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Will of W. B. Selman

Will of W. B. Selman

County of Drew
State of Arkansas

   I, W. B. Selman, do hereby declare and make known this my last will and 
testament on relations to all my personal property and effect, and do hereby
require my executor to be Soley (sic) governed thereby :
   I wish my wife to be appointed my executor-----

   I wish my negroes, Edmund, aged 32 years, Mary aged 17 and Hamet aged 
16 years to be kept together, for the support of my wife and children, 
and by no means to be sold.

   I wish my wife to keep my place for the children and herself as a home,
unless she should find it much to her interest to dispose of the same.

   I wish the perishable property to be kept or just so much thereof as 
my wife may think necessary to keep up the home place, the remainder to be sold.

   I wish the accounts and notes, I hold, against all persons to be collected,
and with the money on hand, and the money arising from the sale of perishable
property to be appropriated to the payment of all my just debts, the remainder
to be kept for the support and education of my children.

   I wish my son, Henry to have my man Katy, to be his individual property.
   I wish him also to have the rifle and son Robert, to have my shot gun, 
which I hae carried during my service in the army, to keep as a memento of me;
   Signed   W. B. Selman
Robert S. Farish
James Miles
W. E. Payne

State of Arkansas
County of Bradley
   In the probate court of the county of Bradley, January term 1866.
   On this the 9th day of January 1866 came Robert S. Farish and James Miles, 
witnesses to the annexed and foregoing will, who being duly sworn, do make oath
that W. B. Selman, the testator to the annexed and foregoing will, being of
sound and disposing mind did sign publish and declare the same to be his last
will and testament in the presence of us who, in his presence and in the presence
of each other and at his request did sign our respective names thereto as witnesses.

   Robert S. Farish
   James Miles

state of Arkansas 
County of Bradley 
    Be it remembered that on this 9th day of January 1866, the annexed and
foregoing instrument of W. B. Selman was presented to the court of Probate
of Bradley County, by Rice, B. Green and at the same time and place came
Robert S. Farish and James Miles  witneses who swore and subscribed the
foregoing affidavits, and being satisfied with the Proof of Said Will, the
will and proof is admitted of Record
   In testimony whereof I, W. G. Wiess clerk of the circuit court and 
ex officio Clerk of Probate Court have hereunto set my hand and official
seal this 9th January, 1866
    signed W. G. Wiess, Clerk  

Transcribed for the Bradley County Wills page by Ann Ragsdale and made available by Peggy Bowman who went to the courthouse and copied it, and Jann Woodard who shared it.

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