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"Gone But Not Forgotten"

Submitted Jan 23, 2003, by Rosa Cline

Updated August 31, 2006


This is a partial listing of people interred at this cemetery.

I have obits for some of them, if anyone would like a copy. I have made an alphabetical listing before the actual transcriptions below. Beside each name I have noted if I have an obit, a headstone photo, or an actual photo for that person. If you have found my name with a note of having an obit on a previous listing I can not guarantee I still have it unless it is noted below. I still have lots of things I’ve not found and added in. But I can not guarantee anyone copies of anything I have, but I will share with you’ll what I have. So if you would like me to share with you, or you share extra data please feel free to contact me. However, please have the respect to not contact me to complain when I don’t have what you request.  I will be trying to update this listing as I have time for, and when I do I will put an “*” beside the newest data entered. (Even if the name has already been there from a listing before if I have * beside I have added data or corrected data there.) I also try and not list anyone that their death is more recent than 6 mths or so, unless I personally knew them. Out of respect for them and their family I try and wait half a year for their mourning process. So most “new” deaths will not be listed. However if you have a family member you want added I will add them in.


I live too far away from this cemetery to actually do any look ups. These listings are made from either obits or data given to me by other family or researchers.  I will be more than happy to share with you what information I have on the people listed below, but I cannot do physical look ups. If you would like to send me data on your family or friends buried at this cemetery, I would be more than happy to accept and add the data into my listings. Please feel free to contact me.


I hope this listing helps these people to always be remembered. To try and help folks to always be remembered when they have gone on before us is the main reason I do what I do. And helping folks find family or friends in the process is a good plus as well.


DRIVING DIRECTIONS: (These came from a friend of mine who I believe copied them from a transcription done by the Madison County Historical Society. These directions are their “words”) “Go east from Springdale on Highway 412; turn north (left) on Highway 303 toward the War Eagle Mill. At the “T”, turn right and the cemetery is on the left side of the road.”  WARNING: I don’t know how old those directions are, she gave them to me March 2005. In 2006 I do know they have been doing construction so take the above directions as a guideline only!


Zuma Anderson

Larry Artman

Rev. Cecil Bilderback

Dewey Bilderback

Florence Bilderback

Mable Bilderback

Wilma Boan

Grace Bohlen

Gordon Bowlin

Harrell Bowlin

Line Bowlin

* Robert Decker  obit

* Myrtle Eaton "Nancy Eaton"  obit

* Jim Garvin  obit

Frances Hill

* Barbara Lawson  pic

Lawrence Lawson

Norman Lawson "Tobie Lawson"

Edith Long

William Long

Aunita Mason

Rev. Jack Mason

Luther Moon

Clint Mowery

Orvid Mowery Jr "O.C. Mowery"

* Georgia Olson  obit

Sue Patenaude

* Mary Richardson pic

Junior Roles

Simon Russell

Earl Sisemore "Bud Sisemore"

Delia Stevens

Stella Summers

Virginia Terrill "Kathy Terrill"

* Grant Thomas  news art

Aline Thompson

* Tommy Tyson  news art

Tim Whittle





Zuma Stevens Anderson

b. Aug 3, 1918 d. Sept 8, 2002

She was born in Springdale, Arkansas and

died at her home in Best, Arkansas

Daughter of Robert Stevens and Anna Danford Stevens



Larry Dale Richardson Artman

b. Aug 6, 1948 d. Jan 27, 2003

He was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas and

died in Little Rock, Arkansas

Son of Richard Artman and Beulah Artman



Rev. Cecil Willie Bilderback

b. Feb. 19, 1921 d. Nov 11, 1996



Dewey Edward Bilderback

b. Jan 14, 1944 d. Jan 20, 1993



Florence Gladys Bilderback

b. Mar 4, 1905 d. Dec 13, 1982



Mable Charlotta Bilderback

b. April 24, 1918 d. July 7, 1998



Wilma Ellen Page Boan

b. Nov 18, 1936 d. Jan 8, 2004

She was born in Washington County, Iowa and

died in Fayetteville, AR

Daughter of William Clifford Page and Clara Ellen Anderson Page



Grace Maud Davis Bohlen

b. April 30, 1906 d. Nov 27, 2000



Gordon Bowlin

b. Feb. 7, 1927 d. July 20, 2001



Harrell Doc Bowlin

b. Dec 15, 1941 d. Aug 12, 2001



Line Amanda Parisien Bowlin

b. July 25, 1953 d. Aug 2, 2003

She was born in Sisco Island, Quebec, Canada and

died in Springdale, Arkansas

Daughter of Claude Parisien and Marielle Mercier Parisien



Robert Decker

b. July 28, 1938 d. April 4, 2005

He was born in Lebanon, MO and

died in Springdale, AR

Son of Everett Decker and Delta Mae Casteel Decker.

He served in the Army.

