Arkansas Cemeteries
 on October 7, 2002
Located off Hwy 8 on Dallas 409 (gravel road) at the end of the road on the left. Dallas 409 is on the left going towards Fordyce, and is directly across the highway from the road leading to Tulip Cemetery.
Surname First Middle Maiden DOB DOD Age Section GraveLocation County State Country Notes    
Allen Daisy Willie Sloane 23-Jun-08 10-Jul-92 Dallas AR USA Daughter of William & Mary SLOANE
Allen Jamie Sue Wilson 18-May-11 08-Jul-99 Mother
Allen Jimmy 13-May-51 22-Nov-82 Dallas AR USA At the age __ years. At Rest.
Allen Pearl Wilson 18-Apr-15 15-Jan-73 Dallas AR USA At the age 72 years. At Rest.
Allen Woody 21-Dec-11 31-Oct-86 At the age 77 years, In Loving Memory.
Amos Annie Warren 01-Aug-66 17 Mar__
Berry Reatha 25-Jan-32 17-Dec-94 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Bevins Rosie Lee Dobbins 17-May-35 11-Sep-93 Dallas AR USA
Collins A.  B. 00/00/1836 00/00/1955
Collins Rev. Alex Lee 08 Mar 1899 27-Sep-77 Dallas AR USA Husband of Bessie Lawson Collins. Double Head Stone.
Collins Bessie Lawson 12-Jan-05 12-Jul-95 Dallas AR USA Wife of Rev. Alex Collins. Double Head Stone
Collins Edna 17 Sep 1888 13-Dec-71 Dallas AR USA
Collins Lee Andrew 1928 1968 Dallas AR USA No Head Stone.
Collins Minnie Hawkins 17-May-22 17-Jun-85 Dallas AR USA Mother. In Loving Memory
Crain Lucinda Giles 27 Nov 1889 07-Jun-90 Dallas AR USA I will meet you in the morning.
Cross Annie Hawkins 22-Feb-07 04-Sep-88 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Davis Bulah, Mrs. 31-Dec-09 15-Oct-38 At the Age 29 years. Resting in peace
DeCone Minnie 24-Sep-78 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Dobbins Helen Smith 09 Apr 1898 14-Nov-42 Dallas AR USA
Dobbins Henry J. 23 Oct 1891 02-Mar-73 Dallas AR USA Gone but not forgotten
Fielder Lawrence Clevon 01-Oct-42 25-May-00 Dallas AR USA No Head Stone.
Glymph Mary Annie Sloane 1913 1990 Dallas AR USA Daughter of William & Mary SLOANE
Green Rev. John 21 Feb 1871 02-Jul-16
Griffin Willie Smith 31-Dec-00 31-Mar-89 Dallas AR USA
Harper Edith Doris Smith 22-Sep-31 14-Apr-84 Dallas AR USA Dau of Fanny Jones & Evaline P. Smith. At The age 53 years. Resting in Peace
Harper Forney 29-Apr-03 22-Nov-91 Dallas AR USA
Hawkins Annie B Smith 00/00/1908 00/00/1948
Hawkins Clementine 11-Aug-26 04-Feb-94 Dallas AR USA
Hawkins Eddie 1905 1970 Dallas AR USA
Hawkins George  07-Mar-11 05-Sep-92 Dallas AR USA US Army WWII
Hawkins Henvha S. 10-Oct-08 02-Mar-77 Dallas AR USA Mother. At the age 59 years. Gone but not forgotten.
Hawkins Hugh 20-Dec-03 07-May-71 Dallas AR USA
Hawkins Infant Son 11-May-53 11-May-53 Dallas AR USA Infant son of Junius Jr. & Dorothy Hawkins. No Gave Marker.
Hawkins Junius 01 may 1878 13-Oct-41 At the age 63 yrs At the age 63 years. Sadly Missed
Hawkins, Jr. Junius 07-May-17 12-Aug-97 Dallas AR USA
Hawkins Maggie Pattillo 11 May 1885 02-Feb-74 Dallas AR USA At the age 83 years. Sadly Missed.
Hawkins Oscar 14-Aug-19 23-Feb-72 Dallas AR USA At the age 53 years. Sadly Missed.
