Partial Index to Bradley County, Arkansas Marriage Records after 1940

Partial Index to Bradley County, Arkansas Marriage Records after 1940

This index is for Bradley County, Arkansas marriage records after 1940. We need your help to build this index. Please send marriage records which you have collected, and remember that every additional record helps. (Note: We have tried to be faithful to the original records, especially with the spelling of names and when writing brides' names with or without the title "Miss".)

As some of these people may still be living, we will NOT be posting their marriage information on the internet, to protect their privacy. If you are a relation of any of these couples and wish to have their information, please contact Barbara Logan, at Please send me the FULL NAMES of the couple you are requesting information on and I will email you that information privately.

Currently we only have information for a few of the couples married after 1940:

Brides with Surnames starting with "B & C" - NEW! 3-30-2007

Grooms with Surnames starting with "O."

Some of the entries were transcribed from records and indexes in the Bradley County courthouse. Please keep in mind that errors may have been made in the transcriptions or in typing the entries for the web site. Always check the original source yourself.

If you have marriage records you would like to share, or if you have corrections to records listed here, please e-mail them to

Many thanks to Jann Woodard for providing photocopies of many of the marriage records for volunteers to transcribe!

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