(printed out copy)



Myrtle Gladys Bilderback Eaton "Nancy Eaton"

b. Sept 29, 1939 d. Jan 8, 2003

She was born in Nob Hill, Arkansas and

died in Springdale, Arkansas

Daughter of Vernon Bilderback and Florence Wolfe Bilderback

(printed out copy)



Jim D Garvin

b. Dec 27, 1913 d. Mar 25, 2000

He was born in Best, AR and

died in Springdale, AR

Son of  William Garvin and Mandy Sharp Garvin.

(newspaper copy)



Frances Darlene Davis Hill

b. Jan 8, 1953 d. Dec 30, 2003

She was born and died in Springdale, AR

Daughter of Harold Davis and Idesta Sizemore Davis



Barbara Avey Lawson

b. Jan 17, 1956 d. Aug 11, 2001

She was born in Mountain View, Arkansas and

died in Lowell, Arkansas

Daughter of Kenneth Avey & Alba Powell



Lawrence Herman Lawson

b. Sept 14, 1923 d. July 21, 2001



Norman W. Lawson "Tobie Lawson"

b. Mar 1, 1922 d. June 6, 2003

He was born in War Eagle, Arkansas and

died in Rogers, Arkansas

Son of Elmer Silas Lawson and Ellie Rogers Lawson

He served in the Army during World War II



Edith V. Bilderback Long

b. Sept 21, 1931 d. Jan 22, 1988


William Tony Long

b. Feb 28, 1921 d. May 13, 2003

He was born in Southwest City, Missouri and

died in Springdale, Arkansas

Son of William Long and Ellie Mae Trout Long



Aunita Mason

b. Sept 20, 1928 d. Mar 21, 1996



Rev. Jack Mason

b. Nov 1, 1925 d. Sept 19, 1998



Luther Daniel Moon

b. Oct 24, 1941 d. Sept 1, 1985



Clint Wayne Mowery

b. Jan 3, 1977 d. Oct 2, 2001

He was born in Gravette, Arkansas and

died in Gentry, Arkansas

Son of Gary Wayne Mowery and Deborah Shipman

(His grandpa is Orvid Mowery listed below)



Orvid Charles Mowery Jr "O.C. Mowery"

b. Dec 3, 1925 d. Aug 7, 2003

He was born in Chico, Texas and

died at his home in Spring Valley, Arkansas

Son of Orvid Charles Mowery and Bernice Stockton Mowery

(His grandson is Clint Mowery listed above)



Georgia Betty Stensrud Olson

b. Sept 26, 1927 d. Jan 21, 2003

She was born in Nortonville, KS and

died at her home in Hindsville, AR

Daughter of George Stensrud and Josephine Reaganary Stensrud

(newspaper copy and printed out copy)



Sue Ellen Boan Patenaude

b. July 28, 1957 d. Dec 11, 2003

She was born in Gardena, CA and

died in Tulsa, OK

Daughter of Kenneth Lavern Boan and Wilma Ellen Page Boan



Mary Ellen Richardson

b. June 29, 1942 d. July 22, 2001

She died in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Daughter of Charles Christopher Richardson and Allie Davis Richardson



Junior Roles

b. June 30, 1924 d. Jan 2, 2002



Simon Clay Russell

b. May 31, 1938 d. Mar 9, 2003

He died in Hindsville, Arkansas

Son of Charlie Russell and Bessie Beasley Russell



Earl Danel Sisemore "Bud Sisemore"

b. Jan 9, 1935 d. May 22, 2002

He was born in Spring Valley, Arkansas

and died in Washington County, Arkansas

Son of Jess Sisemore and Kathy Wolf Sisemore



Delia Ann Stevens

d. Mar 12, 2003 at the age of 86

She lived in Westville, Oklahoma at the time of her death



Stella May Lawson Summers

b. Oct 18, 1908 d. Nov 2, 2003

She was born in Hindsville, AR and

died in Springdale, AR

Daughter of Jim Evans and Ada Vaughn Evans



Virginia Terrill "Kathy Terrill"

b. June 16, 1966 d. Nov 3, 2003



Grant Thomas

b. Aug 14, 1972 d. Jan 31, 2003

He was born in Seattle, Washington and

died in Springdale, Arkansas

Son of Grant Christopher Thomas and Anna Marie Carroll Thomas

(newspaper articles)



Aline Reed Thompson

b. May 6, 1913 d. Jan 10, 2002



Tommy Lee Tyson

b. Oct 13, 2001 d. Nov 3, 2001

He was born in Fayetteville, AR and

died at his home in Huntsville, AR

Infant son of Corey Linn Tyson and Tammy Renee Ford

(newspaper article)



Tim Allen Whittle

b. Mar 23, 1958 d. Oct 16, 1999

He was born in El Centro, California and

died from a bad car accident near Huntsville, he died in Fayetteville, Arkansas



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