskins

b. Nov. 6, 1883 d. July 12, 1937

(this is a flat headstone)


Mary Susan Laughter

b. May 14, 1883 d. Mar. 21, 1910

(this is a flat headstone)



(this stone has been broken and the only thing left is the base)

(foot marker) L.E. L.



come ye blessed

(engraved picture of gates of Heaven)

Fannie E. wife of

J.M. Lewis

born Jan. 13, 1849

died Apr. 2, 1913


(this stone is about 3 1/2 foot tall)


J.B. son of

J.M. & Fannie Lewis

born Feb. 4, 1884

died May 10, 1905

aged 21 yrs 3 mths & 6 days

A little time on Earth

He spent till God for him His

angel sent.

(this is a stone which stands about 4 1/2 foot tall)

J.B.L. (foot marker)



at rest


Liza E.



James M.




(engraved picture of Hand pointing to a crown)

In Memory of

Marget Jane daughter of

J.M. Lewis and wife

born Jan. 10, 1881

died July 22, 1890

aged 9 yrs 6 mo. 12 days



George Lickliter


(this is a flat headstone)





b. Jan. 11, 1876 d. Dec. 12, 1944



b. Jan. 11, 1874 d. July 18, 1924

(on back)

Mother Father

(there is a stone statue of a lamb on top of stone and two stones for foot markers)


Viola Ruth Lynch

b. 6-9-24

d. 6-12-24

(this is a hand carved homemade concrete marker w/field stone behind it)




b. Aug. 15, 1879 d. Apr. 16, 1935

at rest

Dora E.

b. Nov. 22, 1887 d. Apr. 16, 1967

(this is a flat headstone)

(he also had a different stone beside the flat one)

J.L. Lyons

b. Aug. 15, 1879 d. Apr. 16, 1935

our loving Father at rest



(this is a painted rock)


Elizabeth Frances Miller

1843- CA 1893

(this is a flat newer stone someone has put out there for her.

And looks like Lewis, William, and May Miller's)

(Elizabeth's madien name was Patterson. She was born Aug. 27, 1843 in Tennessee

She was married to Lewis on March 18, 1880 in Cobbville, Johnson County, AR)


Lewis Bible Miller

1840- CA 1895

(this is a flat newer stone someone has put out there for him

And looks like Elizabeth, William and Mary Miller's)

(Lewis was born in Indiana, and died in Fallsville, AR

He married Milvaria Shoulders then Elizabeth Frances Patterson)


Mary Miller

daug of L.B. and E.F.

1886- CA 1902

(this is a flat newer stone someone has put out there for her

And looks like Lewis, Elizabeth and william's)

(In my research I found her birth as being March 1886 in Oark, AR

but her death as being About 1900, at Oark, AR She is Lewis Bible

and Elizabeth Frances Miller's daughter)


William Miller

son of L.B. and E.F.

CA 1881- CA 1885

(this is a flat newer stone someone has put out there for him

and looks like Lewis, Elizabeth and Mary's)

(He was born about 1881 in Johnson County, AR and died about 1885 in Johnson County, AR

He was the son of Lewis Bible and Elizabeth Frances Miller)


In memory of

Zilphia L. daughter of

J.D. & M.G. Mooney

born Jan. 1, 1890

deceased April 12, 1892


Allie O. Moore

b. Jan. 3, 1919 d. May 20, 1941

(this is a flat headstone and looks just like

Anderson and Dora Cowan's)

(this stone looks just like Elmer Cowan's)







Bordner Monument Co. Noblesville, Ind


Frank Nuckolls


died 1931

age 27

Greer Funeral Home

Ozark, Arkansas

(funeral home marker only)





OCT 29, 1845 NOV 26, 1927

(military stone only)


Mary Edna Paterson


(this is a flat headstone)


Alpha Ardeth daughter of

L.T. & Martha Patterson

b. July 2, 1912 d. Apr. 21, 1913

(foot stone) A.A.P.

(I found that she is the daughter of Lewis Thomas and

Martha Ann Atkins Patterson. She was born in Fallsville, AR)


Bertie Patterson

b. Oct. 6, 1907 d. Dec. 21, 1907

Dau of George & Paralee

(I fount that she had a twin brother)

(This is a flat headstone and a newer one someone has put out there for her.

