Bradley County, Arkansas Wills

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Will of James M. Chadwick

In the name of Almighty God
           I James M. Chadwick of the County of Bradley and State of Arkansas 
being in sound and disposing mind do make and proclaim this to be my last will 
and testament, hereby revoking all former last wills and testaments or parts 
of last wills and testaments.
   I do hereby will and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Chadwick my 
plantation in which she now resides and all the stock of every description
thereunto belonging (viz) cattle, horses, hogs, sheep, goats, waggons (sic)
guns, ploughs, hoes, axes, household and kitchen furniture together with my
negro man Dangerfield, his wife Milly and their five children, namely, Julia,
Alabama, Abel, William, Barry and all their increase to have and to hold in
fee simple her life.
    And I further will and bequeath to my blood son Jefferson Chadwick, all
the residue of my estate after the payment of all my just debts, (said residue
cosists principally of notes and accounts together with some lands not connected
with the plantation above disposed of). I do hereby nominate and appoint Alfred
A. Turner to be the guardian of my son Jefferson, and I do request that he on
taking charge of my Estate as said Guardian, collect, and pay all my just debts,
keeping all my notes regularly secured, renewed and compounded, and to collect
from time to time a sufficient amount to defray all my son Jefferson's Expenses.
Giving a good Education and at the age of twenty one pay him off.  It is not
intended that said A. A. Turner is to have anything to do with the property
willed to my wife, that is hers, not to be troubled to pay my debts.  To defray
any part of my son's Expenses.
    Given under my hand and seal this 15th day of March A. D. 1862
        James Chadwick  (seal)
B. W. Martin
C. W. Martin

October 18, 1802
     Comes Benjamin W. Martin and John W. Martin Witnesses to the will of 
James M. Chadwick filed herein in Open Court and under oath, say that the 
said James M. Chadwick Testater did sign, seal, publish and declare the same 
to be his last will and testament in their presence, who in his presence and 
in the presence of each other and at his request did sign their respective names 
B. W. Martin 
C. W. Martin

Sworn to and subscribed before
me Oct. 18, 1862
E. F. McCammon, Clerk

The court being satisfied with the proof of said will, the same is admitted 
and ordered of received
   (seal)    In testimoney whereof I hereto set my hand and affix
             the seal of said court at office, day and date above
             E. F. McCammon clerk

State of Arkansas
County of Bradley
       I, E. F. McCammon Clerk of the Circuit Court and Ex-Officio Recorder 
in and for the County aforesaid do hereby ask that the annexed and foregoing 
will was filed in my office for Proof Probatim as Record on the 18th day of 
Oct. A. D. 1862 and that the same together with the artifacts thereto are now 
duly recorded in book      Page 18
    In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of 
said Court at Office this 21st day Oct A. D. 1862   E.  F. McCammon Clerk
                                                    by Wm Wiess  D. 

(Bradley County, Arkansas Will Book B, Page 23)

Transcribed for the Bradley County Wills page by Ann Ragsdale and made available by Peggy Bowman who went to the courthouse and copied it, and Jann Woodard who shared it.

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