1860 Slave Census Schedules, Pennington Township, Bradley County, Arkansas

1860 Slave Census Schedule, Bradley County, Arkansas
Pennington Township

A line between one slave and another indicates the dwelling for this group of slaves has ended.
This also indicates the number of slave houses that were on the property of the slave owner. 

Page 31B, Pennington Township

slave owner's name number of slaves-age-sex-color (B=Black, M=Mulatto) Scoby, Joseph H.D. 1-46-M-B 1-38-F-B 1-20-F-B 1-19-M-B 1-14-F-B 1-13-M-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-F-B __________ 1-82-M-B 1-39-F-B 1-10-M-B 1-7-F-B __________ 1-40-M-B 1-30-M-B Reaves, Loretta 1-49-M-B 1-29-F-B 1-12-M-B 1-9-M-B 1-7-F-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-F-B 1-1mo-M-B __________ 1-31-M-B 1-19-F-B Bailey, Algernon S. 1-41-M-B 1-40-F-B 1-23-M-B 1-19-F-B 1-17-M-B 1-3-M-B 1-2mo-M-B Lesley, James 1-34-M-B 1-17-M-B 1-15-F-B 1-14-F-B 1-12-F-B 1-2-F-B Bean, Sarah 1-26-M-B Mann, Alexander D. 1-22-F-B 1-15-M-B Clay, Joseph C. 1-50-M-B 1-49-F-B 1-14-F-B 1-18-F-B 1-8-F-B 1-22-F-B 1-13-F-B 1-11-F-B 1-4-F-B 1-2-F-B

Page 59B, Pennington Township

slave owner's name number of slaves-age-sex-color (B=Black, M=Mulatto) Clay, Joseph C. (continued) 1-1mo-F-B Bond, Augustus 1-45-M-B 1-15-M-B 1-13-F-B Hughey, William W. 1-28-M-B 1-25-F-B 1-20-F-B 1-14-F-B 1-10-M-B 1-1-M-B Swain, Charles 1-35-M-B Reaves, Mary A. 1-30-F-B 1-6-F-B 1-3-M-B 1-11mo-M-B VanValkenburg, William 1-15-F-B Ederington, Henry M. 1-34-M-B 1-23-M-B 1-18-M-B 1-14-F-B 1-13-F-B 1-11-F-B 1-10-F-B 1-8-M-B 1-3-M-B 1-9mo-M-B Gannaway, Mary A. 1-64-M-B 1-32-F-B 1-3-F-B 1-13-M-B 1-1-F-B 1-9-F-B 1-7-F-B 1-4-F-B Franklin, Ebert S. 1-33-F-B 1-32-M-B 1-8-F-B 1-8-M-B 1-5-M-B 1-14-M-B Hanis, Leonadus 1-20-M-B 1-16-F-B Waters, James 1-50-F-B 1-50-M-B Gardner, Soloman 1-50-F-B 1-25-M-B 1-23-M-B 1-23-F-B 1-20-M-B 1-20-F-B 1-15-M-B Creed, William M. 1-15-F-B Lewis, Nancy 1-60-F-B (Manumitted; Freed) 1-49-M-B (Manumitted; Freed) 1-24-M-B 1-18-F-B 1-17-F-B Cathy, Archibald P. 1-40-F-B 1-11-F-B Robinson, Sterling 1-25-F-B 1-9-F-B 1-6-M-B 1-4-F-B McDade, John 1-22-F-B Nabors, Allen J. 1-22-F-B Singer, Thomas 1-35-F-B 1-12-F-B 1-10-M-B 1-8-M-B 1-6-F-B 1-5-M-B 1-4-M-B 1-2-F-B Mosley, William A. 1-28-M-B 1-23-M-B 1-22-M-B 1-15-M-B

