Letter from Jacob G. Pennington to his son
Letter from Jacob G. Pennington to Joseph W. Pennington

The following letter is from Jacob G. Pennington to his son, Joseph W. Pennington.

The letter appears courtesy of George Wood.

Merri Posa California    22nd June 1850
My Dear Son

      I am glad to have it in my power to say my health is improving though I have got so I am able to walk Some 2 or 300 yds of morning without much fatigue

      Son (SCRATCHED OUT) Since I wrote you before I have been staying with a couple of the Hopson boys Sons of Samuel Hopson    They move out Some 50 miles to fresher diggings    I Should have went with them but I had loaned my mule and had nothing to ride    I Shall join them as Soon as I get my mule which some what uncertain.  I am better satisfied with them than anywhere the relationship and their great kindness is perhaps the cause though I have no reason to complain where I am    In fact my son tho my Heavenly Father in his wisdom has been pleased yet I have reason to be thankful for the Kind friends he has raised up to take care of me -- and bless his holy name his good Spirit has not been withdrawn from me

      If I get out with Hopson boys I may not have an opportunity of writing for some time    They calculate to Start on their return the 1st of Janury and Say I shall return with whither I get means or not -- and I have other friends who say I shall not lack for means when I wish to come but I shall return only in the winter -- I think if I get no backset but continue to mend I shall be able to hunt in the course of a month

      I have now been three months and is a long time for a man to Suffer as Severely as I have done -- but if God will restore me to health and enable to return home to my friends I will praise his Holy name while I am able to (whisper) his name

      My advice to my friends is not to come here to make fortunes as they may be assur there is much falsehood in Statement of Gold finding in this Country    true many men make fortunes but hundreds fail in the mean time

I promised many persons to write them    my appology is that I have not been able since I have been in reach of an office

  I remain your Father
       J. G. Pennington

The envelope addressed to:
   J. W. Penington Esq
   Warren, Bradley Co


   S A N   F [????]
   Ju [??]
   40 [?]

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