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I have discovered during my genealogy research:

  • Benjamin Franklin, American statesman, is my first cousin, nine generations removed.
  • John Howland, Mayflower Pilgrim, is my 9th great-grandfather.
  • Joseph Rogers & his father Thomas Rogers, both Mayflower Pilgrims, are my 9th & 10th great-grandfathers.
  • Richard Warren, Mayflower Pilgrim, is my 10th great-grandfather.
  • John Tilley and wife Joan Hurst, Mayflower Pilgrims, are my 10th great-grandfather and great-grandmother.
  • Elizabeth Tilley, Mayflower Pilgrim is my 9th great-grandmother.
  • Edward Tilley, Mayflower Pilgrim is my 10th great-granduncle.
  • William Weeks, architect of the Salt Lake City Tabernacle, Nauvoo, Illinois Temple and several Los Angeles buildings, is my 2nd great grand uncle.
  • Arvin Weeks, of the famous Sheboygan, Wisconsin 4 generation architect firm, and architect of many Wisconsin and east coast buildings, is my 2nd great grand uncle.
  • James Folger, of the original J.A. Folger Coffee Co., is my 4th cousin, 4 generations removed.
  • Rowland Hussey Macy, founder of the Macy's Department Store, is my 4th cousin, 4 generations removed.
  • President Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th president, is the sixth cousin, once removed of the husband of my
    great grand aunt.
  • My Weeks family relatives were part of the early history of both Mattoon, Wisconsin and Mattoon, Illinois. Two cities with the same name but located in different states!
  • I am related to the French/Native American Grignon family which is one of the oldest founding families of
    Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  • I am related to Dr. William H. Chase who served 24 terms as mayor of Cordova, Alaska.

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Old City Hall

City of Antigo
Old City Hall & Fire Dept.

Where to Gopher
Langlade County Genealogy
Historical Information.

This website is dedicated to all genealogy researchers
and historians keeping the memories of their
ancesters's accomplishments and hardships
known to the present generation and not forgotten history.


Langlade County
Court House

Current Information

Antigo Weather Antigo/Langlade
County Info
Antigo Daily Journal Antigo Times WATK Radio Station WACD Radio Station Langlade County Airport

Langlade County COVID-19 Dashboard

Wisconsin Department of Health COVID-19 Information
Can you help solve this Genealogy Mystery?
Degnan Book
Under the Arctic Sun
By Frances Degnan

Degnan Book
Alaska Gold Seeker

Who is the Alaska gold seeker "Fred Bouker"
who is the biological father of Jessie & Gertie Ryan?
The Mystery
Historical Research Sources
5th ave scene

City of Antigo Early History Article

City of Antigo Research Sources

Naval Ships Named Antigo

Celebrity Visitors/Residents of the Area

City of Antigo Web Site (offsite)


Langlade County History Part 1

Langlade County History Part 2

Langlade County Civil/Political Town Histories
  1. Historical town histories told by their school districts.
  2. Historical (ghost) communities.
  3. Historical vacated civil/political towns.
  4. Historical Post Offices 1878-present.
  5. Origins of Langlade County Placenames

Langlade County Website (offsite)

Langlade County Historical Society (offsite)

Langlade County Genealogical Society (offsite)

White Lake Area Historical Society (offsite)

Elcho Historical Society (offsite)

locomotive & Antigo Depot

The History of Area Railroads
  1. Common Carrier Railroads
  2. Logging Railroads

old floor radio

The History of Radio in Langlade County
  1. Broadcast Radio/Television
  2. Amateur/Ham Radio
  3. Aircraft Radio
  4. Land Mobile Radio

photo album

Historical Photos, Places, & People
  • 1. Catagorized photos of Antigo and Langlade County.
  • 2. Locations of historical Antigo and Langlade County places.
  • 3. Historical information about area people.

  • And just for fun:
  • 4. Look at some "Awkward Family Photos" The Website.
  • 5. Your ancestors really STUNK! -- (offsite)

Mattoon Scene

Mattoon, Wisconsin History

  1. Mattoon (Rockville) Area History.
  2. Historical Schools in the Town of Hutchins.
  3. Early Families in Mattoon. My mother was born in Mattoon.
  4. Picture Albums of the Mattoon Area.

Aniwa, Wisconsin History

  1. Village Timeline.
  2. Research References.

Shawano County Genealogy (offsite)

Shawano County Historical Society (offsite)

Greater Mattoon Area Historical Society (offsite)

Genealogical Research Sources
obit image

Antigo Newspaper Obituary Indexes
I update the current year obituaries daily.
There are 56,000+ obituaries indexed from the following newspapers.

  1. Weekly News Item 1882-1935.
  2. Antigo Republican 1888-1911.
  3. Langlade County Special 1891-1897.
  4. Antigo Weekly Journal 1898-1906.
  5. Daily Journal 1905-1913.
  6. Antigo Daily Journal 1913-present.


My Newspaper Historical Article Indexes

  1. PrimeTime Historical Articles.
  2. Hidden Places Series Articles.
  3. From the Archives of the LCHS.
  4. Miscellaneous Historical Articles.

