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REMEMBER these volunteers have agreed to help you obtain copies of documents, NOT do the research for you.

If you find an email that does not work, please let me know.

Location Volunteer Email
Adair Co.
Adair Co. OKGenWeb
Wanda Morris Elliott Courthouse, Stilwell/Westville Libraries, Roberts and Hart Funeral Homes of both Stilwell and Westville, and county cemeteries. 
Adair Co. Elsie Morris Courthouse, Library
Alfalfa Co.
Alfalfa Co. OKGenWeb
Atoka Co.
Atoka Co. OKGenWeb
Beaver Co.
Beaver Co. OKGenWeb
Beckham Co.
Beckham Co. OKGenWeb
Blaine Co.
Blaine Co. OKGenWeb
Lisa G. Lewis Courthouse, Public Library, Funeral Homes and Cemeteries/ Tombstone Photos, Newspaper Archives
Bryan Co.
Bryan Co. OKGenWeb
  Bryan County Heritage Association
Jacque Reynolds verified 10-2003 Books
Southern District IT Book I 1897-1901; Bryan Co., OK - Pre-Statehood Marriages 1902-1907; Bryan County Marriages, Nov. 1907 - Apr 1910 (Vol. I) 
Bryan Co. Cemeteries Vol. I - Vol IV
  see for more info about areas covered in books
Can check on obits and/or funeral records at least once a month
David L. Taylor Book Bryan Co. Cemeteries Vol. III - 47 cemeteries, eastern Bryan County, Published 1987
Ann Massey  1910 Bryan Co. Census
Caddo Co. 
Caddo Co. OKGenWeb
Online Volunteers
Online Caddo County Marriages
Births Cement 1918-1919
1901 Caddo Indian Census
Index To Guardianship Records Of Caddo Co.
Canadian Co.
Canadian Co. OKGenWeb
Larry Baker "Headstones in the Pleasant View (Alger) Cemetery 1890 - 1992"
Ann Massey Library - Cemetery and Local History Books
Carter Co.
Carter Co.  OKGenWeb
Linda Simpson Courthouse for Birth, Marriage, Death Records and Land Records; Cemeteries and Tombstone Photos; Funeral Home Records; Library - Local History Books, Newspaper Articles and Obits; Greater Southwest Historical Museum in Ardmore 
Ruth Bellamy Cemeteries /Tombstone Photos, Funeral Home Records; Newspaper Obits; Cemetery Books; Census Records - This County ONLY
Cherokee Co.
Cherokee Co. OKGenWeb
Wanda Morris Elliott NSU Library - Ballanger Room and Special Collections - Copy Cherokee records:  Dawes Census Cards and Guion Miller Applications and Indian Pioneer Papers
Choctaw Co.   Choctaw Co. Cemeteries
Cleveland Co.
Cleveland Co. OKGenWeb
Brenda La Vere Norman High School Year Books (The Trail) for the years: 1917, 1920, 1922, 1923, 1924 ONLY
Comanche Co.
Comanche Co. OKGenWeb
Creek Co.
Creek Co. OKGenWeb
Online Anna's Obit Index - 1987-1995
Shelley Creekmore new
Newspaper Obits
Ona  Brown verified 10-2003 Courthouse - Marriage Records; Cemeteries; Library - Marriage and Cemetery Books; Census - 1860, 1890, 1900-1930
Custer Co.
Custer Co. OKGenWeb
Online Custer County Pioneers 1892-1906
Trail Of 100 Years, Arapaho, OK 1892-1992 - INDEX
Delaware Co.
Delaware Co. OKGenWeb
Rose Stauber Grove Public Library - cemeteries,  county newspapers,  Cherokee Dawes census cards 
Dewey Co.
Dewey Co. OKGenWeb
Mickey (Gore) Fine Dewey County Cemeteries
Book "Spanning the River" Vols. I & II
Ellis Co.
Ellis Co. OKGenWeb
Sharon Holt Byers Gage Memorial Cemetery [also tombstone photos]
Garfield Co.
Garfield Co. OKGenWeb
Lois Burdick updated 09-2003 Enid Cemetery; Garfield Co. Marriage Records for 1893-1909; Local History Books; Tax records for 1901, 1905, 1906, 1907 and 1917
Garvin Co.
Garvin Co. OKGenWeb
Need volunteer for any or all Garvin County Courthouse; Cemetery; Newspapers; Library - Marriage, Cemetery, Local History Books; Census Records - This County ONLY