It looks just like Infant daugther Patterson's)


Darel Elbert son of

L.T. & Martha Patterson

b. Apr. 16, 1914 d. June 30, 1916

(foot stone) D.E.P.

(I found he is the son of Lewis Thomas and Martha Ann Atkins Patterson.

And he was born in Fallsville, AR)


Elizabeth J. Patterson

wife of S.R. Patterson

born Sept the 7 1865

departed this life Sept. 23, 1894

(I fount that she was the daughter of Robert Riley and Martha Rebecca Wheeler Cowan.

She died in Fallsville. and her husband was Solomon.)


In Memory of

Infant of P.A. & C.H. Patterson

born March 22, 1894

died April 10, 1894

aged 19 days

blessed are the dead who is in the Lord


Infant Dau of

George & Paralee Patterson

(She was born September 28, 1901 and died in 1901 in Fallsville, AR)

(this headstone is flat and a newer one that someone has put out there for her.

It looks just like Bertie Patterson's)


John W. Patterson

b. Feb. 21, 1908 d. Dec. 2, 1910


Laura M. Patterson

b. Feb. 26, 1882 d. Feb. 10, 1895

(this stone looks like Sarah Patterson's)


Mary E. Patterson wife of

William T. Patterson

was born Jan, 8 A.D. 1883

died Aug. 28, A.D. 1898

Her heart was bound with mine by

love good works for to maintain

but she is gone to Christ

(the stone is broken here. Broken into 3 pieces)

(foot stone) M.E.P.



(engraved picture of hands shaking)

Sarah C. wife of

C.H. Patterson

died June 16, 1890

aged 32 yrs 10 mo 6 dys

May she rest in peas Amen

her the flesh of Sarah

which often makes me

weep an cry an when she

goiam saltsfid she

sored from earth to

paradise -- husband.

(this stone I transcribed it just as he wrote it.

I could have wrote it the way it sounds like he wanted it to be,

but I thought it means more to see how someone who couldn't spell or write

very good left a message for all to see now 100 years later....)


Sarah E. Qualls Patterson


wife, mother, and friend

(this stone looks like Laura M. Patterson's)


Sterling Riley Patterson

born Dec. the 8, 1882

departed this lif Sept

the 13, 1894 son of

S.R. Patterson and

E.J. Patterson


(engraved picture of Holy Bible)

In Memory of

Thomas Patterson

born March 29, 1810

died June 12, 1890

aged 80 years 2 months 13 days

(this stone is with Tobitha's inside a wrought iron fence under a tree

in the middle of the cemetery)


Tobitha wife of

Thomas Patterson

born nov. 18, 1835

died July 10, 1914

She was an affectionate mother and faithful in end

(foot marker) T.P.

(this stone is with Thomas's inside a wrought iron fence under a tree

in the middle of the cemetery.)


In Memory

W.R. Patterson

died August 5, 1890

aged 1 month 26 days

asleep in Jesus

In Memory of

Idabell Patterson

died August 28, 1890

aged 1 year 10 m 12 d

Infants of Charles & Sarah Patterson

(this is a double old headstone)




Emily F.

b. Dec. 4, 1881 d. Aug. 6, 1957



b. June 10, 1881 d. Mar. 18, 1960



(cross) PATTON (cross)


b. Dec. 18, 1901 d. Dec. 27, 1974

Asleep in Jesus- In God's Care


Earl son of

Lee and E.F. Patton

born June 19, 1903

died Aug. 13, 1908

gone but not forgotten

(old and hard to read)

(he has two stones the one above is old and hard to read

then someone has put this newer one out there for him)

(heart shaped stone)

Earl Patton

b. June 19, 1903 d. Aug. 13, 1908

son of Lee and Emily Patton

(on back) Patton

gone but not forgotten


Ervin Patton

b. Mar. 24, 1906 d. May 20, 1943


Loyd Patton

b. 4-24-1914 d. 4-27-1970

at rest

gone but not forgotten

(has flat military foot marker)





APRIL 24, 1914 APRIL 27, 1970

(also has a metal marker)

Loyd Patton

1914 1970



Margret Patton


wife of Thomas Patton

(M.P. on foot marker)

(this stone is a newer one someone has put out there for her.)