Hunter Lillie Bell Sloane 11-Mar-04 27-Oct-98 Dallas AR USA Daughter of William SLOANE & Lula SMITH
Jimerson Johnny 07-Jun-41 15-May-93 Dallas AR USA
Jimmerson Johnny 1940 1993 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Jones 28-Sep-11 Marker was broken, just says; wife of Henry Jones. Died sept 28,1911. As a wife, Devoted. As a Mother affectionate. As a friend ever kind & true.
Jones Bettie 01 Mar 1885 9/17/19?? Wife of Tom Jones. (Broken)
Jones Ben 16-Apr-00 01-Apr-63 In loving memory of. At the age__
Jones Eltezer Smith 1923 11-Jun-60 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Jones George  16 Jun 1890 03-Sep-73 Dallas AR USA
Jones Hazel Jones 28-Oct-12 09-Mar-84 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Jones Hugh 08 Dec 1896 20-May-77 Dallas AR USA Marker was buried.
Jones John  Henry 10-May-29 04-Nov-00 "He safe at home"
Lee David 18-Feb-66 25-Apr-86 Dallas AR USA
Means Vassie 16-Jun-15 25-Mar-80 Dallas AR USA Gone but not forgotten
Matlock Mattie Smith 27-Jan-17 16-Jun-95
Morris Lou  15-Aug-10 Age 88 years. Gone to a bright Home ________.
Owens Charles, Jr. 26-Jul-96 26-Jul-96 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Pattillo Callie 29 Feb 1896 03-Feb-47 At Rest.
Pattillo Kate 01-Mar-00 21-Nov-18 Dau of Ed & Patsy Pattillo. Beautiful, Lovely. She was but given a fair bud on earth
Pattillo Tom 23 Apr 1810 30 Jan1880
Penix Shirley Mae 24-Apr-45 16-Jun-00 Front: Mother. Back: In memory of our loving mother, who has made it home.
Roberts Gladys Smith 08-Jun-39 18-Jul-99 Dallas AR USA
Sams Clayton 00/00/1875 00/00/1919 Our beloved husband and father at rest.
Sams Daisy Lee 15-May-25 22-Mar-37 Gone to a better land
Scott Rederick L. 31 Mar __01 Age 28. No Marker.
Sloan Margie Del 03-Jul-44 17-Nov-44 Dallas AR USA Dau of Dorothy Lea SLOANE
Sloan Mary Birtha Smith 25 May 1885 11-Sep-33 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Sloan William  A. 08 Mar 1882 07-Apr-69 Dallas AR USA
Sloan Willie Earl 01-Mar-19 11-Mar-90 Dallas AR USA US Army WWII
Smith ?? 05 Sep 1889 09-Jan-01 Can't read headstone.
Smith Alex 21 Oct 1880 20 Sep 1897 Son of Alex & Lucy " We will meet again."
Smith Andrew Whitney 07-Jul-21 11-Feb-84 Dallas AR USA See Whitney, Andrew.
Smith Blake 1954 1982 Dallas AR USA Beloved one, farewell
Smith Rev. Booker T. 1916 1988 Dallas AR USA
Smith Clarence 04-Sep-05 05-Oct-88 Dallas AR USA
Smith Charles  J. 18 Dec 1861 08-Mar-37 Gone, but not forgotten.
Smith Curtis 14-Jan-26 12-Mar-72 Dallas AR USA At the age 54 years. Sadly Missed.
Smith Elise Dobbins 00 ???1895 31-Dec-46 Dallas AR USA No Marker. Wife of Richard S. SMITH.
Smith Eugenia 13-Aug-06 14-Oct-96 Dallas AR USA Wife of Rev B. T.
Smith Evaline P. 22-Dec-13 01-Aug-89 Dallas AR USA Wife of Green A.
Smith Fanny 22-Apr-05 Dallas AR USA
Smith Freedonia 00/00/1929 00/00/2001 No Marker. No Marker.
Smith George  McKinzey 22-May-02 03-Aug-82 Dallas AR USA At the age 80 years. Resting in Peace.
Smith George  W. 17-Jul-01 12-Jul-61 Dallas AR USA Arkansas PVT Co D 15 Inf Repl 18N WWI
Smith Georgia Ann  16-Feb-54 Dallas AR USA Wife of William Lee SMITH. "At Rest
Smith Green Arch 26-Jan-10 03-Jan-94 Dallas AR USA
Smith Hazel v. Sloane 1905 1981 Dallas AR USA Daughter of William & Mary SLOANE. "Rest in Peace."