Grady Co.
Grady Co. OKGenWeb
Harper Co.
Harper Co. OKGenWeb
Juanita Bradshaw Book Sage and Sod, Harper County Oklahoma, 1885-1973, Vol. 1, (Harper County Historical Society 1974 pp. 519)
Haskell Co.
Haskell Co. OKGenWeb
Barbara Donathan Haskell County Courthouse
Hughes Co.
Hughes Co. OKGenWeb
Vickie Neill Taylor Hughes County Courthouse, Cemeteries and Tombston Photos, Holdenville Newspaper, 
Book Holdenville, 100 years and Counting compiled by: Holdenville Daily News Staff, 1998 
Wes Noon Montemayor bounced 09-2003 1925 Wetumka High School yearbook
Jackson Co.
Jackson Co. OKGenWeb
Volunteer Needed Jackson County Courthouse, Altus Public Library, Southwest OK Genealogical Library, Altus Times Newspaper, Altus Cemeteries
Jefferson Co.
Jefferson Co. OKGenWeb
Online Jefferson County Cemeteries
Jefferson County Census
Kay Co.
Kay Co. OKGenWeb
Wes Montemayor bounced 09-2003 1918 Chilocco yearbook
Kingfisher Co.
Kingfisher Co. OKGenWeb
Online Index to 1890 Territorial Census
Online 1900 Kingfisher Co. Census (partial)
Online 1906 Kingfisher County Landowners
Online Kingfisher Co. Patrons' Reference Directory
Online Kingfisher Co. Cemeteries
Kingfisher County Courthouse
Donna Chlouber Book Pioneers of Kingfisher County
Kiowa Co.
Kiowa Co. OKGenWeb
Barb Russell Book Pioneering in Kiowa Co., Vol 2- 6 
LeFlore Co.
LeFlore Co. OKGenWeb
Juanita Bradshaw Marriage Records: Vol. 2 (1897-1907); Cemetery Book Vol. 1: The Wister Area and Vol. 2: The Shady Point Area 
Juanita Sallee Courthouse - birth/death/marriage records, Land Records; Cemetery Records, Funeral Home Records; Library; Census Records 1900-1920 for this County ONLY
Lincoln Co.
Lincoln Co. OKGenWeb
Online Lists of First Families & Land Owners; List of Early Marriages 1896 to 1961; ORIGINAL LAND RECORDS
Veloria Harris St Paul Cemetery in Meeker, OK
Jessie Miller Cemeteries, Tombstone Photos, Locate Grave, Check Funeral Home Records; Newspaper Obits and Articles; Library and Archives for Marriage, Cemetery, and Local History Books
Logan Co.
Logan Co. OKGenWeb
Online Volunteers  
Online Logan County Genealogical Society
Online Logan County WWII Servicemen
Marshall Co.
Marshall Co. OKGenWeb
Online 1902 Surname Index of Chickasaw Census Cards
Marshall Co. Cemeteries (some), Obits
Lookup Volunteers
McClain Co.
McClain Co. OKGenWeb
McCurtain Co.
McCurtain Co. OKGenWeb
McCurtain Co. Gen Society
Idabel, OK
1910 McCurtain Co. Census [printed]; 1917, 1920, 1930 School Census; Cemeteries [printed]
McIntosh Co. Sheri Powers new
Cemeteries, Tombstone Photos, Locate Graves, Funeral Home Records
Murray Co.
Murray Co. OKGenWeb
Jackie Sites Murray County Courthouse, Library - Marriage Records/Wills/Probates/etc.; Cemetery Records /Tombstone Photos; Murray County History books; Funeral Home Records; Newspaper Obits - look-ups with specific or close to dates
Muskogee Co. Sheri Powers new
Cemeteries, Tombstone Photos, Locate Graves, Funeral Home Records
Muskogee Co.
Muskogee Co. OKGenWeb
Okfuskee Co.
Okfuskee Co. OKGenWeb
Wes Noon Montemayor bounced 09-2003 1930 Okemah High School yearbook
Oklahoma Co.
Oklahoma Co. OKGenWeb
Edie Jewell Library Archives - Cemetery Books and Marriage Books
Crystal Baca Hays Courthouse - birth/death records; Cemetery / Tombstone Photos, Funeral Home Records; Library & Family History Center - Marriage, Cemetery & Local History Books
Osage Co.
Osage Co. OKGenWeb
Ottawa Co.
Ottawa Co. OKGenWeb