(Cross) (and engraved picture of hands)

In God's Hands

Troy Patton

b. July 25, 1920 d. Apr. 21, 1990


Elmon son of

G.R. & M. Pruitt

b. Oct. 24, 1903 d. June 27, 1905

at rest

(This stone is a square about 1 1/2 foot tall

hard to read)


Billie daughter of

M.C. & Dell Ritchie

born July 21, 1905

died Feb. 26, 1907

at rest

(this stone looks like Buster Stepp's)



Dell Ritchie

b. Apr. 16, 1868 d. Nov. 13, 1924

Wife of Miles Ritchie

(this is a flat headstone)


Coral Z. daughter of

W.G. & M.E. Ryker

born May 12, 1902

died Jan. 17, 1906

gone but not forgotten


Gladys Ryker

b. Mar. 8, 1909 d. June 5, 1920

(engraved picture of a lamb)

(this stone is a flat newer one someone has put out there for her

and looks like Gussie Ryker's)


Gussie Ryker

b. June 12, 1917 d. Nov. 19, 1918

(engraved picture of a lamb)

(this stone is a flat newer one somene has put out there for her

and looks like Gladys Ryker's)


Our Beloved Sister

Lillie L. Sams

b. Feb. 23, 1918 d. Jan. 9, 1999

In the Arms of Jesus

(her funeral home marker reads: Lillie L Sams 1918 1999 Roller-Cox)

(I have her obit it says she died on the 10th. She was born to

George Washington and Annie Mae Turner Boling.)


Amanda Dawn Stepp

B. 11-11-72 (?)

D. 2- (1 or 7)- 78 (?)

(This is a field rock with the writting chisled out on it)


Buster son of

R.S. & Dell Stepp

born Mar. 29, 1897

died Aug. 26, 1897

at rest

(this stone looks like Billie Ritchie's)


David Wayne Stepp

1957 1989


(Funeral home marker only)


Floyia May Stepp

6 mos

Roller Funeral Home, Arkansas

(funeral home marker only)



Harley Stepp

b. Dec. 22, 1907 d. Nov. 13, 1996

In Loving Memory

(funeral marker Harley Stepp 1907 1996 Roller cox)


Lona Lucille Stepp

1938 2001


(funeral home marker only)

(I have her obit. She was the daughter of Tom B. and Goldie Marie Dickard Guess

died Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2001)


Ruben Suel Stepp

b. Nov. 24, 1867 d. Apr. 1, 1898

Hus. of Del Dewberry

(This is a flat newer stone someone has put out there for him

it is in front of a field stone.)


William Stepp

b. Jan. 1828 d. Dec. 14, 1907

Henderson Co. N.C.


Patricia Larue Shain



Infant Daughter of

Sol and Jennie Sutherlan

B & D Feb. 13, 1920

(this is a flat headstone)


At Rest

Lovie Marie wife of

Arthur Sutherlan

b. Aug. 29, 1912 d. Nov. 6, 1934



Billy Ray Turner

July 4, 1940

(no death)

In Memory

(on back) Turner

(flat foot marker)

Billy Ray Arbaugh Turner

July 4, 1940


Carrie E. Turner

b. Oct. 12, 1907 d. Nov. 29, 1970


Charles E. Turner

b. Aug. 13, 1903 d. Apr. 19, 1983







JULY 19, 1924 OCT 29, 1971

(flat military stone only)


Fern Turner

b. Mar. 2, 1937 d. Jan. 16, 1938



Hiram C. Turner

b. July 13, 1910 d. Mar. 23, 1991

(on back) TURNER

(funeral home marker reads: Hiram C. Turner 1910 1991 Roller-Cox)



Sarah J.

b. May 10, 1874 d. April 3, 1950


b. Sept. 5, 1850 d. June 30, 1939

Our loving parents they are gone.

They ask us all to follow on.

They said work for Jesus while you can,

and meet us over in the Glory Land.


Vernon Turner

b. Oct. 23, 1914 d. Apr. 15, 1983

(funeral home marker reads: Vernon R. Turner 1914 1983 Cox Funeral Home Paris-Clarksville, AR)


Frank son of

Mr. & Mrs. H. VanMeter

b. Nov. 29, 1911 d. Jan. 9, 1914

Darling, we miss thee


Hettie Mounts Wagers


(this is a newer stone someone has put out there for her)





(Civil War stone and very hard to read)


(engraved picture of hands shaking)

James T. Wilson

born Sept. 4th, 1868

died Oct. 18, 1885


Virgil Lee Wimmer

Feb-Mar. 1930

(this is a flat headstone)


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