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Big Sandy Cemetery

Purdy, Madison County, Arkansas

Submitted 07/19/2003, by Rosa Cline

Updated May 13, 2008


This is a partial listing of people buried out at this cemetery.

I have begun to transcribe this cemetery with headstone photos, however, at this time I donít have very many photos. The below will state which names I have headstone photos for by having a (hd pic) beside their name.

I also have obits (obit)for some of the names listed, if anyone would like a copy. Sometimes there are pictures of the people (pic) with the obit. These listings are made from either obits or data given to me by other family or researchers.I will be more than happy to share with you what information I have on the people listed below, If you would like to send me data on your family or friends buried at this cemetery, I would be more than happy to acceptand add the data into my listings. Please feel free to contact me. I will put a * beside those that have been added since the last update.


Coming from Hwy 412 from Huntsville,you will get to Duvall Farm Rd on the right side of the Hwy.It is also CR 2315.(There wasn't a highway sign for the County Road but there is a wooden sign labeling it as Duvall Farm Rd.)After you have turned onto CR 2315 you will drive .4 miles and then you will turn left onto CR 2355.You will then drive 1.9 miles to a "T" turn right on CR 2355 (there was a sign for Big Sandy) drive .3 miles follow the "Y" to the right on CR 2355. (another sign for the cemetery), then drive .2 miles to another "T" go right on CR 2340 drive .4 and you will be at the church and cemetery.

There are several ways of getting to Big Sandy Cemetery, the above was just one way.††

Another way is from Kingston Square drive 3.7 miles on Hwy 21 and turn left onto CR 2350, you will drive 4.5 miles to the cemetery from this turn off, passing the Purdy Community Church. But this way the road is very narrow and rocky in places, and the county roads mix into one another and are hard to follow as CR 2350 turns into CR 2340 somewhere in there (CR 2350 will "T" off you will turn right onto CR 2340 and just follow it onto the cemetery) , and so because of the roads and hard directions, I wouldn't recommend this way.


Claburn Bolinger

* Genie Bolingerobit

Martha Bolinger

* Dale Cartmell obit

Shirley Coleman

Grace Drewyor

* Ollie Fosterobit

* Morgan Fowlerarthd pic

Donald Frederick

Frances Haffelder

* Sammie Howell obit

Willie Howell

* Winnie Howellobit

G. H. King

Syble Mitchell

* Edward Piguethd pic

* Mary Piguethd pic

Clark Ruff

* Bonnie Ticeobit

Cecil Tice

Charles Tice

Harvey Tice

Sibyl Tice

* Lindy Walker picobit

* Otis Willtobit

* Anna Yarbroughpichd pic

George Yarbrough

* Lloyd Yarbrough "J.B. Yarbrough"pic obithd pic



Claburn Notha Bolinger

b. Feb 7, 1912 d. June 15,1993

He was born at Whorton Creek, Arkansas and

died in Springdale, Arkansas

Son of Sam Bolinger and Aura Fowler Bolinger



Genie Ellen Wilder Bolinger

b. May 16, 1959 d. April 30, 2005

She was born in Rogers, AR and

died at her home in Springdale, AR

Daughter of Gene Audrey Wilder and Geneva Ellen McGarrah Wilder

(printed out copy)



Martha Jane Fowler Bolinger

b. July 13, 1907 d.Oct 22, 2001

She was born in Truth, Arkansas and

died in Springdale, Arkansas

Daughter of Sol Clark Fowler and Dovie Page Fowler



Dale Lee Cartmell

b. Oct 1, 1963 d. Jan 15, 2000

He was born in Huntsville, AR and

died near Huntsville, AR

Son of Gerry Cartmell and Marlene Cline Cartmell

(newspaper copy)



Shirley Ann McConnell Coleman

b. Nov 7, 1941 d. Jan 5, 2002

She was born in Ogailah, Kansas and

died at her home in Huntsville, Arkansas

Daughter of Charles McConnell and Elsie Wheeler McConnell



Grace Mildred Robertson Drewyor

b. Mar 7, 1913 d. Oct 28, 2001

She was born in Matherton , Michigan and

died at her home in Huntsville, Arkansas

Daughter of John Oliver Robertson and Eva Benjamin Robertson



Ollie Davis Foster

b. Mar 14, 1938 d. Aug 29, 2006

She was born in Raymondsville, TX and

died in Rogers, AR

Daughter of William Alvin Davis and Ollie Belle Smart Davis

Wife of Lester Archie Foster

(newspaper copy)