Pawnee Co.
Pawnee Co. OKGenWeb
Maggie Boone Sennett Cemetery (Old Keystone)/Tombstone Photos
Payne Co.
Payne Co. OKGenWeb
Vicki Day-Cook bounced 09-2003 Books The Story Of Exciting Payne County
With histories of Stillwater, Cushing, Perkins, Yale, Glencoe, Ripley, Ingalls, Clayton, Mehan, Quay, Yost and the many villages that once existed in the county) By D. Earl Newsom (New Forums Press, Inc., 1997).
A Pictorial History:  Stillwater - One Hundred Years of Memories by D. Earl Newsom (The Donning Company Publishers, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, 1989)
Lisa Clifton Stillwater Library; County Courthouse - birth/death/marriage records; Cemetery / Tombstone Photos; Funeral Home Records
Pittsburg Co.
Pittsburg Co. OKGenWeb
Jenny Garner verified 09-2003 Book Pittsburg Co. People and Places 
Volunteer Needed Books Cemetery Records- Northeast Section, Vol. 2,  McAlester Area, Vol. 5, Hartshorne [Elmwood, Holly Rosary, Elmpark Cemeteries] Vol. 6;  Marriage Records Book #12 (Aug 28 1905-Aug 5 1907),   Book #13 (Aug 10 1907-Nov 15 1907); Fatalities in the Coal Mines of Indian Territory and Southeastern Oklahoma 1885-1962
Louise Wiles verified 09-2003 Pittsburg County Genealogical and Historical Society - census 1900-1920, Dawes Rolls census, early marriages, funeral home and cemetery records

When asking for help please put "Genie Angels" in the subject of your message. 

Pontotoc Co.
Pontotoc Co. OKGenWeb

Pontotoc Co. Historical & Genealogical Society

Pottawatomie Co.
Pottawatomie Co. OKGenWeb
Karen Book Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma History, Pottawatomie County History Book Committee (Country Lane Press, Claremore, OK) 1987 [approx 670 pages, 54 pages names (index)]
[Note: your email subject line must have book name and lookup request]
Roger Mills Co.
Roger Mills Co. OKGenWeb
Online Roger Mills Marriage Index
Online Roger Mills Cemeteries
Online Roger Mills Pioneers, Land Run, April 19, 1892
Volunteer Needed History of Roger Mills County by Nat Taylor
Volunteer Needed Once Every Five years by Casady
Rogers Co.
Rogers Co. OKGenWeb
Seminole Co.
Seminole Co. OKGenWeb
Vickie Neill Taylor updated 09-2003 Seminole County Courthouse, Wewoka Newspaper, Cemeteries and Tombstone Photos
Connie Baumann The Seminole Capital, The Hometown Newspaper of Wewoka, Seminole Co., OK." Book has birth, death, and marriage info from June 1904-April 1915.  Copies of articles maybe obtained from "Konawa Genealogy Society, Rt. 1, Box 3, Konawa, OK. 74849"
Sequoyah Co.
Sequoyah Co. OKGenWeb
Earline Barger updated 09-2003 Books Cemeteries 
Peggy Villanueva updated 08-2003 Books Cemeteries in Sequoyah County, Vols. 1-5 
Marriages Books 1 & 2, Nov 1907 - Jan 1912;
Marriages Books 3 & 4, Jan 1912  - May 1917;
Marriages of the Muldrow Court, Vol. 3,1910-1921
 Need Volunteer Book The History of Sequoyah County 1828-1975
Stephens Co.
Seminole Co. OKGenWeb
Online Obituary Diary of Guy Rangeley - 1940s
Stephens County Cemeteries
Tulsa Co.
Tulsa Co. OKGenWeb

Tulsa Co.

