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Williams Cemetery

near Red Star, Madison County, AR

"Gone but not forgotten"

Submitted By Robert & Rosa Cline

Directions: Going from Fallsville (Newton County) West on Highway 16 to Red Star (Madison County) turn right on Madison County Road 3605. Drive right 1 mile (you will cross over a low water bridge and also a cattle guard) until you come to a "Y" in the road. There you will see a sign with three cemeteries on it pointing to the right... Don't take the right... Go on the left of the "Y" (you are now on Madison County Road 3500) you will drive 2.9 miles and the cemetery will be on your left out in a field.

The road is pretty okay to drive on using a car or a low chasied vehicle, as long as you go slow and pay attention to where you're driving. We went in a pickup.

We are trying to collect as many obits of these people as possible. So if anyone would like to contact us about or to share an obit we would appreciate it. We also have headstone pictures for everyone that has a headstone, and we can scan them for anyone who would like to see them.


We feel that if we all share with one another then these people's memories will always be.


Sam Beck

Rosie Lee Williams Collins

William Harrison Collins

Marvin Lavern Cook

Rockey Cook

Addie Burk Ledbetter

Lavon Ledbetter

Mart Ledbetter

William Charles Ledbetter "Charlie"

Boyd Lyman

Cassie Lyman

Frankie Walker

Alpha Verde Steele Williams

Charles Oren Williams

Ethel G. Williams

Franklin Williams (J.F. Williams)

Jack Williams

Johnie F. Williams

Martha Jane Williams

Nannie M. Neff Williams

Sarah Williams

Squire B. Williams

Susan Jane Skelton Williams

Tommie Williams

Willie H. Williams



Sam Beck





Rosie Lee

b. Nov. 22, 1904 (her headstone has no dates but she died Sept 9, 2001)

married apr 24, 1920


William Harrison

b. May 20, 1888 d. May 27, 1989

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

(on back)


Our Children

Frank, Susie, Virginia,

Ben, Sarah, Walker

Cleo, Billie, Floyd

Dotson, Ethel, Melba

(I have a copy of her obit: She was the daughter of

John Franklin Williams and Susan Jane Skelton Williams)




Marvin Lavern Cook

1943 1975

(this is a flat headstone)



(this is just a funeral home marker and rain has made

the writing faded and smeared..the below is as best I could read it:)

Rockey (Marvin?) (Cook?)

born 196-

age 19

(Brashears Funeral Home ?)




Addie Ledbetter

b. Dec. 18, 1883 d. Dec. 13, 1947

(headstone looks like Charlie Ledbetter's)

(She and William Charles Ledbetter were married April 1901)




Charlie Ledbetter

b. Jan. 9, 1878 d. July 8, 1956

(headstone looks like Addie Ledbetter's)

(In my research I found William Charles Ledbetter was the son

of Harvey Carrol Ledbetter and Nancy Catherine Rector Ledbetter.

He and Addie Burk Ledbetter was married April 1901)



Lavon Ledbetter

b. Jan. 23, 1937 d. Oct. 19, 1943



In Loving Memory

Mart Ledbetter

b. Jan. 24, 1907 d. Aug. 20,1975





b. June 26, 1912 d. Apr. 19,1998


b. Nov. 25, 1919 (he's still alive)

In My Father's house are many mansions

(engraved picture of a church)



Frankie Walker

b. Dec. 30,1912 d. Dec. 1, 1935

(this is a flat headstone)



Charles Oren Williams

b. Sept. 27, 1930 d. Oct. 5, 1930

(this is a flat headstone)




Ethel G.

b. Sept 22, 1913 (still alive)

married May 26, 1934

Johnie F.

b. June 17, 1907 d. Dec. 2, 1989



Franklin Williams

Co C 1 Ark Inf.

(Civil War marker)


(this is a homemade marker which I feel is a foot

marker for the Civil War marker for Franklin Williams.

As it was at the foot of that grave...but could be two different people)

J. F. Williams

died Jan. 18, (1924?)





b. July 21, 1876 d. Feb. 29, 1950

married Feb. 28, 1904


b. Feb. 5, 1890 d. Oct. 12, 1954

Parents that Prayed



Martha Jane Williams

b. Oct. 27, 1905 d. Dec. 12, 1911

(this is a flat headstone)



(this is a single base with three separate stones)

(engraved picture of praying hands with a book)


Nannie M. Neff Williams

b. Dec. 10, 1911 d. July 7, 1933

Married May 3, 1930

Gone But Not Forgotten

(has a flat foot marker Nannie Williams b. Dec. 10,1911 d. July 7, 1933)


(engraved picture of praying hands with a book)


Squire B. Williams

b. Nov. 14, 1909 d. Oct. 29, 1993

O Death, where is thy sting,

O Grave, where is thy victory?


(engraved picture of praying hands with a book)


Alpha V. Steele Williams

b. Dec. 24, 1915 d. Mar. 28, 1992

married Nov. 13, 1942

Gone to sing with the Heavenly choir.



Rosevelt Williams

Nov. 22, 1904 - Feb. 5, 1970

The Rose my fade the lily die

but the flowers immortal bloom on high.

(this is a flat headstone)



Susan Jane Williams

b. July 14, 1870 d. July 3, 1957

(this is a flat headstone)

(Her maiden name was Skelton)



Tommie Williams

b. May 2,1915 d. June 16, 1916

(this is a flat headstone)



Walking the Sea

In Loving Memory of Our Daddy

Willie H. Williams

b. Apr 7, 1907 d. Apr. 2, 1998

At Rest


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