Page 64B, Pennington Township

slave owner's name number of slaves-age-sex-color (B=Black, M=Mulatto) Gould, Josiah 1-32-F-B 1-13-M-B 1-11-F-B 1-9-F-B 1-7-M-B 1-5-M-B 1-3-M-B 1-1-M-B __________ 1-40-F-B 1-23-F-B 1-15-M-B 1-13-F-B 1-9-F-B 1-5-M-B 1-3-M-B __________ 1-45-M-B 1-35-F-B 1-16-F-B 1-12-M-B 1-5-F-B 1-1-F-B __________ 1-21-F-B __________ 1-25-F-B 1-22-M-B 1-50-M-B 1-10-M-B 1-7-M-B 1-2-M-B __________ 1-17-F-MU 1-1-M-B __________ 1-30-M-B 1-6-F-B 1-8-M-B __________ 1-23-F-B 1-8-M-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-F-B Franklin, Alfred 1-25-M-B 1-22-M-B 1-17-F-B 1-5-F-B 1-1-M-B CONE, Isham 1-35-M-MU 1-30-M-B 1-25-F-B 1-18-M-B 1-13-F-B 1-11-F-B 1-2-M-B DAVID, Allen 1-30-M-B 1-25-F-B 1-21-F-B 1-7-M-B 1-6-M-B 1-4-M-B 1-3-F-B 1-2-F-B 1-1-M-B 1-4-F-B 1-3-M-B 1-2-M-B PRICE, Joshua 1-50-F-B 1-40-M-B 1-38-M-B 1-36-M-B 1-33-M-B 1-30-M-B 1-20-F-B 1-18-F-B 1-14-M-B 1-27-M-B 1-25-M-B 1-12-F-B 1-30-M-B 1-8-M-B 1-7-F-B 1-2-M-B

Page 66A, Pennington Township

slave owner's name number of slaves-age-sex-color (B=Black, M=Mulatto) PRICE, Joshua (continued) 1-25-M-B 1-10-F-B 1-7-M-B REAVES, Amagiah B. 1-30-M-B 1-38-F-B 1-8-F-B 1-6-F-B 1-4-F-B 1-2-F-B REAVES, J. B. Trust Minor Heirs 1-27-F-B 1-10-F-B 1-8-F-B 1-5-M-B 1-4-F-B 1-2-F-B 1-1-F-B LYON, John 1-30-F-B 1-17-M-B 1-6-M-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-F-B HARDING, Elizabeth 1-21-F-B 1-2-F-B __________ (In Trust) 1-40-M-B 1-23-M-B VEASEY, Felin 1-22-M-B 1-12-F-B GERMANY, James 1-60-F-B WISE, William H. 1-39-F-B 1-7-F-B 1-5-M-B 1-3-M-B COREY, James B. 1-43-F-B 1-22-M-B MORRIS, William 1-17-F-B WHITESIDES, James 1-14-M-B TURNER, Samuel 1-55-M-B 1-38-M-B 1-30-F-B 1-29-M-B 1-9-M-B 1-6 1/2-F-B (Trustee) 1-56-M-MU 1-35-M-B 1-5-F-MU 1-6 1/2-F-MU HICKMAN, William 1-25-M-B __________ 1-20-F-B 1-12-M-B 1-7-M-B WARDLAW, John D. 1-22-M-B 1-8-F-B WARDLAW, Nancy 1-40-F-B 1-20-F-B 1-18-M-B 1-5-M-B 1-3-M-B Clyett, James 1-25-F-B 1-17-F-B 1-11-M-B 1-7-M-MU 1-5-M-B 1-1-F-B 1-4-M-B RAGAR, James M. 1-22-F-B 1-10-M-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-M-B 1-10mo.-M-B SWEENEY, Benjamin 1-40-F-B 1-3-F-B BRATTON, John C. 1-16-F-B HENRY, Wright W. 1-30-F-B 1-10-F-B 1-3-M-B 1-1-F-B MCKENRY, Alexander 1-12-M-B GORMAN, Thomas M. 1-11-F-B