Smith Howell "Hal" Mar 1872 1935 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Smith James C. 16-Jul-04 May-44 "At the age 40 tears. Sleep on at rest."
Smith James Charlie 21-Jun-39 03-Jun-63 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Smith James D. 03 Jul 1897 13-Nov-55 "Arkansas Cook US Army WWI"
Smith Leatha 14 May 1889 09-Sep-86 Dallas AR USA "Gone but not forgotten."
Smith Louella 28 Aug 1885 06 Apr 1888 "Dau of Alex & Lucy Smith. We will meet again."
Smith Lovlor_  A. Sep 1834 22-Jul-17
Smith Malinda Allen 09 Feb 1875 12-Sep-66 Dallas AR USA "Mother. At the age 91 years."
Smith Mattie A. Baugh 21 Jul 1896 28-Apr-70 Dallas AR USA
Smith May L. 27-May-16 21-Sep-48 Dau of Rev. & Mrs. W. B. Smith
Smith Mr. Monist 12-Jan-28 15-Nov-70 Dallas AR USA At the age 42 years. Sadly missed
Smith, Jr. Morris 03-May-32 05-Jan-88 Dallas AR USA
Smith Morris Calvin "Pete" 12-Jan-59 06-Jun-97 Dallas USA "Beloved Father & son"
Smith Otis  Lee 22-Nov-47 26-Sep-77 Dallas AR USA "At the age 31 years. At Rest."
Smith Patsy T. 15 Jan 1850 )6 Nov 1924 "Mother. Our dear Mother"
Smith Richard 08-Mar-09 07-Oct-96 Dallas AR USA
Smith Richard S. 01 Jul 1894 01-Dec-59 Dallas USA "Father. At the age 64 years. Sadly missed."
Smith Robert A. 26 Dec 1877 23-Jan-53 "At Rest"
Smith Rosa 15-Feb-16 Broken
Smith Sam M. 01-Aug-21 24-Sep-77 Dallas AR USA "US Army WWII"
Smith Thunia Jones 08-May-04 16-Oct-84 Dallas AR USA "Wife of George SMITH. At the age 80 years. Resting in Peace."
Smith Vanessa 05-Oct-56 23-Nov-90 Dallas AR USA In Loving Memory.
Smith William  M. 03-May-07 07-Apr-85 Dallas AR USA At age 32 years. Resting in Peace.
Smith William  Lee "Willie" 02 Apr 1879 18-Mar-56 Dallas AR USA
Smith William  T. "Dub" 01-Mar-31 01-Jan-98 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Smith Willie "Bill" Maxine 19-Nov-15 05-Jun-87 Dallas AR USA "Beloved wife of Albert Lloyd Smith"
Thomas Peggy Jean 00/00/1955 00/00/1999 No Marker.
Walker Bessie M. 25 May 1890 03-Dec-42
Walker Curtis 04-Nov-14 10-Dec-97  Husband "Husband"
Walker Henry L. 01-Jun-17 08-Jul-67
Walker Jim  25 May1890 03-Dec-42
Walker Ruth Ellen 28-Apr-08 12-Sep-77 Dallas AR USA
Walker Victoria 22-Sep-24 16-Jun-86 Dallas AR USA
Walker-Sloan Bessie Smith 02 Feb1896 23-Apr-76 Dau of Howall Smith, Wife of Jim Walker & William Sloane.
Warren Annie 02-Apr-01 At age 83.
Warren David 08 Dec 1885 10-Aug-42
Warren Mary 28-Jan-08 Wife of David Warren
Warren William  07 Feb 1881 25-Aug-21 Will Do Chamber 351. Kingsland, Ark (Broken)
Warren Willie D. 18-Mar-04 06-Sep-10
Whitney Andrew 07-Jul-21 11-Feb-84 At the age 62 years. See also Smith, Andrew
Williams Bradley 1994 1994 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Williams Carrie Sue Smith 16-Aug-29 05-May-98 Dallas AR USA No Marker.
Williams Mary Lea Smith 22-Feb-25 26-Nov-73 Dallas AR USA No Marker. Daughter of George & Thunia SMITH.
Williams Silas 23-Oct-22 09-Aug-94 Dallas AR USA In Loving Memory of, At age 72.
Wilson Mattie Carrie Smith 14 Mar 1888 22-Aug-72 Dallas AR USA At the age 84 years. In loving memory.
?? 25 Oct 1889 02-Oct-10 Age 20 years, 11 months, 25 days.