1917 high school

School Graduation Class Lists

  1. Antigo High School
  2. Elcho High School
  3. White Lake High School
  4. Mattoon High School
  5. Birnamwood High School.
  6. Normal School/Langlade County Teachers College
  7. Locations of Historical School Districts.

funeral home

Funeral Home Records

  1. General information about current & historical Antigo funeral homes.
  2. Link to Unclaimed website.


Church Records

  1. General information about Langlade County church records.


Cemetery Records

  1. General information on Langlade County cemetery research.
  2. Public cemetery locations.
  3. Church cemetery locations.
  4. Family/Burial Site locations.
  5. Links to cemetery interment lists.

Ghost Research

Ancestor Ghost Research

  1. Links to ancestor ghost research.

vital records

Vital Records

  1. General information on county vital records
  2. Links to Langlade County vital record research.

court house

Online Death, Birth & Marriage Indexes

  1. Link to 1882-2006 Death Index.
  2. Link to 1882-1907 Birth Index.
  3. Link to 1881-1907 Marriage Index
  4. Link to Delayed Birth Transcription.

census image

Census Records

  1. My Langlade County census transcriptions.
  2. Links to Langlade County census indexes.
  3. Townships in each enumeration districts.

U.S. flag

Naturalization Records

  1. General information about Langlade County naturalization records.
  2. Link to Nick Gombash's Index to Langlade County Naturalization Records.

first flag raising
First flag raising of the day.
John Bradley was in this group.

iconic flag raising
Second flag raising of the day.
The Iconic Photo.

Military Records

  1. My Langlade County 1890 census Civil War veterans schedule analysis.
  2. My Langlade County WW I draft registration records transcription.
  3. Links for Langlade County military record research.

* Antigo was the home of John Bradley. Since 1945 he was thought to be one of the six men in the second flag raising of the day over Iwo Jima's Mt. Suribachi in a scene immortalized by Associated Press photographer Abe Rosenthal. However, now it is believed he was one of the men who raised the flag in the first flag raising of the day. His son, James Bradley, belives his father probably thought that the first flag-raising was the one that was captured in the famous picture taken by Joe Rosenthal. This would fit John Bradley's personality because he never spoke about his war experiences and never unpacked a scale model statue of the Marine Corp War Memorial sent to him by the sculptor.

When I was a teenager I remember talking to John Bradley several times. My mother would often drag me along with her when she went to his funeral home for visitations of people she had known who had died. After paying respects I would then sneek down into the basement of the funeral home to watch the gold fish in a large stone pool with a running water fountain. I remember several times while sitting by the pool Mr. Bradley walked through the area while going about his work. He would always stop and briefly talk to me. A fond memory of my youth! Leland Fischer

*The controversial research about whether John Bradley is actually in the iconic photo.
*A new 2016 Marine Corps investigation into this controversial research.
*The reaction of his son James Bradley to this controversial research.
*Mis-Identification of first flag raising photo.


Historical & Current
Map Research Tools

  1. Link to copies of original county survey maps.
  2. Maps showing civil/political town realignments.
  3. Links to historical maps of county.
  4. Links to Sanborn Fire Insurance maps of Antigo
  5. Links to map aids to locate places in county.

land patent

Land Patents

  1. Links to Langlade County land patent research information.


Plat Books

  1. General information about the Antigo Public Library plat book collection.

card catalog

Antigo Library Card Catalog
Subject & Surname Index

  1. General Information about card catalog.
  2. Link to Antigo Public Library.

library shelf

Local Area Resource Books

  1. Antigo Public Library local area resource books.
  2. My county historical books list and indexes.

city directory

City Directories

  1. 1898 Antigo Business Directory.
  2. 1900 Antigo Telephone Co. Subscriber List.
  3. 1920 Antigo Business Directory.


Internet Genealogy Research Links

  1. Langlade County Genealogy Research Links.
  2. Wisconsin Genealogy Research Links.
  3. Nationwide Genealogy Research Links

The Webmaster's Personal Genealogy
Ben Franklin

My Family Tree, Branches and Twigs
My Historically Famous Ancestors

Benjamin Franklin is the webmaster's first cousin, nine generations removed. I have traced my maternal Weeks Family back to Nathan Folger, Benjamin Franklin's first cousin. Nathan's father was Eleazer Folger, Sr. the brother of Benjamin Franklin's mother, Abiah.

Nauvoo Temple

My Maternal Weeks Family Branches

Another historical ancestor is, William Weeks, the first architect of the Mormon Church. He designed and built the Nauvoo, Illinois Temple and was to build the Salt Lake City Tabernacle when he had a falling out with Brigham Young. When he departed William took all his architectural plans with him thus delaying the start of the building of the Tabernacle for about five years. Almost, a century later the plans were given back to the Mormons by William's closest living relatives.


My Genealogy Research Brickwalls:

1. Who are my 2nd great-grandfather Olivet Dart Andrews' parents?
O.D. Andrews was born in 1825 in Utica, New York.

2. How did my Fischer great-grandparents Wilhelm Fischer and Justina/Gustina/Christina Benz" get to America from Germany?
I can't find them listed on any ship passenger lists.

3. Are Samuel Weeks and Abigail Weston my 7th great-grandfather Joshua Weeks' parents?
Joshua married Abigail West and lived on Martha's Vineyard.

4. Where in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin in June 1855 was my 3rd great-grandfather, James Weeks III buried?

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