Page 66B, Pennington Township

slave owner's name number of slaves-age-sex-color (B=Black, M=Mulatto) TEMPLE, Altiman L. 1-18-F-B MARTIN, John W. 1-50-M-B 1-34-M-B 1-18-F-B 1-14-F-B 1-10-M-B (In Trust for Heirs) 1-25-M-B 1-12-M-B 1-36-F-B 1-3-F-B 1-22-F-B 1-7-F-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-M-B 1-1-M-B 1-18-M-B 1-60-F-B BOND, Mary 1-60-F-B 1-60-M-B REAVES, Jonas 1-30-M-B CRANE, William H. 1-45-M-B 1-40-M-B 1-20-M-B __________ 1-24-F-B 1-19-F-B 1-12-F-B 1-2-M-B 1-1 Mo-F-MU HAVIS, John 1-19-M-MU 1-15-F-B BRADLEY, Hugh 1-25-M-B 1-24-M-B 1-5-F-B 1-1-M-B COOPER, Fountain L. 1-48-M-B MCFADDEN, John R. 1-18-F-B 1-10-M-B WEBB, Benjamin C. 1-24-F-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-F-B 1-10 Mo-M-B JONES, Abraham C. 1-26-F-B 1-18-M-MU (In Trust) 1-17-F-B 1-9-F-B 1-7-F-B 1-5-F-B CONE, Richard 1-28-F-B 1-13-F-B LEPHIEW, William J. 1-30-F-B 1-13-F-B SLAUGHTER, Charles A. 1-46-M-MU 1-40-F-B 1-14-M-B 1-13-M-B 1-11-M-B 1-10-M-B 1-8-M-B 1-5-M-B 1-1-F-B __________ 1-25-M-B 1-18-F-B 1-15-M-MU 1-14-M-B 1-10-F-B MCCAMMON, Ezra 1-17-F-B NEELY, James L. 1-23-M-B 1-20-M-B 1-16-F-B 1-14-F-B PARKER, George M. 1-14-M-B 1-12-F-B MOSLEY, Elijah 1-30-F-B WILLIAMS, Benjamin 1-45-M-B 1-40-F-B 1-28-M-B 1-28-F-B 1-17-F-B 1-13-F-B 1-10-F-B

Page 67A, Pennington Township

slave owner's name number of slaves-age-sex-color (B=Black, M=Mulatto) WILLIAMS, Benjamin (continued) 1-5-F-B 1-1-F-B __________ 1-25-F-B 1-23-F-B 1-8-F-B 1-6-M-B 1-3-F-B __________ 1-25-M-B 1-25-F-B 1-12-M-B 1-12-F-B 1-10-M-B 1-8-M-B 1-6-F-B 1-2-M-B 1-2-M-B __________ 1-26-F-B 1-14-F-B 1-12-M-B 1-9-M-B 1-7-F-B 1-3-M-B 1-40-F-B 1-21-M-B 1-16-M-B 1-14-F-B __________ 1-20-M-B 1-20-F-B 1-25-M-B 1-19-M-B BRADLEY, Thomas 1-27-F-B 1-9-M-B 1-8-F-B PENNINGTON, Isaac 1-90-F-B 1-73-M-B 1-64-F-B 1-48-M-B __________ 1-27-F-B __________ 1-40-F-B 1-24-F-B 1-19-F-B 1-10-F-B 1-8-M-B 1-6-F-B 1-3-M-B 1-5-M-B 1-4-F-B 1-1-M-B 1-62-F-B 1-3-M-B 1-2-M-B __________ 1-35-F-B 1-25-M-B 1-16-F-B 1-14-F-B 1-11-F-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-F-B 1-1-F-B __________ 1-60-M-B 1-69-F-B __________ 1-50-F-B 1-36-F-B 1-50-M-B 1-25-M-B 1-25-M-B 1-17-M-B 1-30-M-B __________ 1-40-F-B 1-18-F-B 1-28-F-B 1-13-F-B 1-12-F-B MCKINNEY, Nancy 1-43-M-B __________ 1-40-M-B

Page 67B, Pennington Township

slave owner's name number of slaves-age-sex-color (B=Black, M=Mulatto) MCKINNEY, Nancy (continued) 1-30-F-B 1-11-M-B 1-7-F-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-F-B 1-2-F-B 1-1-F-B SEAY, Charles M. 1-61-M-B 1-40-F-B (In Trust) 1-30-F-B 1-6-M-B 1-4-M-B GARDNER, Zilla 1-50-M-B 1-40-M-B WILSON, John 1-28-M-B 1-22-F-B COPELAND, Wylie 1-44-M-B 1-55-M-B 1-50-M-B CRAWFORD, Alexander L. 1-60-M-MU 1-14-F-B RAMSEY, John 1-60-F-B 1-38-M-B 1-17-F-B 1-14-M-B 1-13-F-B 1-8-M-B WALKER, Cornelia 1-30-F-B 1-19-M-B 1-13-F-B 1-9-M-B HICKMAN, John 1-40-M-B 1-40-F-B WOOD, Carter 1-85-F-B 1-35-M-B 1-6-F-B __________ 1-70-M-B 1-85-F-B 1-25-M-B 1-26-M-B 1-18-F-B 1-15-F-B 1-11-M-B 1-8-M-B __________ 1-50-F-B 1-30-M-B 1-19-M-B 1-17-M-B 1-15-M-B 1-17-M-B 1-15-M-B 1-8-F-B 1-5-F-B 1-11-F-B 1-1-F-B MARTIN, William J. 1-55-M-MU 1-18-F-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-M-B 1-3-M-B 1-4mo-M-B __________ 1-30-M-B 1-18-F-B 1-3-F-B 1-1-F-B MCGHEE, M. T. (Note: Census states Smith Township although I'm still doing Pennington) 1-70-F-B 1-36-F-B 1-13-F-B 1-11-M-B 1-9-M-B 1-7-M-B 1-5-M-B __________ 1-44-F-B 1-17-F-B 1-14-F-B 1-12-F-B 1-8-M-B 1-2-F-B 1-43-M-B 1-38-F-B 1-10-M-B