Morgan Brooke Fowler

b. Aug 1, 1997 d. Feb 8, 2003

She was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas and

died when her house caught fire, in Huntsville, Arkansas

Daughter of Rusty Allen Fowler and machelle Marie Fowler

(newspaper copy)



Donald Wayne Frederick

d. July 29, 2003 at the age of 60

He died at his home in Clarksville, AR

Son of Chester Frederick and Ruby Frederick Head



Frances Pauline Conklin Haffelder

b. June 16, 1946 d. Feb 23, 2003

She was born in Ava, Missouri and

died in Springdale, Arkansas

Daughter of Ephraim Conklin and Mable Holman Conklin



Sammie Lee Howell

b. Oct 31, 1925 d. July 26, 2005

He was born in Haught, LA and

died in Eureka Springs, AR

Son of Joseph Franis Howell and Dovie Mae Chandler Howell

Husband of Winnie Mae Thomas Howell

He served in the Navy during World War II

(newspaper copy)


Winnie Mae Thomas Howell

b. May 17, 1929 d. Dec 23, 2004

She was born in Bradley, AR and

died in Fayetteville, AR

Daughter of Henry Thomas and Aurella Spruell Thomas

Wife of Sammie Lee Howell

(newspaper copy)



Willie Bea Howell

b. Feb 24, 1916 d. Mar 8, 2001

He was born in Purdy, Arkansas and

died in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Son of Alfred Ditzler Howell and Margaret Ellar Spradling Howell

He served in the Army during World War II, and the Battle of the Bulge, he was a prisoner of War from 1944 -1945.



G. H. King

d. 1925

He was born in Fairview, Arkansas and

died in Madison County, Arkansas



Syble Idell Lander Mitchell

b. Nov 24, 1920 d. Mar 9, 2001

She was born in Cameron, Texas and

died in Huntsville, Arkansas

Daughter of Asa Lee Lander and Eunice Ann Bell Lander






Oct 4, 1848



(one side)

Mary J

wife of




June 29, 1841


Nov 9, 1903


Francis Edward Piguet

d. 1906

He was born in Louisville, OH and died in Madison County, AR

Mary Jane Ray Piguet

She was born in OH and died in Huntsville, AR



Clark A. Ruff

b. Jan 11, 1945 d. Apr 12, 2003

He was born in Arlington, Texas and

died in Rogers, Arkanas

Son of Albert Horace Ruff and Viola Francis Arrant Ruff



Bonnie Harwood Tice

b. Feb 27, 1915 d. Jan 12, 2004

She was born in Jones Community, AR and

died in Springdale, AR

Daughter of Charlie Harwood and Clara Howell Harwood

(newspaper copy)


Cecil Elmer Tice

b. June 30, 1916 d. July 5, 2002



Charles Elsworth Tice

b. Oct 22, 1875 d. May 18, 1944

He was born in Ft. Worth, West Virginia and

died in Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Son of Harvey Tice and Sibyl Parr Tice



Harvey H. Tice

b. June 18, 1844 d. May 9, 1930

He was born in Archer's Fork, Ohio and

died in Arkansas

Son of John Tice and Catharine Tice


Sibyl Parr Tice

b. Oct 5, 1848 d. Mar 31, 1930

She was born in Ohio and

died in Arkansas

Daughter of Samuel Parr Jr. and Eliza Cady Parr



Lindy Talbert Walker

b. Nov 3, 1930 d. Oct 7, 2005

He was born in Concordia, OK and

died at his home in Diamond City, AR

Son of Talbert Walker and Liza Watson Walker

Husband of Evelyn Agee Walker

He served as a Veteran

(newspaper copies)



Otis Kelly Willt

b. July 30, 1926 d. Nov 11, 2003

He was born in Oakland, MD and

died at his home in Huntsville, AR

Son of Charles Willt and Freda Kelly Willt

Husband of Virginia VanSteenburgh Willt

He served in the Army Air Force during World War II

(newspaper copy)



Anna Lou Auslam Yarbrough

b. Oct 22, 1933 d. Oct 10, 2002

She was born and died in Huntsville, Arkansas

Daughter of Dewy Auslam and Josephine Parker Auslam

Wife of Lloyd Eugene Yarbrough


Rev. Lloyd Eugene Yarbrough "J.B. Yarbrough"

b. Mar 30, 1928 d. Mar 16, 2000

He was born in Marble, AR

He died at his home in Huntsville, AR

Son of George Brown Yarbrough and Ona Bee Barnes Yarbrough.

He served in the Navy during World War II

(newspaper copy)



George Brown Yarbrough

b. Sept 28, 1880 d. Feb 23, 1948

He was born in Tennessee


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