ONLINE Marriages
Maggie Boone Tulsa Newspapers - copies of articles, if date supplied; Tulsa County Libraries - specified documents, if available
Wagoner Co.
Wagoner Co. OKGenWeb
Volunteer Needed  
Washington Co.
Washington Co. OKGenWeb
Jodie (Lowe) Hollifield verified 10-2003 White Rose Cemetery Book, Deaths from abt. 1893-1972, Bartlesville, Washington Co., Oklahoma; Washington County, Oklahoma Index of marriage Records 1907-1920
Washita Co.
Washita Co. OKGenWeb
Woods Co.
Woods Co. OKGenWeb
Woodward Co.
Woodward Co. OKGenWeb
Sharon Holt Byers Final Dawes Rolls
ONLINE Indian Pioneer Papers - INDEX plus
ONLINE Chickasaw Nation Marriages 1855-1907
Wes Noon Montemayor bounced 09-2003 Creek Nation Census Card Information: 
Lists all Creeks on Dawes Rolls
Wes Noon Montemayor bounced 09-2003 Freedmen Rolls of the Creek Nation
Wes Noon Montemayor bounced 09-2003 Seminole Nation Census Card Information:
Lists all Seminoles on Rolls
Wes Noon Montemayor bounced 09-2003 Freedmen Rolls of the Seminole Nation
Our People and Where They Rest V.1-12  - Master Index  Jerri G. Chasteen, complier and editor (Pryor, Oklahoma: Jeffersonian Printing, 1995)
Tyner, James W., Our People and Where They Rest, 12 Volume Series
Vol. 1 - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer Vol.  7  - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer
Vol. 2 - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer Vol.  8  - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer
Vol. 3 - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer Vol.  9  - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer
Vol. 4 - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer Vol. 10 - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer
Vol. 5 - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer Vol. 11 - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer
Vol. 6 - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer Vol. 12 - Counties Cemeteries Volunteer

Tyner, James W., Our People and Where They Rest
Vol. 1  Counties/Cemeteries
Adair Co. /Squirrel Adair; Joe Blackbird; Chewey; Jim Christie; Watt Christie; Crittenden; England; Grees; Gritts; Hefner; John Hair; July Springs; Knight; Lacie; Luney; Manus Family; Musgrove; Scraper Family; Sixkiller Family; Tyler Springs Cemeteries

Cherokee Co. / Barnes Family; Batt;  Bigfeather Family; Briggs; Downing; Foreman; Grey; Glory; Johnson Family; Henson; Keener; Keener Family; Neugin Family; Parris; Daniel Redbird; Robbins; Terecita; Terrapin Cemteries

Craig Co. / Blackfeather, Bluejacket Family; Bobb Family; Ketchum Family; Keys; Longtail; Lu-li; Pheasant Hill; Schrimpsher; Scott; Secondine; Yo-nah Timpson; Tucker Cemeteries

Delaware Co. / Beck (Beck Prairie); Beck Family; Bigacorn; Buckett; Chandler; Houston Downing; Sallie England; Bud Fields; Hilderbrand; Hillside; Long Prairie; Mose Ridge; Wilson Rogers; Russell; Sloan; Snell; Tau-u-ne-a-cie; Teehee; Wallen; Vann Ward; Wickliff Family; Yellowtree Cemeteries

Mayes Co. / Bendabout; Cavalier; Cherokee Orphans Aslyum; George Downing; Elm Grove; Charley Hughes;  Jumper; Lindsey; McNair; Raper; Ross Family; Poe Rowe; Joe Sixkiller; Stop; Swimmer; Union Mission Memorial

Vol. 10  Counties/Cemeteries
Adair Co. / Baptist Mission; Candy Mink; Killer; Honey Hill; New Hope (at Chance); Robin Stan  Cemeteries

Cherokee Co. / Cedar Tree Indian; Allen Ross, Tahlequah; Mayes Family, Tahlequah; Tahlequh City (a portion); Greenleaf and all or part of relocated -- ambers Hall; A. H. T. A.; Bullfrog; Candy; Greenleaf; McCracken; Miller; North Ballard; Noah Mull; Pardo; Raincrow; Sanders; Sleeper; South Ballard; Swimmer; Tuxie Ballard; Whitewater Cemeteries

Craig Co. / Vinita Fairview, Block 6; Vinita Fairview, Block 11; Vinita Fairview, Block 22; Walker; Davis Family; West Fork Cemeteries

Delaware Co. / Hickory Grove (a portion); Kansas (town) Cemeteries

LeFlore Co. / Brazil; Hontubby; Conser Family; Jefferson; Carshell Family; Perry Family; Naylor Family; James Family; Powell Family Cemeteries

Mayes  Co. / Mennonite Brethern; New Hopefield Mission Cemeteries

Muskogee Co. / White (near Gore); Bennett (near Warner) Cemeteries

Nowata Co. / Nowata Memorial Park Cemetery, Block 2

Ottawa Co. / Newman Cemetery

Rogers Co. / Highland, Inola; Oak Hill, Oologah; Woodlawn, Claremore, American Legion Section (a part of the older section); Talala Fairview Cemeteries; Graham Grave

Sequoyah Co. / Bellefonte Indian; Round Mountain Cemeteries

Tulsa Co. / Hillside Mission Cemetery

Washington Co. / Gilstrap; McIntosh; Hendricks Cemeteries


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