Page 68A, Pennington Township

slave owner's name number of slaves-age-sex-color (B=Black, M=Mulatto) MCGHEE, M. T. (continued) 1-7-M-B 1-7-M-B 1-5-M-B 1-2-M-B __________ 1-44-F-B 1-2-F-B 1-38-F-B 1-14-M-B 1-6-F-B 1-1-F-B __________ 1-33-M-B 1-29-F-B 1-4-F-B 1-2-F-B __________ 1-35-M-B 1-19-F-B 1-1-F-B 1-18-M-B 1-16-M-B __________ 1-35-F-B 1-13-F-B 1-36-F-B __________ 1-36-F-B 1-6-F-B __________ 1-24-M-B 1-3-F-B 1-20-M-B __________ 1-50-M-B 1-30-F-B 1-10-F-B 1-7-F-B 1-4-M-B 1-6mo-F-B SORRELS, Theodore 1-60-M-B 1-35-F-B __________ 1-38-M-B 1-16-F-B 1-16-F-B 1-16-M-B 1-6-F-B __________ 1-50-M-B 1-48-F-B 1-12-F-B 1-10-F-B __________ 1-30-M-B 1-35-F-B 1-22-F-B 1-7-M-B 1-1-F-B 1-1-M-B 1-25-M-B 1-22-F-B 1-13-M-B 1-10-M-B 1-6-F-B __________ 1-22-M-B 1-19-F-B __________ 1-40-M-B __________ PRICE, John 1-40-F-B __________ 1-35-M-B 1-30-M-B __________ 1-30-F-B 1-35-F-B 1-20-M-B 1-18-M-B 1-11-M-B 1-10-M-B 1-7-M-B 1-5-F-B 1-2-M-B 1-1-F-B 1-6mo-F-B 1-13-M-B ADAMS, Aaron 1-13-M-B WALKER, Paul J. 1-21-F-B 1-11-M-B 1-3-M-B 1-2-M-B

Page 68B, Pennington Township

slave owner's name number of slaves-age-sex-color (B=Black, M=Mulatto) LEWIS, Colvin 1-15-F-B 1-7-F-B BRADLEY, Samuel 1-35-M-B __________ 1-30-M-B __________ 1-25-F-B 1-18-M-B 1-7-M-B 1-5-F-B 1-3-F-B 1-7mo-M-B BARNETT, James 1-60-M-B 1-55-F-B 1-17-M-B 1-15-F-B 1-13-F-B 1-58-M-B 1-55-F-B __________ 1-30-M-MU 1-25-F-B 1-16-M-B 1-5-M-B 1-4-F-B __________ 1-25-M-B 1-20-F-B WHEELER, Joseph 1-40-M-B 1-15-F-B 1-8-F-B BRADLEY, James 1-46-M-B 1-35-M-B 1-34-F-B 1-33-F-B 1-30-F-B 1-29-F-B 1-23-M-B 1-22-M-B 1-14-F-B 1-11-F-B

Page 69A, Pennington Township

slave owner's name number of slaves-age-sex-color (B=Black, M=Mulatto) BRADLEY, James (continued) 1-10-M-B 1-9-F-B 1-5-M-B 1-1-F-B 1-8Mo-F-B 1-5Mo-M-B __________ 1-40-M-B 1-40-F-B MOSLEY, Robert 1-8-M-B MOSLEY, Jacob J. 1-30-M-B 1-30-F-B 1-22-F-B 1-21-F-B 1-10-F-B 1-9-F-B 1-8-F-B 1-1-M-B 1-9Mo-M-B 1-5Mo-M-B End of Pennington Township

Transcribed by Dena Jordan, Proofread by Latriece Jordan

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